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Re: Naruto 616

No, your post simply tries to rationalize something that has no real backbone at all.
Luffy being virtually immune to blunt force attacks because he is rubber has no back bone ? Even though it was mentioned at the very first chapter ?

Lol, ok kid.

Durability of characters and generally fights in OP make no sense at all.
Funny how you can't understand such simplistic parameters in a "kid's manga".

Going by logic, Robin can break anyone's neck who isn't a logia, and that's not happening for some weird reason.
It was established at skypiea that the limbs she spawns are limited by her natural strength, and again at TB. So, like the fag that wondered in here complaining about shit, you don't really know what you're talking about.

Zoro grew additional limbs and heads out of fucking nowhere. It's not an illusion, it's real limbs and shit. What?
I will concede that Oda has yet to explain Asura, but you're wrong about those being physical extra limbs. Asura so far has never been used to parry another swordsman, it is only a finishing move, meaning it could be an illusion as a result of Zoro's killer intent.

As I said, Oda can do whatever he wants and nobody will complain

Come on, seriously ? No one complains about Op ?

I myself have criticized it many times, and at the web at large there are hordes of people who hate Op with passion and will shit on w/e Oda does.

as much as everyone would want to shit in Kishimoto's kitchen because Kishimoto was more serious from the get go.
No. The complaints against Naruto stem from justifiable failing on Kishi's part such as character neglect. When Kishi is worthy of praise he gets it, from me even believe it or not. As for the fights, aside from 1 tech spamming the fights in Naruto don't even get that much criticism so I don't know what you're on about.

That is the last I'll say about it anyway since I won't have a multi-page back and forth with you again.

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