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Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread


Scene change back to Ichigo

Ichigo is dodging left and right doing everything to avoid all the foes attacking him. He is barely managing to dodge them.

Ichigo: (I've barely been managing to dodge their attacks all this time, how am I supposed to defeat them when I don't even have a sword?!)

The voice of Rujin Jaka echoes inside of Ichigo

Ryujin Jaka: Will battle conditions always be favourable to you? Will all the opponents you face be weaker or disadvantaged?! You will not defeat Juha Bach with such poor resolve!
Ichigo: I know!!!

Ichigo dodges back avoiding a sword slice aimed for his neck. He suddenly begins to look around whilst he's dodging as if he's searching for something. Suddenly he stops in his tracks and dashes forward heading for a specific figure, he clothes lines the figure before they have a chance to react and stomps them into the ground, he grabs the figures sword out of his hands and we see that it is vice captain Kira's sword.

Ryujin Jaka: Good, you did not recklessly attack your enemy, you searched and went for a weak link. You are learning.

The sword in Ichigo's hand suddenly changes reforming into Ichigo's own sword.

Ichigo: (now I have a weapon)

He raises it just in time to block a sword aimed at his head.*

Ichigo: Now it's my turn to attack!
Ichigo hears a voice from behind
Voice: Go Senbunzakara

The thousand blades of sebunzakara strike at Ichigo from behind engulfing him completely!!

Next week: 518: Resolve

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