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Re: Minato's Gift.

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post

And how can you claim that naruto's cloak which is using the full power of the kyuubi Vs minato who is using a very small portion of the YIN half is the same power, at the same level?
This is such blatant bullshit. The manga said Minato sealed half the kyuubi. How the fuck are you sitting here saying he's only using a "very small portion" of that chakra. I swear you're dumber then usual today.

Again, you just prove how little you can interpret when the info is right there staring at you...

I see no other way to interpret this, other then them being of equal power.

Is very plausible I agree, but how will the mere full power of the Kyuubi help naruto along with only bits of 7 other bijuu's powers against a Juubi JINK?
It should not do much at all!!! Naruto should need double that power which is another reason why I came up with this theory...
Unless some ass pull happens, this is the most likely scenario for Naruto to=Juubito...
You're assuming it will come down to a 1vs1 fight between Naruto and Obito, which is a baseless assumption on your part. We haven't even seen Sasuke unleash his special EMS powers that have been hinted at for over 200 chapters now. Nor do we know what role Hashirama and/or Madara will play in the upcoming chapters. If anything you've just shown how narrow minded and single tracked your thought process.

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