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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The Death God

*The scene opens with Naruto facing Sasuke with the Shinigami behind him. Sasuke is doubled over in pain as the juubi is trying to take over his body.*
Kurama in thought: I’m sorry Naruto.
*Scene shows Kurama looking defeated.*
Kurama in thought: I’ve let you down.
Naruto in thought: What’s wrong Kurama, we’ve got a job to do!
*Naruto walks up to Sasuke as the shinigami floats behind him. Sasuke looks over at Naruto and sees the shinigami. Sasuke roars, pushing Naruto back. Suddenly the soul arms go after Sasuke, tugging at his soul. The juubi fights back, roaring at Naruto.*
Naruto: Damn… this is so hard.
*Scene shows Kurama sweating.*
Kurama: I’m not holding back from you.
*Sasuke stands up and roars at Naruto.*
Kurama: We need to hurry.
Naruto: I know.
*The scene switches back to Konoha, with the support division and defensive division all gathered around the sensor group. Suddenly the all of the sensor group have grave looks on their faces.*
Tsunade: What is it?
Ao: I sense an evil… a darkness… like no other. And now… there is a… it’s like a nothingness.
Tsunade: That’s probably the juubi.
*The panel shows the constant tug-of-war between the juubi and Naruto. Scene switches over to Madara as he starts to come to, moaning.*
Madara: What happened?
*Madara stands up and looks over and sees Sasuke turning into the juubi. He then sees Naruto, just standing there.*
Madara: What the hell is going on with him? Now’s my chance!
*Madara begins to rush at Naruto with his fan.*
Kurama: Madara is back!
Naruto: Dammit. I can’t really do anything since I’ve summoned the shinigami.
Kurama: Let me take care of him. I owe him.
Naruto: Have fun.
*Scene zooms out showing Madara running towards Naruto, getting ready to swing his fan. Just as he is about to start swinging his fan, a Kurama arm comes at Madara with a rasengan. Madara has to jump and evade at the last minute.*
Kurama: Not so fast motherf^cker!
*As Madara is about to land, the Kurama arm slams down on the ground splitting the ground in the direction of Madara. As Madara lands, the earth shakes. Madara stumbles.*
Madara: I will not be denied.
*Scene shows a closeup of Madara with his rinnegan activated.*
Madara: Shinra Tens…
*Suddenly Madara is sent flying by a punch to chin. Scene focuses on Tsunade, her guards, Shikamaru, Shikaku, Hinata, Sakura, Temari, and Gaara.*
Naruto: What the hell are you doing?!!!!
Shikamaru: We told you, we’re going to Hell with you!
Naruto: No you’re not.
Shikaku whispers to Tsunade: Look at him Hokage-sama. He hasn’t moved yet. Do you think…
*Tsunade sheds a tear.*
Tsunade: Naruto… please tell me…
Naruto: It’s too late for me.
*Hinata looks at Tsunade.*
Hinata: What is it Hokage-sama?
Tsunade giving orders to everyone: We must protect Naruto!
Hinata: Tell me what’s going on with my husband.
*Tsunade looks at Hinata.*
Tsunade: He’s showing how much he loves you… and all of us.
*Suddenly everyone is thrown back by a shockwave coming from Sasuke, as he now has 7 tails showing.*
Madara laughing: You’re too late fools. Once the juubi has taken over Sasuke, and he is under my control, you will have nothing.
*Madara jumps in the middle of everyone as they are regaining their composure and posture.*
Madara: Shinra Tensai!
*Everyone but Madara, Sasuke, and Naruto are thrown back.*
Madara: And now, it is your turn to die, kyuubi boy.
“Jinton-Particle Disintegration!!!!”
*Madara evades the jutsu just as it is about to annihilate him.*
Madara: Oonoki… I thought you were dead!
*Scene shows Oonoki wearing his battle gear, with blood flowing from a cut above his right eye.*
Oonoki: Not yet, Madara!
*The scene switches to Sasuke’s subconsciousness.*
Sasuke: I’m so weak.
Unknown voice: Yes you are. I can give you power, power beyond your imagination. Just let me out.
*Sasuke starts to walk to the shadowy figure that is shown to be the juubi.*
Juubi: Everyone is weak compared to me. No one can stand against me.
*Suddenly Naruto and Kurama’s voice is heard is Sasuke’s in subconsciousness.*
Naruto and Kurama: Sasukeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
*Sasuke turns to Naruto.*
Sasuke: What is it twerp?
Naruto: I’m sorry that I won’t be able to keep my promise to you.
Sasuke: Oh yeah, what’s that, not bringing me back to Konoha?
Naruto: Not that one… the one where we promised to fight to see who the best is.
*Sasuke is shocked.*
Sasuke: So you’re giving up on me?
Naruto: No… but I need your help.
Sasuke: The all-powerful Naruto needs my help?! Don’t make me laugh.
*Sasuke puts his hand on the key to unlock the juubi.*
Naruto: Madara wants the juubi to take you over, and then he plans to control the juubi.
*A thunderous, evil laugh is heard from the juubi that shakes Sasuke’s subconsciousness.*
Juubi: No one can control me.
Naruto: He’ll destroy everything.
Sasuke: So what?
Naruto: You’re going to let Madara beat you?
*Sasuke glares at Naruto.*
Sasuke: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Naruto: Then fight him *points at the juubi*!
*Naruto disappears from Sasuke’s subconsciousness. Scene switches back to Naruto and Kurama.*
Kurama: Think that will work?
Naruto: I hope so.
*Naruto looks at Kurama.*
Naruto: It’s been fun.
*Scene switches back to reality, showing the stalemate between Naruto and the juubi. The next panel shows Madara looking up at Oonoki.*
Madara: Your dance ends here. Banshou Tennin!
*Boulders start to gather and form around Oonoki. Madara turns around to Naruto.*
Madara: Now…
Kurama to Naruto: If we’re going here, we’ve got to give them a fighting chance once we’re gone.
Naruto: I’ve got an idea.
Kurama: That should do the trick.
*Scene switches back to the stalemate and shows that Naruto is now winning in the stalemate. A roar is heard from Sasuke that is definitely Sasuke this time, not the juubi. We’re then shown both the juubi and Sasuke’s souls being taken from Sasuke’s body.*
Madara: What’s going on?
*Madara switches back to the EMS to read Sasuke and the juubi’s chakra.*
Madara: Impossible! But how????
*Naruto sends one of his soul arms out to Madara. Madara then has a grave look on his face.*
Madara in shock and fear: Impossible!?! What is he doing here?
Naruto: He’s here to take away all of your power.
*Madara switches back to the rinnegan.*
Madara: I won’t let you have the juubi!
*Madara summons the enma and goes after the soul arm trying to pull the juubi and Sasuke.*
Kurama: We’re about finished Naruto.
Naruto sweating: I know…
*Scene shows Madara grab the juubi and try to rip it from Naruto’s soul arm. At the same time, Naruto grabs at Madara.*
Naruto: NOW!!!!!
*The shinigami goes to cut what souls have been pulled out thus far. You see a trifold panel: one with Madara ripping the juubi’s soul from the pull just before the cut is made, another one of one of Madara’s rinnegans being ripped out and cut off, and the final panel on Sasuke’s limp body.*
Madara: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Madara doubles over in pain at the loss of his eye. Naruto falls to his knees.*
Juubi: I’m finally free!!!!
*The juubi leaps away. Hinata screams as Naruto falls over. Sakura is finally able to pick herself up and sees Sasuke’s limp body. Tsunade is crying.*
Shikaku: Inoichi, contact the toads to help us get everyone back to Konoha. We’ve then got to move.
Inoichi: Aye.
*A sudden crash is heard, and both Kichi and Tatsu are shown around the body of Naruto. Hinata is bent over the body crying. Shikamaru walks up to her.*
Shikamaru: Let’s get out of here Hinata. It’s not safe.
*Temari and Sakura walk over to her and help her up.*
Shikaku: What about Sasuke and Tsuchikage-sama?
*Gaara shows up carrying the Oonoki.*
Gaara: I was able to spare him at the last moment.
Shikamaru: We should take Sasuke back.
*The scene show Shikaku picking up Sasuke and tossing him over his shoulder. The scene then switches to the Shinigami’s dimension.*
Naruto: Where am I?
Kurama: We are in his dimension, now.
*Naruto turns to his right and sees Kurama. Fighting is heard in the background.*
Naruto: What’s that?
Kurama: I don’t know… let’s check it out. Hop on.
*Naruto leaps up onto Kurama and Kurama flickers over to the fighting. Suddenly everything stops as everyone begins to look at one another.*
Minato: Naruto, is that you?!
Hiruzen: It is Naruto!
Hashirama: Who is he?
Tobirama: And how is he riding the kyuubi?
Naruto: Dad… Old man…
*Scene shows Kurama’s shocked face. Naruto finally looks in the direction that kurama is facing. The scene shows the other half of the kyuubi that was sealed away over 16 years ago.*

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The Belly of the Death God

*Scene opens with Kurama and Naruto looking at the other Kurama. Naruto jumps off of Kurama and starts to walk over to the other Kurama.*
KuramaA (Naruto’s Kurama): Stay away from it, Naruto.
Minato yells: Get away from my son.
*Minato charges a rasengan and rushes KuramaA. Naruto sees this, and immediately counteracts with a rasengan of his own. Minato sees Naruto’s rasengan and stops. Naruto clashes his rasengan with Minato’s, and a huge explosion occurs.*
Minato: What are you doing Naruto.
*The other three Kages flicker over to Minato and KuramaA.*
Naruto: I won’t let you hurt him.
Minato: So… you’ve succeeded in joining with the kyuubi?
Naruto: His name is Kurama.
*Minato goes wide-eyed. He rushes up to Naruto and hugs him.*
Hashirama: Sarutobi…. who is this boy?
Sarutobi smirks: The kyuubi’s jinjchuuriki.
Tobirama: But why are he and the kyuubi acting this way towards each other.
Kurama: Shodai Hokage….
*Kurama bows.*
Kurama while bowing: I never got to thank you.
Hashirama: For what?
Kurama: For freeing me from Madara’s grip.
*Hashirama approaches Kurama.*
Hashirama: I’m sorry for sealing you again, but I couldn’t think of a better way to keep Madara from you…
Kurama: I understand.
*Kurama looks at Naruto and then at Minato.*
Kurama: Things worked out though.
Minato: So why are you here?
KuramaB in a menacing tone: Yes, why are you here?
Naruto: We tried to save Sasuke from turning into the juubi while disarming Madara, so that those left behind could handle him.
*Naruto opens a pouch and pulls out a rinnegan. Scene switches to a medic tent. Scene shows Sasuke on a cot, with all of the Konoha 12 around him. Sasuke starts to wake.*
Sasuke mumbling: What happened?
Shikamaru: You were about to be overtaken by the juubi.
*Sasuke sits up straight looking at Shikamaru.*
Sasuke: What’s going on? Why am I here? Where’s Naruto?
Hinata steps forward: Naruto sacrificed himself so you wouldn’t become the juubi.
Sasuke: What do you mean?
Hinata: You don’t remember?
*Hinata tears up and runs out of the room. Sakura slaps Sasuke.*
Sakura shouting: They were engaged.
*Sasuke looks down.*
Sasuke in thought: During all of this, that twerp managed to find happiness?!
Sakura: All this time he’s been after you for me… He gave up what they had because of that stupid promise he made to me about bringing you back….
Sakura bawling her eyes out: Why do I love you? Why!!!
*Sakura runs out of the tent now.*
Neji: Sasuke… while everyone was after your head, Naruto was the only one willing to bring you back. There is an order still for your head, which we could take. But we choose not to.
Sasuke: Why?
Shikamaru: Because we all promised to go to Hell with Naruto if we had to.
*Scene switches back to Madara, stumbling around at VotE.*
Madara: Where is it dammit!?! Where the hell is the damn head?
*Madara starts to stumble through the riverbed, splashing in the water. The earth quakes, and Madara falls into the river. A huge black hand picks up Madara’s body and lays it back on the riverbed. Scene focuses out on the juubi.*
Juubi: Because you saved me, I will give you this gift.
*The juubi drops Kagame’s head and leaps off.*
Juubi in thought: It seems I am cursed to be owned by those eyes. If that is what it takes to make me stronger…
*Scene flashes back to the juubi having to be saved by Madara. Scene switches back to the medic tent.*
Sasuke: So Sakura never let go of me.
Lee: No… she didn’t.
Sasuke: Stupid girl.
Shikamaru: Did you get what you wanted, Sasuke?
*Sasuke looks up at Shikamaru with a puzzled look.*
Shikamaru: I know about Itachi and how he’s helped Naruto. Your face tells me you didn’t get what you wanted. The Uchiha name is still looked down upon, and the only two left are you and Madara.
Sasuke growls: Madara!
Shikamaru in thought: I struck a nerve.
Shikamaru: Rebuild the Uchiha and the Uchiha name.
Sasuke: I can’t…. at least not anymore.
Shikamaru: Why?
Sasuke: Because I am darkness… I’ve lost my light.
*Scene switches back to the Shinigami’s dimension.*
KuramaB: How was it revived?
KuramaA: Somehow they were able to get some of my chakra and Gyuuki’s chakra. They already had the other bijuu.
Minato: Who are they?
Naruto: Madara, Sasuke, and the masked man.
Tobirama in thought: To think he survived.
Minato: So Madara is not the masked man?!
Tobirama: He’s Uchiha Kagame.
Sarutobi: Is that why he left?
*Tobirama nods.*
Tobirama: After all, he’s the one who killed me.
*Suddenly the dimension starts to rumble.*
A loud thunderous voice: I grow weary of this meddlesome talk. Fight!
*The voice makes the entire dimension tremble.*
Naruto: Who is that?
Minato: The shinigami.
KuramaB: Fine with me.
*KuramaB pounces on KuramaA. KuramaA rolls over onto his back, kicking with his hind legs, flipping over KuramaB. Both roar at each other, causing shockwaves. Hashirama summons a small housing to secure the men.*
Naruto: I don’t get it.
Minato: Get what?
Naruto: Why those two are fighting. They’re the same being.
Minato: Well… maybe it is because your kyuubi has a more subtle feeling towards humans, while that one doesn’t.
*Hashirama and Tobirama look at Naruto and then at each other.*
Sarutobi: Naruto… How is Konohamaru?
Naruto: He’s doing well… well… was doing well.
Sarutobi: Good. And Asuma?
*Naruto looks down.*
Sarutobi: I see.
Naruto: But Konohamaru is becoming quite the shinobi. He’s even mastered the rasengan.
Minato: You taught the rasengan to someone else?
*Naruto nods.*
Minato: Wow…
*Suddenly Tobirama kicks Naruto in the chest sending him flying out of the housing. Sarutobi and Minato flicker to Naruto in defensive positions.*
Minato: What was that all about?!
*Hashirama emerges from the housing first, followed by Tobirama.*
Hashirama: Step aside Sandaime, Yondaime.
*Sarutobi eases his stance abit.*
Tobirama: The boy has training to do.
Minato: What do you mean?
Hashirama: Lose your emotions from seeing your son.
*Minato goes wide-eyed. The shinigami manifests besides Naruto.*
Shinigami: So now you sense it?
Hashirama and Tobirama: Aye!
Sarutobi: Aye.
Minato: Aye!
*Both KuramaA and KuramaB stop fighting and are paying attention to the shinigami.*
Shinigami: Do you know who I am, Uzumaki Naruto?
Naruto: Not really.
Shinigami: I’m the guardian of Death.
Naruto: Ok.
*The shinigami holds forth his palm towards the kyuubis. A bright light appears, and then there are no longer two kyuubis, just one massive Kurama.*
Kurama: Now that’s more like it. But what is the point of this, while we’re here?
*The shinigami disappears.*
Voice: Your training starts now.
*Kurama disappears and is shown back in Naruto’s subconscious.*
Naruto: What the….
*All four hokages dash at Naruto. Minato is holding a rasengan. He hits Naruto with the rasengan, flashing in behind Naruto, sending him flying to the other three. Sarutobi then hits Naruto with a grand fireball jutsu. Tobirama then spews a huge river, creating a moat around Naruto to where his movements are restricted. Hashirama then blasts Naruto with a wooden pole emitting from his arm, sending Naruto flying into the moat. Naruto’s body floats in the water. Scene switches back to the medic tent. Sasuke is being escorted by Killer Bee, Gaara, Shikaku, and Shikamaru. The quartet escort Sasuke into a large coliseum. Sasuke sees the other four Kages standing before him as Gaara joins the other Kages.*
Tsunade: Uchiha Sasuke… You are hearby charged with abandoning Konohagakure, 1st degree attempted murder on Killer Bee, the Raikage, Kakashi Hatake, Sakura Haruno…
Sasuke in thought: I really am in the darkness now, huh nii-san.
Tsunade: and the Tsuchikage. How do you plea?
Sasuke looks up at Tsunade: Guilty.
*Sakura looks down.*
Tsunade: And what should your punishment be?
*Scene shows Omoi and Karui*
Karui: He deserves to die after what he did to Bee-sama.
Omoi: I don’t think he wants him to die. Look at him.
*Scene shows Killer Bee walking up to Sasuke.*
Bee: Before your recommendation is given, hear me out. If he is ready to repent and repay for his sins… I’ll overlook my charge.
*An uproar is heard in the people congregated. Ei stands up.*
Ei yells: Uchiha Sasuke… Do you promise to help rebuild Kumogakure once Madara has been taken care of.
Sasuke looks up at Ei: Why are you asking me this?
Ei: Out of respect.
Sasuke: I will under one condition.
Ei: And what is that condition?
Sasuke: Out of everyone here, Madara dies by no one’s hand, but my own.
Ei: Then Kumogakure will drop its charge.
Ei in thought: You better have been right about him Uzumaki Naruto. Otherwise, we’re all finished.
*Hinata walks up to Sasuke with the rest of the Konoha 12 following her.*
Hinata: Thank you, Sasuke-kun.
Neji: We will not kill Madara, but we’ll go to hell with you now.
*Scene shows Sasuke looking at Sakura with tears in her eyes, smiling at him.*

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Darkness and Light

*Scene shows Sasuke standing in a tent in front of the Kages.*
Sasuke: Where exactly are we?
Mei: Welcome to Kirigakure, Uchiha Sasuke.
*Sasuke has a shocked look.*
Tsunade: Sasuke… are you prepared for our judgment?
*Sasuke nods.*
Tsunade: During this time of war, you will not be alone at any time. You will be forced to wear shackles or wear a blindfold at all times. You will aide in the construction of Kumogakure. Once that is done, you will return to Konoha.
Sasuke: Aye.
Tsunade: There is one more thing…
*Sasuke looks Tsunade in the eye.*
Sasuke: Whatever… I’m just tired of being lead around like a prized pig at a county fair.
*Tsunade raises her eyebrow. Kakashi enters the tent.*
Kakashi: Sasuke…
Sasuke: Kakashi…
Kakashi: I wish it were under better terms… but welcome back.
Kakashi leans in to Sasuke and whispers: And don’t try anything stupid.
Kakashi: Follow me.
*Kakashi and Sasuke leave the tent.*
Oonoki: He’s still cocky.
Gaara: But you can tell something has changed.
*Scene switches to Kakashi and Sasuke walking down a street.*
Sasuke: Why are we here?
Kakashi: Pain destroyed Konoha. And with what went on, the Kages decided it wasn’t safe for us to stay in Konoha. The alliance army, all of it, along with Kumo’s civilians are here. All of the civilians from Konoha are in Suna, and will soon be making the trip to the Land of Iron.
Sasuke: Oh.
Kakashi turns to Sasuke: You turned your back on us, but he never turned his back on you. Don’t forget that.
*Sasuke looks down.*
Kakashi: So what are you going to do?
Sasuke: About what?
Kakashi: Madara and the Juubi.
Sasuke: Hmmph… I think I’m going to do what Naruto would have done.
Kakashi: Is that so?
Sasuke: But I’m going to need help… Kakashi-sensei.
*They walk up to a tent.*
Kakashi: Ok…. I’ll talk with the Kages. She’s waiting for you inside.
Sasuke: Who?
*Kakashi shoves Sasuke into the tent and walks off. The scene switches inside and shows Sakura, Hinata, Ino, Tenten, and Temari. The girls all look at Sasuke after he is shoved in.*
Temari: I’m going to leave and find Shikamaru.
Ino: I’m going to go check on Sai.
Tenten: And I’ll check on Neji and Lee.
*All three girls leave the tent together. Hinata walks up to Sasuke.*
Hinata: He always considered you a brother.
*Hinata hugs Sasuke, lets go, looks at Sakura and smiles. Hinata leaves the tent.*
Sasuke looking down: So… you still love me?
Sakura with tears in her eyes: Yeah… and at times like these, I wish I didn’t.
*Sasuke sulks his shoulders.*
Sasuke: Ouch.
Sakura: He’s gone because of you.
Sasuke looking up at Sakura: He meant a lot to you?
Sakura: Yeah… he was the brother who consoled me and made me that damn promise when you left.
Sasuke: I’m sorry.
Sakura: You’re sorry?!!!!!!!!!!! That’s all you can say.
*Sasuke sulks his head and shoulders again.*
Sakura: You want to make it up to me?
Sasuke looking back up: Yeah.
Sakura: End this war.
Sasuke: And what about you?
*All of sudden Juugo and Karin walk into the tent. Sasuke turns to them and cracks a smile.*
Juugo: I will not let you harm Karin.
*Karin grabs Juugo’s hand.*
Karin: It’s ok Juugo.
*Karin walks over to Sakura and looks at Sasuke.*
Karin: I’ve always had a crush on you Sasuke. That is until you almost killed me. I’ve found real friends here… in Kirigakure and amongst the shinobi alliance. And I’ve found someone who will protect me, even if it means his death *focus on Juugo*. Naruto died for all you *turning to Sakura*.
*Karin grabs Sakura’s hand and then grabs Sasuke’s hand. She places Sakura’s hand in Sasuke’s and makes the two hands grasp each other.*
Karin: If he died for us…. live for him… together.
*Karin and Juugo leave the tent. Sasuke and Sakura look at each other. Tears are flowing down Sakura’s cheeks. She then jumps at Sasuke and he catches her, holding her in his arms.*
Sasuke: Today and tonight, I’m here for you. But tomorrow, training begins.
*Scene switches to outside the tent with Tsunade and Kakashi eavesdropping.*
Kakashi: So, now do I have your permission.
Tsunade: Yes, on one condition.
*Ei and Bee drop down out of nowhere.*
Tsunade: They join the training.
Shikamaru: Don’t think it’s going to be just the four of you either. We made a promise to Naruto.
*The scene zooms out to show the Konoha 12, Gaara, Temari, Kankuro, Choujuurou, Ao, Shikaku, Inoichi, and Choza. Sasuke and Sakura walks out of the tent, hand in hand.*
Sasuke: What’s going on?
Tsunade: You’re looking at the will of fire… a will you tried to extinguish, unsuccessfully I might add.
Sasuke: Now mine is added.
*Scene skips to the night, showing everyone at a tavern. Darui, Ei, and Bee are drinking. Shikamaru and Temari are playing shouji. Sakura is resting her head on Sasuke’s shoulder.*
Sakura: What is it Sasuke?
Sasuke: I shouldn’t be here.
Sakura looking down: I know.
Sasuke: I should be training.
*Bee and Ei’s ears perk up.*
Ei: Did I hear you right Sasuke?
Sasuke: Aye.
*Ei slams down his drink.*
Ei yells: Then let’s start, you Uchiha brat.
Shikamaru: Why is it that they always refer to Naruto and Sasuke as brats?
Temari: Shikamaru…. Go on.
*Shikamaru stands up as Ei, Bee, and Sasuke all flicker out of the tavern. He leans down and kisses Temari.*
Shikamaru: Once this over, we’re both going to need to talk to the Hokage and your brother.
*Shikamaru gets up and leaves. Soon following him are Lee, Neji, Kiba, Shino, Sai, Kakashi, and Might Gai.*
Tsunade: He even has an effect after he’s gone.
Hinata: He’s not gone. He’s still here. I can feel it now.
Shizune: How much have you drank, Hinata?
Hinata: No alcohol, just water.
Sakura in thought: I can feel it too.
*Scene switches to a field showing Sasuke in his full Susanoo, Raikage in his full raiton armor, and Bee in bijuu form 1. They’re sparring. Shikamaru and crew rush to the field watching the spar match.*
Ei: C’mon Uchiha brat. Surely you can hit me with an arrow.
*Sasuke keeps shooting arrows at Ei, as he dodges them with ease. Bee flickers in trying a lariat on Sasuke. Sasuke blocks it at the last moment, parrying the attack.*
Bee: You’re going to have to do better than that. Madara won’t go easy like we will.
*Bee attempts to attack Sasuke again, but Neji jumps in and does his Eight Divine Palms of Hand – Heavenly Spin jutsu, blocking and repelling Bee’s attack. Ei jumps up and Sasuke, but is caught off guards by Lee’s Strong Lotus Chain. All five come to a stalemate. All five look at each other seriously and then laugh, except Sasuke.*
Sasuke: Enough! We must train for Madara.
*Kakashi flickers in front of Sasuke.*
Kakashi: That is enough for tonight. We must rest and celebrate.
Sasuke: Celebrate what?
Kakashi: Naruto did fulfill his promise to Sakura-chan, afterall.
*Scene switches to Madara at an Uchiha hideout.*
Madara: That damn kyuubi brat. But all is fine… I have two eyes again.
*Scene pans out to show Madara again with two rinnegans.*
Madara: Now where are you juubi?!
*Scene switches to the shinigami’s dimension. Naruto is seen in ragged clothing. All of the other Kages are seen kneeling or bent over.*
Shinigami: Well done. You have completed the 1st stage of training. Now it’s time to move to stage 2.
Naruto: Stage 2?!
Shinigami: Yes.
*The shinigami holds his hand out over the 5 men and a green light appears. Naruto who was in Kurama Sage mode is now is Sage mode. The four kages are back on their feet and not a single scratch on them.*
Shinigami: What will you do when you no longer have Kurama’s power?
*Naruto goes shocked.*
Naruto: What have you done with him?
Kurama: Relax, I’m still here. I just can’t help you physically.
Naruto: Oh… ok.
Minato: Get ready Naruto, it’s time you understand why I was the only shinobi to have a flee on sight notice.
*Naruto smiles.*
Naruto: And let me show you this….
*Naruto is holding a FRS. Minato gawks at the jutsu. Hashirama, Tobirama, and Sarutobi look on amazed.*
Hashirama: Surely this is an abomination.
Naruto: I don’t think so…
*Naruto throws the FRS at the four kages.*

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

A Deal with Death

*Scene opens up with the shinobi alliance army traveling by foot through a forest. Panel focuses on the Kages.*
Ei: So what is our plan now, Shikaku?
Shikaku: Well, we’ve been traveling now for more than 5 days, with no word or sight of Madara or the Juubi.
Oonoki: And that is what disturbs me the most.
Ei: It is disturbing, but…
*Ei looks back at the younger generation following them.*
Ei: For once, even I have hope.
Gaara: So how are we going to handle the juubi, Tsunade-sama?
Tsunade: The shinigami jutsu was my solution, but seeing Naruto not be able to defeat the Juubi, even I am having my doubts now.
*Kakashi flickers up to the kage’s group.*
Kakashi: I have been thinking Tsunade-sama…
Tsunade: Yeah?
Kakashi: The shinigami… it’s a summoning technique, correct?
*Tsunade stops in her tracks.*
Tsunade: Well, I’ve never researched it. Only two men have used that jutsu, Sandaime and Yondaime.
Shikaku: But from what is known, Minato-sama learned the jutsu from the Uzumaki.
*Kakashi flickers back to Karin and Juugo as they are marching in line with everyone else.*
Kakashi: What do you know about your clan’s past?
Karin: What do you mean?
Kakashi: Ibiki told me that he was able to confirm from your subconsciousness that you are an Uzumaki. Can you remember anything, anything al all?
Juugo: Uzumaki… that reminds me of an old bedtime story.
Kakashi: If you remember anything at all, let me know. It could help us defeat Madara and the juubi.
*Kakashi flickers back, Juugo starts to hum a tune.*
Karin: What is that?
Juugo: An old bedtime song from some birds.
Karin: Really?! It’s very pretty.
Juugo: It was very calming. It was about a mystical figure… I think her name was Miyoto or Miyashi Uzumaki, can’t remember which one.
*Scene switches to Madara standing atop the wall of Sunagakure.*
Madara: The bastards, they’ve all left.
*A loud crash is heard. Madara turns around to see the juubi.*
Juubi: Are you ready?
Madara: For what?
*The juubi does a handsign and starts to swirl into Madara’s mouth. A huge windstorm is created, sending a huge dust could in every direction. Scene zooms in on Madara’s face, showing his new eyes with the mixure or the rinnegan and the sharigan.*
Madara: I see now. You’re right, we had better destroy him first. That will destroy any hope left.
*Scene switches the alliance as they have set up camp for the night. Panel focuses on a meeting between the Kages and their immediate subordinates.*
Shikaku: I recommend that this is where we set up base camp.
Oonoki: And why is that? We’re only two days away from Iwagakure.
Shikaku: Hence why we make here base camp. Konoha and Kumo have already been destroyed. We haven’t had any word from Suna, which hopefully means they’ve fully evacuated. We can’t lose any more major villages. That’s why we left Kiri.
Mei: I agree.
Gaara: Me, too. Are you ready Oonoki-sama, to see your village destroyed? Raikage and Hokage-sama have each seen that.
*Sasuke walks in on the meeting.*
Sasuke: Unless we stop him here and soon, Madara will wipe out all of the villages.
Oonoki: You’ve had the most dealings with him lately, what do you suggest?
Sasuke: I have one jutsu that I haven’t used in a while.
*Scene switches to the shinigami’s dimension, showing Naruto again in ragged clothing, getting kicked, punched, and burnt by numerous jutsus from the hokages.*
Naruto panting: I could barely handle them with Kurama’s help. I can’t do it without him.
*Hashirama scowls at Naruto and slaps the ground, sending three huge wooden spikes towards Naruto. Naruto crushes two of the spikes with rasengans, but the third spike hits him square in the chest, knocking him back on his back.*
Hashirama: Get up!
*Naruto rolls over onto his knees.*
Hashirama: Get up!
*Minato comes crashing down on Naruto with a rasengan to his back. The next panel shows Naruto lying in a huge crater, face down.*
Minato: Uzumaki Naruto… Son… Get UP!!!!
*Naruto pushes himself up, with a visible aura surrounding him.*
Tobirama: Finally.
*Naruto flashes behind Tobirama, hitting him with a straight punch square in between his shoulders, sending him flying. He then flashes to Sarutobi, nailing his with a roundhouse kick to the side of the face, knocking him several feet. He then flashes to Hashirama, and hits him square in the gut with a senjutsu infused rasengan, sending him flying back to where you can’t see him. He then flashes in front of Minato, who has a smile on his face, and Naruto clocks him a backhanded punch. Naruto stands there panting. He gets in a defensive stance.*
Naruto yells: How was that?!
*Suddenly, once again, three wooden spikes come flying at Naruto. This time Naruto grabs a kunai, charges it with fuuton chakra, and tosses it at the source of the spikes. The kunai splits the center spike and continues on its trajectory to the source. Sarutobi then jumps near Naruto and summones and earth dome to cover Naruto. All of sudden you see the dome crumble, cut in smooth pieces. Naruto is seen standing with a kunai in his hand. He then flashes to the middle of the wooden spikes and cuts them in half, stopping the spikes. Then you hear a cringe. The shinigami appears, and Hashirama is seen walking back to the group now.*
Shinigami: You’ve passed the 2nd stage. Now time for the final training.
Hashirama: Are you sure about that?
Shinigami: Do not question me human.
*Tobirama walks up to Naruto and puts his hand on his shoulder. A blue aura is seen moving from Tobirama to Naruto.*
Tobirama: Well done Naruto.
*Sarutobi is the next to walk up to Naruto. He puts his hand on Naruto’s shoulder, and a brown aura is seen moving from Sarutobi to Naruto.*
*Hashirama stands before Naruto.*
Hashirama: Your will of fire is unmatched. It is said that the wind feeds the fire. May your wind magnify their fire.
*Minato then stands before Naruto.*
Minato as he ruffles Naruto’s hair: I always wanted to do this to my son.
Naruto: Dad… thanks.
Shinigami: I will let you four rest. This is something that we must do.
*Naruto and the shinigami disappear from the quartet of Hokages.*
Hashirama: You should be proud Minato.
Minato: I am.
Minato in thought: He’s surpassed us all. But is it enough?
*Scene switches to the alliance’s base camp at twilight. We see the girls under one tent.*
Temari: So what do you think Sasuke has planned?
Ino: I don’t know.
*Both look at Sakura.*
Sakura: Don’t look at me.
Temari: Go find out.
*Sakura leaves to tent while the other girls stay put. Panel focuses on Hinata, smiling.*
Tenten: You ok, Hinata?
Hinata: Yeah.
Ino: Whatcha thinking about.
Hinata: Naruto-kun.
Ino: Aww, that’s sweet.
Tenten: Yeah, we heard that he was quite “the man”.
*Hinata blushes.*
Hinata: I swear we didn’t do that.
Ino: Then what did he do to make you holla?
*Hinata whispers in Ino’s ear.*
Ino: OMG!!!!
Tenten: What is it?
Temari: Yeah, tell us.
Ino: Oh, you want to know so you can back to Shikamaru with the idea.
*Temari blushes.*
Ino: I promise not to tell Hinata, not unless you want me to.
Hinata: Thank you, Ino-san.
*Scene is switches to a tent with Sasuke, Kakashi, Shikamaru, and Juugo.*
Sasuke: That’s what I’ll need you to do Juugo.
Juugo: Ok.
Kakashi: So you think this will work Sasuke?
*Sasuke looks at Shikamaru.*
Sasuke: He’s our strategist, ask him.
Shikamaru: It’s plausible, except for one condition. The juubi.
*Shikaku enters the tent.*
Shikaku: That’s why I summoned backups.
*The scene shows the entire Nara clan outside of the tent. The scene then switches to Madara walking through the woods.*
Madara: The poor bastards won’t know what hit them.
Juubi to Madara: No… not that. Leave the sentries. Go straight after him.
*The scene switches back to the base camp, with the majority of everyone asleep. But a pair of eyes are seen in the darkness. The pair of Sharigan look out into the forest.*
Sasuke: It looks like this ends here, eh… Uchiha Madara!

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!


*Scene opens focusing on Sasuke staring out in a direction. Next panel shows Madara.*
Madara: So he knows I’m here?!
Juubi: Take him out now!
Madara: I do have one question. Are you scared of Sasuke, because if you are, you should be scared of me. I’m more powerful than he is.
Juubi: Just take him out.
*Madara grabs his fan.
Madara: I haven’t done this one in a while. Fuuton-Tornado!
*Madara swings his fan with all his might, adding wind chakra to the swing and twisting the fan. A small tornado emerges and starts to rampage the camp. Fodders wake up and try to secure down supplies at the tornado picks up some and flings them out of the camp.*
Sasuke: It begins.
*Sasuke flickers out from under his tent over to a clearing in a field.*
Sasuke: Let’s end this Madara.
*Scene switches back to Madara.*
Juubi: Why didn’t you kill him?
Madara: I want to have a little fun first.
Juubi: I grow tired of you.
*The scene switches to Madara’s subconscious, and shows the juubi summoning a cage and locking Madara in it.*
Juubi: I’m in charge now.
*Scene switches back on Madara’s body. Madara looks over to the field and flickers over there, instantly showing in front of Sasuke and nailing him with a side kick to the gut, followed by a knee to the forehead, sending Sasuke flying backwards. Madara leaps into the air as the ground beneath him crumbles. As Madara is in the air, he looks to his left, seeing Sakura. He looks to his right and sees that doton users have encased the tornado in an earth dome, nullifying it.*
Madara as he lands: This is why I’m in charge now.
Madara slams his hand on the ground: Kuchiyose – Everlasting Forest!
*Trees sprout up everything, tossing the base camp into disarray. Scene switches to Kakashi.*
Kakashi: NOW!
*Every single katon user now casts a fire jutsu, ranging from fireballs, spews of flames, or flaming walls. Every single raiton user that can use long distance raiton jutsu is using the jutsus to destroy the forest by catching it on fire.*
Sasuke in thought: This is going to speed things up.
*As the alliance army encircles Madara, the 5 Kages land in between Madara and Sasuke.*
Madara: I’m guessing you didn’t learn your lesson last time? Things have changed. I won’t be so nice this time.
Ei: We’ll see about that.
Madara: Indeed, we will.
*Madara stares at Oonoki with his new eyes, the sharinnegan, and immediately Oonoki falls over. The rest of the Kages are shocked. Medical shinobi run to Oonoki and pull him out of the battle.*
Madara: Do not worry… yet. But your efforts are futile.
*Ei charges up his raiton armor. Before he is completely charged up, Madara flickers to Ei, punching him in his gut, bending him over. Madara then swings his leg over and does an axe kick to the back of Ei’s neck, sending him crashing to the ground. This is all done in an instand and Madara flickers back to his starting position.*
Sasuke in thought: Amazing. No one else saw that but me.
*Kakashi is seen from a distance.*
Kakashi: AGAIN!
*A bombardment of shuriken and kunai are flying towards Madara now. Some even connect with Madara, and he just stands there. Soon, every weapon that was thrown explodes. The three remaining kages must brace themselves to stand their ground. Once the smoke and dust clear, Madara is seen standing and laughing. Scene switches to Darui and Shikamaru.*
Darui: Unbelievable.
Shikamaru: That’s got to be the power of the juubi. Even Naruto would have some type of scratch on him.
*Scene switches back to Madara. He holds out his palm. A ball of energy is forming that is the size of an eyeball. Scene switches to Shikaku.*
Shikaku: Oh shit!
Madara smirking: Bijuu-dama.
*Madara fires the jutsu that travels between Tsunade and Gaara right towards Sasuke, just as it is about to reach Sasuke, it expands. Sasuke sets up his Susanoo at the last moment for protection. A bright light is seen, and then it vanishes all of sudden. Scene switches to Kakashi, on both knees panting.*
Kakashi: Damn, that was close.
*Sasuke still in his Susanoo form walks forward to Madara. Madara switches to his Susanoo form.*
Madara: That’s right Sasuke. Come meet your death like a truth Uchiha. But first, let me show you a portion of my power.
*Madara enfuses his Susanoo with the juubi’s chakra, sending a shockwave that blows everyone away by a hundred feet. Sasuke is the only one still standing. Sasuke shoots several amerterasu arrows at Madara’s Susanoo. Madara just absorbs the arrows, and his new Susanoo is engulfed in amerterasu flames.*
Madara: You can’t harm me, you na´ve brat! Your kages are no match for me. You are no match for me
*Sasuke shoots one amerterasu arrow up into the sky that can be seen in front of the full moon. Scene switches to KillerBee.*
Bee: That’s our signal Eight-o.
Gyuuki: Let’s do it Bee…. for Naruto.
*Scene shows Bee going full Bijuu mode and flickering to base camp. Might Gai goes into the 7th gate instantly.*
Madara: I admire your fight, no matter how futile it is for you.
*Gai hits Madara with the Morning Peacock attack, lighting up the night sky. Madara takes a step back to brace from the attack, and is then hit in the back by a bijuu bomb from Bee. As Madara stumbles forward a small bit, he is then hit with Gai’s Afternoon Tiger attack. Scene switches to Shikamaru.*
Shikamaru: Sure that did something.
*Scene switches back to Madara, now out of his Susanoo form. He smirks, then flickers over to Gai’s location, grabbing him by the throat.*
Madara: Well done, for a piece of trash.
*Madara throws Gai away, with him tumbling on the ground. Tsunade rushes to Gai to try to heal his wounds. Bee tries another bijuu bomb, which Madara turns around and catches in his palm. He throws it back at Bee, and it connects, sending Bee flying back. Sasuke looks on terrified.*
Sasuke yells: NOW!!!!
*Scene switches to the shinigami dimension. Naruto and the shinigami are seen walking together.*
Naruto: Where are we going?
Shinigami: Do you know anything about your history?
Naruto: Yeah, I know all about the younger and elder sons.
Shinigami: I mean before that.
*Naruto stops in his footsteps.*
Naruto: What are you going to tell me about Miyashi?
Shinigami: So you know of her?
Naruto: Yeah, so…
Shinigami: You are completely ignorant, aren’t you? Can’t say I didn’t expect this. Uzumaki Miyashi was quite the woman. And to think, he ended up with her. You are the key to this war. You must learn how to harness your powers. You have no idea how powerful you are. Neither does that Sasuke boy.
Naruto: What about Sasuke?
Shinigami: There are powers here at play here, that far out-weigh the juubi. He’s nothing but a puppet, an abomination.
Naruto: So what’s this training? Will it help me defeat the juubi and Madara.
Shinigami: So now you realize, he has no chance against them.
*There is a pause.*
Shinigami: Yes, it should help you defeat the juubi and Madara, depending on if and how you harness your true strength.
Naruto: What do you mean true strength?
Shinigami: Naruto, there is a reason why the Uzumaki are known for their lifespans.
*Naruto looks puzzled.*
Shinigami: The rikudo sennin was a monk, before he met her. She changed him.
Naruto: Into what?
Shinigami: The first man to rival the gods. After all, he defeated the juubi. And the juubi is nothing more than a pet of a god.
Naruto in thought: So that means…
Shinigami: Yes, you have a small portion of a god’s power in you as well.
Naruto: But how does this all relate to Miyashi and RS?
Shinigami: She was the daughter of Jurojin.
Naruto: Who???
Shinigami: She was once a god, albeit a lower god, and she choose a human. RS had to learn to fight, to protect her and himself. And once he bested the juubi, Amatsu’s lapdog.
Naruto: And how do you know all of this?
Shinigami: That is of little importance to you now. All will be revealed in due time.
*The shinigami snaps his fingers, and a huge scroll appears and unravels itself before Naruto.*
Shinigami: We’re going to make a contract, Naruto…
Naruto: Why?
Shinigami: Because you need me, and believe it or not, I need you. The next time you summon me, I will not keep you trapped here.
Naruto: Just who are you?
Shinigami: You will know when the time comes. Now sign it.
*Naruto looks at the scroll.*
Naruto: How do I sign it?
Shinigami: This is not a blood contract, it is a sould contract.
*Naruto does a handsign and a character shows on the contract, next to another character.*
Naruto: Who’s is that.
Shinigami: RS. Just like you, he did this to save those who he loved.
Naruto: And he was no longer heard from.
Shinigami: He served his purpose, and died happily.
Naruto defiantly: Fine!
Shinigami: Now for your training. As I said you must harness your power, your dormant power. Your friends will help you.
Naruto: So this is it?
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*The shinigami and Naruto appear before the hokages again.*
Shinigami: I am not without remorse, Naruto. Because you have signed the contract, I will let them go.
Minato: And where are we going?
Shinigami: You to be Kushina. *looks at Tobirama* You to be with Mikoto. *looks at Sarutobi* You to be with your family. *looks at Hashirama* And you to be with Mito.
*Tobirama walks up to Naruto and takes his helmet off, handing it to Naruto.*
Tobirama: Thank you Naruto.
*He fades away. Sarutobi walks up to Naruto with a scroll.*
Sarutobi: Will you give this to Konohamaru for me?
Naruto: Aye.
*Sarutobi fades away. Hashirama walks up to Naruto, removing his battle armor and handing it to Naruto.*
Hashirama: May this armor suit you better than it did me.
*Hashirama fades away. It’s just Minato and Naruto.*
Minato: So…
Naruto: Give mom my best.
Minato smiles: I will. I see you already have my cloak.
*Minato reach inside his cloak and pulls out a piece of paper. He looks at the shinigami, who nods. Minato hands the piece of paper to Naruto.*
Minato: I knew you were the one. I always knew it. Once you’ve defeated the juubi, these are coordinates that will hopefully explain a lot.
*Minato fades away.*
Naruto: So… I guess I’m your knight then?
Shinigami: More like a general. Till next time.
*The shinigami waves his hand and Naruto fades away. Naruto appears on top of the Hokage mountain, standing on Godaime’s head. The panel shows Naruto with Tobirama’s helmet on, Hashirama’s armor on, all underneath Minato’s cloak. Naruto enters Kurama sage mode,(which is now a clear aura including the previous armor plates which now extend to the backside of his hands and onto his feet) and senses the juubi.*
Naruto: So that’s where you are?
*Scene switches to the battlefield, showing Bee down, the Kages who aren’t knocked out are trying to support the troops, Kakashi is knocked out, Tsunade is tending to Gai. An aerial shot shows several shinobi encircling Madara and Sasuke. Sasuke is on one knee, both he and Madara no longer in their Susanoo forms.*
Sasuke yells: NOW!
*All of the shinobi who encircled Sasuke and Madara were Nara clan members and they trap Madara with their shadow binding technique. Thunder claps up in the sky, as clouds have formed.*
Sasuke with a grin: It ends here Madara! KIRINNNNNNNNN!
*At that instant, hundereds of lightning bolts converge on Madara’s location, causing a bright flash. Everyone shields their eyes. Once their eyes return to normal….*
Madara: That would have made Raijin proud. But it’s still not enough.
Sasuke yells: Keep him still.
*Madara looks at all of the Nara clan members.*
Madara: You think you can hold me!
*Sweat is seen dripping from every Nara clan member.*
Shikamaru in thought: We can’t hold this much longer Sasuke.
*Madara takes a step forward, breaking every single shadow bind.*
Madara: Time for you to die.
*Madara once again holds up his palm and creates a small, condensed bijuu bomb and send it after Sasuke. It expands before it hits Sasuke and a bright light explodes, but there is no explosion. As the light fades, Madara has a shocked look on his face. Sasuke, who is now on both knees looks up at the figure in front of him.*
Sasuke before he collapses over: Impossible.
*Scene shows Naruto holding the bijuu bomb in his palm, in a clear aura field. Naruto throws the bomb up in the air, and it explodes once he releases the aura.*
Naruto yells: Time for round 2!

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

A Saviour Reborn, A Sinner Redeemed

*Scene opens with a split panel, one side showing Madara with his new eyes, the other side showing Naruto in his new look. Scene focuses on a fodder shinobi running up to Tsunade.
Fodder: Hokage-sama! We need to clear this area.
Tsunade: By whose order.
Fodder: Naruto-sama!
*Scene focuses on Tsunade’s shocked face. Then there is a flashback scene showing Naruto doing the tajuu kage bunshin no jutsu. Different panels show the clones gathering the injured and maligned and flashing them out of the area.*
Tsunade: How is that possible?
*Scene shows Sakura and Hinata running to the medic tent that Tsunade is in.*
Sakura: Tsunade-sama, have you heard?
Hinata: Where is he?
*The fodder points back to the battlefield.*
Fodder: He’s ordered everyone to leave from here.
Tsunade: You… get some more medics and move Gai to a secure location. Gather Kazekage and Mizukage here. We can still beat him.
*The fodder ninja disappears, as all three ladies rush to see the battlefield. Scene switches to Naruto standing in front of Sasuke, shielding him, while a clone heals him and gives him chakra. Sasuke gathers his energy and is able to make it up to one knee.*
Sasuke: How… How are you here?
Naruto: That doesn’t matter right now.
Sasuke: Bullshit! I saw your soul being taken by that… that thing.
Naruto: Are you going to keep yapping, or are you going to fight?
*Sasuke comes to his senses. He stands up and walks up next to Naruto. He looks over Naruto.*
Sasuke: Nice gear, scaredy cat!
Naruto grins: They were gifts from some important people.
Sasuke: None of my attacks work on him, and he’s too fast for me.
Naruto: But you can follow him with your eyes?
Sasuke: Aye.
Naruto: And what about genjutsu?
Sasuke: He’s a jinchuuriki now. Won’t work unless he submits to it.
Naruto: Then watch my back. And keep everyone away from us.
Sasuke: Everyone?
Naruto: Everyone. And Sasuke…
Sasuke: Yeah….
Naruto: Thanks for making Sakura happy.
Sasuke: How’d you…
*Naruto smiles as he flashes over to with striking distance of Madara.*
Sasuke: How the eff…
Naruto: We end this here.
Madara: So be it.
*Madara flickers over to Naruto and tries a thrust kick to Naruto’s chest. Naruto takes the blow and doesn’t flinch an inch. Madara put so much force into the kick, he actually pushes himself back from Naruto.*
Naruto: I know who you are.
Madara: Really?!
Naruto: Not you, the juubi.
*Madara gets a serious look.*
Madara: And who am I?
Naruto: Does the name Amatsu ring a bell?
Madara: Why you little!!!!!!
*Madara instantly goes full juubi mode. He grows three horns in his head, one on each temple with another coming out the middle of his forehead. He grows an extra set of arms. He has four long tentacle-like tails coming out right above his butt. He has black armor all over his body. His teeth become pointed like a demon. The only thing that remains the same is his eyes.*
Naruto: Wow… no wonder your entire clan went against you.
*Naruto takes out a kunai and throws it Madara. It sinks about two inches into Madara’s chest area. Madara pushes it out with his dark chakra.*
Madara: That all you got?
Naruto: No.
*Naruto grabs another kunai and charges it with wind chakra. He throws it at Madara. Madara tries to block it with a chakra shield in one hand, but it goes right throw the shield and Madara. Naruto flashes to the other side, catching the kunai and throwing it back at Madara. He repeats this process for about 200 throws, all done in the span of about 20 seconds.*
Sasuke: Unbelievable! What speed! But it’s not doing anything Naruto.
*Panels show the juubi’s dark chakra healing Madara’s body after each kunai. Naruto flashes over to Sasuke.*
Sasuke: What was all that for? He just healed himself after each throw.
Naruto: Think about it Sasuke. But are you able to follow me?
Sasuke: Sort of. I can follow your chakra trail, but…
Naruto: And what about him?
*Sasuke looks at Madara.*
Sasuke: Yeah… You’re faster than him.
Naruto in thought: Good.
*Madara stands up straight and once again flickers over to Naruto and tries a back-handed punch to Naruto chin that connects again, but Naruto doesn’t move an inch.*
Madara: Stop playing with me, boy!
*Madara again flickers to Naruto, this time holding a bijuu bomb in his hand, striking at Naruto with it. A huge explosion occurs and a dust cloud is formed. Sasuke is kneeling down, with a close up on his face. His eyes are following Madara who is now trying roundhouse kicks, thrust kicks, side kicks, straight punches, crossovers, and double hammerfists on Naruto. The chakra form of Naruto is staying the same, while Madara’s is beginning to show signs of depletion. The dust settles and you see Naruto standing strong, with Madara panting.*
Madara yells: I HATE YOU!!!! How are you so much stronger than me?!
*The sky grows darker now, with Sasuke looking up at the clouds.*
Sasuke in thought: I get it now. And there’s only just enough up there.
*Sasuke holds his hand up to the sky while Naruto holds his palm up to Madara.*
Naruto: Go back to Amatsu, and tell him that Uzumaki Naruto is here!
*Sasuke crashes down a Kirin onto Madara, freezing him for a moment. The aura around Naruto is now beginning to pulse. The ground around him shakes, yet grass and flowers are growing.*
Naruto: Fuuton Senjutsu Rasen Shuriken!
*Naruto fires the small condensed shuriken at Madara while his is paralyzed by Kirin. Just as the jutsu hits Madara, it expands, annihilating everything within its blast radius. A mighty wind blows across the field, instantly blowing away all the dust, clearing the view of the battlefield. All that is left of the area where Madara is standing is a huge crater. Sasuke walks up to Naruto.*
Sasuke: You win.
Naruto: I’m not quite so sure.
*Scene switches to a mountain top off in the distance. Two figure are scene sitting on the edge of the cliff.*
Figure A: Beautiful! Just beautiful!
Figure B: Aye. Think they’ll be up to the challenge?
Figure A: Well, knowing who is in their corner, they have a shot now.
Figure B: That wind was a nice touch, Fujin.
Fujin: Thanks, Raijin.
*Scene switches back to Naruto and Sasuke on the field.*
Sasuke: So where is everybody?
Naruto: I took most of them to Iwagakure. Hopefully the others are headed there.
Sasuke: How did you come back? What happened to you?
*Naruto turns to Sasuke. He takes of his helmet.*
Naruto: I lived it, and I don’t believe it, so I doubt you will too.
Sasuke: Try me.
*Panel zooms out showing the two walking to the direction of Iwagakure. Scene switches to Iwa, showing the alliance army rushing about, making sure everyone who needs medical attention has it.*
Tsunade: We must take care of everyone and prepare to go back to support Naruto and Sasuke.
Sakura: Aye!
Gaara: Should we send a recon team?
Mei: That would be wise.
*Oonoki stirs in his bed, while Ei lays unconscious. A horn is sounded. Kitsuchi rushes into the tents.*
Kitsuchi: Hokage-sama, Mizukage-sama, Kazekage-sama, we have reports from a sentry.
*All three kages rush out of the tent as Sakura takes over the medic duties. The three runs up to Iwa’s gates.*
Tsunade: What news?
Sentry: We don’t know the outcome. Once the sky darkened and there was a huge explosion, we left. After a mighty wind nearly knocked us over on our way to here, we high-tailed it to here.
Gaara: What about Sasuke? Or Naruto?
*The sentry looks down.*
Sentry: I’ve never departed from a post early until now. I apologize.
Kitsuchi: Given the circumstances, I’ll tolerate it this time.
*Kitsuchi turns to Tsunade.*
Kitsuchi: So what now?
Voice from down the walkway into Iwa: How ‘bout some ramen?!!!
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*The crowd at the gate turns to see Sasuke and Naruto walking towards Iwa. A huge roar begins at the village gate and starts to spread. Scene switches to outside the Tsuchikage’s office. Oonoki is now using a walking cane, while Ei is bandaged up. The five Kages stand before Naruto and Sasuke.*
Tsunade: Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke… the two of you have shown the bravery that each shinobi should strive for. This day would not be possible without either of you. For that, we thank you.
*Both Sasuke and Naruto bow.*
Ei: Will you keep your word, Uchiha Sasuke?
*Sasuke looks at Ei.*
Sasuke: Aye, Raikage-sama.
Ei: Then all charges against Uchiha Sasuke have been dropped, that is if Konoha will drop their charge.
*Ei looks at Tsunade then Sasuke.*
Ei: What do you say, Hokage-sama?
Tsunade sighs and then yells: All charges have been dropped.
*There is an uproar amongst the crowd. Scene focuses on Naruto and Sasuke.*
Naruto: So you still want to fight?
Sasuke: I need to train first.
*The scene switches to a conference room at night, with all 5 Kages, their advisors and guards, Sasuke, and Naruto.*
Oonoki: Being the eldest kage here, it is the toughest for me, but is it time that we commit to one… kage.
*The group looks at Naruto. Naruto steps forward.*
Naruto: No. That is too much power, and too heavy of a burden for one person to bear.
Oonoki: Even you?
Naruto: Aye.
Oonoki: Why the stern face Naruto?
Naruto: Because, I have….
*The shinigami appears to all in the room.*
Shinigami: Because now he has an idea of what lies ahead… not only for him, but for all of you.
*Everyone in the room shrieks back but Naruto.*
Shinigami: A few friends wanted to wish you well in your endevours, Naruto.
*All of a sudden; Hashirama, Tobirama, Sarutobi, and Minato all manifest before Naruto. They’re all smiling at Naruto.*
Oonoki: Unbelievable.
Tsunade: Grandfather… Uncle Tobi…
Kakashi: Sensei…
Minato: Now that we have been allowed to pass on, we know what awaits you, son.
Hashirama: Continue forward. And you *looks at Sasuke* become what the Uchiha were meant to be. *looks at Tsunade* You’ve made me proud, Tsunade-san.
*Hashirama fades out with Tobirama and Sarutobi. Minato remains.*
Minato: You look great son. I saw the girl who holds your heart. *elbows Naruto* Nice catch by the way. *clears his throat* But you will need her on your journey. Keep her close. *looks at Sasuke* Your parents would be proud Sasuke.
Sasuke: Thank you, Yondaime-sama.
*Minato fades out.*
Shinigami: The two of you have protectors. When you come across them, they will test you. Show them your worth. Until then, do not worry, for they will show themselves to you when you will need to prepare for what is next.
*The shinigami fades out. Everyone stares in amazement at Naruto and what just happened. Scene fast forwards to the next day, as each respective village is set to leave and return to their homes. New friends are shown saying goodbye to each other. Scene focuses on the five kages, Sakura, Sasuke, Hinata, and Naruto.*
Oonoki: It was a pleasure, Naruto-sama.
*Oonoki bows before Naruto.*
Naruto: Same here, Tsuchikage-sama.
Oonoki: Don’t be calling me that anymore.
*Kitsuchi walks up behind him wearing the Tsuchikage robe and hat.*
Kitsuchi: Let us know when, and we will send help, anytime. You have my word.
*Naruto smiles. The Mizukage walks up to both Sasuke and Naruto.*
Mei: To think that two of the most handsome men in all of the land are here before me… in thought: Why do I have to be so much older than them.
Kiba whispers to Choji: She’s such a cougar.
Choji whispering back: No kidding.
*Sasuke bows before her. She bows before both and leaves. Gaara walks up to Sasuke and Naruto.*
Gaara: Now that I know there will be a next time, don’t hesitate.
Sasuke: Aye.
*Gaara holds out his hand to Sauske. Sasuke is hesitant, but shakes Gaara’s hand. Gaara then shakes Naruto’s hand and leaves. Ei walks up with Killer Bee.*
Ei: Ready Sasuke?
Sasuke: Aye.
Sakura: Do you have to leave now?
Ei: Yes, he does.
*Sasuke turns to Sakura and takes her face in his hands.*
Sasuke: This time, I will come back for you.
Naruto: No you won’t.
*Everyone looks at Naruto.*
Naruto: She’s going with you this time.
*Naruto turns to Hinata.*
Naruto: And you’re coming with me.
*Naruto and Hinata flash out.*
Tsunade yells: But you’re supposed to be the new Hokage!


And that's the end to the first arc. I'll post what I have of the "god" arc tomorrow... maybe tonight depending on circumstances. Hope you enjoyed you reading it.
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

A New Beginning
*Scene opens up with a woman (her back towards you), about 5’7, looking amongst some rocks. She’s wearing black pants, with high-heel boots. She has on a mesh top, with her chest and shoulders covered by a black shirt. On the back of the shirt is the Uzumaki crest. Scene switches to her face and shows her byuakugan activated.*
Hinata: Narutoooo… I think I have something here.
*Naruto is seen next as he’s grown to about 6’2, wearing black pants with an orange sleeveless shirt. He goes running to Hinata.*
Naruto: What is it?
Hinata: It looks to be some sort of entrance.
Naruto: Good job baby! Mark it so we can return to Konoha.
*Hinata slams her fist down on the ground and a seal appears on the ground and then disappears.*
Hinata: I’m ready Honey.
Naruto: You know I really don’t like that name.
Hinata: Once you’re Hokage, I’ll stop using it, at least out in public.
*Hinata gets on her tip-toes and kisses Naruto.*
Naruto: You know I can’t accept the position until we’re done here.
*Scene zooms out showing an entire island.*
Hinata: There’s a lot of history here too. It’s a good thing Tsunade-sama was able to spin this off as an archeological research trip for the daimyo to fund this for us.
Naruto: Yeah well…
Hinata: To think, we could open a museum… and possibly rebuild Uzuiogakure.
*Naruto smiles at Hinata.*
Naruto: Let’s go.
*Naruto walks up to Hinata, wraps his arms around her, and then the two flash out of the scene. Scene switches to Kumogakure, focusing on the Raikage’s office building. It has been completely rebuilt. Panels show how the gates have been repaired. But residential homes are still being built. A pink haired woman, about 5’8, is seen walking from a hospital, wearing knee-high boots, mesh leggings, a dark blue skirt, and a white top that bears her midriff with the Uchiha symbol on the back. Children run up to her and smile at her. She pats several on the head and heads down the street. Scene switches to the Raikage’s office, showing Ei (with gray hair) yelling at Mabui.*
Ei: If you weren’t out so late last night with him, maybe you would have that paperwork down by now.
*A young man appears, about 6’3, dressed in a white t-shirt with the Uchiha symbol on the left shoulder and dark blue pants.*
Ei: Sasuke… how’s the training coming along?
Sasuke: Pretty good so far.
Ei: Think you can stand a chance against Naruto now?
Sasuke sighs: No.
Ei sighs: Anyways, you’ve fulfilled your obligation to Kumogakure. With the added help of your lady friend, Haruno Sakura, we feel that we are able to thrive now, especially in the medical fields.
Sasuke: No disrespect, but why did you summon me here.
Ei gets serious: We have intel that there is something fishy going on in Iwagakure and Kirigakure. When you get back to Konoha, give this to Tsunade-sama.
*Ei hands Sasuke a scroll, which he takes.*
Ei: Do you remember what the shinigami said to both you and Naruto back in Iwa?
Sasuke: Yeah.
Ei: And here we are, a little over two years later, and you haven’t met your protector. And as far as we know, Naruto hasn’t either.
Sasuke: But Naruto wouldn’t tell Tsunade or anyone about that.
Sasuke in thought: But he would have came to me, so you are right.
Ei: Anyways, there are some small religious sects growing in both villages. Under the treaty we all signed in Iwa, there is to be no persecution to any group as long as their means and ways do not promote violence.
Sasuke: So where does your suspicion come in.
Ei: You said that Kabuto had become a Sage of Ryuchidou. These religious sects are tied to Ryuchidou.
Sasuke: Understood.
*Darui storms into the office.*
Darui: You need to quit nagging at my woman old man.
*Ei slams his fist down on his desk breaking this one.*
Ei: I’m the Raikage.
Darui: And I’m next in line.
*Sasuke leaves the room and walks back to his apartment. Scene switches to the Hokage’s office. Tsunade, Shizune, Hinata, and Naruto are seen.*
Tsunade: It’s good to see the two of you again. How’s the training coming along Naruto?
Naruto: Good, she’s almost as good as I am now in base mode.
*Naruto looks at Hinata as she blushes.*
Tsunade: And what news do you have?
Hinata: We have a new lead.
Tsunade: So you’re not going to give up on this?
Tsunade in thought: Curse you Minato… I’m ready to retire.
Naruto: This all started with those coordinates my dad gave me. I really think we’re getting close to the end.
Tsunade: Yet you have no idea it is what you are after.
Naruto: We’ve came across seals that are not mentioned in Konoha’s library of jutsu, hell, they’re not even in the Hokage scroll.
Tsunade: But you haven’t mastered them.
Hinata: I have… at least some of them.
Shizune: Tsunade-sama, they’re finding relics and jutsus of a lost civilization. We should aide them as much as possible.
Tsunade: Fine.
*Tsunade slams her palm down on the desk. Neji, Lee, and Tenten appear from nowhere, kneeling.*
All three in unison: Yes, Tsunade-sama!
Tsunade: Neji, summon Shikamaru and Shikaku. Lee and Tenten, summon the daimyo.
*All three flicker out as Naruto and Hinata start to hold hands in the office.*
Tsunade: Go on home. I’ll summon you back later. And Hinata…
Hinata: Yes, Tsunade-sama?!
Tsunade: Sieta wishes to see you from what I hear.
*Hinata smiles. Naruto looks at her.*
Naruto: Well, that settles where we are headed.
*Naruto flashes the two out.*
Shizune: To think that she would be the one to master the seals of the Uzumaki, she’s become quite the shinobi.
*Tsunade smiles.*
Tsunade: Yes, times are changing. With her sealing prowess now, it’s surpassed mine and Kakashi’s. Maybe it’s time to move her up to jounin.
*Scene switches inside to an apartment. Hinata is seen playing in the floor with a little girl. A teenage boy busts through the door, wearing a suit similar to Naruto’s old suit, just with the colors of yellow and brown.*
Boy: Kurenai…
*Naruto hits the boy on top of the head.*
Naruto: You don’t just barge into a home like that Konohamaru.
Konohamaru: You don’t have to hit me.
*Kurenai walks into the room and smiles.*
Kurenai: What is it Konohamaru?
Konohamaru: Are you ready to go?
Naruto: Go where?
Konohamaru: Today is the anniversary of Uncle Asuma’s death.
*Naruto goes shit-faced.*
Naruto: I’m sorry…
Kurenai: It’s ok, Naruto. Would the two of you mind joining us?
Hinata looks at Naruto: Sure!
Kurenai: So how long are the two of you going to wait to have kids?
Naruto laughs nervously: How about we leave now?
Hinata blushes: I don’t know.
*Hinata picks up Sieta.*
Kurenai: Well, I can see you’ll be a great mom Hinata. And you Naruto… don’t be the overbearing father, ok?
Naruto laughing: Sure…
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*The group gets up and leaves. Scene switches to the graveyard, with several people standing around a tombstone. As the group gets closer, Shikamaru, Temari, Ino, Sai, and Choji are all seen. Shikamaru looks up at Kurenai and smiles. Kurenai walks up lays down a bouquet of flowers. There is a moment of silence.*
Shikamaru: To think that it’s been three years.
Ino: For the past two years, I cried on this day.
*Ino looks up smiling at Kurenai and then at Sieta, who is still in Hinata’s arms.*
Ino: Not anymore though.
Choji: We’re still going for barbecue after this, right?
Naruto laughs: You still haven’t changed much, huh.
Shikamaru: Sure, it’s good to keep traditions.
*Shikamaru puts a cigarette in his mouth and pulls out Asuma’s lighter. As he goes to open it, Kurenai puts her hand over the lighter.*
Kurenai: Not in front of Sieta.
Shikamaru: What a drag.
*Temari laughs.*
Choji: So where are we going? I want to try Ichiraku’s new place.
Naruto: What new place!?!?!?!
Choji: He does ramen, fried rice, and barbecue… all in one place.
Naruto starts to feint mumbling: Ramen and barbecue…
Hinata laughs at Naruto: And you haven’t changed much either.
*Scene switches to the restaurant (its hibachi style). As the group walks in, Ichiraku sees Naruto right away and motions for the group to come to his grill. The group approaches and sit around the grill. A waitress then gives them all a menu. Naruto throws the menu down.*
Naruto: I’ll have one of everything.
Choji slamming his menu down: Same goes for me.
*Shikamaru does a face palm. Temari cuddle up to Shikamaru.*
Temari: Relax baby, have fun with your friends.
*Naruto looks at the couple.*
Naruto: So when are the two of you going to marry?
Temari blushes: Soon I hope.
*Shikamaru shakes his head.*
Shikamaru smiles: When you become the Hokage.
Temari: Then we’ll never get married!
*She slaps Shikamaru’s arm as everyone busts out into laughter.*
Choji: Remember when we were in the academy, and Naruto was the runt. You were the smallest one of us.
*Everyone laughs. Naruto holds out his palm to Choji, instantly forming a rasengan inches from his face. Choji gulps and gets nervous. Hinata pulls Naruto’s arm down. Naruto lets the jutsu dissipate as Hinata puts his palm on her thigh.*
Naruto: Who’s the runt now? (Choji is 6’6, 300 lbs)
Choji: I meant no disrespect, Naruto.
Naruto busts out in a pointing pose at Choji: GOTCHA!!!!
*Everyone laughs again. Naruto sits back down and whispers into Hinata’s ear.*
Naruto whispering: It’s not fair that you know I’m a leg-man.
*Hinata smirks at Naruto and kisses him.*
Hinata: You’re my man.
*The group eats their meal, and then Kurenai with Konohamaru and Sieta leave the restaurant.*
Ino: I want one.
Sai: One what?
Ino: A baby.
*Naruto, Choji, and Shikamaru all laugh at Sai.*
Choji: Well, I would like to stay and catch up, but I’m off. Got to head Iwa tomorrow, right Sai?
Sai: Right. We should be leaving as well.
Naruto: Why are you going to Iwa?
Sai: We may finally have a lead on Yamato.
*Naruto goes wide-eyed.*
*Sai, Ino, and Choji disappear in a puff of smoke. Shikamaru leans into the table now.*
Shikamaru: Now we can talk business. The next time you go to the Land of the Whirlpools, you’ll have two 4-man squads with you.
Naruto in thought: But that’s our alone time dammit.
*Flashback scene to Hinata in the ocean up to her shoulders, holding her bikini top over her head. Naruto is smiling.*
Shikamaru: So you like the idea, Naruto?
Naruto frowning: No.
*Hinata giggles having an idea of what Naruto was thinking.*
Shikamaru: The first 4-man team will be Kiba, Shino, Udon, and Moegi. The second will be Konohamaru, myself, Sakura, and Sasuke.
Naruto: I thought they were still in Kumo.
Shikamaru: They are on their way back to Konoha.
*Naruto leans back.*
Naruto: Good.
Hinata: What will you do in this time, Temari?
Temari: I’m going back to Suna.
Hinata: Tell Gaara and Kankuro we said hi.
*The scene switches back to Naruto and Hinata’s apartment (Naruto’s apartment).*
Hinata: It was nice seeing everyone tonight.
Naruto: Yeah, it was.
*Hinata walks into the bathroom and starts throwing her clothes onto the bedroom floor. Naruto smirks at the sight of this. He hears Hinata giggling.*
Naruto: What is it baby?
Hinata: I want one too.
Naruto: One wha…. hey wait a minute.
*Hinata walks out in a sheer purple lingerie teddy. Naruto gawks at Hinata. Scene switches to the couple laying in bed after their tryst.*
Hinata: I do want one Naruto-kun.
*Naruto turns to Hinata.*
Hinata: It will happen whenever it does, ok.
*Naruto smiles at Hinata and kisses her on her forehead. Scene switches to Sasuke and Sakura checking into a travel lodge. The next panel shows Sakura in a bubble bath, with Sasuke in a steamy shower. Sasuke then walks out of the shower in a bath towel, looking at Sakura. He grins.*
Sasuke: I think I’m actually going to miss that place.
Sakura: Yeah, but I can’t wait to see everyone again.
*She looks up at Sasuke all innocently.*
Sakura: It’s been a while.
Sasuke: I know.
Sakura: So why has it been so long?
Sasuke: Because there is something I want to do first.
*Sakura stands up in the tub, bubble covering the appropriate areas.*
Sakura in her sultry voice: And what is that.
Sasuke smirks: You’ll see.
*Sasuke walks out of the bathroom, changes into his pjs and lays on the bed. A few minutes later, Sakura comes out in a nightgown and lays in bed with Sasuke. They roll onto their sides, facing each other.
Sakura: Do you not want me anymore?
Sasuke: It’s not that. I’ve just been thinking.
Sakura: About what.
Sasuke: If I’m going to build the Uchiha up again, we need to start by making you an Uchiha.
*Sakura screams with joy and hugs Sasuke, smothering him with kisses. Sasuke pushes her back a little, but still holding her.*
Sasuke: We need to rest tonight. I want to be in Konoha by tomorrow night.
Sakura: I want to hurry back too, but why are you in such a rush?
Sasuke: Something just doesn’t feel right.
*Scene switches to Naruto’s apartment, with Naruto at the window. A split panel is shown with a thunderstorm brewing in Sasuke’s area, and strong gusts of winds blowing in Konoha.*

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

A New Evil Appears
*Scene opens with Sakura and Sasuke on the road to Konoha.*
Sakura: You ok?
Sasuke: Yeah, just didn’t sleep well last night.
Sakura smirks: Well that’s because you wouldn’t play with me.
Sasuke looks at Sakura: No, it wasn’t.
*Sakura frowns.*
Sakura: I was just kidding.
*Sasuke puts his arm around Sakura’s waist and then flickers out of the scene. Next panel shows the two jumping through the tree branches.*
Sasuke as they are traveling: Play time will come.
Sakura turns to Sasuke: Did you mean what you said last night?
Sasuke: Of course.
*Sakura leans in and kisses Sasuke on the cheek.*
Sakura: So when is this going to happen?
Sasuke: How bout when we get to Konoha?!
Sakura screams: YAY!!!
*Scene switches back to the travel lodge. Several men in robes are searching through the room that Sasuke and Sakura stayed in last night.*
Fodder A: Found anything?
Fodder B: No.
Fodder C holding a black light to the bed: And no DNA either.
*Another man enters the room.*
Fodder D: We must hurry back to Iwa and report this to Grand Marshall Ryu.
*As the men leave, one grabs the innkeeper by his collar.*
Fodder D: Next time you should be more willing to cooperate. You don’t want to upset Lord Ryuden.
*The innkeeper looks on sheepishly mumbling. The man drops the innkeeper and the group leaves. A robed figure stands up and walks to the innkeeper.*
Figure: Do not fret patron. Their time is coming.
Innkeeper: Why didn’t you help me?
Figure: I’m not here for you. But I would not have let them bring harm to you or anyone here.
*Scene switches to Naruto walking down the streets of Konoha.*
Voice from behind: Naruto!
*Naruto turns to see Kiba and Shino.*
Kiba: Naruto, wait up.
*Kiba and Shino run towards Naruto.*
Kiba: How come didn’t you guys invite us last night?
Naruto: Huh?
Shino: Hinata told us about last night, at Ichiraku’s new place.
Naruto: Oh, sorry. It was more that we were invited. It’s something that Shikamaru, Choji, Ino, and Kurenai-sensei have done for the past three years themselves.
Kiba: No biggie. Yoah, Momma!
*Kiba gawks as a full-figured woman walks past the group.*
Shino: We really need to get you to settle down.
Kiba: I’m going to sew my wild oats while I can. I’m aiming for Mizukage-sama next.
Shino in thought: Oh lord… He never shuts up about Anko, and if that happens, he will definitely never shut up about her.
Kiba: C’mon Naruto, you know you think Mei is hot. You’ve dreamed about her… know what I mean!
Naruto: I’m married man.
Kiba: But you’re a guy. You can’t tell me you don’t think of another woman at times.
*Naruto stops, turns to Kiba and puts his hand on his shoulder.*
Naruto: You don’t know what kind of woman I have.
*Naruto flashes out. Kiba is left standing there. He then gawks at another woman as she walks by.*
Kiba: Hey momma, won’t you come home with daddy tonight?!
Shino in thought: Its times like these I wish Naruto would take me away to wherever he has went.
*Scene switches to the Hokage’s Office, with Tsunade, Shizune, and Hinata in it.*
Tsunade: After further consideration, we have decided to promote you to jounin. Congratulations, Hinata.
Hinata bows: Thank you Tsunade-sama.
*There’s a knock at the door.*
Tsunade: Come in.
*The door opens and in walks Kakashi, Gai, and Anko.*
Kakashi: Are we interrupting something?
Tsunade: No. If anything, congratulations are to be given to Hinata. She’s now a jounin.
Might Gai: Ahh, the essence of youth! Great job Hinata.
*Gai gives Hinata a thumb up pose.*
Kakashi: You should be a jounin having to put up with Naruto all the time.
Hinata: It’s not as bad as you would think.
Tsunade: What is it Kakashi?
Kakashi: Raikage-sama and Tsuchikage-sama are in agreement that we need to keep an eye on Otogakure.
Tsunade: And what do you think Anko?
Anko: Something doesn’t feel right. Requesting permission to gather more intel on Otogakure.
Tsunade: I’ll grant it under one condition.
Anko: Aye.
Tsunade smirks: Kiba accompanies you.
Anko growls: Aye Hokage-sama.
*Anko storms out of the room.*
Shizune: Are you sure that’s a good idea?
Tsunade: No matter how lewd he is, Kiba is our best tracker next to Naruto. And with Naruto prepping to go back to the Land of Whirlpools with Hinata, Kiba is our best option. Kakashi… you will accompany them.
*Kakashi droops. Hinata giggles.*
Shizune: You know she’s had a thing for him since she returned.
*Gai pats Kakashi on the back*
Gai: I’m sure he will show her his essence of youth!
Kakashi: Shaddup!
*Kakashi clocks Gai, knocking him through a window. Tsunade gets up and walks over to Kakashi.*
Tsunade: You’re going to make sure she doesn’t kill Kiba. Dismissed!
*Everyone leaves her office. Scene switches to atop the Hokage Mountain. Naruto is seen meditating. The scene focuses on Naruto’s subconscious.*
Kurama: What is it Naruto?
Naruto: You felt it last night, too, didn’t you?
Kurama: Yeah.
Naruto: Do you have any idea of what I’m searching for.
Kurama: It’s about the Uzumakis. That’s all I know.
Naruto: But how can the Uzumakis be her descendants when her two sons were the Uchiha and Senju?
Kurama: I don’t know. I just know that I get a serious eery feeling everytime that shinigami is around.
Naruto: How come?
Kurama: So you haven’t felt it?
Naruto: Felt what?
Kurama: His power?
Naruto: Not really… I mean I know his power level is far beyond ours, but no, I haven’t actually felt it.
Kurama: It’s tremendous and frightening at the same time.
Naruto: So this is what has been on your mind for over two years now?
Kurama: Not just this. I got a feeling from that wind the day you defeated the juubi. Last night, I got the same feeling.
Naruto: We’ll be alright; we have a protector, remember.
Kurama: That’s what frightens me.
*Scene is switched to Konoha’s main gate as the sun is setting. Kakashi, Anko, and Kiba are setting out on their mission, as they start to leave, they meet Sasuke and Sakura coming into Konoha.*
Kakashi: Sasuke… Sakura…
Sakura: Kakashi-sensei
*She runs to Kakashi and hugs him. Sasuke comes walking up.*
Kiba: Sasuke *Kiba shakes Sasuke’s hand*
Anko looks over Sasuke and bows: Sasuke
Anko in thought: What a hottie. If she hasn’t tamed him I will!
Kiba: Sakura, is that you?
*Sakura hugs Kiba now.*
Kiba in thought: Holy shit. She has boobs now!
Kakashi: So you’re back from Kumo, for good now?
Sasuke: Aye. I have a message to deliver to the Hokage.
Kakashi: It wouldn’t have to deal with Otogakure, would it?
Sasuke: No. But I heard Suigetsu is now its leader.
Kakashi: Yeah, well, we’re heading out. See you guys soon.
*Kakashi, Anko, and Kiba leave.*
Sakura: Sasuke… where are we going to stay tonight?
Sasuke: Your parents.
Sakura: But we can’t fool around in their house.
Sasuke: I told you, we’re not fooling around until you have my name.
Sakura smiles: It’s sexy when you act like that.
Sasuke: But first I must see the Hokage.
*There is a crash before Sasuke and Sakura. A small dust cloud forms, but is clears eventually.*
Sakura: Ton Ton!!!
*Sakura runs to Ton Ton, Tsunade, and Shizune. All three embrace.*
Tsunade: It’s good to see you again Sakura. Sasuke.
*Sasuke nods at Tsunade. Tsunade notices the logo on Sakura’s shirt.*
Tsunade: Don’t tell me…
Sasuke: Not yet.
Tsunade: But if a non-Uchiha wore the Uchiha symbol, that was grounds for murder.
Sasuke: The Uchiha will not thrive in the darkness anymore.
*Sasuke throws Tsunade the scroll, which she catches.*
Sasuke: When you get some time, the Raikage asks that you take a look at that?
*All five head into Konoha. The scene switches to a tavern where there is a small party going on. Hinata is at the center.*
Hiashi: Congratulations!
Hinata: Thanks dad.
Hanabi: You finally did it sis. (Hanabi is now a teenager and a genin)
Hinata: Yeah, I did.
Shikamaru holds up a mug: To Hinata.
Numerous people hold up their mugs and yell: To Hinata!
*Everyone is drinking, and then a hush enters the room. Everyone stares at the couple who just walked in.*
Hinata: Sakura! Sasuke! Welcome Home!
Everyone: Here, Here!
*Hinata motions for the couple to come sit with her. Sakura leads Sasuke through the crowd. Ino comes rushing through.*
Ino: Sakura!
Sakura: Ino!
*The two embrace. Sasuke looks around.*
Sasuke: Where’s Naruto?
Hinata: I don’t know.
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*The scene switches to Naruto standing on a cliff, overlooking the ocean. The shinigami appears behind Naruto.*
Shinigami: Naruto…
*Naruto turns around to face the shinigami.*
Shinigami walks closer to Naruto: Why do you not fear me like the kyuubi does?
Naruto: I just don’t, I guess.
Shinigami: You trust me?
Naruto: Well, my dad and the other hokages trusted you.
Shinigami: And what if that was all a genjutsu.
Naruto: I may suck at genjutsu and breaking out of them, but Kurama doesn’t.
Shinigami: Very well then. What you are about to find is going to explain a lot, but not everything.
Naruto: So you know what I’m looking for?
Shinigami: I must warn you, once you start down this path, there is no turning back, for you or anyone else.
Naruto: What’s that supposed to mean?
Shinigami: Your wife can handle herself if her opponent is a human. But what if her opponent is not human? Can you protect her and fight those whom you will need to?
*The shinigami fades away.*
Naruto yells: What the hell is that supposed to mean?
Voice from behind Naruto: It means you need to continue what you’re already doing.
*Naruto turns around and sees a tall figure in a kimono walking up to him. The figure has long, straight white hair.*
Figure: You must keep training her. Your opponent is going to look to break you before they kill you. And right now, that is Hinata. Keep training her. She will never reach your level, no one will. But she should be able to protect herself.
Naruto: Who are you?
Figure: When you return, and you have found what you are searching for, that is when you will know who I am.
*The figure disappears with the wind.*
Naruto: What the hell…
*Naruto flashes out and back to his apartment, which is empty. He starts looking for Hinata and finds a note on the fridge. Naruto smiles and runs out the door. Scene changes back to the tavern, where everyone is partying.*
Shikamaru yells out slurring: Nahruetooooo!
*Everyone turns to Naruto and raises their glasses/mugs. Hinata runs to Naruto and jumps into his arms.*
Naruto: What’s going on?
Hinata slurred: I beeecam a juunin.
Naruto: Baby, you are a chuunin.
Hinata: No… I am a jonin *hic*
Naruto: A jounin… oh
*It finally hits Naruto. He picks her up and kisses her.*
Naruto: Congrats baby!
Hinata: But you didn’t want to celebrate, so everyone else started celebrating with me.
*Everyone raises their mugs and glasses again.*
Naruto: I’m sorry baby. I’ll make it up to you tonight.
Hinata: Youh must nibble on my wegs and toesh. (Hinata has a unique foot fetish)
*Ino busts out laughing.*
Shikamaru: Whatsh sho funny?
Ino: Don’t you remember the night before Naruto disappeared, when the entire camp heard Hinata screaming and moaning?
Temari in thought: So that’s what he did! I think I would like the leg part, not so much the toes.
*Temari gets a devilish grin. She grabs Shikamaru by his collar and drags him out of the cavern. Ino keeps laughing. Sakura jumps and runs to Naruto and hugs him.*
Naruto: Sakura???
*Naruto looks over Sakura and sees Sasuke. He nods to him. Sasuke raises his mug. The two couples sit together at a table.*
Naruto: So…
Sasuke: So…
Naruto: Ah, I’m just going to say it, are you two married yet?
Sasuke: Not yet.
Hinata: You better get off you burtt buddee! Sakura is a fine woman!
Sakura: Don’t worry... I almost got him locked up.
*Sakura takes a swig from her mug.*
Sasuke: Yup. I already asked the future-in-laws. We’re going to make it official in a couple of days. And I guess our honeymoon will be our mission with you guys.
*Naruto gets a stern look. Sasuke is the only person who catches the look.*
Sasuke: I think it’s time we left.
Hinata: Where are you guys staying?
Sakura: The rentz! That is until we can find a place here.
Hinata: Oh… I’ll help you find a place Sakura.
*Sasuke pulls Sakura up.*
Sasuke: We’ll see you guys tomorrow I’m sure.
*Sasuke carries Sakura out of the tavern. Hinata turns and looks at Naruto.*
Hinata: What’s wrong honey?
Naruto: You know I don’t like it when you call me that.
*Naruto looks at Hinata.*
Hinata: Yeah…. well… it’s the name that your wife has chosen for you.
*Hinata nudges her head against Naruto’s.*
Hinata: Now take me home, and keep your word.
*Naruto smiles, and the two leave the tavern. Scene switches to the next day. Hinata is seen standing in front of the bathroom mirror.*
Hinata: I got so drunk last night.
Naruto from their shower: Yeah, you did.
Hinata: Did you keep your word?
Naruto: Check your leg.
*Hinata pulls her pj pants out and sees bite marks and a hickie on her leg. She giggles.*
Hinata: So what are we going to do today?
*Naruto turns the shower off and steps out, wrapped in a towel.*
Naruto: I’m going to get the details of our upcoming mission.
Hinata: And then…
*She grabs at his towel, but Naruto doesn’t let Hinata jerk it away. She starts to pout.*
Naruto: While I would love to ravage you right now, I have more important things to do.
Hinata yells: WHAT!!! What is more important than me?!!!
*She storms out of the bathroom.*
Naruto sighes: Nothing.
*Scene switches to Sasuke and Sakura walking down a street hand in hand.*
Sakura: So… where do you want to live?
Sasuke: I honestly would like to consider taking over the old Uchiha district.
Sakura: I’m not sure we can afford an entire district, plus are you sure they rebuilt it?
Sasuke: We’ll see.
*The scene switches to outside the Hokage’s office, with Naruto sitting on the curb. Sasuke and Sakura walk up.*
Sasuke: Sakura, go on up and talk to Tsunade about our wedding. I’ll be up shortly.
*Sakura heads inside the office building by herself.*
Sasuke: Spill it. I can tell that not only something is up with you, but the kyuubi is alarmed as well.
Naruto: I’ll explain once we reach our mission.
*Naruto stands up.*
Naruto: During your time in Kumo, did you train?
Sasuke: Yes.
Naruto: What about Sakura?
Sasuke: She honed her medical skills.
Naruto: You’ve got a week to train her up. That’s all I know.
*Naruto walks off back to his apartment. Once he walks in he sees a note from Hinata. He picks up the note and then crumbles it.*
Naruto in thought: That woman is going to cause me to go bankrupt.
*Scene switches to Hinata, Tenten, and Hanabi on a shopping spree through Konoha’s retail district.*
Tenten: Ok, spill it Hinata. Why are you spending all of this money? What did he do?
Hinata: Why is it that when I want to go shopping with a friend and my sister that I have to be mad at Naruto?
Hanabi: Because of the amount you’ve spent.
Hinata: How much have I spent?
Hanabi: Two weeks’ pay for you.
Hinata: Oh shit. I spent way too much. Naruto is going to kill me.
Hanabi: I don’t understand why. I swear, I think sometimes you could get away with murder with him.
Tenten: I agree.
Tenten in thought: Wow, this is a month’s expenses for me. Thank goodness for Lee.
Hinata: Do you really think so?
Tenten: Yeah. Although I can’t say much. I know I can get away with a lot with Lee.
*The scene switches to Sakura and Sasuke walking out of the Hokage’s office. Sakura is glowing while Sasuke has a stern look on his face.*
Sakura: So we’re getting married in two days.
Sasuke: Yeah, we are, aren’t we? Sakura, we need to talk.
Sakura: About what?
Sasuke looks around: We just need to talk.
Sakura: So are we going to put the deposit down on that place tonight?
Sasuke smiles: Yeah.
*Flashback scene to where Tsunade informs Sasuke that Naruto himself rebuilt the Uchiha district, awaiting his return.*
Sakura: How long will it take us to pay it off?
Sasuke: Forever.
*He leans in and kisses Sakura’s cheek.*
Sakura: So are we going to play tonight?
Sasuke: Is that all you think about?
Sakura: I have needs too.
Sasuke: I know. But we are going to start training tomorrow.
Sakura: What kind of training… and why?
Sasuke: I don’t know. But something tells me we’ll be training alongside Naruto and Hinata.
Sakura in thought: What’s going on?
*Scene switches to a bistro. Hinata, Tenten, and Hanabi are all eating, Hinata’s treat. A figure is sitting in a corner with a hooded cloak on, sipping on coffee, staring at Hinata. No one in the bistro has noticed the person. Suddenly two figures are sitting with the person, one being the figure that spoke with Naruto in the Land of Whirlpools.*
Figure A(Naruto’s person): Unless you want an all-out fight with the two of us, you would think twice.
Figure B: That’s right.
Person removing his cloak: I’m just scouting brothers.
Figure A: If you lay a hand on her…
Person: Relax Fujin.
Fujin: Don’t tell me to relax Amatsu. Know your place.
Amatsu in thought: You can beat me now, but you won’t be able to soon.
Amatsu: Alright, alright. I’ll leave. You know, she’s almost as pretty *nodding to Hinata* as my bride was.
*On a cloudless day, a strong breeze rushes through Konoha, and a crack of thunder is heard.*
Amatsu: Calm down boys. Fujin, you can dismiss your winds as mere coincidences. But you Raijin, a crack of thunder on a cloudless day…
*Amatsu pulls his hood back up and vanishes.*
Fujin: We must leave. They are not ready for us yet.
Raijin: But you’ve talked to Naruto, have you not?
Fujin: Aye, but it is to prepare him *turns to Hinata* and them.
*Raijin and Fujin vanish. The bistro continues on as if they were not there. Scene switches to a huge castle surrounded by a moat of fire. Amatsu is seen walking into a room.*
Amatsu: I have returned milady.
Woman: And what news do you have?
Amatsu: While they are aware of us, they still are clueless.
Woman: Fujin and Raijin are their protectors, no?
Amatsu: Aye, they are.
*The scene focuses on the woman sitting in a chair. She’s a full-figured woman with rotting flesh and maggots crawling around and in her skin.*
Woman: Your time for revenge is nigh, husband.
*Amatsu walks over to the woman.*
Amatsu: And so is yours. He will regret the day he left you at my footstep.

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

An Old Power Is Found
*The scene opens with Sasuke and Sakura leaving a bank.*
Sakura: We did it, we are now homeowners!
Sasuke smiling: Yeah, we are.
Sakura: And in a few days, we’ll be married! Oh this couldn’t get any better.
Sasuke: Just enjoy this moment. Tonight we rest. Tomorrow, I’m whipping you into tip-top shape.
*Sasuke gives Sakura a playful slap on her ass.*
Sakura: And after training….
Sasuke: Not until you have my name.
Sakura pouting: Once this is all said and done, you owe me big time.
Sasuke smiling: Yeah, I do.
*Sakura jumps into Sasuke’s arms as they spin around several times. Scene switches to Hinata walking into the apartment with 10 bags of clothes and small knick-knacks. The lights are out and Hinata calls out for Naruto. No one responds. Hinata sighs and begins to put the things she bought away.*
Hinata in thought: I’ll cook him his favorite meal.
*Hinata starts to gather some ingredients and begins to make a dish (its pork ramen, what else). Scene switches to Naruto at the old training grounds. He’s leaning against the middle post that both he and Jiraya were tied to during their training with their sensei.*
Naruto in thought: How can I train her?
Kurama: I have an idea.
Naruto: Yeah…
Kurama: Hinata’s prowess in seals is on par with your dad.
Naruto: Really?
Kurama: You need to have her incorporate that into her fighting so she can defend herself against those who would attack her.
Naruto: But we’ve only got six days left before we leave. Is that enough time?
Kurama: For you, that’s more than enough time, but for her, probably not.
Naruto getting an idea: You’re a genius Kurama.
*Naruto flashes out of the training area. The scene switches back to Naruto and Hinata’s apartment, showing Hinata in the kitchen, pulling the noodles out of the boilding water. She just dumps them into each bowl as there is a knock at the door.*
Hinata: Come in.
*The door opens and in walks Sasuke and Sakura.*
Hinata: Sasuke-kun… Sakura-chan… What’s going on?
Hinata in thought: Please don’t stay all night. I want to make up with Naruto.
Sakura: We were just in the neighborhood.
Sasuke: Where’s Naruto? I wanted to talk to him.
Hinata: I don’t know actually. We kinda had a fight this morning.
Sakura: What did he do Hinata? Want me to knock some sense into him?
Hinata: It wasn’t him. I just overreacted and blew things way out of proportion… and I spent two weeks’ worth of pay on clothes and decorations *now crying* and he’s going to be upset when he finds out how much I spent…
*Sakura goes to Hinata and hugs her.*
Sakura: It’s going to be ok Hinata.
Sakura in thought: And knowing Naruto, he’s got a hidden stash somewhere, so don’t worry about the money. He was always so cheap on missions.
Hinata sobbing: Do you guys want to eat dinner with us?
Sasuke: Thank you for the offer, bu…
Sakura: Sure.
*Sasuke looks at Sakura as Sakura returns her all-knowing glare.*
Hinata inbetween sobs: I can make some fried rice.
*The women start cooking the rice as Sasuke sits on the couch. Another knock is heard at the door.*
Hinata: Come in.
*There is another knock at the door. Then footsteps are heard running away from the door.*
Sasuke in thought: That was weird.
*The scene switches to a travel lodge, with more men dressed in the same cloaks as those who followed Sasuke.*
Fodder A: Were you able to get her?
Fodder B: No.
Fodder A: Why not?!
Fodder C: Because we sensed him.
Fodder A: Who?
Fodder C: The Toad Sage, Uzumaki Naruto.
Fodder A: So it would have been two on one, don’t be such a big crybaby.
Fodder B: He wasn’t the only one we sensed.
Fodder A: So they’re here already?
Fodder B and C: Aye.
Fodder A: Then we must return to Kirigakure. Lord Ryuden will want to know this.
*Scene shows the three men leaving Konoha through the main gate. As they walk outside the gate, Naruto flashes in front of them.*
Naruto: What did you want with my wife?
Fodder A: Please let us pass; we’re humble monks traveling about.
*Naruto walks through the group and just as he passes through them he stops.*
Naruto: Make sure Kabuto knows that I know he’s still out there. His time will come.
*The fodders facial expressions are shocked and they run away. Scene switches to Naruto opening the door to his apartment. Sasuke, Sakura, and Hinata are all at a table eating dinner. Hinata jumps up at the sight of Naruto and runs to him, leaping into his arms. She gives him a full kiss (tongue) and Naruto pulls back.*
Naruto: How much?
Hinata: What?
Sakura: Naruto, just eat with us, please.
Naruto: Just tell me… how much.
Hinata looks down, still in Naruto’s arms: Two weeks’ pay.
Naruto sighs: Fine.
*The couple walk back to the table and join their friends.*
Sasuke: Where have you been?
Naruto: When were you going to tell me about Kabuto?
*Sasuke goes wide-eyed.*
Sasuke: What do you mean?
*Naruto looks down*
Naruto: Nothing.
Naruto in thought: Why am I sensing him here in Konoha. His chakra was on that group of monks as well.
*Scene switches to a figure walking the streets of Konoha in a long black cloak. Panel focuses on the face, showing Kabuto pushing his glasses back in place on his face.*
Kabuto in thought: This is starting to get fun, Naruto. I’ll keep an eye on you for now. Our time to play hasn’t come just yet.
*Kabuto walks out of Konoha and into the darkness. Scene switches back to the apartment around the four at the table.*
Sasuke: What in the hell do you mean nothing? Kabuto is dead. He died by my Amerterasu.
Naruto looks up at Sasuke with Sage eyes: Then why do I feel him?
Sakura: Calm down Naruto. There’s got to be some explanation to this.
Naruto looks at Sasuke: You told the Raikage that Kabuto had become a Sage of Ryuchidou, right?!
Sasuke: How do you know about that?
Naruto: I just do.
*There’s an awkward moment of silence.*
Naruto: He’s not dead. And he’s stronger, a lot stronger.
Sasuke: Surely not stronger than you.
Naruto: No, but knowing him, he’s got something up his sleeve to get rid of me or bring him to my level or beyond.
Sasuke: Could he beat me?
Naruto: It would depend on his knowledge of senjutsu and how he is able to use it. Knowing him and how Orochimaru was, I wouldn’t doubt it that they could take out all of Konoha right now.
Sasuke looking down: That does make sense
*Hinata stands up and walks over to Naruto.*
Hinata: Everything will be ok.
*They all look at Hinata.*
Hinata looking Naruto in the eye: We’ve all matured, both physically and mentally, except for maybe Kiba… but we’re better than we used to be. And we have you… in here.
*Hinata takes Naruto’s hand and places it over her heart.*
Hinata: Your will feeds my will.
Sasuke: Aye, it does.
Sakura: You are our knucklehead after all.
Sasuke: We need to leave. C’mon Sakura.
*After all the hugging and shaking hands, Sakura and Sasuke leave.*
Hinata: I’m lucky.
Naruto: How come?
Hinata: I’m married to you, and you are soooo understanding.
Naruto: Don’t think I forgot about all that money you spent.
Hinata looking down: I’m sorry. So how are we going to make it the next few weeks?
Naruto: Don’t worry about it.
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Naruto walks off to the bedroom and turns the shower on. He walks back into the living area, and throws Hinata over his shoulder. Hinata squeals and giggles.*
Naruto: Now that the important things are taken care of, it’s time to take care of the most important thing.
Hinata: ME?!!!!
Naruto: Yep. Ravaging you.
*The two disappear into the steam from the shower. Scene switches to the next day at the training ground. Naruto and Hinata are already seen sparring with each other. Sasuke and Sakura are walking up to the area. Naruto and Hinata smile and wave at them when they see them.*
Hinata: Hey guys.
Naruto: What brings the two of you here.
Sakura smiles: It’s been a while since I trained with the two of you (referring to Sasuke and Naruto). It will be just like old times.
Sasuke: It almost doesn’t feel right without Kakashi-sensei.
Hinata: What’s in the bag?
Sakura: Training clothes.
Hinata: See Naruto, it wasn’t a dumb idea! Sakura and Sasuke brought training clothes.
Naruto laughing: Alright, fine. It wasn’t a stupid idea.
*He walks to Hinata and kisses her on the cheek.*
Naruto: Give me a minute.
*Naruto flashes out.*
Sasuke: Doesn’t that get on your nerves?
Hinata: Not so much. Especially when you realize he could do it in the middle of fight to get away from you, but he never does.
Sakura: Wow Hinata, you’ve really changed him.
Sasuke: Let’s go on and change. Hinata, do you think Naruto will mind if we invited some others to train with us?
Hinata: Nah.
Sakura: Where are we going to change?
Hinata: I can help with that. Do you think five minutes will be enough?
Sasuke looking around: Yeah, I guess.
Hinata: Ok, go stand wherever you want to change.
Sakura: Here is fine.
Hinata slams the ground with her palm: Stealth barrier!
*Sakura and Sasuke disappear from sight.*
Sakura: Ugh, can you see us Hinata?
Hinata: No, but I can hear you
*Sakura and Sasuke begin to change into their outfits. Naruto flashes back.*
Naruto: Where is Sasuke and Sakura, they were just here.
*Naruto hands Hinata a small bag of clothes.*
Hinata giggling: They’re here.
*Naruto enters Sage mode.*
Naruto: Ah, there you are. So you’ve mastered it baby?
Hinata: Just about, Honey.
Naruto groaning: You know I hate that.
*Hinata laughs at Naruto. Soon the group of Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon show up at the training ground.*
Konohamaru: Nii-san.
Naruto: Konohamaru???
Hinata: Sasuke invited them. They are going with us after all.
Naruto: Oh alright. So how long did you set up the barrier?
Hinata: They have two minutes left.
Naruto: So do you want to change here, or somewhere else.
Sakura: How come you guys get to go elsewhere and change?
*Sakura walks through the barrier, wearing a tight black leather short skirt, with mesh leggings going up just past her knees. She is wearing a red leather sleeveless tank top with the Uchiha symbol right under the neckline on her back. She is wearing her traditional shinobi boots.*
Konohamaru: Holy cow Sakura! You sure are…
Moegi: Sarutobi Konohamaru, you will show some respect to her.
*Sasuke walks through the barrier wearing his same outfit just the fabric for the pants is leather now, holding the traditional armor for the Uchiha. Sasuke walks up to Sakura, caressing her ass.*
Sasuke whispers to Sakura: Ok, maybe we won’t be able to wait until you have my name.
Sakura giggles as she thinks: That’s why I picked this outfit for training. It’s working!
Hinata slams the ground again with her palm: Stealth barrier!
*Naruto and Hinata are now in the barrier and begin to change. After a few minutes the couple walks through the barrier. Hinata walks out wearing the outfit she was introduced in (black pants, high heel boots, mesh top, chest and and shoulder covered by black tank top with Uzumaki crest on the back). Naruto is wearing white pants with a black and orange long sleeve jacket (color patterns reversed from time skip). Konohamaru looks at Hinata and then looks away blushing.*
Hinata: Do I not get any praise Konohamaru?
Udon: He’s afraid that Moegi will either try to beat him up, or that Naruto will kick his ass.
*Naruto, Hinata, Sakura, and Sasuke all laugh at this.*
Voice: So I see everyone is here.
*Shikamaru is walking up to the group with Shino.*
Naruto: So what are we going to do if Kiba doesn’t make it back in time?
A woman’s voice: That’s where I come in.
*Everyone turns to see Kurenai walking to the area.*
Hinata: Kurenai-sensei!
*Kurenai joins the group.*
Shikamaru: So why are we all here to train, for what looks like fighting and defense when this mission is more about discovery and intel?
*Naruto and Sasuke look at each other.*
Sasuke: Just trust us. Tis better to be prepared, wouldn’t you agree.
*Kurenai looks over Hinata.*
Kurenai in thought: And to think, when I first met you, you had such little confidence and low self-esteem. You’ve grown a lot. Thank you, Naruto.
Naruto: I’m glad that we could all get together and train like this, but I need to train Hinata.
*Scene switches to a tree branch supporting both Fujin and Raijin in their human forms.*
Raijin: It’s getting close to the time for us to reveal ourselves.
Fujin: Aye, it is. Bringing this many people with them will bring more of a burden.
Raijin: But he believes he is the one to bring peace to us.
Fujin: It’s just a shame that we lost peace in the first place.
*The shinigami appears behind the two.*
Shinigami: Hello brothers. Enjoying the scenery?
Raijin: Aye. Just seeing what we’re dealing with here.
Fujin: What do you think he will do once they have been released?
Shinigami: I don’t know, but at that point, we will know if they are with us, or against us. I just grow weary of this sorrow.
Fujin: Aye brother. You did the right thing, trust me.
Raijin: Trust him brother. He’s been around longer than you.
*The three figures fade out as the groups begin training. Kurenai is sparring with Shino. Shikamaru has promised to buy Konohamaru, Udon, and Moegi lunch if they can make him bleed. Sakura is doing some shadow boxing as Sasuke is putting on his armor. Hinata has activated her byuakugan, in a fighting pose, facing Naruto. Scene focuses on Naruto and Hinata.*
Naruto: First, I want you to make a kage no bunshin.
Hinata: But I don’t have your stamina, Honey.
Naruto grunting: Just trust me.
*Hinata sighes and then makes one kage no bunshin.*
Naruto: Now, which one is the real you?
*The real Hinata raises her hand.*
Naruto: Ok, you follow me.
*Naruto and the clone walk off into the forest. Naruto is seen talking to the clone.*
Naruto: Now disperse.
*The clone disperses. Hinata’s facial expression brightens up as she giggles.*
Hinata yelling: You promise?!
Naruto yelling as he walks back to her: Yes!
*Naruto walks back to Hinata.*
Naruto: Now do another one.
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Hinata makes another bunshin. Naruto makes five bunshins.*
Naruto: Your goal is to reach me. If you can get past my clones, I’m all yours. I promise not to enter Sage nor Kurama mode.
Hinata: I don’t get it, but ok.
*Hinata and her clone rush the first Naruto clone, Hinata hitting the 64 Palms of Fury on the clone, making it poof away. Her clone then leaps to the next clone, and just as it is about to connect with the clone with a straight palm thrust to the gut, the Naruto clone catches the Hinata clone’s arm and throws her back into the original Hinata, making the clone poof away.*
Naruto: Ok, that’s one down. Four more to go.
*The scene progresses to noon, with everyone panting but Naruto. Hinata is on both of knees about to collapse over.*
Hinata panting: Naruto… I think I over did it.
Naruto walks up to Hinata: You’re not done yet.
Shikamaru: Give her a break Naruto. I mean she’s your wife.
Sasuke: Leave them alone Shikamaru. Trust me when I say you don’t know what’s going on. Hell, I don’t either, but I know he has a reason for doing this.
*Naruto picks Hinata up in his arms.*
Naruto: It’s lunch time anyway. How about a break?
Kurenai: Good idea!
Kurenai in thought: So this is the power of the Sage who is the jinchuuriki of the kyuubi?
*Naruto enters Kurama Sage mode and begins to heal Hinata and give her some more chakra. Hinata stares at Naruto.*
Hinata: So why are you pushing me so hard?
Naruto: Because you called me honey.
*Naruto smiles and Hinata leans up and kisses Naruto. Scene switches to Kakashi, Kiba, and Anko standing in the area that used to be Kagame’s base of operations. Anko is sweating from the nervousness of remembering when Kabuto kidnapped her.*
Kakashi: You ok, Anko?
Anko: Yeah, I’m fine.
Kiba smirks: Daddy will protect you.
*Anko clobbers Kiba over the back of his head, knocking him out.*
Kakashi: Was that really called for?
Anko: He started it.
Kakashi: I could say you started it by sleeping with him.
Anko: It was only one time.
Kakashi: Really, then who else have you been with?
*Anko starts counting on her fingers and scratching her head.*
Kakashi: Just nevermind. The point is that you wouldn’t attract that attention if you would just settle down with someone.
Anko: Someone like you?
Kakashi: Ah… we need to get back to our mission.
*Anko sighs*
Kakashi in thought: That was close.
*Kakashi summons Pakkun.*
Kakashi: I want you to investigate what’s in the cave. You know what to do if you run into trouble.
Pakkun: Ok.
*Pakkun turns and runs into the cave, following his nose. Anko walks up to Kakashi.*
Anko: I just want to say I’m sorry for acting the way I have. You must think I’m a total slut.
Kakashi: Anko, not now.
Anko: I’m trying to bear my soul to you, and you just reject me like that.
Kakashi: How about we do this when we get back?
*Hearts appear in Anko’s eyes.*
Anko: Ok. You promise?
Kakashi: Promise.
*The scene switches as Pakkun runs into a deep, cavernous room. He sniffs around until he comes upon a huge boulder. Pakkun looks up and gawks at what he sees.*
Pakkun: I have to tell Kakashi about this.
*The scene zooms out the show the Gedo Mazo statue. Scene switches back to the training ground as everyone but Sasuke and Naruto are lying on the ground breathing heavily. Naruto disperses his last clone that Hinata could not get past.*
Naruto: You guys ok?
Shikamaru rolls over onto his stomach looking at Sasuke and Naruto: The two of you are Sadists.
Sasuke smiles: I told you that you were going to train like never before.
Shikamaru: Yeah, but the fact that when all of us teamed up to help Hinata beat Naruto’s last clone and you, and we’re all on the ground…
Naruto: It’s perfect training for what is ahead.
*Hinata is now up to one knee.*
Hinata with a devilish grin: I’m going to get you back, especially after you made that promise and got me all excited.
Naruto laughing: No you won’t.
*Naruto walks over to Hinata and helps her up to her feet.*
Naruto: Same time tomorrow?
Shikamaru: Count me out.
Konohamaru, Udon, and Moegi: Me, too.
Kurenai: I haven’t been out of breath like this since Asu…
*Shikamaru and Hinata are staring at Kurenai wide-eyed.*
Kurenai realizing this: Nevermind. I need the rest.
*Sasuke now has Sakura up with him.*
Sakura: I’ve seen you do this so many times. How do you do it?
Shino now on one knee: He’s Naruto. There’s no way to explain it.
Naruto smiles: Then rest up, and be ready in five days. Train in your own ways.
*Naruto and Hinata flash out.*
Sakura: Sasuke…
Sasuke: Yeah…
Sakura: I’m too tired to play tonight.
*Sasuke busts out laughing.*
Shikamaru in thought: I’m so glad Temari isn’t here.
*The group starts going their separate ways. Sasuke and Sakura start to leave, with Sasuke holding Sakura around the waist, supporting her as she walks.*
Sakura: You know, would it kill you to learn the Flying Thunder God technique.
Sasuke: I actually prefer this. I get to be closer to you that much longer.
Sakura: You are such… an asshole.
*Sakura leans in and kisses Sasuke.*
Sakura: And I love you for it.
*Scene switches to Naruto laying Hinata down in their bed. She looks up at him. *
Hinata: You haven’t pushed me that hard…. ever. What’s going on Naruto?
Naruto: I want to make sure you’re ready.
Hinata: For what?
Naruto looks down: I’ve been told that I might not be able to defend you and fight whomever it is that I’m going to have to fight. I can’t stand the thought of losing you.
Hinata caressing Naruto’s cheek: You can’t lose me.
*Naruto smiles.*
Hinata: If I wasn’t so tired, I’d make love to you right now.
Naruto grins: You need your rest baby. We’re training again tomorrow, just you and me.
Hinata smiling: Great… no sex for how long?
*Naruto leans down and kisses her.*
Naruto: Just relax and rest.
*Naruto undresses Hinata and tucks her into bed. He then goes to his balcony and sits, looking up at the moon.*
Voice from above: So what’s bothering you?
*Scene zooms out to show Sasuke sitting on Naruto’s roof. He jumps down onto the balcony.*
Naruto: Just thinking.
Sasuke: Oh yeah… why did you have Hinata train like that?
Naruto: That is the training I used to master the FRS.
Sasuke: How so?
Naruto: When using the kage no bunshin technique, you are completely split amongst however many clones you make. When the clone disperses, that knowledge and experience is taken back to the original body.
Sasuke: So by making Hinata use the bunshins, you’ve increased her battle experience exponentially. And you’ve replenished her chakra when she was about to run out. Am I right?
Naruto: Yeah, you got it.
Sasuke: So today, Hinata probably got about ten days’ worth of training?
Naruto: Yeah.
Sasuke: Pretty smart… but why Hinata?
Naruto: The shinigami warned me that she was my weak point. He asked me if I would be able to defend her and fight those who I am to fight.
Sasuke: But that doesn’t sound like… being scared that is.
Naruto: I’m sure you can tell that things have changed. I’ve got a wife now. And down the road, hopefully I’ll have children.
Sasuke: I understand. So has your protector shown himself to you?
Naruto: I think so, but I’m not sure.
Sasuke: And everything is going to start with our new mission.
Naruto: That’s what I was told.
Sasuke: Do me a favor then.
Naruto: What is it?
Sasuke: Sakura and I are getting married the day after tomorrow. We can count on the two of you being there.
Naruto smiling: Sure!
Sasuke: Thanks. And don’t worry about Hinata.
Naruto: That’s not easy.
Sasuke: See you later.
*Sasuke flickers out. Naruto looks again at the moon and walks inside, looking at Hinata asleep on the bed. The scene switches to Kakashi, Anko, and Kiba leaping through the trees to return to Konoha.*
Anko: Is Pakkun sure he saw what he did?
Kakashi: Aye. And the fact that it has stayed there all this time… We must notify the Hokage, and then the other kages.
Kiba: Right now would be a good time for Naruto to poof in and flash us all to Konoha.
Anko: Shaddup ya lazyass!
Kakashi: I concur. Let’s just hurry back as fast as we can.
*Scene switches back to the room with Gedo Mazo in it. A figure is shown slithering around on the ground. Another figure walks up. Panel focuses on Ryuden.*
Ryuden: Do you have what you promised?
Figure: As you commanded Ryuden-sama.
Ryuden: And what of our visitors?
Figure: They are of no worry. The peace treaty prevents the five great villages from taking any action against us. They have no proof after all.
Ryuden: You are proving to be a good lieutenant, Ryu.
*Ryu steps into the moonlight, revealing a man who resembles Orochimaru with a soul-patch goatee and handlebar mustache.*

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