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Re: Naruto 616

I really don't need to jump any further into this discussion, as I am not debating just throwing in my two cents.. As you say in some regard yes Oda does not betray the power level parameters...but then again yes he does....So are you saying that Kizaru who is on level with Minato in terms of speed..but in terms of raw power he could and would destroy the SH's single handily. Is this to say the power levels are balanced or within reach? Luffy who's match with CC lasted what about three minutes? Then he blasted dude half way across the island? Or Law when he cut the mountain tops? We are at best now getting out of hand battles within Naruto. Wood Dragon, Juubi, Kurama, Hachibi blasts, Ultimate Susanoo..and freaking Particle Blasts....Madara's boast that if he and Hashi was there they would have remap the terrain....these are the outrageous moments within Naruto...Even Kakuza after getting impaled with Naruto's RS got slapped into a crater...(pretty understandable) but with OP it goes just a bit beyond comprehensible. Yeah Madara is flawed who would disagree? He is hella flawed...though not as flawed as Aizen who showed very little worry....Madara has already almost been defeated or at least sealed numerous times. Fact is when it comes to battle results...Naruto's fights are believable...yeah they can be predicted but that is because of real and true possibilities. With OP you can never really predict it because its so off the wall. Not that, that is a bad thing...its just their difference....Naruto to me has more of a realistic nature..

EDIT: yea I am not debating you as I said...I am giving my personal assessment of both mangas..
and yeah terrible argument if I was trying to debate. Couldn't focus on responding to your post as I was at work. So now I will touch on your reply.

My question is can Luffy win vs Kizaru in a one on one battle?.. You say that there isn't a huge power is this why an entire generation damn near (rookies) are joining forces to take down the top brass..If it could be done solo Law would never had to team up with Luffy.. THus yeah there is a huge power difference. OP is a manga that decides the winner based on who has the greater DF/Haki. Not real skill but power.

The weakest were Moria, Jimbei and Boa Hancock, Kuma amongst the Shichibukai ...other than that I don't see any lowly pirate stepping to the others one on one.. OP is a manga that revolves around teamwork. Yes individual progress takes place but foes are usually against someone who has contrasting abilities. So I will ask you again, are the power levels within OP balanced? Can Luffy really handle Akainu or KiZaru? Will his his current power level allow him that stretch? Yeah Naruto fought individuals but sense was made of it. Not only that. Naruto really thinks and solves his problems. He has grown smarter and the fight against Pain was not a measure of power but more of tactic and strategy.

What I was referring to in regard to CC and Luffy's would expect a climatic fight...but it was grossly one sided and ended in a shocking smack all the way across the island damn near... What I am saying is its an area of disbelief. The expectations in OP are high due to the writing and outrageous action. As I said though its something non realistic. Come on now you're trolling if you yourself don't see OP as being over the top. Yeah OP is set to be an overwhelming manga in comparison to most. The action is just so fast paced and glorified.

Well you really said it all for me...In Naruto part one the most he did was transform into Chief Toad. After time skip biggest thing to date has been his transformation into the Kyuubi. The fights you mentioned within Naruto I mostly have zero issues with. Sasuke vs Deidara? Lightning vs Earth style? In which Lightning wins? Naruto vs Oro had to be the best and one of the most intense fights to date. Though in regard to the character I still didn't have an issue with it. As it something I woud expect. Idk as I said before....Naruto just has more of a realistic feel to me...

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