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Re: Teen commits suicide over Itachi.

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
Oh, right, I must be a fragile human being that devotes his life around your posts and breaks every time your uberlogic pierces my weak arguments, I couldn't possibly have a life outside of here, where I'm a huge Björk fan that was waiting for an awesome video for one of his favorite songs of Björk's last album and got much more than what he expected yesterday. Furthermore, I couldn't possibly have confessed already my liking for Björk, Nobuo Uematsu, Amon Amarth, Lupe Fiasco and other artists in this forum, so this behavior of ecstasy and not wanting to spoil it is completely unexpected from me!
Your the one who puts me on the ignore list, even boasting of it as if you are letting me and everyone else know you are too good to argue with me... Just to complete ignore the ignore list and argue with me about something as random as my opinion of Russia's climate lol... Your action speak the loudest and they say you devote way too much time to my opinions...

And I'm the slow one when you think I'm asking for proof for your opinion? You treated your opinion as fact by using an absolute tone:

You didn't add "in my opinion" or "maybe" or any term that would mark these arguments as simply an opinion. All these arguments are simply broken down to "I think Russia is depressing, therefore Russia is depressing". Only when I said this:

You started saying "It's mah opinion!". You can have all the opinions you want, just don't pretend they're facts.
Your kidding right... an ABSOLUTE TONE... You heard me say my typed words in a tone lol???? Dude, you are losing it! You are now trying to insist I spoke to you because you have no arguement what so ever to believe I stated anything other then my opinion... I never said, it is a fact russia is depressing... You are just looking for a damn reason to argue as usual and have no reasonable basis for it....

Thus, you have the magical power to hear my absolute TONE and know I am speaking in facts lol.... That shit does not fly, Mcfly...

And I have to say IMO, otherwise your panties get so waded that you do this shit... instead of realizing that if I do not state something as a fact by literally putting, "as a matter of a fact", or, "it's a fact"... Anything else is obviously opinion, but you just have to see things your way... as usual...

Oh of course the fallacy is mine, I'm clearly the one who used an opinion with unknown basis to portray the biggest country of the world, which has 8 different climates, 160 indigenous ethnicities, a culture that can be traced back as far as the VIII century BC with a huge variety of art, architecture, not to talk about variety of wild life, as if it was a single location. You commit not only appeal to your own emotions, you make a fallacy of composition by assuming Russia is like what Rocky IV (still can't believe you used that as serious evidence) and an unknown documentary conveyed to you.
The Rocky 4 reference was obviously not a serious reference, but a joke... But, you just have to find flaw in everything...

Your the one who wanted me to prove my opinion of Russia, as in objectively prove a subjective opinion..... That is textbook fallacy numi... Your so called fallacy of competition is of your own creation... SOmehow you heard my absolute tone (which is actually a music reference lol) thus knew I was speaking in facts despite not posting anywhere, "a matter of fact, it's a fact"...

You picked a fight and you know it... Just let it go before you completely shit all over what little credibility you have left after constantly contradicting yourself and performing such a fallacy...

Russia obviously has a grim past and you could reach a consensus that some parts of Russia are depressing, but guess what? Almost every country suffers of the same, so singling out Russia makes no logical sense unless you have a predisposition to do so (in other words, bigotry against Russia).
LAMO, so the fact that we were on topic of Russia, depression of a teen from death of itachi as well as suicide... did not compute in that brain of yours why I was on topic of Russia and nowhere else...???!?!?! Seriously, you are just being slow as fuck at this point...

I think other countries are depressing too, even parts of my own country, but that was not the topic... Russia was... However, you chose to ignore that and be the obvious bigot you are and intolerantly attack my opinion and insist I prove it because it means nothing to a bigot like you...

Logical arguments =/= psychology, dumbass. Logic dictates what's logical or illogical, what's objective or subjective, what's valid and what's not. The human psyche does not always conform to logic, that's why there's pathos and ethos along with logos as modes of persuading one's mind. And humans are more easily persuaded by pathos than ethos or logos, that's why familiarity is a big factor on earning people's trust.
Never said psychology was always completely logical... But, you choosing a side through familiarity is an emotional response making it subjective.... The same thing you criticized me for doing... As opposed to using objective evidence by observing his actual behavior and forming a hypothesis around that to test fro a more valid conclusion...

Lets face it... Kal said he worked with autistic kids, but comes on here and makes fun of people he believes to be intellectually inferior... that shit is just hypocritical as fuck... He is fake to do such a thing... Since I am sure he does not make fun of the autistic kids...

For example, you need someone to take care of the house while you're away, and two persons are available: a stranger who shows his name and credentials and even has lively talk with you, and another stranger who refuses to let you know who he is. Also, you don't know how reliable each one is. Answer me honestly, which one would you be willing to trust your house, the first stranger or the second stranger?
We are not talking about watching physical property... We are talking about taking advice of the psyche into consideration due to obvious knowledge and understanding of it... Kal does not even understand his own psychological processes so how could he ever understand your to give you credible advice?

Although I do not know you because we are not acquainted in such a way... The many discussions I have had with you tell me allot about you, your behavior, mental processes, ect... SO I can and have tried to help you, giving advice about certain behaviors, but you completely ignored them...

I understand nobody likes to be criticized, but I am able to read you from a rare P.O.V.... Since we are not friends nor enemies... I have no emotiional ties to you which means I can objectively give you advice... on the other hand... with emotional investment in your friendship, kal is likely to not give you advice from an objective point of view...

If you answer the first, no fucking shit, sherlock! He persuaded you with pathos by making himself more familiar to you. And also with logos, since you know his credentials, therefore you know he at least is qualified for the job vs the second stranger that refused to do so.
When discussing who watches a house yes, but we are not discussing that now are we...

That said, you impose another difficulty for me to trust your supposed "advices": you're hostile towards me. It's not by accident that the saying "You don't catch flies with vinegar" came to be, someone with a brain in the psychology field knows that the one evaluating others' psyche must present himself as a positive entity that talks first and diagnoses later and not what you do, which is pretty much fling psychology jargon to see if it hits my head for massive damage.
Lol, I am not usually hostile at all... only when you pointlessly, overly insult me as a true bigot do I finally become hostile to the point I have give up on anything other then embarrassing you to try and humble you... It is basic negative reinforcement which fits with your negative behavior...

And Although it is true that using positive reinforcement works best when working with someone who is opening up enough, to take advice... But, Sometimes, less carrot and more stick works best with someone hostile as you... The negative reinforcement of my verbal attacks do have positive meaning... I am only trying to humble you enough to open up...

No matter how POWERFUL/STRONG you are. If you cannot CATCH your Enemy, all you POWER/STRENGTH is no more USEFUL then a squirt gun....
And if You cannot possibly TRACK/REACT to your enemies attacks to Defend yourself, then how can you possibly stop him from DEFEATING you at WILL...


People live relying on they're Knowledge and Perception, and thus are bound to them.....
Those Boundaries are what they tend to accept as "Reality".....
However..... Knowledge and Perception are both ambiguous....
so "Reality" could be nothing more....
then an illusion....

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