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PSY portrayal as a rapist in a Japanese manga enrages Koreans

In a soon-to-be released Japanese manga, Korean rapper PSY is being portrayed as a rapist. In turn, Koreans are expressing their outrage online.
Ever since the music video called “Gangnam Style” had came out, the song became an international sensation. PSY, the rapper behind Gangnam Style, became an international sensation through the Internet. This launched many parodies of Gangnam Style for entertainment or political use. Not long ago, PSY had his first semi-collaboration with MC Hammer at a music awards show. PSY has found himself as a major YouTube star. In short, there's a lot of marketability behind Gangnam Style. South Korea, where PSY originates from, is definitely capitalizing on the popularity of the song which has reached billions of YouTube hits.
It's gotten to a point where there could be a “Gangnam Style” of vodka coming out. According to the Huffington Post, the Russian company called Woobo International is reported to use the phrase “Oppah, Gangnam-Style” for a brand of vodka. However, the phrase is currently trademarked by YG Entertainment which is PSY's record label. In short, there's a lot of business to be made with “Oppah, Gangnam-Style!”
In short, there's a lot of international love for PSY. However, there's one country in the world that doesn't really care about PSY. That country is Japan which has a fluctuating relationship with South Korea. While Korean Pop, known as K-Pop, is embraced by Japan, it's that the the artists were known to be attractive. In short, PSY's not very popular in Japan. However, it was revealed that PSY joined with an American record label combined with the tensions between Japan and Korea regarding an island dispute. In short, there's little to no love for PSY in Japan.
However, Japan seemingly took the lack of love for PSY to the next level. Apparently, the Japanese manga called “Samuge-so no Kimchi na Kanojo” is releasing its latest volume with PSY in it. The release date of the manga is December 31. This is an erotic manga created an independent fan group called a dojinshi. While it's supposed to be released on December 31, a single page has been uploaded onto the Internet and available for viewing. While there is no sex or nudity in the page, PSY appears in it.
It is revealed that PSY is being portrayed as part of a Korean gang. The gang ends up kidnapping and torturing a group of Japanese high school girls. It's also revealed that the gang, including the parody of PSY, ends up raping the girls. As a result, Koreans have expressed their anger over the Internet. At the same time, the Japanese are expressing their surprise of it being made such a big deal overseas. For the most part, that might not help relations with South Korea. After all, South Korea's latest international music icon and Internet sensation has been satirically portrayed as a rapist.



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