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Rikudounaruto is an unknown quantity at this point

Let's have fun and write about end of the world which Jyuubi bring soon ...

Predict away

610 - Wrath Progenitor's of the Shinobi world

The Jyuubi finally appears !!!!

Jyuubi is finally shown as everyone feels frightening power comming from Jyuubi. Kakashi and Gai are very scared, they barerly can speak.

Kakashi: The jyuubi ?!
Gai: that ... monster ?!

Naruto in Kurama form and Killer Bee in Gyuuki form are shown suprised a little and scared which changed to anger showing on their faces.

Naruto: It can't be ?!...
Kurama: so Jyuubi came back, it doesn't look good!
Killer bee: The jyuubi ?!
Gyuuki: The Jyuubi will send us all to hell!
Naruto: How ... could he... survive our power ?!
Killer bee: I don't know too.

Madara doesn't show any emotion on his face, as Obito has mixed emotions on his face, some anger, suprise and happiness.

Madara: so Jyuubi returned, oh well.
Obito: finally..., the Jyuubi was ressurected.
Obito: This word will finally end and I will ?!
Madara: Enough Obito, time to work.
Obito: True.

The Jyuubi itself is observing all people then looking around itself with it only one eye, noticing landscape and all area around it.

The Jyuubi(with deep, frightining, very strong voice): Finally shinobi have done something well since their begining.
The Jyuubi: it seems at least.

Everyone looks at Jyuubi as jyuubi is speaking.

The Jyuubi: However, you will pay for your actions in past!

The Jyuubi in very short amount of time begin to emit so much chakra, that makes ground begin shake causing earthquake which involves about all continent.
Air begining to be filled by very strong chakra, which makes air so heavy, that everyone can barerly still breathes oxygen. The Jyuubi enjoy itself power but suddenly the effects are stopping as Jyuubi stops emitting his chakra. Madara, Naruto and Killer bee withstand the power of Jyuubi, Gai is kept by Killer bee. Kakashi is standing up thanks to Naruto clone help.

The Jyuubi(use higher and deeper tone of voice): Feel my wrath mortals, final judgment day is comming!

The Jyuubi: ?!

Everyone: ?!

Everyone is suprised that after effects of Jyuubi power stop occur slowly.

The Jyuubi: What?!, What is meaning of that mortals, my power seems incomplete...

Naruto: Jyuubi, you don't have all power , because Kurama is with me still!

Killer bee: Gyuuki with me too!

The Jyuubi narrows it's eyes on two beasts form speaking to it with human voices.

The Jyuubi: ?!
The Jyuubi: This chakra, it belongs to me, but the monster forms, I have never seen them. Moreover you are speaking to me with humans voices, so you are jinchurki I guess.

Naruto: ?!
Killer bee: ?!
Kurama: Naruto, Let's me switch, I will try talk with Jyuubi.
Gyuuki: bee, let's me switch, I will try to convice Jyuubi.
Naruto, Killer bee: Alright!

Eyes in both Killer Bee and Naruto heads change completly with some more features change a little. Kurama and Gyuuki try to speak with Jyuubi.

Kurama: I am Kurama, I was part of you Jyuubi.

The Jyuubi: ?!

Gyuki: I am Gyuuki, I was part of you too, Jyuubi.

The Jyuubi: What do you mean ?!

Kurama: Before Sage of Six paths death he spilit your chakra in nine parts, which got new shape created by Sage of six paths. One of this nine parts is me ,Kurama.

The Jyuubi: Sage of six paths ?!

Gyuuki: I am too one of this nine parts, I am Gyuuki.
The Jyuubi: Sage of six paths, so he died.... *Looks around with it own eye looking for Sage of six paths*. It seems he is not around.

Kurama: Jyuubi, listen, you was sealed in moon created by Sage of six paths and trapped there for one thousand year.

The Jyuubi: I remind it myself now. Humandkind dared to treat me like that after all I have done for it.

Gyuuki: You are right, Jyuubi but humankind changed a lot for all these years of your absence.

The Jyuubi: What a absurd that part of me beings tell me that I am wrong about this shinobi world.

Kurama: Jyuubi, I understands your opinion, but you should give shinobi chance to show you that they really changed!

Gyuuki: Kurama, is right give the one more chance then....

The Jyuubi: Silence!, I will take your opinions under my attention when I will decide fate about this world.

The Jyuubi stretches all his tails in all directions, some tails touch ground, some are moving in air, last tails touch any living plants. As Jyuubi closes it's eye while deep thinking and concentrate all powers on check what happened realy after Jyuubi absence. Kakashi, Killer bee and Gai is looking at Jyuubi in silence while Naruto clone appear next to gai and touch Gai hand then transfer his chakra to Gai. The jyuubi all tails begin to move slowly.

Kakashi: That silence makes bad impression.
Gai: kh..., ha..., uh...
Killer Bee: Damn it decide our fate, Gyuuki what we can do if it decide to destroy us!
Gyuuki: quieter bee! We are powerless against Jyuubi...
Naruto: The Jyuubi what it is, to judge us, Kurama
Kurama: Silence Naruto!, The Jyuubi is actual God for us, understood.
Naruto: God?!
Naruto: but what it is doing now ?!
Kurama: The Jyuubi communicate with nature, enviroment, any living forms in your world, so it will decide our fate.
Naruto: it can communicate with nature, sense and feel too, maybe even use sage mode ?!
Kurama: sense and feel yes, but use sage mode?, no it was used by Sage of six paths in fight against Jyuubi, but Jyuubi created nature, enviroment and everything around us and living beings.

Everyone: ?!

The Jyuubi stop moving all his tails, as Jyuubi slowly begin to open it's eye, revealing Sharinengan in not full form, lacks one circle and three tomoes in it's eye.

The Jyuubi: I saw and felt everything what happened on this ground while my abcense.

Everyone: ?!

The Jyuubi: Final judgment was set, I decided that humankind fate is...

Everyone: ?!

Kakashi, Gai slowly gulps, Naruto and Killer bee hold their breath while Obito and Madara looks at Jyuubi with interest.

The Jyuubi(with bigger and widden it's own eye): to die!

Everyone: ?!

The Jyuubi begin to emit gigantic amount of chakra, makes air heavy again as well as earth begin to shake make little cracks on ground.
Kakashi is frightened to bones as he can't keep standing pose. Gai with restored chakra by Naruto clone barerly can stand as he opened two gate. Killer bee in Gyuuki form and Naruto in Kurama form withstand to Jyuubi power. Obito is in intangible mode the he becomes tangible for moment then he dissappear in swirl while Madara turns around to Jyuubi then slowly do few steps forward in Jyuubi direction

The Jyuubi: I will repair my past mistakes with creating humankind by erasing all trace of humandkind existing.

The Jyuubi begin to gather a lot of chakra, as it begin to forms his power in shape of black ball while slowly charging bijuudama. The ground begin to shake even more, making more cracks in ground. Air in area of 1 km radius become very heavy and hard to breathing oxygen for human.

Kakashi: I ca...n't bre...ath, *coughs, coughs!*
Gai: Ai...r is so h...ea...vy. *coughs, coughs*
Killer bee(looks at Kakashi and Gai): It is hard to breath, but I can breath still, why ?!
Gyuuki: Because, I can breath even while air is so much heavy and with less oxygen.
Naruto: Kakashi sensei and Gai sensei ?!
Kurama: We have to do something with Jyuubi or we will die!

Obito appears form swirl in front of Jyuubi charging bijuu dama. Jyuubi is little suprised about appearing human from swirl, then it focus back on charging bijuudama. Madara is slowly walking a little distance behind on Obito left side. Naruto and Killer bee are charging their own connected bijuudama as Kakashi and Gai try to say something but can't.

Obito: ?! *cough*, shit!, air so close to Jyuubi has almost no oxygen around.
The Jyuubi: ?!, human being able to appear from nowhere ?!
Madara: This body, being immortal can really let me suprass human limits.

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