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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Regrouping Part 2

*The scene shows Suigetsu and Juugo walking through the forest.*
Juugo: So what are we going to do now?
Suigetsu: Find Sasuke.
Juugo: Are you sure about that?
Suigetsu: Yes. There was a reason that Orochimaru gave up on Itachi Uchiha and went after Sasuke.
Juugo: Why did he do that?
Suigetsu: Because he knew about the Uchiha massacre. Sasuke has been bred to become what he is today.
*Juugo has a questioned look on his face.*
Suigetsu: The Uchiha massacre was orchestrated before Sasuke was born.
Juugo: That’s sad.
Suigetsu: And Madara isn’t Madara.
*Juugo looks to his right as a bird flies up to him and lands on his hand. The bird chirps to Juugo.*
Juugo: Go on and come out! I know you are there.
*Slowly a shadowy figure walks from behind a bush. Juugo smiles once he sees red hair.*
Juugo: Karin!
Suigetsu sighs: Karin.
*Juugo rushes to Karin and gives her hug, smothering her abit.*
Karin: Juugo…. you’re crushing me.
Juugo: Sorry.
Suigetsu: Are you not with Sasuke?
Karin: No. Sasuke left me.
*Flashback scene to when Sasuke killed Danzo sending a Chidori Nagashi through Karin.*
Karin: Mind if I tag along?
Juugo: Sure.
Karin: So…. Suigetsu…. what’s this about the Uchiha massacre?
*Scene changes to laboratory with Tobi and Madara.*
Madara: Don’t you think it is time you lost that mask?
Tobi: This mask is more than just show.
Madara: Is that so…nephew?
Tobi: Aye… uncle.
Madara: He would be proud of you, and what you’ve done.
Tobi: Father…. hmmph. I should go check on my candidate.
Madara in thought: To think Izuna, your son would make our dream possible.
*Flashback scene to Madara and Izuna.*
Izuna: But brother, going against the elders…. is that a good decision? We’re talking about our brethren.
Madara: Does living matter when you live like dogs?
Izuna: To them, yes. To us, no. The two of us cannot take on the Senju, Hyuuga, Nara, Yamanaka, and Akimichi clans. They would survive until the Uzamaki arrived, and then we would be finished.
Madara: I realize you have a son to think about.
*Izuna looks down.*
Madara: Just so you know, I will not act rashly and bring any backlash on Kagame.
*Scene skips to a small bit in the future.*
Izuna: I know you grow tired everyday brother. I’m getting to my wits’ end as well. It’s just the two of us….
Madara: There is a way. Each day that passes…. can you still see his face?
Izuna: Barely.
Madara: Something must be done, even if our clan has to be a part of it.
Izuna: I want him to be able to read the tablet like we have.
*Another scene skip.*
Madara: It is time brother. It is time we realized our destinies.
Izuna with much doubt on his face: Will you keep your promise?
Madara yells: I am Uchiha Madara! How dare you question me?
Izuna: And I am Uchiha Izuna! If I am going to make this sacrifice, I want to make sure it will not be in vain.
Madara: Know your place Izuna.
*Before Madara goes completely blind, he lunges at Izuna taking his eyes. Scene focuses on Madara and his EMS. Scene skips again to the future, showing Madara and Kagame as a pre-teen.*
Madara: Kagame.
Kagame: Yes uncle?
Madara: We need to talk.
*The two enter into Madara’s tent.*
Madara: I have a gift for you, but you must promise not to tell anyone about it.
Kagame excited: What is it Uncle?
Madara: When you have eyes like your father and myself had, go to the tablet. Your gift is there waiting for you.
Kagame: When will that happen, uncle?
Madara: I don’t know. And I won’t be here when that does happen.
*Kagame has a puzzled look on his face. Madara hands him a book.*
Madara: This will explain your father’s wishes. Tonight everything is set in motion.
*Madara puts on his battle armour.*

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Surpassed Part 1

*Scene shows Naruto walking out of the conference room being followed by Shikamaru.*
Shikamaru: Naruto…. wait up.
*Naruto turns and looks around at Shikamaru and sees everyone else coming out towards him.*
Naruto smiling: Yeah, what’s up?
Shikamaru: You ok?
Naruto: Yeah… I’ve let that go.
Shikamaru: Then tell me….
Naruto: About what?
Shikamaru: Your plan.
*The rest of the Konoha 12 has surrounded Shikamaru and Naruto now.*
Naruto smiles: It’s time for some training.
Hinata: May I train with you Naruto-kun?
Naruto looks at Hinata: Hinata….. *Naruto sees the look on her face.* Sure.
Sai steps forward: Maybe we should all train with you.
Kiba: Yeah, we may not be at your level, but I want to do my damnedest to get there.
*The Konoha 12 walk off to a field. Scene switches to KillerBee sitting on a branch watching the younger generation train. Ei flickers in to sit by his brother.*
Bee: What’s goin’ on?
Ei: I wanted to see this boy train myself.
Bee: Me, too.
Ei: So who’s going to help him?
Bee: Them…. and him.
*Scene shows Kurama talking to Naruto about some of his newfound abilities.*
Kurama: Now that we have merged, you will have enormous healing abilities, with no drawbacks. All you have to do is think about it.
Naruto: Awwessssoooommmmmeeee!
*Naruto punches his fist in the air.*
Naruto: So I can heal others as well?
Kurama: Yes.
*Scene focuses back on Naruto and Kiba who are sparring.*
Kiba: Don’t hold back on me, Naruto.
Naruto: I kinda have to.
*Kiba tries his Beast Mimicry, Fang Over Fang jutsu. Naruto catches both Kiba and Akamaru and tosses them in the air like they are rag dolls. Once Kiba and Akamaru fall to the ground Neji and Hinata walk over to the trio.*
Neji: We should leave Naruto alone, he can’t train properly with us.
*Naruto looks Hinata.*
Hinata: We’ll leave you alone so you can train with him.
Naruto dumbfounded: huh….
Hinata: I can tell the kyuubi wants to work with you by reading your chakra. It’s different. I would say its disturbed, but seeing how the two of you work together now, this might be your chakra in harmony with his.
Kurama to Naruto: She’s good.
*Hinata walks up to Naruto, gets on her tiptoes, and kisses Naruto on the cheek.*
Hinata: Just make sure you don’t overdo it.
*Scene switches to Bee and Ei as Hinata walks away from Naruto.*
Bee: My man is gettin’ some action.
Ei laughing: Oh that takes me back.
*Scene switches back to the field, showing Naruto walking over to Shikamaru.*
Naruto: Mind if I join you for a bit?
Shikamaru: Sure… what’s on your mind?
Naruto: This isn’t going to be normal training for me anymore.
Shikamaru: Yeah, I figured it would come to this. What… do you know… as far as your capabilities?
*Naruto sits by Shikamaru.*
Naruto: Well, now I can heal myself and others.
Shikamaru: That’s a huge advantage.
Naruto: I can also replenish others’ chakra as long as it doesn’t get rid of my own.
Shikamaru: Hmmm… shouts: Lee…. Neji…. come here real quick.
*Neji and Lee appear before Shikamaru.*
Shikamaru: I know how we can help Naruto train.
*Neji smiles while Lee does his traditional thumbs up.*
Shikamaru: I need you two to spar, going all out, but not killing one another.
*Neji and Lee look at each other.*
Lee: So which gate?
Neji: How far have you gone?
Lee: The fifth gate.
Shikamaru: Do it.
*Lee immediately goes to the fifth gate, while Neji enters a battle stance. As the two begin to spar, a crowd begins to join Bee and Ei. Last to join the group are Tsunade, Kakashi, and Gai.*
Gai looking out at Neji and Lee: What the…. wait a minute.
*Gai begins running towards them, only to be stopped by Bee and Ei.*
Gai: But those are my students.
Bee: And Naruto’s comrades. They’re helping him.
Kakashi: I get it.
*Gai has a dumbfounded look.*
Kakashi: He’s trying to master that already.
*Neji and Lee fall over from their sparring. Naruto gets up and walks to Neji, picking him up and carrying him over to Lee. As he lays down Neji, he kneels between the two, holding his hand over their chests. Naruto enters full Kurama mode*
Kurama: Now concentrate. You gave Kakashi just enough chakra so he wouldn’t die. This time you’re trying to heal them and give them chakra. Too much could be bad for both you and them.
Naruto: How so?
Kurama: Our chakras have melded together. They tolerate each other. My chakra is too much for them.
*Naruto begins to sweat because he is concentrating so much. Everyone is surrounding him now. Neji is the first to open his eyes.*
Neji whispers: I’m ok now Naruto.
*Naruto pulls that hand away from Neji and concentrates solely on Lee.*
Ei: Why is it taking so long for him?
Gai: Because he opened 5 of the 8 inner gates.
Ei: You Konoha shinobi… no wonder….
*Naruto is still trying to heal Lee. Lee grabs Naruto’s arm.*
Lee: I’m fine Naruto.
*Naruto stops and stands up. It takes Lee a while to get up.*
Gai: Lee?!
Lee: Gai-sensei…. I’m fine. I’ll just need some rest to recuperate my lost chakra.
Gai: Neji?!
Neji: I’m fine as well…. but I don’t need rest. I’m good to go, and then some.
Kakashi: Not quite there, but close. The fact that Lee was in the fifth gate for over 15 minutes… and just two minutes later, is walking around… *Kakashi gives Naruto a thumbs up.* Good job!
*Naruto disperses Kurama mode.*
Kurama: We need to rebuild our chakra as well. Plus there is more training to be done.
*Tsunade and Sakura walk up to Naruto.*
Sakura: You’ve gotten better than me.
Tsunade in thought: And me.
Naruto: I had some help.
Sakura: I’m really glad you’re ok… and you’re here… with us.
Naruto staring at Hinata: Me, too.
*Sakura looks over at Hinata.*
Sakura: You don’t….
Naruto: I will…. or I’ll die trying… that’s my nindo.
Sakura: But what about her? *nodding to Hinata.*
Shikamaru buts in: We’ve tried things our way, and it hasn’t worked. Let’s try it his way. You have our support Naruto.
*Hinata walks up to Naruto and takes his hand in both of hers.*
Hinata: And mine!
Kakashi: Obito, you would be proud!

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Surpassing Part 2

*Scene shows the sun rising on Kumagakure. Panel focuses on Naruto propped up against a tree, with Hinata in his lap. Naruto stretches as he wakes up and yawns. Hinata looks up at Naruto.*
Hinata: Good morning Naruto-kun.
Naruto smiling: Good morning Hinata.
*Neji walks up behind the tree.*
Neji: Your father wouldn’t approve of this Hinata.
*Hinata looks at Neji with a worried face.*
Neji: I won’t tell him under one condition.
*Hinata and Naruto look at Neji.*
Neji: You have to promise you’ll be there for her, Naruto. As I know she will be there for you.
Naruto: You got it.
Kurama to Naruto: You haven’t gotten this much action since your little tryst with Sasuke.
Naruto: Shadddyuuppp!!! *Naruto raising his fist at Kurama.*
Kurama: There are two techniques you need to learn…. your father’s jutsus.
Naruto staring at Kurama: Which two? I’ve already mastered the Rasengan and have taken it further.
Kurama: Yes, but you need to master the Flying Thunder God and the Death God.
Naruto: Aye…. that jutsu… I’ve already tried it, remember? We almost killed Jiraya-sama.
Kurama: You didn’t have what you needed then. You can get it now.
Naruto: How so…
Kurama: You need to talk to the Hokage… and leave for Konoha.
*Scene switches back to Hinata, Neji, and Naruto under the tree. Shikamaru has joined them now.*
Naruto: Where is Granny Tsunade?
Shikamaru: At HQ, why?
Naruto: I need to talk to her.
*Scene switches to HQ, showing all of the Kages at a table, joined by numerous Konoha jounin. Naruto busts through the doors with Hinata, Neji, and Shikamaru in tow.*
Naruto: Granny Tsunade…. *Naruto realizing who’s in the room.* What’s going on…
Tsunade: Uzamaki Naruto…. front and center.
*Naruto stands before the table and crowd. Shizune, Kakashi, and the rest of the Konoha 12 enter the room.*
Tsunade: Based on evidence provided and the circumstances we are facing… *Tsunade looks Naruto square in the eye.* I’m stripping you of the title genin.
Naruto: But….
Tsunade: And under the recommendation of Konoha’s jounin forces, as well as the other Kages, promoting you to special jounin.
Naruto smiles: Really?
Tsunade: Yes. Not a single person in this room can compare to you right now.
Naruto: Then I need to leave.
Tsunade with a questioned look: Why?!
Naruto: I need the Hokage scroll.
Tsunade: Figures… I’ll allow it under one condition.
Naruto: Yeah…
Tsunade: These guys accompany you.
*Scene focuses on Yondaime’s bodyguards.*
Genma: It was a privilege serving your father. It will be a privilege serving you, Naruto-sama.
*The three men surround Naruto.*
Naruto: Wait!
*Naruto rushes over to Hinata.*
Naruto whispers to her: I’ll be back as soon as possible.
*Naruto kisses Hinata and then runs back to the trio.*
Naruto: Can you guys keep up with me?
Genma: Same old Naruto.
*The trio get in formation and flash out to Konoha. Scene switches to Kagame looking down from a cliff.*
Kagame: It’s going to take at least 4 days uncle. We’ll have to let both the hachibi and kyuubi chakra manifest and grow before using them to complete the juubi.
*Madara walks up behind Kagame.*
Madara: And what of your candidate?
*Kagame points down on a path, where you can see Juugo, Karin, and Suigetsu walking.*
Kagame: He’s been following them now for some time.
Madara: And who are they?
Kagame: Orochimaru’s guinea pigs.
Madara: Why did you choose him?
Kagame: All the conditions were right. He had a talented brother, he was impressionable, and I knew we could mold and grow the hatred inside of him.
Madara: And his brother?
Kagame: The first to awaken the Mangekyo Sharigan since myself.
*Scene shows flashback of when Kagame aided in Tobirama’s death, thus gaining his MS.*
Kagame: Even though he was a Senju dog, he tried to raise me after father passed and you left.
*Madara looks at Kagame.*
Madara: So how are you sure that Sasuke will not fail like Nagato?
Kagame: Because he is an Uchiha, and he can’t stand Uzamaki Naruto.
*Scene focuses on Karin. We see her shiver and go cold faced. Juugo straightens up as well.*
Suigetsu: What is it?
*Sasuke jumps out infront of them.*
Sasuke: Me!

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Surpassed Part 3

*Scene focuses on the Hokage’s Office. A cloud of smoke appears and dissipates revealing Naruto and crew.*
Naruto: Wow… was that…
Genma: Yes, that was the Flying Thunder God.
Naruto: Awesome.
Genma: So why are we here? If you’re looking to learn the FTG, we could teach it to you.
*Naruto suddenly knocks out all three men.*
Naruto: Sorry guys. But I know none of you would allow me to do this.
Kurama: Shouldn’t you have let them help you with FTG first?
*Naruto looks at all three.*
Naruto: Yeah….
Kurama: Let’s go. We need to hurry.
*Scene skips to Naruto in a file room, walking up to the scroll. Scene switches back to the Allied Forces HQ.*
Shikaku: Hokage-sama, was it wise to let Naruto have the scroll?
Tsunade: Wise or not, he would have done it had I not allowed him.
Shikamaru: She’s right dad.
Ei: And none of us can stop him either.
Shikaku: What do you think he wants there?
Tsunade: Knowing Naruto, who knows? in thought: I just hope it’s not that jutsu that he is after.
*Scene switches back to Naruto reading the scroll.*
Kurama: You can’t practice this jutsu like all the others you have done, Naruto. This one will take your life. *Scene shows a troubled look on Kurama’s face.*
Naruto: What’s wrong?
Kurama: You will know, if you ever meet him.
Naruto: Meet who?
Kurama: The shinigami! *Scene shows the Death God.*
*All of a sudden several steps are heard, and Naruto puts the scroll back. The door to the room is opened and in walks Koharu and Komaru.*
Koharu: This door wasn’t locked…. odd.
Komaru: Someone’s been here.
*Naruto manages to sneak behind them, slamming the door shut.*
Naruto: It’s time for some answers.
Koharu: What is the meaning of this Naruto?
Naruto: I know the secret about the Uchiha massacre.
*Both Komaru and Koharu look at each other.*
Naruto: I heard the story from the masked man.
Koharu looks down: It’s true. Danzou provided proof of an Uchiha uprising. Hiruzen tried to reach a compromise. But Danzou wouldn’t have it. That’s why he choose his best warrior, Uchiha Itachi, to take on that mission.
Naruto: Because of you, Sasuke has sworn to come here and destroy Konoha, and the two of you.
Komaru: Who else knows of this?
Naruto: I’m not the ony one, and that is all you need to know.
*Naruto opens the door and leaves the room as Komaru and Koharu look at each other.*
Koharu: We should prepare then.
Komaru: For what?
Koharu: Our fight with Uchiha Sasuke. He’s already killed Danzou.
*Scene switches to the Hokage’s Office. Naruto walks in and tries to wake up the three men.*
Naruto: Sorry about the guys… just go so excited.
Genma: What the hell happened?
Naruto: So… can you guys teach me the FTG?
Genma: I’ll try.
Naruto: You?
Genma: Yeah, those two have orders.
*The other two leave.*
Genma: Let me start by explaining. The FTG is not a teleportation jutsu. It’s actually a summoning jutsu.
Naruto: Like a reverse summon?
Genma: Yeah… in thought: This may not be that hard after all.
Naruto: So who summons me?
Genma: No one does. The FTG uses seals. The seals are marked with your chakra, kind of like a homing device. You just let your chakra reabsorb, and in doing so, you’re pulled to that direction, that instant.
Kurama to Naruto: But we won’t use it the conventional way they have. They need it for close range fighting. You don’t.
Naruto: I got it. Can we head back now?
Genma: No, we’ve got at least an hour.
Naruto: Then it’s time for some ramen. My treat.
*Naruto and Genma walk off to get ramen. Meanwhile Kurama and Naruto have a conversation.*
Naruto: So if I won’t need the FTG for close range combat, why do I need it?
Kurama: Naruto, you’ve seen the destruction that Madara and that masked man can do. You are the only one who stands a chance against them. But your friends will still try to help you. This jutsu will help you protect them by keeping them away from Madara.
Naruto: But I’m fast enough already.
Kurama: True, but this does not require the amount of chakra.
*As Naruto and Genma are eating ramen, Naruto gets the “light bulb” look on his face.*
Naruto: So I can do this without your help?
Kurama: Yes…. and with my help, we can increase the distance.
Naruto: So that meteorite attack….
Kurama: Exactly!
*Scene fast forwards back to the Hokage’s Office with all four in it.*
Naruto: So you said it is done by seals…. do you place the seals where you want to go.
Genma: Yes.
Naruto: Is there any way that you can give me a seal…. I want to try something.
Genma: Try what…
*Naruto looks at him with Sage eyes.*
Genma: Ok.
*Genma hands him a piece of paper.*
Genma: We’ll give you two minutes. If you haven’t showed up by then, we’ll come get you.
Naruto: Thanks.
*The trio gets in their places and vanish*
Naruto: Here we go.
*Naruto vanishes. Scene switches to Mount Myouboku. Naruto sees Gamabunta and runs to him.*
Gamabunta: Naruto…. how’s it going?
Naruto: I don’t have much time. But you need to get everyone ready for battle.
Gamabunta: What do you mean?
Naruto: The 4th Great Ninja War has started, and we’re fighting Uchiha Madara. I must leave now.
*Naruto vanishes. Gamabunta orders a fodder toad to make preparations and notify everyone. Scene switches to AFHQ. Naruto puffs into the room.*
Genma: Took you long enough.
Naruto: Yeah, well…. I’m new at this.

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The Low Life Genius

*Scene focuses on Sasuke standing infront of Suigetsu, Juugo, and Karin.*
Sasuke: Karin… You look like you’ve seen a ghost.
*Juugo steps infront of Karin with a determined look on his face.*
Sasuke: Relax Juugo.
Suigetsu: Sasuke…. *Tosses him the scroll.* I’m in.
*Sasuke looks at the scroll and then at Suigetsu puzzlingly.*
Sasuke: What’s this?
Suigetsu: A little gift from Orochimaru.
Sasuke: Hmm… in thought: I know he can see me. How do I get away from him?
*Scene shows Kagame looking down on Sasuke and crew.*
Kagame in thought: So you have it now.
*Scene shows a flashback of Kagame reading Izuna’s personal notes.*
Kagame in thought: So this is your and uncle’s wish?
*Danzou walks up.*
Danzou: Come on Kagame. We have to get ready for our first mission.
*Scene switches back to Sasuke and crew.*
Suigetsu: He’s alive.
Sasuke: Who?
Suigetsu: Orochimaru!!
*Sasuske switches to EMS.*
Sasuke: You’re not lying?!
Suigetsu: It’s all in there. *pointing at the scroll.*
Sasuke: Let’s move.
*The group starts walking down the path, trying to find some seclusion. Scene switches back to the small shack in Amegakure.*
Kabuto in thought: Almost there….
*Scene focuses out on Anko’s body lying on an operation table, strapped down.*
Kabuto: kukukukuk… but before I can bring you back… I have some loose ends to take care of.
*Scene focuses on Kabuto’s face, and in the reflection of his glasses, the Uchiha tablet. Scene switches to AFHQ.*
Naruto in thought to Kurama: Kurama…
Kurama: Yes Naruto?
Naruto: I know you’ve said that if I die, so do you.
*Kurama looks at Naruto with intent.*
Naruto: Just forget it.
Kurama: What is it Naruto?
Naruto: Nothing.
Kurama: I’m with you to the end Naruto.
*Naruto looks at Kurama and smiles. Back to reality, Sakura walks up to Naruto.*
Sakura: Naruto…
Naruto: Yes, Sakura-chan?
Sakura: You really like her, don’t you?
Naruto: Yeah… I do.
Sakura as a tear goes down her cheek: Don’t let it go.
*She kisses Naruto on the cheek and walks off. Scene switches to Sasuke and crew beneath a grove of trees.*
Sasuke: That low life. How did he know all of this?
*Suigetsu shrugs his shoulders.*
Sasuke: This changes things.
Suigetsu: So what’s our move?
Sasuke: Your move is to stay put. My move is to go back to them.
Suigetsu: Why are we splitting up again?
Sasuke: Because you are too weak.
*Suigetsu develops a scowl on his face. Karin looks down and sighs a sigh of relief.*
Sasuke: Juugo… tell me more about your clan. in thought glaring at Karin: I know you’re an Uzamaki. Your time will come.
*Scene switches back to Kagame and Madara.*
Madara: Is everything ready to go?
Kagame: We’re on schedule. in thought: I know you killed my father, uncle. Your time will come just like everyone else’s.
*Madara looks at Kagame and walks off.*
Kagame in thought: That’s right. My father left notes for stating he was suspicious of you and our clan. But he knew he couldn’t beat you. But I will succeed where he failed.
*Scene flashes back to Sasuke and Juugo underneath a tree. The moon is almost full with not a cloud in the sky.*
Sasuke: Don’t let them come after me, and neither should you.
Juugo: So this is it?
Sasuke: The next time we meet, I might have to kill you.
*Juugo goes wide-eyed. Scene switches back to Kumagakure, showing a room with the Konoha 12, Sand siblings, and Darui. Naruto enters the room.*
Shikamaru: Naruto… come on over here. *motioning for Naruto to join the group.*
*Naruto walks over and sits next to Shikamaru.*
Naruto: What’s going on?
Shikamaru: Just a little R&R.
Naruto: Oh….
Shikamaru: Why so down?
Naruto: It’s nothing. *He looks at Hinata and smiles.*
*Hinata returns the smile. Gaara and Darui have stone faces looking at Naruto.*
Darui: Naruto…
Naruto turning to Darui: Yeah…
Darui holding up his mug to Naruto: This one is for you.
*Darui downs the drink, and laughter breaks out in the room. Gaara keeps his stone face, crossing his arms.*
Temari: I can’t believe everyone is acting like this.
Gaara: Calm down. As long as it doesn’t get out of hand, this is good for the morale.
Temari: You’ve got the possible next Raikage getting drunk, and the strongest shinobi since shodai hokage having puppy love.
Gaara: I’ve seen the same looks between you and Shikamaru, Temari. Lighten up a bit, go talk to him.
*Temari looks at Gaara stunned.*
Gaara: Go! in thought: For this may be our last night together like this.
*Naruto gets up and leaves the room as Temari walks over to Shikamaru.*
Temari: So Shikamaru….
*Scene switches to Naruto out on a street, with Hinata walking up next to him.*
Hinata: So how was your trip?
Naruto: Insightful.
Hinata: Really?!
Naruto: Yeah.
*Gaara walks up to the couple.*
Gaara: Can I speak with Naruto for a moment, Hinata?

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!


*Scene shows Gaara walking up to Naruto and Hinata, who are holding hands.*
Gaara: I promise it won’t be long.
Hinata: Ok, I guess…
*As Hinata tries to walk away, Naruto pulls her back to give her a quick kiss and then let’s he leave. Hinata walks back into the room.*
Gaara: Do you have a plan?
Naruto: For what?
Gaara: For the upcoming battle.
Naruto: Not really… you know that’s not my strong suit.
Gaara: But it needs to become one.
*Naruto gives Gaara a serious look.*
Gaara: You’re still the same Naruto, but now you wield powers unfathomed. Can you protect everyone and save Sasuke?
Naruto: I don’t know.
*Gaara places his hand on Naruto’s shoulder.*
Gaara: If anyone can do it, it would be you.
*Both smile and chuckle.*
Gaara: We have a meeting tomorrow to make sure for our final preparations. This time, we are attacking.
Naruto: Ok….
Gaara: Madara toyed with us Kages. Knowing that Sasuke hasn’t entered the battlefield yet… it’s frightening. He’s a formidable foe. I’m not sure us Kages can handle it. But with you, we have a chance.
Naruto: You have no idea….
*Ei, Oonoki, Mei, and Tsunade all walk up.*
Ei: Getting cocky?
Naruto with a stern look: No. I gotta go guys.
Tsunade: There’s a meeting tomorrow morning, 6 a.m. sharp. We require your presence.
Naruto as he walks off: Ok.
Oonoki: What’s gotten into him?
Gaara: He realizes the gravity of the situation.
Oonoki: To think, one shinobi can hold so much in his palm. Any kage would be proud to him as a part of their village.
Tsunade: His will of fire is probably the strongest.
*Scene switches back Madara and Kagame walking into a deep cavernous room.*
Madara: Is he on his way?
Kagame: Aye.
Madara: You’ve done quite the job in preparing for this nephew.
*The scene zooms out, showing thousands of Zetsu clones forming into ten Gedo Mazos.*
Kagame: They aren’t exact replicas. They have about 70% of the originals power, but they will be more than enough for that pitiful shinobi alliance army.
*A door creaks open.*
Kagame: Welcome… Sasuke.
*Madara glances over at Sasuke. Sasuke immediately casts Amerterasu on Madara. Madara is engulfed in the black flame, but he just stands and looks at Sasuke. Madara makes a handsign, and the flames wither away.*
Madara: Don’t test me youngling.
Kagame: It would be wise to realize your place Sasuke.
Sasuke: Cut the crap… who are you!?!
Madara: I am Uchiha Madara. And this is my nephew, Uchiha Kagame.
*Sasuke lunges at Kagame to try to attack him. Madara subdues Sasuke in Motukon branches.*
Madara: It would be wise to heed my warning.
Sasuke: What do you want with me?
Kagame: Simple. You’ll be the jinchuuriki of the juubi, hence why we must sync you with Gedo Mazo. It will take about a day, which is good, seeing how we have two.
*Madara starts to leave the room.*
Madara: We’re going to take the war to them, after you have synced with Gedo Mazo, I suggest you rest, both of you.
*Madara releases Sasuke and leaves the room.*
Kagame: Over here Sasuke.
*Sasuke walks to horizontal bar with straps hanging from the ceiling. Kagame straps Sasuke in.*
Kagame: Let’s get started.
*Kagame does a handsign. The scene zooms out, and you hearing Sasuke screaming. Scene switches back to Kumagakure and the barroom, focusing on Shikamaru and Temari.*
Shikamaru with a slightly slurred speech: So Timori, what’s it like being the sister of the Kazikuge?
Temari: You’re drunk Shikamaru.
Shikamaru: Yeeeaahhhh.
Temari: Let me take you back to your quarters.
*Temari helps Shikamaru brace on her shoulders and walks him to his quarters.*
Shikamaru: If I wasn’t so drunk right now, I would say this is quite the drag.
Temari: And….
Shikamaru: It’s not….
Temari: I think…. that’s sweet.
Shikamaru: You more than welcome to stay with me tonight.
Temari: No… I need to make sure I’m at the meeting tomorrow.
Shikamaru: So do I, why do you think I’m trying to get you to stay with me.
Temari: No fooling around. *She points at him.*
Shikamaru: Not even a little?
*Temari grabs his nipple area and twists it.*
Shikamaru with a delayed reaction: OWWWWW!!!! That hurt.
Temari: There, we fooled around.
*They enter Shikamaru’s quarters.*
Shikamaru: I like you.
*Shikamaru falls over onto a mat and falls asleep.*
Temari in thought: Who knew he could be so cute when he’s drunk?
*Scene switches over to Hinata’s quarters as she is asleep on her bed. Naruto walks over to her and lays beside her.*
Kurama to Naruto: I know this feeling.
Naruto: Really?
Kurama: Yeah. Both your mother and Mito-san had the same feeling with your dad and Hashirama-sama.
Naruto: Why do you show respect to them?
Kurama: To whom?
Naruto: Shodai Hokage and his wife.
Kurama: Hashirama was the last Kage that I know who sought after real peace. Few people respected us bijuu, but he did, and because he did, so did she. I understand that now. Back then, I didn’t.
Naruto: How so?
Kurama: Madara had been using me for some time. He kept me caged up, and then released me whenever he needed me to ravage some area. It was maddening. But Mito-san… she never really talked to me like we do, but she never disrespected me either. It’s like Hashirama knew that Mito-san, the polar opposite of Madara, would be exactly what I needed. That’s why I let her use my chakra every now and then.
Naruto: What about mom?
Kurama: We really never had time to form any type of bond, other than the typical bijuu and jinchuuriki bond. The masked man saw to that. But she never made me feel the way Madara made me feel.
Naruto: Kurama….
Kurama: Yeah.
Naruto: After I’m long gone, I hope you speak the same way about me as you do Granny Mito.
*Kurama smiles.*
*The scene focuses back out on Hinata, with Naruto lying asleep beside her holding her.*

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Blissful Ignorance

*Scene opens with Hinata and Naruto facing each other in her bed asleep. A loud knock is heard at the door.*
Temari shouting: Naruto! Naruto!.... Are you in there?
Shikamaru: Do you have to yell…. I have a splitting headache.
Temari: That’s what you get for drinking last night.
Shikamaru: What a drag.
*Scene focuses back on Naruto and Hinata who are now stirring in bed. The both awake at the same time and smile each other.*
Hinata: I could get used to this.
Naruto: Me too.
*Temari keeps banging on the door and shouting.*
Naruto: They’re here for me.
Hinata: Mind if I come?
Naruto: Sure.
*Naruto gets up and goes to door and tells Temari that he is on his way. Hinata joins him and they head to the meeting.*
Naruto: You sure you want to come.
Hinata: Anything that involves you, yes.
*Naruto smiles. As Naruto and Hinata enter the meeting, all of the Kages and generals are there waiting for him. Tsunade looks up at Naruto, and seeing Hinata, she smiles.*
Ei: It’s about time.
Naruto: Sorry.
Ei looking at Hinata: Peaceful night?
Naruto: Yeah.
Ei: Sorry then.
*Tsunade walks up to the Raikage and slaps him up the backside of his head.*
Tsunade: Do not speak of Hinata in that way.
Ei: You better be glad he’s here. *pointing at Naruto*
Naruto: So what’s this all about?
Ei: Your pal here has come up with a plan for us.
Shikamaru: From the intel I have gathered, the key to the bijuu situation is that statue.
Naruto and Bee: Gedo Mazo.
Shikamaru: Yeah…. how do you know what it is called.
Ei: Keep going Shikamaru.
Shikamaru: Anyways, Raikage-sama told me that when he injured the statue, Shukaku was released. So…. if we are able to destroy the statue, the bijuu should all be released.
Oonoki: So how do you recommend we do that?
Shikamaru: By having two 4-man cell teams, one attacking high, the other low.
Oonoki: So who do propose as the two teams?
Shikamaru: Team A will consist of Konoha’s Rock Lee, Kumo’s Darui, Suna’s Temari, and Iwi’s Kurotsuchi. Team B will consist of Konoha’s Might Gai, Konoha’s Kakashi, Iwi’s Kitsuchi, and Kiri’s Choujuurou. The Five Kages will serve as reinforcements for when Madara shows up.
Ei: So what you’re saying is we take at that statue, we stop Madara.
Shikamaru: No. We take out that statue, we stop his “eye of the moon” plan. We still have to find a way to defeat Madara, the masked man, and Sasuke.
Oonoki: Don’t forget about Kabuto.
Tsunade: Speaking of which, why have I not received any intel from Anko lately?
Shikaku: Actually Lady Tsunade, we have received any reports from her in over a week.
*Scene switches to Anko, lying unconscious on a table in Amegakure. Scene switches back to the meeting room.*
Tsunade: This is unacceptable.
Ei: Calm down Hokage. We must prioritize. And your Shikamaru here has developed quite the plan to handle Madara’s “eye of the moon” plan.
Kurama to Naruto: We could try Naruto. Look at it as training.
Naruto aloud to the meeting: Mind if I try to find her?
Shikamaru: It’s actually better if you stay here with us.
Gaara: Go!
*Everyone looks shocked at Gaara.*
Gaara: Go on Naruto, return safely, and hopefully with Anko.
Ei: Are you sure Kazekage?
Gaara: Yes.
*Naruto turns to Hinata, kisses her, and then whispers to her*: I come back as fast as I can.
*Naruto leaves the room.*
Tsunade: Why did you do that Kazekage?
Gaara: Why did you let Naruto go after the Hokage scroll?
*Oonoki chuckles.*: Well played Kazekage.
*Scene switches to Naruto outside.*
Naruto: Ok, so how are we going to do this.
Kurama: Well, you transfer to anywhere on the planet by using senjutsu, and going anywhere on this planet you want. I can’t help you with that. But I can help you sense her.
Naruto: So….
Kurama: Sense her first, and then use senjutsu to go to her.
Naruto: Or…
*Naruto enters sage mode*
Naruto: We try this…
*Naruto then goes full Kurama mode. Bee sees Naruto through a window.*
Bee: Holy Shit!!!!!
*People start to run to the window to see what Bee is talking about, and Naruto is gone in an instant.*
Bee: That mofo…. That was tight.
Ei: What?
Bee: Naruto…. he was off the chain.
Ei: Ugh….
*Scene switches back Kagame and Sasuke in the cave. Madara enters the room.*
Madara: How are things progressing?
Kagame: Smoothly.
Madara: Good. I’m heading out at nightfall with the replica Gedo Mazos.
Kagame in thought: Everything is going according to plan.
*Scene switches to Naruto just outside of the shack in Amegakure.*
Naruto: I don’t sense any evil intentions here, but I do sense someone.
Kurama: Is it her?
Naruto: I’m not sure. But someone is coming here, but they’re about an hour away.
Kurama: Yeah, just one person.
*Naruto deactivates kurama sage mode.*
Naruto: Let’s go.
*Naruto enters the shack. Scene switches to Kumogakure.*
Fodder ninja: Identify yourself.
*No response from the traveler.*
Fodder: Identify yourself, or we will use force.
*Scene shows a traveler with a huge cloak on.*
Fodder: You’ve been warned.
*All of sudden the Kages and the generals of the shinobi army are at the gate to confront the stranger.*
Ei: One more step without telling us who you are and you die there.
*The stranger removes the cloak.*
Stranger: We seek asylum.
*The stranger is revealed to be Juugo and Karin. Scene switches back to the shack with Naruto.*
Naruto: I sensed her, but I don’t see her.
Kurama: Look for secret passageways.
*Naruto notices that when he just stepped, the wood made a different screech while he walked on it. Naruto uses a rasengan to blast through the floor. Naruto falls into the laboratory underneath the shack. He sees Anko strapped to the table. Naruto rushes to her and removes the straps from her. He grabs and flashes out. Scene switches back to Kumo.*
Ei: Why are you seeking asylum?
Juugo: Sasuke has promised to kill her. I can’t allow that, but I know I can’t beat him.
*Kakashi has his headband up, reading Karin and Juugo with his sharingan.*
Kakashi: He appears to be telling the truth. Why are you her? *looking at Karin*
Karin: I thought I loved him, but he wants to kill me. He’s already tried it once. If that girl hadn’t saved me, I would be dead.
*Scene shows Sakura gathering medical supplies for the upcoming battle.*
Kakashi: So how did you end up here?
*Ibiki appears from nowhere.*
Ibiki: I allowed her, and we need to talk Hokage-sama.
Karin in thought: Maybe he will have the strength to tell them about Sasuke.
*Juugo keeps his arm around Karin. Scene switches back to the shack in Amegakure. A shadowy figure walks into the shack and sees all the carnage from Naruto.*
Figure: What happened here?
*The figure drops down to the laboratory.*
Figure: It’s all set up.
*Suigetsu steps into the light from the sunset, noticing everything in the laboratory.*
Suigetsu: It’s just as the scroll said, but she’s not here. I want that power. I’ll show him I’m not weak. Give me that power Orochimaru.
*Suigetsu straps himself on the table. He grabs the scalpel and throws it at a machine to start the process. Suigetsu begins to scream in pain. Scene switches back to Kumo. Naruto flashes into the meeting room with Anko.*
Shikamaru: You made it Naruto.
Naruto: Yeah. Let’s get her to a medic.
*Some fodder ninja come and get Anko, taking her to the medic tent. Ei and Tsunade walk into the room after hearing Naruto returned with Anko.*
Tsunade: Naruto, you better come with us.
*Naruto leaves the room with Ei and Tsunade. Scene switches to a room with Ibiki, Kakashi, Juugo, and Karin. Naruto, Tsunade, and Ei enter the room. Karin looks up at Naruto and smiles a bit. Juugo sees Naruto and relaxes a bit. Ibiki notices the changes.*
Ibiki whispering: Amazing…
Tsunade: Naruto, have you met Karin?
Naruto: Yeah, once.
Tsunade: What about Juugo?
Naruto: Not that I can recall.
Tsunade: Well they know about you. And it’s all thanks to Sasuke.
*Naruto gets a serious look.*
Tsunade: And he now has the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.
*Suddenly Karin and Juugo have scared expressions on their faces.*
Ibiki: What’s wrong?
Karin: Something is coming.
*Naruto enters full Kurama mode. Karin looks at Naruto and relaxes just a little.*
Tsunade: What is it Naruto? Is it Sasuke?
Naruto: No. It’s Madara. And he’s bringing company.
*Scene shows Madara riding one of the replica Gedo Mazos as they head to Kumo.*
Madara: Tonight, is the beginning of the end.
*Scene zooms out and shows several meteors heading towards Kumo’s main gate.*

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!


*Scene shows Kumo’s main gate. In the distance you can see several small specs growing larger and larger. The sirens start going off.*
Fodder ninja: Battle stations! Battle stations! This is not a drill!
*Scene switches to the room with Naruto, Tsunade, Kakashi, Ibiki, Juugo, and Karin.*
Tsunade: Shit! Ibiki, get them out of here.
Ibiki: Aye.
*Ibiki escorts the two out of the room as Naruto, Kakashi and Tsunade leave the room. Scene switches to the conference room where Ei, Oonoki, Mei, Gaara, Shikaku, and the sensor group are at. Naruto, Kakashi, and Tsunade come running into.*
Ei: What's the situation?!
Ao: We have 8 very large chakras heading this direction.
Naruto: One is Madara.
*All of the Kages grimace.*
Oonoki: Could he be using the bijuu?
Ao: I doubt it. These chakras aren’t at the level of Naruto or Bee-sama. But they are close.
Ei: Summon the communication team here as well. Everyone else, move out.
*All of sudden there is an explosion and the earth shakes. Everyone but Naruto falls over in the conference room. Scene switches to Kumo’s main gate, showing that it is demolished. Scene switches to KillerBee who runs from his room to the outside.*
Bee: What the shit?!
*Scene switches to Naruto who flashes out of the conference room and to the main gate. Naruto looks at the devastation. He then looks out into the distance, seeing the multiple Gedo Mazos.*
Naruto: Unbelievable!
*Naruto flashes back to the conference room*
Naruto: We’ve got trouble.
*KillerBee runs into the room.*
Bee: What the fuck is goin’ on?!
Naruto: About 5 minutes away, Madara…. multiple Gedo Mazos.
Ei dumbfounded: Did you say multiple?
*Naruto nods his head.*
Ei: At least we have most of your civilians evacuated. We must evacuate the rest, immediately!
Bee: But where to?!
*The earth shakes again, as everyone falls over except for Bee and Naruto. Scene switches to Raikage’s office showing that it demolished. Everyone rushes outside and sees the horrific scene.*
Tsunade: Konoha is closest, but we’ve already evacuated the majority of our people, and we just don’t have the resources right now since we’re rebuilding.
Mei: We will help.
Bee: But that’s too damn far away!
Naruto: Gather everyone together!
*Naruto looks at Tsunade.*
Naruto: I’m going to need help!
Tsunade: Got it!
Ei: We’ll need to send squads to make sure they make it safely.
*Scene shows Omoi, Karui, Mabui, Sakura, Ino, and Hinata escorting everyone to a coliseum.*
Omoi: Right this way.
Karui: We should be with Bee-sama.
Mabui: These are orders from the Raikage! He wants us here!
*Scene shows about a hundred people at the coliseum.*
Mabui to Sakura, Ino, and Hinata: Thank you!
*All four bow to each other. Hinata, Ino, and Sakura start to leave as Naruto and the Hokage’s guards enter. Hinata grabs Naruto’s arm as they pass each other.*
Hinata: Be careful!
Naruto: I will.
Sakura: Good luck Naruto!
*The three girls leave as Naruto and group get at the north, east, south, and west extremities of the congregation. All four hold their hands up.*
Genma: So how is this going to work?!
*Naruto enters Kurama Sage mode.*
Genma in amazement: Ok!....
*The group vanishes in a second. Scene switches over to Killer Bee standing on a cliff looking up into the sky, seeing three more meteors heading for Kumo.*
Bee: So that’s how he did it.
*Ei appears next to Bee.*
Ei: To think, our village has been reduced to this.
*Scene shows the devastation of Kumo from an ariel view as the meteors continue to crash down. The rest of the Kages show up behind Ei and Bee. The remaining forces are at the front gate, led by the remaining generals.*
Bee: But we have hope. Go handle Madara while I stop those. *pointing at the meteors.*
*Ei flickers out and lands next to Shikamaru.*
Ei: So what now?
Shikamaru: I don’t know…. I didn’t know there were this many.
*The shinobi alliance stares out at Madara and the Gedo Mazos. Scene switches to Kagame and Sasuke.*
Kagame: Sasuke, can you hear me? This is painful isn’t it?
*Scene shows Sasuke in a drugged state with drool seeping out of the side of his mouth. The door creeks open.*
Kagame: I was beginning to think you weren’t coming.
*Kabuto walks over to Kagame.*
Kabuto: Sorry, but I had some side business to take care of.
Kagame: As was promised, here is my end of the bargain.
*Kagame tosses Kabuto a phial of pink fluid.*
Kabuto: And my end. Five Finger Disruption Seal!
*Kabuto hits Sasuke in his abdominal area with the seal.*
Kabuto: Now… You’ll hand him over when it is done?
Kagame: Yes. I knew Madara didn’t want to put the world under the genjutsu. I know he wanted to use the juubi to control the world. Now we’ll see the end of Uchiha Madara.
Kabuto: What a fucked up family you have.
*Scene switches to back the Kumo.*
Ei: Get ready!
*Madara leaps down infront of the GMs. Genma and crew flash back to the battle scene.*
Tsunade: Where is Naruto?
Genma: Don’t worry about him. He said he would be here.
Tsunade: This is Uchiha Madara we’re talking about!
Genma: With all due respect Hokage-sama, this is Uzamaki Naruto, we’re talking about.
*Hinata and Sakura are shown smiling. The rest of the Konoha 12 are shown smiling or grinning.*
Madara in thought: Those smiles are about to be wiped away.
Bee shouts: Bijuu dama!
*Bee is fully transformed into Gyuuki and fires off the largest bijuu bomb he’s ever fired off. The next scene shows the jutsu obliterating the meteors.*
Madara in thought: Just a minor setback.
*Madara does a grand fireball jutsu and swings his fan to give it power, sending it towards the army. A puff of smoke appears, and the fireball disappears.*
Ei, Oonoki, Mei, and Gaara in unison: Amazing.
Genma: That’s our Naruto.
*Scene focuses on Hinata as she stares at Naruto’s direction in amazement.*
Genma: Our number 1 knucklehead ninja.
*Scene shows Gamabunta, Gamaken, and several other fodder toads. Fukasuka hops next to Tsunade.*
Fuka: Princess Tsunade, we’re here to help.
Ei: I’ve heard about you. So the boy is a sage.
Fuka: More than you know.
*The scene focuses on Naruto standing atop Gamabunta’s head. Naruto is in his Kurama Sage mode. The chakra cloak resemble that of full Kurama mode, but armour has been added to his forearms and shins. Naruto’s hair appears longer than Yondaime’s. Scene switches to Madara who stares at Naruto.*
Madara: You truly are the younger son. Let me show you why we, the elder sons are far superior!
*Scene switches to Shikamaru.*
Shikamaru: Now we have a chance.

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!


*Scene opens with a split panel, one half of Naruto, the other half of Madara.*
Madara: Kyuubi boy! Are you scared?
Naruto: No! Are you?
Madara: No…. just excited.
*Madara leaps down from a Gedo Mazo. Naruto leaps down from Gamabunta.*
Madara: Let’s go elsewhere… where we can really have some fun.
Naruto: Where did you have in mind?
Madara: The Hokage Mountain!
*Madara swirls away like Kagame does. Naruto turns and looks at the alliance army, specifically at the Hokage’s guards.*
Naruto: When Sasuke shows up, come and get me.
Genma: Aye.
Tsunade in thought: Jiraya, Minato, Kushina…. if you could only see him now. Hinata has quite the catch. *Tsunade blushes a little.*
*Naruto flashes out.*
Bunta to the other toads: Naruto-sama requested our aide tonight. Let’s make him proud.
All of the other toads: Aye.
*The alliance army looks on astonished.*
Ei: No wonder why none of us where able to defeat Konoha. Have you always held this kind of power?
Oonoki: You never met Hashirama-sama. He was real power.
Mei: But we’ve met Naruto.
Tsunade: If anyone can surpass him, it will be Naruto.
*Ei amps up, covering himself in his raiton armour. Bee (still in Gyuuki form) roars from the mountain side. Gaara gets on his sand discuss and floats up in the air, as Oonoki begins to fly behind Gaara.*
Fukasuka: We’ve heard the story of the war between the elder son and the younger son of the great sage. We have always stood by the younger sons. Tonight, we continue that tradition and honor it. *yells*: For Naruto!!!!!
The alliance army yells: For Naruto!!!!
*The Gedos charge at the cries, with Gamabunta launching himself in the air and coming down on a Gedo with his blade drawn. The Gedo catches the blade just in time and throws Bunta to the side, chasing after him. The Raikage rushes at one, hitting it square in the chest, knocking the Gedo down.*
Ei: That felt good.
*A Gedo comes crashing down on Ei with a hammerfist, sending Ei into the ground several meters. Two Gedos charge attacks (similar to a hollow’s cero blast) and send the blasts towards the alliance army. Gaara at the last minute sets up his ultimate defense, guarding the army.*
Shikamaru: NOW!!!!! The one at the two o’clock position.
*Might Gai, Kakashi, Kitsuchi, and Choujuurou head out towards that Gedo in formation. Gai enters the fifth gate and leaps in the air. Kitsuchi kneels down and hits the earth.*
Kitsuchi: Earth Style-Pillar of Strength!!!!
*A huge pillar of stone shoots up under the Gedo sending it into the air. Might Gai comes crashing down on the Gedo with a double hammerfist, sending the Gedo back to the ground. Kakashi and Choujuurou jump up and at the fallen Gedo, Kakashi with raikiri in hand and Choujuurou with sword in hand, coming down on two eyes of the Gedo. Both jump back off as the four stand again in formation. Next we see Darui to the side.*
Darui: Lightning Style: Black Lightning Laser!
*A black lightning bolt shoots straight at the fallen Gedo’s head, causing a huge cloud of smoke and dust. Kurotsuchi walks up behind Darui.*
Kurotsuchi: If that didn’t work, he’s not going anywhere.
*Scene does an instant flashback to before Darui used his jutsu, showing Kurotsuchi finishing her glue jutsu to contain that particular Gedo.*
Shikamaru: C’mon…
*The dust clears up to show no damage to the Gedo, only that it has lost three eyes. A collective sigh is heard from numerous shinobi.*
Tsunade: You’ve got to be kidding.
*The remaining Gedos all charge the same blast aiming at the alliance army. All of them fire at the same moment. At the last moment, Gaara raises his ultimate defense again and you see a puff of smoke. As the devastation and picture begin to focus, you see Gaara’s sand wall with two huge holes in it. The picture then focuses on the shinobi who were hit by the blast. You see small Katsuya slugs on all of the shinobi.*
Tsunade: Was I in time?
Katsuya: As far as deaths, yes. But there are many in critical condition.
*Scene focuses on Neji and Kiba, who are lying in rubble, motionless.*
Tsunade shouting: If you can help those hit, evacuate them from here. We need to clear this area!
*Scene focuses back on Gedo glued to the ground. Scene shows a split panel of Oonoki and Bee.*
Oonoki: Dust Element – Partical Disintegration
Bee: Bijuu-dama
*The scene shows the Gedo getting hit by both jutsus at the same time. As the dust and smoke clear, the head was annihilated by Oonoki’s jutsu, while Bee’s bijuu bomb destroyed more than half of the body.*
Bee in thought: I don’t know if I can do that more than 5 times.
Gyuuki: We must give it our all.
Oonoki: That one down, nine more to go.
*The next panel shows a Gedo swinging it’s fist, and knocking Oonoki across Kumo.*
Fukasuka: C’mon Bunta-boy. Are you going to let that thing whip you like a tadpole?
Bunta: NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
*Bunta rushes the Gedo that knocked Oonoki out, tackling the Gedo.*
Bunta: NOW!!!!!!
*Three of the toads that were brought to Kumo leap in the air, all bearing their blades. As they are about the crash down on Bunta and the Gedo, Bunta rolls over as the toads decapitate the Gedo.*
Fukasuka: That’s how we do it boys!
*Scene switches to the Hokage Mountain. Madara is shown waiting on Naruto. Naruto flashes in.*
Madara: Took you long enough.
Naruto: Yeah… wel….
*Madara flickers over to Naruto, hitting him with a side kick to the gut. The kick knocks Naruto back a little.*
Madara: If you can’t handle that, I’m wasting my time with you.
*Naruto looks at Madara holding his stomach. Naruto flickers to Madara trying a straight punch to the chest that is knocked to the side by Madara. Madara follows it crossover hook punch, which Naruto ducks and elbows Madara in the ribs. Naruto then kicks Madara and gets him down to one knee. Madara then tries a leg-sweep kick, which Naruto evades by jumping over, allowing Madara to put some distance between themselves.*
Madara: That’s more like it. I’ve got to hand it to that Kabuto. If he hadn’t given me his dna *pop up panel of Hashirama’s face*, that could have killed me. You truly are a Sage, but you’re not him.
*Both enter into a battle stance.*
Madara: Fire Style – Grand Dragon Blaze!
*Madara looks on with intent and an evil grin.*
Madara in thought: The only people to survive this attack where Hashirama and Tobirama, the two best suiton users.
*Naruto looks as the jutsu is coming at, seeing the Flamed Dragon searching for its mark. Naruto points his finger at the jutsu.*
Naruto calmly: Fuuton Senjutsu Rasenshuriken.
*A small rasenshuriken, similar to the one that destroyed the Zetsus earlier, is fired right at the dragon. Suddenly, the rasenshuriken expands a small bit, then becomes like an arrow, shooting through the dragon. The wind from the jutsu overtakes the fire, dissipating the jutsu.*
Madara: Well done, kyuubi boy. Before you, only two people survived that attack. You’re in good company.
Naruto: I don’t care about that.
Madara: You should. Those two were the ones who we’re standing on.
*The scene shows Madara on Hashirama’s head, with Naruto on Tobirama’s head.*
Naruto: How about we end this?
Madara: But the fun has just begun. How about we turn up the heat? Amerterasu!!!
*Madara shoots the black flame at Naruto.*
Naruto in thought: I grow weary of this.
*Naruto begins to gather chakra into hand.*
Naruto: Senjustu Rasenshuriken.
*Naruto throws this rasenshuriken that expands right as it encounters the black flames, opening a hole in the flames. Right after throwing the rasenshuriken, Naruto take a kunai, charges it with wind chakra and throws it right behind the rasenshuriken. The kunai goes straight through the hold, striking Madara in the chest, but on the opposite side of his heart. The Kunai goes straight through Madara leaving a small gash the size of the kunai. As amerterasu reaches Naruto, it passes through him as if he wasn’t there.*
Madara: Impossible! *coughing up blood* How did you do it?
*Madara then swirls away, vanishing from Konoha. Naruto looks around and sees Konoha progressing in its rebuilding process. He vanishes out and back to Kumo. Scene switches to Kumo focusing on Naruto.*
Naruto: What happened?!
*Naruto sees about twenty shinobi still fighting the Gedos with Bunta and Fukasuka. Bee is gathering injured shinobi and rushing them to a safe place. There are 7 Gedos destroyed.*
Shikamaru: Naruto!
*Naruto rushes over to Shikamaru.*
Naruto: What happened?
Shikamaru: There were too many.
Naruto: Where is Granny Tsunade, Sakura, or Hinata?
Shikamaru: They’re all treating the wounded.
*Naruto sighes.*
Shikamaru: We’re in some serious trouble. Sasuke and masked man have even showed up yet.
Naruto: Good. Round everyone up. I’ll put an end to these Gedo Mazos.
*Shikamaru yells at the remaining alliance forces to gather around him. Naruto enters the battlefield against the Gedos.*
Naruto: Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!
*Three clones appear of Naruto.*
Naruto: You know the plan. I want one to be a reminder.
Clones: Aye!
*One of the clones goes after the Gedo that is fighting Might Gai and Kakashi. He hits it with the fuuton senjutsu rasenshuriken, annihilating its head. The clone disperses.*
Gai: What a relief…. and what the hell was that.
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Kakashi bumps Gai in the chest and points to Naruto.*
Kakashi: The calvary has arrived.
*The second clone flashes all around the Gedo fighting the Raikage, hitting it with a barrage of Kurama Sage punches, each creating craters in the Gedo. Finally, Raikage does a horizontal chop in raiton armor to severe the head. The Gedo comes crashing down.*
Ei: Thanks.
*The scene converges on the last Gedo being fought by Bunta, Gamaken, Rock Lee, and Sai.*
Naruto: Your end is now.
*There a three way split panel, showing a clone coming behind the Gedo with an two rasengans, one in each hand, a second clone crashing down from above one the Gedo with an Oodama rasengan, and the original Naruto throwing a fuuton rasenshuriken at the Gedo. As the three converge, the earth quakes as a huge dust cloud arises. Once the dust settles, the only thing left is the Gedo’s feet. Naruto returns to the group of shinobi.*
Naruto: How is everyone?
Kakashi: We’ll be ok.
Fukasuka: Raikage, Naruto…. this is no longer a place to hold your army, especially those injured.
Ei: What do you recommend elder?
Fukasuka: I’ll never hear the end of it, but at Mount Myouboku, we can offer some type of shelter.
Ei: But how will we get there?
Naruto: Leave that to him.
*Naruto flashes out and over to the medic tent. He disperses Kurama Sage mode. Naruto looks around for his friends. Hinata walks up behind Naruto.*
Hinata: Naruto…
*Naruto spins around and hugs her.*
Naruto: I’m glad you’re safe.
Hinata: I’m glad you’re safe. We can’t stay here.
Naruto: I know. *yells*: Everyone, pack all medicines and rations. We’re getting out of here.
Tsunade runs up: How?! You can’t move this amount of people, and where will you move them to?
Naruto: Mount Myouboku.
*Tsunade’s facial expression turns to shocked. The scene shows all the remaining shinobi alliance gathered in the medic area.*
Ei: I can’t believe this.
Bee: We’ll return… and rebuild.
*Ei grimaces as everyone gathers.*
Fukasuka: Everyone gather around.
*The sun rises on the group.*
Naruto and Fukasuka in unison: Kuchiyose no Jutsu!!!
*A puff of smoke appears, and then dissipates, showing an empty area.*

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!


*Scene shows all of the shinobi alliance army in a large theatre area on Myouboku. Fukasuka is in front of everyone.*
Fukasuka: I apologize for the inconveniences. But for now, this is your home.
*Ei looks down and growls. Bee puts his hand on his brother’s shoulder.*
Bee: Calm down. We’re gonna rebuild Kumo, bigger and better than it was.
Fukasuka: Naruto!
*Naruto walks up to Fukasuka.*
Fukasuka: The Great Elder wants to speak with you.
*Scene switches back to Kumo and the devastation. A figure is shown walking through the middle.*
Kabuto: Now that I have this *holds up the phial of pink fluid*, not even the great Uchiha Madara can stop me now.
*Scene switches to Madara sitting in a room, with bandages on his chest. Kagame walks in the room.*
Kagame: What happened?
Madara: The kyuubi boy is more formidable than expected.
Kagame: Maybe next time you shouldn’t toy with him????
Madara snarls at Kagame: Shut the f^ck up!
Kagame in thought: You underestimated him, and you underestimate me. You’ll see when you try to control Sasuke.
*Kagame leaves the room to go check on Sasuke.*
Kagame: How are you feeling Sasuke?
Sasuke: I’m ready to see someone’s blood spill.
Kagame: You know he will try to control you.
Sasuke in thought: Just as you will try, but you’ll both fail.
Sasuke: Then why are you helping him.
Kagame: You want revenge for your brother. I want it for my father.
Sasuke: Don’t forget… I know you helped kill our clan.
*Sasuke looks at Kagame with his EMS.*
Kagame in thought: You haven’t reached the final step. Know your place boy.
*Scene focuses on Kagame’s Rinnegan eye. Scene switches back to Myouboku with the Great Elder Toad and Naruto.*
Elder: What’s your name again?
Naruto: Uzamaki Naruto.
Elder: Ah…. yes, I remember you.
Naruto: What is it you have to tell me that not even Fukasuka can hear it?
Elder: I’m an old toad, Naruto.
Naruto: How old?
Elder: I knew him.
Naruto: Who, the younger son?
Elder: Him, too…. I’m talking about the Rikudo Sennin himself.
*Naruto stands at attention with hearing this.*
Elder: Let me show you something.
*The Elder Sage does a handsign, and an old scroll pops up, unraveling itself.*
Elder: This is my personal summoning contract. I was one of three summons for him.
*Scene does a flashback to a younger elder toad sage, a slug sage, and a snake sage.*
Elder: The elder son thought he had enough power that he didn’t need our help. The younger son thought otherwise, and did contracts with Fukasuka and Katsuchiayo. Ever since, we toads and slug have fought for the cause of the younger son and his descendants.
Naruto: What about the third summon?
Elder: Ryuden thought the younger son was too na´ve. But he also knew the elder son despised him. He set out on his own
Naruto: So who is Katsuchico… whatever her name was?
Elder: He… is now the Elder Slug Sage.
*There is a long pause.*
Elder: Naruto…. do you know how you are a descendant of Rikudo Sennin?
Naruto: I don’t know, but Madara and the masked man have said I am.
Elder: Naruto… how could RS have had two sons?
Naruto: Probably because he got married or settled down with someone…
*A shocked expression comes across his face.*
Elder: Her name was Miyashi… Uzamaki Miyashi. You have more ties to RS than you know.
Naruto: No way….
Kurama in thought: I haven’t heard that name in ages.
Naruto: You knew her?
Elder: If you want to know more about her, talk with the Kurama.
Kurama in thought: Even he remembers.
*Scene switches to Tsunade, Sakura, and Shima.*
Tsunade: Thank you for everything Shima.
Shima: Don’t worry Princess Tsunade.
Sakura in thought: Who knew there were so many?
*Naruto enters the area and walks up to Hinata and hugs her.*
Hinata: Naruto!
*She hugs him back tightly. Shima is looking on.*
Shima: So, someone finally tamed that wild heart of his?
Tsunade: Seems so.
Shima: He reminds me so much of Jiraya boy.
*Tsunade looks down.*
Shima: Oh, I’m sorry dear.
Tsunade: It’s ok.
Shima: Why didn’t you ever hook him? Heaven knows he was after you for ages.
Tsunade: I know…. It…. it would have been weird.
Shima: It’s always weird at first.
*Shima looks at Sakura.*
Shima: And don’t you worry either. If anyone can find your love, it will be him.
*All look at Naruto and Hinata embracing. Scene switches to Ei, Bee, Shikaku, Shikamaru, and Fukasuka.*
Ei: How are we going to fight from here?
Bee: We’re not.
*Ei looks at Bee.*
Fukasuka: Raikage-sama… There is only one person who knows how to get here now, and that is Naruto. Not even Madara knows how to get here. So there won’t be any fighting from here?
Ei: Then where?
Bee: We’ll have to trust in Naruto for that.
Shikamaru: Naruto and him brought us here, surely they can take us to any battlefield we choose?!
Fukasuka: I can’t. We reverse summoned you here. And I don’t know at what level Naruto can take anyone to a battlefield, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was able to take all of you.
*Scene switches back to Tsunade, Shima, Sakura, and Hinata.*
Shima: So you’re in love with Naruto?
*Hinata blushes.*
Sakura: He’s a great guy Hinata.
Hinata: Yeah, I know.
Shima: You break his heart, I’ll break you, you hear me?!
*Tsunade and Sakura bust out laughing while Hinata looks worried.*
Tsunade: You don’t have to worry about that Shima. She’s been smitten with him for some time now… at least that is what Kurenai told me.
Hinata: How is Kurenai-sensei? She should be set for delivery any day now.
Shima: Well, it’s dinner time. I’m fixing my specialty. Naruto loved it, so hopefully you will too.
*Scene shows the buffet of bugs and worms. All three women have green faces, holding back from puking. Scene switches back to Fukasuka and Raikage.*
Ei enraged: I will not calm down. My village was destroyed. And I can’t fight the bastard who did it?!
*Naruto enters the room and walks up beside Ei. *
Naruto: So you want revenge?
Ei: Of course.
*Naruto looks at Bee.*
Naruto: Is that what you want?
Bee: No….
*Ei looks at Bee shocked. Bee turns to Ei.*
Bee: I want to rebuild Kumo. We were able to evacuate all the people before any real damage was done brotha.
*Bee turns to Naruto.*
Bee: When you leave to fight, I want to come along.
*Naruto smiles and nods at Bee.*
Fukasuka: Naruto… this time we won’t be able to help so much. We have our own wounded.
*An explosion is heard outside. Everyone races to see what it is.*
Unknown: I’m coming this time.
Naruto: Is that you… Gamakichi?
*Scene shows a toad the same size as Gamabunta.*
Kichi: The one and only!
*Another huge toad lands beside Gamakichi.*
Naruto: Gamatatsu?! Awesome!!!!
Tatsu: We’re both coming this time.
Shikamaru looks at Shikaku: How come we don’t have any summonings like that?
Shikaku: Do you realize how much chakra it would take to summon those two?
Shikamaru: You have a point dad.
Ei: Shikaku and Shikamaru… come up with a strategy for us.
*The two look at Ei.*
Shikamaru: But Raikage-sama, we don’t know the number of the enemy.
*Naruto turns to them.*
Naruto: The number won’t matter. Just focus on Madara, the masked man, and Sasuke.
*Naruto turns to Bee.*
Bee: We’ll take care of the number.
Shikamaru in thought: What a cheesy line.

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The Eve of Armageddon

*Scene shows Ei walking with Bee through Myouboku.*
Bee: You know you can’t beat him.
Ei: Yeah…. And that is what makes it worse.
Bee: Don’t worry about it. You’ve got to let Naruto handle this.
Ei: And what if he can’t. What if even he can’t beat Madara? Madara toyed with us like we were his lap dogs.
Bee: Naruto returned from his fight with Madara. That’s gotta say something.
*Scene switches to Naruto with Fukasuka and Shima.*
Naruto: Thank you for allowing us to stay here, but tomorrow, we won’t intrude any longer.
Shima: Don’t worry about it Naruto.
Fukasuka: What is your plan?
Naruto: Madara will begin to search for this place. I’ve actually put you in danger already. This is our fight. I’ll take them to a safe place. Then we’ll fight them.
Fukasuka: Naruto…. if you feel like that is what you must do…
Shima: But fuka…
Fukasuka: He’s made up his mind Shima.
Naruto: I’m going to call a meeting for everyone.
*Scene switches to a meadow, with everyone standing around. Panel focuses on Hinata walking up to Naruto.*
Hinata: What’s going on Naruto?
Naruto: We’re leaving.
Hinata: But so soon?
Naruto: Yeah.
*Gamabunta crashes down in the meadow infront of everyone. Everyone goes silent.*
Bunta: Naruto-sama has a few words for you.
*Naruto walks infront of everyone, pulling Hinata along by her hand.*
Naruto: It’s time we left. A few things have been revealed to me… and…
*Naruto looks at Hinata.*
Naruto: It’s been made clear to me what needs to happen.
*Ei starts to walk towards Naruto, but Bee stands infront of him.*
Bee: Hear him out.
Naruto: I’m going to take those who are wounded to Kirigakure. The last remaining will come with me back to Konoha.
*The crowd goes shocked.*
Ei yells: Why Konoha?
Naruto: Because, it’s the closest to the battlefield.
Tsunade: Are you sure about this Naruto?
Naruto: Yes.
*Scene switches to Amegakure, with Kabuto walking into the shack.*
Kabuto: I knew he would come, but I didn’t expect this amount of damage.
*A figure is seen moving in the shadows.*
Kabuto: And who are you?
*The figure steps from the shadows.*
Figure: Why, it’s me!
*Scene shows Suigetsu, with a long snake-like tongue.*
Kabuto: Orochimaru-sama…
Orochimaru: What happened to Sasuke?
Kabuto: He… in thought: So Suigetsu found the scroll.
Kabuto: It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are back.
Orochimaru: So… how have things progressed in my absence?
Kabuto: I’ve done it?
Orochimaru: Done what?
*Kabuto holds up the phial of pink fluid. He tosses it to Orochimaru.*
Orochimaru: So I guess our arrangement is complete then?
Kabuto: Seems so.
Orochimaru: Where will you go?
Kabuto: Here and there? You?
Orochimaru: I’m going to let this war end. And then make my move. But first I must rebuild my ranks and Otogakure. Sure you don’t want to help.
Kabuto: No… but I’ll consider being a hired gun at times.
Orochimaru in thought: Just what have you done in my absence?
Orochimaru: So long… Kabuto-sama.
*The scene shows both men going their separate ways. Scene switches back to the alliance forces that are now in Konoha.*
Ei: So what’s your plan Naruto?
Naruto: There’s going to be 3 divisions. I’ll let Shikamaru explain the rest.
Shikamaru: Our 3 divisions will consist of an attacking group, a support group, and a defensive group.
Oonoki: Why only three?
Shikamaru: Because only a handful of people are going to be in the attack group. The support group and defensive group with have several sub-divisions. The attack group will consist of Raikage-sama, Tsuchikage-sama, Kakashi, Might Gai, Darui, Rock Lee, Killer Bee, and Naruto. The support group will consist of Shizune, Sakura, and Hokage-sama. Myself, Ao, and Yamanaka Inoichi will also be a part of the support division. Rounding out the support division will be all of our long range fighters. The defense division will be everyone else, led by Kazekage-sama and Mizukage-sama.
Ei: Any objections?
Naruto: Me and Bee will actually be infront of you and the rest of the attack group.
Oonoki: So this it then? Our last stand.
Naruto looks at Oonoki: Hopefully it won’t be your last.
Oonoki: Why are you so worried Naruto?
*Naruto looks down. Scene switches to outside of the meeting hall after the meeting is over. Panel focuses on Shikamaru and Naruto.*
Shikamaru: What’s bugging you, man?
Naruto: Let it go.
Shikamaru: Naruto… you’re more than my comrade, you’re my friend. I’m ready to go to hell with you if that’s the case.
Naruto: I won’t let you.
Shikamaru: Dammit Naruto, you’re not alone. Not anymore.
*Both turn and look at Hinata.*
Shikamaru: Whatever it is that you’re thinking about, promise me you’ll have a way to come back to her. It’s tough enough seeing Sakura go through it.
*Naruto looks down. Temari walks up to Shikamaru and Naruto.*
Temari: Shikamaru, can I speak to you?
*Shikamaru looks at Temari.*
Shikamaru: Sure.
*Temari and Shikamaru walk off as Shikaku walks up to Naruto.*
Shikaku: Naruto… I can tell you are bearing a heavy burden. Just remember, your father knew he didn’t have to do things alone. Shikamaru wants to walk with you. Hell, all of Konoha wants to walk with you. If we have to do it against your will, we will.
*Naruto smiles at this.*
Naruto: Thanks Shikaku-sama. Shikamaru sure is lucky to have you as a dad.
Shikaku: He’s even luckier to have you as a friend.
*Shikamaru walks back to Naruto and Shikaku.*
Shikamaru: Can you believe that?
Shikaku: What is it son?
Shikamaru: She wants a date after all of this. She even said that she would think about moving here for me.
Shikaku: Looks like you’ve found your woman boy.
Shikamaru: What a drag.
*Tsunade walks up to Naruto.*
Tsunade: I have something for you Naruto.
Naruto: What is it?
Tsunade: I’m not giving it to you until after this battle. But it is something you’ve earned.
*Tsunade looks at Shikaku and winks her eye. Shikaku smiles.*
Naruto: Ok.
*Tsunade walks off.*
Shikamaru: What was that all about?
*Naruto sees Hinata again and walks over to her.*
Naruto: Will you come with me?
Hinata: Always, Naruto-kun.
*Naruto grabs Hinata and flashes out of Konoha. They land in Kirigakure, next to Neji’s bed. Hinata sees Neji and grabs his hand.*
Hinata: How are you Neji-sama?
Neji: Just a little sore.
Naruto: Think you can make a little trip?
Neji: I guess so.
*As Neji sits up and then tries to stand up, he groans. Naruto grabs Hinata again, and then Neji, flashing out. They flash to another medic tent.*
Hinata: Father….
Hiashi: Hinata… Neji…
*The three hug.*
Hiashi: What are you doing here Hinata?
Hinata: I’m not sure.
Neji: Why don’t you come with me Hinata.
*Neji and Hinata walk off towards Sai and Kiba as Ino and Tenten wait by their bedsides. Tenten upon seeing Neji rushes to him and hugs him.*
Naruto in thought: Thanks Neji.
Hiashi: What is it Naruto-sama?
Naruto taken aback: I…
Hiashi: Yeah…
Naruto: If I return from this war, I want to marry your daughter.
*Hiashi chuckles and smiles.*
Hiashi: I’ll allow it under one condition.
Naruto: Yeah…
Hiashi: You will return from this war.
*Naruto bows before Hiashi.*
Hiashi: Question is, will she marry you?
Naruto: I sure hope so.
*Naruto runs over to the group, pulling Hinata away.*
Naruto: We need to get back for tomorrow.
Hinata: Ok… can I say goodbye to them.
Naruto: Yes.
*Hinata goes to say goodbye and then goes to her dad and give him a hug. She runs back to Naruto and they flash out.*
Neji: So, you’ll allow it.
Hiashi: Yes.
*Scene switches back to Konoha, as Naruto and Hinata flashback on top of Yondaime’s head on the Hokage Mountain. Naruto gets down on one knee before Hinata.*
Naruto: Now that I know what it’s like to have you actually in my life, please don’t ever leave. And I promise to never leave you. Marry me.
Hinata as she tears up: Of course.
*Naruto jumps up holding Hinata close in excitement. Off in the distance you can see Tsunade, Sakura, Shikamaru, Shikaku, Kakashi, Might Gai, Rock Lee, and Shino.*
Kakashi: We really should give them some privacy.
Might Gai: Ah, the power and essence of youth.
*Sakura hits Gai on the head.*
Sakura: What a perverted thing to say. I’m glad for both of them.
*Tsunade walks up to Sakura.*
Tsuande: Don’t forget… Hinata has his heart, but Naruto will always have his word.

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The Weight of Words

*The scene opens with Naruto spinning around with Hinata in his arms, both smiling.*
Naruto: I’m so happy!
Hinata: Not as much as I am.
*They kiss (like first real kiss with tongue).*
Kurama in thought: Dammit, there goes the whole Sasuke kiss now.
*Scene focuses back on Naruto and Hinata kissing.*
Hinata: Naruto…
Naruto: Yeah.
Hinata: Promise me you’ll bring back Sasuke… for Sakura-chan.
Naruto: I will.
Hinata: Promise me that you won’t kill yourself or Sasuke.
*Naruto looks down. Hinata picks up his chin.*
Hinata: I want to spend the rest of my life with you. But my heart breaks for Sakura-chan when her love never acknowledged her. If something happens to Sasuke, or you… I will go to Hell and back.
*Naruto smiles.*
Naruto: Shikamaru said the same thing.
Hinata: We all feel that way, honey.
Naruto smiling: You called me honey.
Hinata: Yeah….
Naruto: So Konoha’s Orange Hokage can’t be called honey.
*Hinata looks at Naruto surprised.*
Hinata: You’re not Hokage yet…. honey.
*Hinata kisses Naruto again. Scene switches to Sasuke sitting on the cliff that is on the side of Madara’s statue at the Valley of the End.*
Sasuke in thought: So this is the power you’ve felt Naruto. It’s exhilarating! Once I’ve killed you, Kagame and Madara are next, then Konoha!
*Sasuke stands up looks in the direction of Konoha. Kagame walks up behind him.*
Kagame: There is something you should know Sasuke.
Sasuke: What is it, worm?
Kagame: Naruto wounded Madara.
Sasuke: Yeah, so…
Kagame: Nevermind then.
Kagame in thought: You benevolent little twerp. Once the juubi has destroyed you and is under my control, Madara will die and the world will suffer at my hands.
*Scene switches to Madara standing outside of Kumogakure.*
Madara: This is what I did, and you still stand against me. Once I have the Juubi, no one will be able to stop me. But it will be nice to take a trip down memory lane.
*Scene switches back to the Valley of the End.*
Kagame: Word of advice Sasuke.
*Sasuke glares at Kagame.*
Kagame: I wouldn’t use the juubi right away.
*Sasuke turns around wondering what Kagame is meaning. Scene switches to a mysterious mountain. A shadowy figure is walking down a path.*
Figure: Ryuden-sama, what is it that you wish?
Ryuden: Kabuto…. So those damn Uchiha fell for it.
Kabuto: Aye.
*Ryuden slithers behind a grove of trees, with only half of his body showing, but he is still taller than the forest.*
Ryuden: Good…. *slithers his tongue* And Orochimaru?
Kabuto: He’s returned. He said he’s going to rebuild Otogakure.
Ryuden: I am pleased to hear this.
*Ryuden looks at Kabuto.*
Ryuden: What is it my student?
Kabuto: I wish to retrieve Sasuke’s corpse and annihilate Uzamaki Naruto myself.
Ryuden: Do as you please… *slithers his tongue* But be careful. Haven’t you noticed?
Kabuto: Noticed what?
Ryuden: You’re not the only sage…
*Kabuto has a shocked look.*
Ryuden: But I guess you wouldn’t know since you were the second of the two.
*Scene focuses on Naruto asleep in bed with Hinata. A pile of clothes is seen next to the bed. The panels show all of the Konoha 12 sleeping in beds or on makeshift couches. The 5 Kages are holding a candlelight meeting.*
Oonoki: To think that boy….
Tsunade: Leave him some privacy Tsuchikage.
Oonoki: I’m just saying…
Ei: They could have been quieter.
Oonoki: Thank you.
Gaara: I’m proud of him.
*The rest of the Kages look at Gaara shocked.*
Gaara: None of us have a mate like he has now.
Tsunade smiles: Well said Kazekage.
Mei in thought: Someone change the conversation from this marriage talk.
Ei: So do you think this plan is going to work? I mean we all know Naruto is going to do something about Sasuke.
Oonoki: What can we do? None of you can compare to him. He’s faster and stronger than you *looking at Ei*. His healing abilities exceed yours *looking at Tsunade*. He’s “the” perfect jinchuuriki *looking at Gaara*. He’s mastered the Flying Thunder God and fought Madara and lived to tell about it. Do you know how many are able to say they’ve done that?
Tsunade: Not many.
*Tsunade grabs a box.*
Mei: What is that Tsunade-sama?
Tsunade: I was going to give it to Naruto when he returned, for his coronation. But I think I’m going to give it to him tomorrow.
Mei: So you’ve decided then…. he’s your recommendation for the next Hokage?
Tsunade: And the jounin of Konoha have already voted on it.
Ei: What is it that you’re going to give him?
*Tsunade pulls the cloak from the box.*
Tsunade: His father’s jacket.
Oonoki: It is well deserved, that’s for sure.
Ei: Back to the plan people. What if Naruto can’t handle the masked man, Madara, or Sasuke? I mean look at what 10 of those damn statue things did to my village. We don’t have the toads of Myouboku anymore.
Gaara: We won’t have all of those that were in Kumo. A couple still promised to show up for us.
Ei: What if it’s not enough? You people are hanging on to the hope of words, from a teenager mind you.
Tsunade: We have to.
Ei: That’s it? My village was destroyed!
Tsunade: And so was mine. But we’ve rebuilt it to this point, and we will continue. Naruto’s individual will of fire might outshine mine or any other Konoha shinobi’s, but his will is not brighter than our collective will.
Oonoki: Raikage-sama, maybe we should rest before our tempers get the best of us.
Gaara: Before we leave for our tents, let me say this. Tsunade-sama is the only one who has chosen a successor here. Nobody else has. Tomorrow, if it is required, I will lay down my life for Naruto and for you. I will forsake my village for him, because he’s possibly forsaking his life and happiness for us.
*Scene switches to Shikamaru’s tent, with Temari lying next to him.*
Temari: Could they not be any louder?
Shikamaru laughing: Given the circumstances…
Temari: What circumstances?
Shikamaru: I’m sure that it was both their first times, and the fact of what is happening tomorrow…
*Both Shikamaru and Temari look each other in the eyes.*
Temari: I want more than a date Shikamaru.
Shikamaru: But I’m sleepy.
Temari: Not that…. sheesh! I want what they have.
Shikamaru: I can’t promise that.
Temari: Why?
Shikamaru: Because… I’m ready to go to Hell with Naruto.
Temari: What about me.
Shikamaru: I’m sorry, but…. he makes a better shinobi…. a better man. He’s still holding on to a promise to Sakura from almost 4 years ago. Hell, it’s part of this whole damn war. I want to be like that. I want to make a promise, and feel the way he does until that promise is fulfilled.
*Temari rests her head on Shikamaru’s chest.*
Temari: Then I’m coming to Hell with you.
*Scene switches to Ei and Bee in a tent.*
Ei: How can you have so much faith in that boy?
Bee: Honestly, I didn’t at first. I mean it was cool helping him with the kyuubi and all, but…
Ei: But what?
Bee: Eight-o has faith.
Ei: So what about that bijuu.
Bee: That bijuu save you, me, and many lives last night. He’s put his life on the line for me, you, and Kumogakure many times. Never have you thanked him!
*Ei looks at Bee in shock.*
Bee: Eight-o has been around. He’s told me Naruto is legit. Hell, if something were to happen to me, I would want Naruto to be his jink.
*Scene switches to VotE as Madara flickers in. The sun rises, beaming off the face of the Madara statue.*
Madara: Playtime is over boys.
*Scene shows Madara with the rinnegan, Kagame with his EMS and rinnegan, and Sasuke with his EMS, shrowded in a dark chakra cloak.*

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The Final War between the Two Sons

*Scene opens on Naruto and Hinata in their tent together waking up. Naruto sits up and looks down at Hinata.*
Naruto: Morning.
Hinata: Morning honey.
*Hinata sits up, holding a blanket over her chest as she kisses Naruto. Naruto gets out of the makeshift bed and walks outside of the tent with his pants and shirt on. Shikamaru, Shikaku, Might Gai, Kakashi, Ei, and Bee are all outside the tent.
Might Gai: And the power of youth is triumphant!
Naruto slightly ticked off: What the hell is that supposed to mean!?!
Ei: Just about everyone heard the two of you last night.
Naruto: What do you mean?!
Ei: Welcome to manhood.
Naruto gulps: But we… we didn’t do that.
Gai: Then what made her scream like that?
Naruto smiles: Nothing. *getting serious* Don’t go thinking my woman is loose like that.
*Hinata walks out of the tent fully dressed.*
Hinata: It’s ok Naruto. I don’t care what they think. I only care what you think.
*She caresses his cheek.*
Hinata: Plus, if any of them want to try any funny business *looking at the group seriously* I’ll cut off they’re chakra flow!
*The group goes shitfaced.*
Ei: Can… can she do that?
Kakashi: Yeah… she can… and Bee-sama is the only one who would survive it too.
*Hinata kisses Naruto and walks off. Scene switches over to Temari, Sakura, Shizune, and Tsunade.*
Temari: Did anyone get any sleep last night?
*They all shake their heads. Hinata walks into the tent.*
Hinata: I did.
Sakura: You’re the only one, and from what I’m guessing, you got tired out.
Hinata blushing: It’s not what you think.
Sakura: No one is blaming you. You of all people had reason to do “that” last night.
Hinata: Why?
Saskura looks down: Because of what might happen today.
Hinata: Sakura-chan, we didn’t do “that”, although what we did was fun *Hinata smiles*. Naruto wanted to wait… as a promise.
Sakura: A promise of what?
Hinata: That he will come back….
*All of the women look at Hinata stunned.*
Hinata: With Sasuke-kun.
*Scene switches VotE.*
Kagame: Are you ready Sasuke?
Sasuke: I’m ready to unleash Hell!
Madara: Then go.
*Sasuke flickers off of the statue, heading towards Konoha.*
Madara: Kagame…
Kagame: Yes Madara-sama?
*The scene focuses on Madara’s rinnegan and Kagame’s rinnegan.*
Madara: You forgot one of the rinnegan’s powers.
Kagame: What do you mean Madara-sama?
*The scene shows the Enma behind Madara. Madara flickers to Kagame, grabbing him by the throat.*
Madara: Do you wish to kill me?
*Kagame struggles as his soul is ripped out by the Enma and absorbed. Madara flickers out towards Konoha. Scene switches to a bush on the riverside creek. Kagame crawls out from behind it.*
Kagame: That was close.
Unknown: Was it now?
*Kagame goes cold.*
Unknown: I don’t know what is worse: an Uchiha who is a coward, or one who can’t tell a clone from the real thing especially when the bastard has the EMS.
*Scene shows Madara behind Kagame with his fan in hand. Madara makes a high horizontal swing with the blade of the fan being flat. Scene shows the shadow of a headless corpse falling to the ground. The next panel focuses on Kagame’s head, with the EMS eye closed.*
Madara: I am the true descendent of the Elder son. I will rebuild the Uchiha in my image.
Madara in thought: And now that I know what you and Kabuto were up to, I know how to handle Sasuke. Tis a shame he has to die.
*Madara flickers out towards Konoha. Scene switches to Konoha. The attack division is gathered, with Naruto walking up.*
Kakashi: Are you ready, Naruto-sama?
*Naruto looks at Kakashi speechless.*
Kakashi: What is it?
Naruto: Nothing… Kakashi-sempai.
*Kakashi gives Naruto the thumbs up. Tsunade, Shikaku, Inoichi, and the Hokage guards all walk up to the group.*
Tsunade: Naruto!
*Naruto turns to Tsunade. Tsunade tosses the box to Naruto.*
Tsunade: I got tired of keeping it for you.
*Naruto opens the box and pulls the cloak out. Kakashi comes and holds up the cloak as Naruto slides on one sleeve and then the other.*
Ei: He looked better in it, but I’m sure you’ll out do him.
*Naruto smiles at Ei.*
Tsunade: Good luck.
*Tsunade walks up to Naruto and kisses him on his forehead, right underneath his forehead protector.*
Ei and Bee picking at each other: He’s got a hotty…. and a cougar!
Tsunade: Both Minato and Jiraya would be proud of you.
*Tsunade and everyone else returns to their groups, readying for the upcoming battle.*
Naruto: Everyone hold hands.
Ei: What?
Naruto: Just do it.
*They all encircle and take the hand of the person on each side. Naruto looks down, and then look up, in Sage mode. They all flash out.*
Shikamaru: Let’s head out. They’re going to set up a small base camp for us, and then when we arrive, the rest will head to Naruto and Bee’s location.
*The support division heads out. Gaara, Shikaku, and Mei all look on.*
Gaara: Do you think this will work?
Shikaku: In a word… no. It doesn’t make sense how Naruto has broken this down.
Mei: What do you mean?
Shikaku: I know that Bee and Naruto together outclass everyone else’s combined power level, but to have such a small advancement group. And have such a heavy defense of the castle… this strategy loses in shoji all the time.
Gaara: It depends on how you look at it.
Shikaku: How so Kazekage-sama?
Gaara: It depends on your definition of what the king is.
Shikaku chuckling: You are wise beyond your years Kazekage-sama.
*Scene focuses on Hinata and Sakura. Hinata smiles while Sakura sheds a tear.*
Hinata: Don’t cry Sakura-chan.
Sakura: I’m sorry.
*Hinata looks at Sakura.*
Hinata: They’ll be back. Even if we have to go to Hell with our friends to get them!
*Sakura smiles at this. Scene switches to the base camp set up by Naruto and crew.*
Naruto still in Sage mode: Bee and I are going to head on out.
Bee: You sense it, too?
Naruto: Yeah.
Ei: What is it?
Naruto: Darkness.
*Scene switches to Sasuke jumping from limb to limb through the forest. He comes to a stop. An electrified kunai is flying at Sasuke at a high speed. Sasuke catches it.*
Sasuke: Afraid to face me alone Naruto?! You had to go and get help didn’t you? Neither you nor the hachibi are enough to stop me.
*Killer Bee jumps out from behind some brush, with all of swords unsheathed.*
Sasuke: Not this again!
Bee: This is new, just for you!
*Bee lauches all of the swords at Sasuke. Sasuke swiftly unsheathes his blade and parries every single projectile. Meanwhile, Bee jumped up in the air and is coming crashing down, with Samehada on Sasuke. Samehada starts to absorb some of Sasuke’s chakra and give it to Bee.*
Bee: She likey!
Sasuke: Is that so?
*Sasuke lets the juubi chakra cover him completely. Samehada continues to absorb the chakra and feed it to Bee.*
Gyuuki: Stop it Bee. This chakra…
*Bee is kicked in the gut, sending him flying away from Sasuke and Samehada.*
Kurama: That was close. Are you ok Gyuuki?
Gyuuki: Yeah, thanks.
Bee: What the hell was that?
Naruto: The juubi.
*The scene focuses on Sasuke, enraged and almost fully covered in the juubi’s chakra cloak.*
Kurama: Naruto, now!
*Naruto flickers over to Sasuke, with a straight punch to the face, which Sasuke evades. On the follow through, Sasuke grabs Naruto’s wrist, and swings him around, throwing him at Bee. Naruto hits Bee and they fall to the ground. Bee gets up and dusts himself off.*
Bee: Two can play that game.
*Bee enters Hachibi mode 1.*
Bee: Oh yeah.
Inoichi: Naruto… Bee… can you hear me?
*Bee launches himself at Sasuke. Naruto dusts himself off.*
Naruto: Yeah. Loud and clear.
Inoichi: We’ve reached base camp, and the rest of the attack division has already deployed.
*Naruto leaps up to Sasuke and Bee.*
Naruto: Good, tell them to be careful. We’re only dealing with Sasuke no….
*Sasuke sends Bee flying towards Naruto. Naruto ducks and catches Bee at the last minute.*
Inoichi: Naruto!!!!
Naruto: We’re fine for the time being. Just be ready to head back to Konoha at a moment’s notice.
*Madara looks on from a distance.*
Madara: I’ll let Sasuke have some fun before he dies. I will not underestimate you this time, Uzamaki Naruto.

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Darkness Falls

*Scene shows Naruto and Bee standing together on a tree branch, facing Sasuke who is in a full juubi chakra cloak. One tail has formed.*
Bee: This is crazy. Does he not know what that chakra will do to him?
Naruto: He does. That’s why we must end this quick.
*Both leap from the tree branch. Sasuke grins at this and fires off a grand fireball jutsu. Once the fireball dissipates, the two charred corpses poof away.*
Sasuke in thought: Clones…. when?
*Scene switches to Madara.*
Madara: C’mon boy. If you can’t see that right away, I should just kill you now.
*Scene switches over to Naruto hiding in some brush.*
Kurama: They’re only going to be able to withstand so much from Sasuke now that he is the jinchuuriki for the juubi. We need to move fast.
Naruto: But the plan is for us to wait for Madara to make his move. Only if Bee’s life is in danger do we make a move.
*Flashback scene to when Bee and Naruto hit the ground. Scene shows Bee and Naruto nodding to each other as Bee makes a lightning clone of Naruto and Naruto rushes into some brush.*
Kurama: You don’t get it. You’re a novice when it comes to seals. There is something wrong with the seal on Sasuke.
Naruto: What do you mean?
Kurama: The energy is fluctuating…. and not in a good way.
Naruto: What do you mean?
Kurama: Earlier, with the two of us, when we have a convergences, you’re tails would grow in numerical order.
Naruto: Yeah, so…
Kurama: You only see one tail, right?
Naruto: Yeah.
Kurama: I feel 5… now 4… now 7… now 1.
Naruto: I still don’t understand.
Kurama: The chakra flow is not even. It means at any moment, the juubi could take over Sasuke…. and he’d be gone forever.
Naruto: What do I do?
Kurama: At this current level, there is only one thing to do.
Naruto: What’s that?
*Scene switches back to Sasuke, who is now in a black chakra cloak. Sasuke roars at Bee, and Bee is sent flying backwards. Scene switches back to Naruto.*
Kurama: Such power… and only 4, no 6 tails.
Naruto: I only see 4.
Kurama: It’s all about the chakra flow.
*Scene switches back to Sasuke, and a small dart hits him on the neck. Sasuke grabs at his neck, pulling the dart out. Sasuke slowly reverts back to his normal state. Scene switches to Kabuto.*
Kabuto: Dammit Sasuke. Don’t go and screw things up.
*Scene switches to Madara.*
Madara: KABUTO!!!!!
*Madara leaps into the direction where Kabuto was at and swings his fan with all of his might. Trees are blown away, clearing the landscape for 5 visible miles.*
Madara: Where are you, you slithering snake?!
*Scene switches to Sasuke as he is about to faint off of the tree branch he was on.*
Sasuke mumbling: What the…
*Sasuke falls from the branch. Kabuto jumps up from under the ground, rushing to Sasuke as he falls. At the last moment, we see a lightning dragon miss it’s mark as Kabuto evades at the last moment.*
Kabuto: Kakashi… you would be wise to stay out of this.
Kakashi: You know I can’t allow that.
*The scene switches to Madara, who notices Kabuto jump up from underground, running to Sasuke.*
Madara: Not so fa…
*Scene shows Ei in his raiton armor kicking Madara in the face, sending him flying.*
Ei: Time for round 2, bitch!
*Scene switches back to Kabuto who is now surrounded by the rest of the attack division.*
Kabuto: It appears I am outnumbered… but who has the advantage here?!
*All of a sudden a huge explosion occurs and we see a crater where Kabuto was standing. Scene switches to Sasuke in his full Susanoo.*
Sasuke: You will die, you bitch.
*Kabuto appears behind Sasuke.*
Kabuto: You missed again Sasuke
*Ei flickers over to Sasuke, attempting a roundhouse kick, which is blocked by Susanoo.*
Sasuke: Be original!
*Sasuke’s Susanoo grabs Ei’s leg and flings him into the remaining attack division, knocking everyone down. Scene focuses on Killer Bee who is in full Gyuuki form now.*
Bee roars: I’m your opponent, emo-biyatch!
*Sasuke sniggers at Bee.*
Sasuke: What a fool!
*Bees swings one of his tails at Sasuke which is caught. He then swings two more, which are caught. Sasuke’s Susanoo then picks up Bee and tosses him in Madara’s direction.*
Sasuke: Don’t think I had forgotten about you, Madara.
*Kabuto sneaks in and hits Sasuke square in his back. Sasuke turns and looks at Kabuto with a smirk.*
Sasuke: To think that you managed to get inside my Susanoo. You truly have surpassed Orochimaru in abilities. But let me show you the strength of an Uchiha, who holds the power of the juubi.
*Sasuke grabs Kabuto’s fist, tosses him in the air, and shoots an Amerterasu arrow at him. Kabuto is smiling the entire time.*
Kabuto: I have what I need now… go ahead and let the juubi have your body, you dumb fuck Uchiha.
*Kabuto’s body is hit by the arrow, and as it falls, the body melts away. Scene switches to Madara as Naruto walks up behind him. Madara stands up slowly.*
Madara: I was hoping to end all of this in a sentimental place for you and them.
*Madara nods off to the other shinobi. He turns and looks over his shoulder at the VotE.*
Madara: What do you say?
Naruto: We do this here and now!
*Naruto enters Kurama Sage mode.*
Madara: So be it.
*Madara reverts his rinnegan back to EMS and becomes encased in his full Susanoo. Madara’s Susanoo is holding two axes, a shield and a sword engulfed in an Amerterasu flame.*
Madara: Can you repeat the same result this time, kyuubi boy!!!!
*Madara leaps towards Naruto, swinging both axes down on his position. In a flash, Naruto is behind Madara holding a FRS. Madara swings the Amerterasu blade at Naruto, causing him to jump up in the air. All of a sudden Naruto is hit with an arrow from Sasuke’s Susanoo, causing a huge explosion.*
Sasuke: He’s mine Madara!!!!
*Scene shows Naruto falling from the sky, flipping all of a sudden to land on his feet.*
Naruto: It’s going to take more than that Sasuke!!!!
*Madara jumps at Sasuke and swings his two axes horizontally, crossing, causing Sasuke to duck and roll to evade the attack. Sasuke comes up and shoots another arrow at Madara. Madara blocks it with his shield. All of a sudden Madara is knocked forward by an attack from the back. Scene shows Bee in Gyuuki form.*
Bee in thought: I’ve only got so many in me…
Gyuuki panting: I …. know… but we… must keep… going.
*Naruto flashes over to Bee.*
Naruto: How ya feeling?
Bee: Like shit… that dark chakra took a lot out of us. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
*The scene shows where Madara threw both of his axes, cutting off several tails of Gyuuki. Sasuke jumps up and lands on Madara’s back, getting Madara’s Susanoo in a rear naked choke hold.*
Naruto: We’ve got to get you out of here.
*Madara tosses Sasuke over by Naruto and Bee.*
Madara: You fool… Susanoo does not breathe. That won’t work unless you’re choking me.
*Madara bull rushes Sasuke and starts striking away at his Susanoo.*
*Sasuke’s Susanoo begins to fade away. Just as Madara is about to land a blow on Sasuke…*
Naruto: Fuuton Senjutsu Rasenshuriken!
*Naruto fires a FSRS at Madara’s Susanoo, decapitating the arm that was about to strike Sasuke.*
Madara: You both will die by my hands… you just want to be first, don’t you?!
*Madara begins to rush at Naruto. Naruto holds out his palm.*
Naruto: Bijuu… dama.
*Naruto fires off a bijuu bomb at Madara. Madara at the last second puts up his shield to protect him. A massive explosion occurs. Scene switches back to Konoha.*
Gaara: To be able to see that power… and from this distance.
*Scene switches back to Madara, with his Susanoo obliterated.*
Gyuuki to Kurama: This isn’t good.
*Scene switches over to Sasuke yelling.*
Sasuke in thought: I’m still not powerful enough!!!!!
Kurama to Naruto: We need to stop this. The juubi is about to take over.
*Sasuke is fully enveloped in the juubi’s chakra with 5 tails already.*
Naruto: Bee, get everyone back to Konoha.
Bee: No, I’m here with you to the end.
Naruto turns to Bee: I need you to take everyone back and prepare for Madara and Sasuke.
Gyuuki to Bee: Just do what he says Bee. The juubi is too powerful for myself and Kurama.
Bee: Who the fuck is Kurama?!
Gyuuki: The kyuubi.
Bee: Fine Naruto… just make sure we see your ass again.
*Bee in Gyuuki form flickers to everyone else and heads to base camp.*
Inoichi: Naruto….
Naruto: What?!
Inoichi: What is going on?
Ao: Bee-sama is on his way here, with everyone else.
*Inoichi looks at Ao stunned.*
Shikamaru: What the hell are you doing Naruto?
*Bee shows up at base camp.*
Bee: Everyone, hop on board.
Tsunade: Why?!
*Bee shows Tsunade Ei and the rest of the attack division.*
Bee: Naruto is the only one at 100% right now. We need to regroup at Konoha.
*Bee grabs Tsunade and Shikamaru as everyone else has already jumped on him, and he heads back to Konoha. Scene switches back to Naruto and Sasuke.*
Kurama: You know what you must do. It’s the only way to save them from the Juubi!
Naruto: Dammit!
*Naruto does several handsigns. The panel focuses out and shows the Shinigami behind Naruto.*

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