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Re: Naruto_641

Thank you, KYF, for those belly laughs. I missed them.

When in fact Minato is the personification of gaining strength through hard work since he has no KKG, inherited abilities nor hidden Jutsu gained...
You do realize that not having KKG doesn't automatically mean hard work, right? That is some dichotomy that you're making in your head that doesn't apply in practice, considering one could simply copy many jutsu without having a pint of originality or will to improve them and still present a powerful punch.

Meanwhile Ol'hashirama is nothing without his KKG;s and inherited powers/abilities of wood and Yang nature chakra form the sage/juubi...
And you're nothing without breathing, eating and pooping and they're all inherited abilities, want to make more silly points? Me thinks you're confusing competence with fairness.

But who is original? Almost No one!!!
Errr, actually I could point out various characters with their own original jutsu. Hell, even the new Ino-Shika-Chou, masters of being the spitting image of their fathers have a jutsu of their own in the form of the yo-yo mind control thingy. People are only picking up on Minato because Minatards like you are so easy to troll by mentioning to simple fact that Kishimoto has watered him down really bad ever since Tobirama stepped in.

1). Without Mokuton, YANG nature chakra/ Senju abilities... There is no sensing, power to use Sage mode, rasoshoumon summoning, ect... He is Gai and Lee with only the most basic of SKills...
Again, that is a whole lot of stupid, specially considering Gai does have summoning skills and nowhere it is stated that Sage Mode requires some Yang chakra bullshit you made up. In all honesty, I thought you were talking about his regenerative abilities, just naming them by your specially moronic brand. But hey, if he didn't have chakra, he'd be dead in the first place. You clearly don't even bother to think things through to actually sound like someone reasonable and not some Minato fangirl.

Only proving how reliant the god of shinobi is on the KKG and inherited powers he gained form the sage/juubi... Because without them, he is lucky to be as strong as Lee lol...
And you're stupid. You clearly know jack shit about how the world works and you expect things to work under your delusion. People work with the tools they have, and Hashirama simply has better inherited tools than Minato. Is it fair? No, but only a moron would expect fairness in this situation. We're talking about competence/originality, and Hashirama simply trumps Minato in that department, fact's easy.

This is an argument about what a character would be without their KKGs/Hiddne Jutsu/Inherited abilities...
No, it's not, YOU made it so just to make a non-sequitur to somehow make Minato>Hashirama, when people where talking about Minato being a copycat. So keep up with the actual argument and don't wander off to your wet dreams about Minato.

And, for the sake of balance, if you're removing tools from a character, you have to do the same to the other character, that's just common sense. Otherwise, you could just pick up a weak character and pit against a stronger character stripped of all its powers and somehow propose that the weak character is better. It just doesn't logically follow.

Wow, speaking of fallacies.. Whats with the STRAW MAN argument misrepresenting my argument...
Show me where I said that KKG's require NO WORK? Ill Wait.................................... ........................................ ........................................ ........................................ ........................................ ........................................ ..
Yea, I did NOT!!!
You were arguing that either KKG or hard work. Don't be a cynical bitch and pretend otherwise.

I am well aware that one has to work to develop their inherited abilities, but with such powerful inherited abilities... Those with KKG;s have a clear advantage with God-like powers of the SG/MS/EMS, Mokuton, huge life force for regeneration, HUGE ass chakra pools/stamina, ect...
And? Like I said, he's working with the tools he has and they simply give him an advantage. The world, and fiction by extent, isn't fair, so get over it and actually start to argue why the fuck Minato only has one adapted jutsu and the rest plain copied but is somehow this god of hard work.

Lack of reasoning is not that bad when we have yet to see a single element after so much time and Minato is close to leaving for good now. Thus, the element statement was either a mistranslation or just forgotten by kishi so yea..
Oh, the hilarity. "I can extrapolate all the shit I want to make Tobi fucking Shisui and Obito at the same time and say it's as good as canon, but actually quoting the manga doesn't count because Kishi is a slowpoke on the issue".

Dude, this is not some argument from ignorance that people are making, it is a canonical plot point. And, at least in my opinion, such things are canon until proven otherwise. So what would be argument from ignorance on this case would be yousaying that Minato doesn't have elemental jutsu, in this case due to absence of (further) evidence. But, if you actually knew the first thing about logic, you'd know that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Oh, and actually having evidence, even if a simple line buried in the hundreds of chapters, does counter all the shit you can spew this way.
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