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The Donquixote familly and the Original Kings

If you haven't read the latest chapter beware of spoilers.

After the last chapter several theories seem more likely to me.

The King of the Tontata dwarfs revealed to Robin and Usopp that their tribe has been in conflict with the Donquixote family for 900 years, meaning the dwarfs and the DQ family were around when the ancient kingdom was taken down by the 20 kings alliance.

Given the global reach the DQ family and its many connections and privileges such as being allowed to sell slaves it seems totally plausible that the DQ family was part of the 20 kings which formed the WG.

Theories that seem more plausible to me after this chapter:

-Tall blonde Gorosei is related to Dfla, perhaps his father.
-Dfla's plan to become PK could be sanctioned by the WG in order to increase their influence. The man at the top of the pirate world would be one of them.
-Dfla's black market dealing with the Emperors could also be a way for the WG to monitor their activities. Let's remember that the WG menages the careful balance among the 3 super powers. (Marines/SB/Emperors)

One thing that seems certain is that we are about to find out important info about the VC, and I still think Bonney is connected to all of this thanks to her ability.

What do you guys think about all of this ? What info do you think will be revealed ?
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Re: The Donquixote familly and the Original Kings

this could be random but since "900 years" was mentioned i thought there will be another glyph telling about the 100 yrs of lost history down there .
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Re: The Donquixote familly and the Original Kings

Manipulating the marines like that, means they are deeply rooted into the world powers, controlling every angle of it. From the Marines, to Pirates(SB inclusive) to the Younkous. Hell they are not even afraid of the Yonkous cos they have been monitoring them long enough and have a stake in their businesses. The only challenge they might have now is Luffy's father and his Revolutionary Army.

I am certain this arc will lead us into if not all, a significant reveal of the VC, from the 20 kings side of the story. The Dwarve Army should also know a lil bit if not all of their kingdom's history (Robin comes in handy here).

Cant comment on who DD father is cos that's totally speculative but Luffy taking down DD will cause more than a stir in Dressrosa. The world(powers) will be shaken to the core and I dont think they will let that happen. Luffy will lose in this arc, probably needs saving cos the odds against him are just too much.

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