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Batman Dark Knight Returns part_2

Kinda hated the way they animated Superman but my main complaint was the damn curl lol..why so long? lol Good introduction though, Hated how rushed the Joker's demise felt...(though he did go on a serious rampage of killing) Loved the strife and mistrust between the new Commissioner and bats...Bats hit her like two-three times...(no hold backs lol) Robin had her moments..close calls too (good soldier good soldier good soldier) Reagan even had his shining moments! All in all super action! Thrilling sequences and awesome aging batman. The end game match in crime alley wasn't a big let down. Just loved how raw and gritty it was. Batman telling Supes..." Just for you to know it was me who brought you down!" (paraphrasing mostly) I really enjoyed this sequel. Long but it feels short lived....hope you all enjoy it too.

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Re: Batman Dark Knight Returns part_2

I'm about to rent this today. Heard good things, mostly from a friend who decided to pretty much spoil the entire movie for me but whatever, still gonna watch it.
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