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Re: Bleach 528

Originally Posted by PSJiraiya View Post
@apacolypz there's an easy answer for why Isshin would take Masaki's name. She was alive and had an established family in the world of the living and Isshin didn't. If he is as suspected a member of the Shiba Clan his family exists exclusively in the SS.
Weren't they just in SS though? I feel the only reason they both ended up in the world of the living was due to Marriage with a Quincy and reverse. As both sides would not condone their marriage.

They ended up escaping from whatever threat. As I said earlier Isshin knew of the final getsugatensho so he probably went through the same thing as Ichigo. It's been 100 years since Aizen framed Urahara. (As stated when they faced each other in the Kakura town arc)After such a length in time Isshin's powers return. Though his wife was long dead. Being aware of SS and WOL, why would her family be over his? Just cause her family is in the WOL? naw...Shiba was once one of the Five great noble houses. His name should be given to her. Status wise his family would be greater. Also noting I thought Ishida's family was part of the Quincy staus quo stated by Juha? Could be wrong there...not sure...

She would have to be like Juha's daughter or something as he is revered as King or Master of the Qunicy's.

Now if he relinquished his seat under the Shiba house and tossed away his title, captain hood to be with his woman...I can see that....

it's out!

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