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Rikudounaruto is an unknown quantity at this point

Let's predict away

======================================== =============
I will begin from mine

624 - Cursed Fate

Senjuu vs Uchiha face off !

Butsuma Senjuu along with kid Tobirama lands on one side of flowing river, while Tajima Uchiha along with kid Izuna land on another side of flowing river. Both of them landing on their feet cause flowing river to splash some water from under their feet. Meanwhile Kid Madara and Kid Hashirama stop dashing at opossite sides of river at grounds.

Butsuma : so meet again, Taijma Uchiha !

Splash of water

Tajima : but it will be our last, Butsuma Senjuu !

Splash of water

Kid Tobirama: I am sorry, but you will die Izuna

Splash of water

Kid Izuna: you are cocky one, Tobirama

Splash of water

They stare intensively at each other for few seconds, then Butsuma Senjuu moves his pupils in both eyes at kid Hashirama without loosing sight of Tajima Uchiha, with Tajima Uchiha moves his pupils in both eyes at kid Madara, without loosing sight of Butsuma Senjuu . Kid Tobirama and Kid Izuna keep their heads turning around, make quick glance at each other then at each other older brothers without loosing sight of each other for longer period of time.

Tajima : Madara !, I don't know what you did you do, and will be better for you if I don't figure out it.
Now come here !

Butsuma : Hashirama..., you spoiled brat, I will deal with you later, now come here !

Both kid Madara and kid Hashirama from opossite sides of flowing river, being behind their fathers postions, were knocked out for moment after hearing their fathers voices. Then they slowly snap of their schock as they look at each other with confusion then, move their looks at their respective fathers with their youngers brothers.

Kid Madara: ?!

Kid Hashirama: ?!

Both Butsuma and Tajima keep their eyes on themselves with their pupils still pointed at their older sons.

Tajima: Madara !, What is wrong with you recently !

Kid Madara(looks with Anger mixed sadness with barerly opened eyes with slightly lowered head): Father..., I

Butsuma: Hashirama !, come here or you get beating of you life !

Kid Hashirama(looks with Anger mixed sadness with barerly opened eyes with slightly lowered head):Father..., I refuse, if I become same as you then I better kill myself !

Kid Madara(slightly shocked then smiles ): *Hashirama ?!, heh you are crazy and brave guy to oppose your father while facing off with him...*

Tajima(disappointed then evil smirks): so Talima didn't born you a clever kid it seems, at least your younger son is not shame

Butsuma(mad with shame expression shows on his face, then keep stoic face): Nayami didn't born you a clever kid too.

Tajiuma and Butsuma face off with their pupils still pointed at their older sons, standing behind them backs for few more seconds, then they slowly move their pupils back to center as their looks meets. Kid Madara and kid Hashirama look at each other with confusion. While kid Tobirama and kid Izuna still move their pupils from themselves to their brother as they shows a little concern on their faces, trying to hide their emotions.

Tajima(sigh, then move his pupils back to center): tsk..., so that is you choice Madara..., I was wrong about you being reincarnation of our ancestor...

kid Izuna: Madara... *brother, what did happen to you ?...*

Butsuma(sigh, then move hsi pupils back to center): tch..., Hashirama, you will pay me for that..., you aren't reincarnation of our ancestor...

kid Tobirama: Hashirama... *bother, fool, what the fuck is wrong with you about this Uchiha....*

Tajima(move his pupils at Izuna): Izuna, forget about your brother, you will asist me in fight. Try and use any opening to kill Tobirama.

kid Izuna(snap from his thinking): as you wish , father

Butsuma(move his pupils at Tobirama): Tobirama, forget about your brother, you will fight that kid Izuna, kill him if you get opurtunity.

Kid Tobirama(snap from his thinking): it will be done, father.

Both Fathers smirks while looking at each other younger sons, then lock their look at each other. Tajima and Butsuma stare at each other while slowly bringing out their katans from each other sheath worn on their backs, small blows of wind occur, moving their hairs as they stare at each other, surface of flowing river is slightly moving in east direction. Kid Madara and Kid Hashirama look at their father's, holding their breaths.

Tajima(whisper): Izuna

Izuna(whisper and nod his head): got it

Butsuma(whisper): Tobirama

Tobirama(whisper and nod his head): ready

Suddenly three three kunai are thrown at each other by Butsuma and Tajima, which are deflected by both Senjuu and Uchiha clan leaders with their kunai in right hands, sending each other kunai in different directions. After second both Butsuma and Taijima burst a water under their feet as they move at each other with great speed, appear clashing with their withdrawing katan's. At the same time their fathers charge at each other, both kid Izuna and kid Tobirama clash with each other with their katana's as well. Both Senjuu and Uchiha clan leaders try to overpower each other, as they put more and more their strength in their hands while hanging katan's. Butsuma begin to overpower Tajima, but Tajima step aside in time while lower his body down with swing his katana at Butsuma legs trying to cute them, Butsuma notices it in time and jump up, rising his both feet out of range of Katana swing. Tajima then send fast upper punch with his right hand to Butsuma's chin, then try to send another punch but Butsuma snap too fast then send low kick with his right foot to Tajima stomach, sending him few inches away. Both fathers land on their feet cause water in river to splash under their feet, but suddenly Butsuma spot kunai with explosive note falling down close to him. Butsuma take a long jump back, but as he almost land on water , he is already surronded by many small fire balls created by Tajima, as he spot Tajima closing his mouth, while keeping tiger seal. Butsuma weaves through few handseals, cause few streams of water splash and form then collide with incomming small fire balls, canceling each other. Small clouds of dust occur from clash of fire balls and water streams, then Butsuma spot fire technique of huge range comming at him. Butsuma try to jump back, but is suddenly stopped, as he narrows his eyes he spot Uchiha wires tied around him. He weaves through some handseals at great speed, cause water from river to splash and rise quite large water wall, which cancel itself with huge fire ball cause huge cloud of dust appear from impact. While still being covered by cloud of dust, Butsuma cut Uchiha wire with swings of his katana, suddenly Tajima appear behind him on ground, as he try to cut him but Butsuma weaves through few handseals cause block earth rise from ground, throwing Tajima in forest near kid Hashirama. Butsuma charge with great speed at Tajima, don't giving time Tajima to recover. Tajima crash in ground, as he is approeached by Butsuma, he then throws smoke bomb at ground, cause Butsuma to stop moving. Smoke cover quite big area, cause Butsuma to can't notice Tajima.

Butsuma(confused then angry expression shows on his face): damn *That Tajima tircky bastard*

As slowly smoke scatter and clear up, Butsuma can barerly spot Tajima preparing something with his hands, then he use this chance to charge at shocked Tajima, who can react in time as Butsuma swing his katan from above at suprised Tajima, cutting him in two halves. Butsuma smirks for moment, but is suddenly scorched and burnt as he spot fire comming from few second agon cut Tajima by him, who was fire release bunshin, while smoke completly fade away.

Butsuma: die !

Butsuma: take it bastar ?!

Butsuma(scorched by flames): ARGHH!!! *Fire relase clone ?!, Damn you Tajima*
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