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Re: Naruto_608_Predictions

Naruto 608: When Friends Become Enemies

[Scene shows Kakashi and Obito standing a distance apart facing each other]

Kakashi: You don’t care? What do you mean?

Obito: The world.

Kakashi: [Thinking] I’ve never seen Obito this confident before. It’s almost as if he has something hidden. There’s more to this.

Obito: Are we finished with your useless attempt?

Kakashi: Wait we are not. What do you mean you don’t care about the world? I thought you were a different person. Is this because of what happened that day….?

Obito: …..

Kakashi: You are misguided. Rin was-

Obito: [Interrupts with a mad gleam in his eye] Enough! I will finish you myself. You will exist in my world after your death!

[Obito uses his dimension jutsu and vanishes. Kakashi looks around carefully but is unable to dodge as Obito strikes behind to a blow to Kakashi’s shoulder. Kakashi retreats a little and pants]

Obito: Funny how you never change Kakashi. Always a superior air about yourself. Feeling the effect of being defeated by someone higher than you?

Kakashi: This is not about who is superior here Obito. If you can just-

Obito: No! I’ve had enough of this world. I’ve had enough of people talking about whatever they want. Do not convince me. It will not work Kakashi!

[Obito charges forward and Kakashi readies himself for the attack. Obito throws a huge kunai at him and Kakashi dodges it easily but Obito suddenly appears at the exact place of the Kunai through his dimension jutsu and smacks Kakashi hard]
[Kakashi is thrown a few feet away and struggles to his feet after a few moments]

Kakashi: [with a shocked look on his face] This….how? How did you learn that jutsu?

Obito: [smirks] I fought him myself Kakashi.

Kakashi: No! Impossible. Minato-sensei was killed when the Kyuubi attacked. You couldn’t have fought him……it can’t be…..why did you attack Konoha?

Obito: [says nothing and thrusts forward his palm] Bansho Tennin!

[Scene shifts to Naruto and Madara]

Naruto: [pants] He’s very strong….I’ve never fought someone like him before…

Madara: Do you now realize how futile your attempts are kid?

Kyuubi Inside Naruto: Naruto… cannot fight him the way you fight others. This is Uchiha Madara we’re facing.

Naruto: [Thinks inside] I know his name! I’m not that dumb!

Kyuubi Inside Naruto: Hah! Nevermind. Anyways the only person said to have bested Madara was the first hokage. As hard as it seems for me to respect anyone who thought to chain me, Senju Hashirama at least wanted my power contained for the good.

Naruto: [Thinks inside] Does that mean I need Wood Style jutsu to defeat him? I don’t know anything on that! It’s impossible. Is there any other way?

Madara: What are you standing about boy? I have no time for the likes of you!
[Madara rushes forward activating perfect Su’Sanoo and Naruto sensing he is probably out of time activates Sage Mode and narrowly manages to dodge Madara’s fire ball. Naruto forms a Rasen Shuriken and sends it and Madara dodges smirking.]

Madara: Another one in the Sage Arts? Something which can occupy me for a while.

Naruto: Occupy? This is not about killing time you old geezer. I will defeat you!
[Naruto forms a hundred clones with Tajuu Kagebunshin and all of them prepare Rasen Shurikens]

Madara: [Looks around with an amused look in his eye] Old Geezer? That’s a new one. I suppose I could be that. But that jutsu can barely scratch me. If you can get to me that is.

Naruto: [all the clones smile and focus] I wouldn’t be so confident Geezer. If that jutsu can barely scratch you, then why avoid it? Let’s test a little now shall we?

Kyuubi inside Naruto: Don’t go too far Naruto! I know what you’re trying but it’s risky. You’ve drawn too much of my chakra now. At this rate you won’t be able to maintain this any longer!

Naruto: [Thinks] There’s no other way. The only option is to try and destroy his Su’Sanoo. And since he’s a reincarnated Edo it makes it even more needed. Hmm…..can I do that..?

Kyuubi inside Naruto: What? What are you thinking?

Naruto: [shouts] Hey Geezer? How bad did the Senju beat you? Were you crying later?

Madara: What would you know? You’re after all a sorry excuse for a person known as a Ninja. You do not know the experience of war.

Naruto:[sticks out tongue] I see. Nevermind. Looks like the First Hokage was right to beat you. WEAK! If you are as strong as you claim you would have won. You were weak!

Madara: [suddenly remembers his brother] You will pay for that boy! I will make sure you suffer a quick death.

Naruto: [throws a Rasenshuriken and charges forward] We’ll see!
[Madara is surprised as the real Naruto lunges forward but the clones are standing still with their Rasenshurikens. Naruto re-activates Sage Mode as he nears Madara with a strange glow on his hand]

Madara: [thinks] I see. He wants to get into the thick than stay back. Very interesting.

Madara: [talks] Come then! You will learn a lesson you will never forget!

[Scene switches back to Kakashi and Obito]

[Kakashi is in the grasp of Obito’s arm. Obito hardens his grip and squeezes Kakashi to the point where Kakashi winces a little.]

Obito: Pity. How weak you are Kakashi. Minato-sensei would be very disappointed.

Kakashi: [thinks] I need to get away from his……wait. That’s it.

[Kakashi charges a Chidori with his free arm and tries to hit Obito’s arm which is holding him. As expected, Obito activates his jutsu but phases only his arm leaving Kakashi free to retreat]

Obito: [stares with a cold look] That’s right. You have that jutsu. The famed Chidori [Narrows eyes] Completed with my sharingan.

Kakashi: [pants]

Obito: I will not let you have that anymore Kakashi. I despise the world. I despise the technique which killed Rin even more!

Kakashi: How……how do you know that? Why did you even attack Minato-sensei that day?

Obito: I do not have the need to answer you. My sharingan is worthless in your eye. I will take it back now!

Kakashi: [stumbles and thinks] This is bad. I’m running out of chakra. It’s time I used something of my own. [deactivates his sharingan and closes it]

Obito: [surprised look on his face] You choose to embrace death then Kakashi? So much that you feel that my sharingan has become a….burden to you?

Kakashi: [says nothing and readies himself]

Obito: You were a good ninja but a fool in the end Kakashi!

[Obito charges forward and strikes Kakashi with the same jutsu he used earlier. However he misses as Kakashi dodges at the last minute and almost manages to land a hit on Obito with a kick who dodges by phasing and retreats]
Obito: ……

Kakashi: Obito it’s time you learnt that I already died once.

Obito: So what I see in front of myself is another Edo Tensei? Don’t make me laugh!

Kakashi: I was killed when Pain decided to slaughter Konoha. I figured out his power but it was too late to do anything. Because of the sharingan.

Obito: You speak as if the sharingan is a burden.

Kakashi: For a ninja who is not an Uchiha it is. It did help me save someone. But when Pain had finally been defeated, I figured that I would eventually face another situation like this. I decided to do something.

Obito: And what could you possibly think of that is greater than a sharingan?

Kakashi: I decided to train and fight as Hatake Kakashi. The copy ninja is no more [looks with a sudden glint in his eye] I have learned to fight against the sharingan and without the sharingan.

Obito: [with a slightly confused look] Really? Amuse me then. I will go so far as to not use my Rinnegan to absorb your attacks.

Kakashi: You taught me to not abandon my comrades Obito. It’s time I taught you something as well!

[Kakashi charges a chidori as Obito’s sharingan is shown to begin transforming]
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