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minato uchiha
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Smile Re: Secret behind Obito's Kamui?

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
Sorry for the honesty, but you're acting like a KYF cheerleader, MU, since you're falling in the exact same dumb mistakes he fell before and applauding his delusions.

You two really can't think for a second and come to the conclusion that Izanagi always acts the same way when shown (Obito and Danzou) and that way clearly can't create new entities (as explained by Itachi in Izanami exposition), thus it being IMPOSSIBLE for Izanagi to create the Bijuu?

You two really can't think for a second and come to the conclusion that a fucking jutsu called "Creation of All Things" like Banbutsu Souzou is probably what created the Bijuu and not a jutsu that simply opens an alternate path of being?

You two really can't think for a second and come to the conclusion that you don't really see what "application" means in its proper context? This isn't application as in "practical use", but rather "derived use based on one or more tenets"? Again I refer to the circumcision and Jewish Faith analogy because it's the same fucking thing that is happening here. And how the fuck you guys don't see the oxymoron that is one jutsu being the practical use of another if they don't share the same properties?

You can throw panels and circle out phrases all you want, but as long as you prove to others you can't read properly, they'll be of null use.
Num you should know better. This is a retarded post that I never expected someone like you to write. Let me ask you a question. Do you read the original Japanese of every chapter that comes out? And if you do, do you think everyone fucking does? Until you posted that Banzou w/e the other day, I never heard of it and was simply going by what the scanslation I read, tell me.

Now for some unknown reason, you seem to think that makes me a simpleton or a cheer leader of Kyf for the offence of quoting what I read. Are you that short sighted that you cannot understand for a minute why me and Kyf quote the definition of Izanagi that we have in Mangastream, Mangapanda and the like? I have my own mind mate, unlike a lot of your groupies who cannot wait to thank you every time you post something.

Now I respect your intelligence and writing abilities a lot and that won't change even if we end up flaming each other. However, I think in this instance, you're being very silly and naive. Your OWN scan says Izanagi is an application of Banzou, and in the fucking manga, the Izanagi we are shown, is a self induced genjutsu, which is obviously NOT the same as the scan you provided. So if me and Kyf point this out and still hold on to our beliefs that Izanagi has different versions, why has that got you so irate?

Grow up, accept that people will always have their opinions irrespective of what you and others think. If you can't get through to our dense and dumb skulls, simply ignore it and move on. I do that all the time when I can't get through to some people. As frustrating as it is, its life so chill the fuck down.

@Gam. Lool you are so unimportant its no longer funny. Say something interesting like my MAN KYF and perhaps you'll get the attention you seek so badly. Dickhead

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