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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

A Union
*Scene opens with Naruto and Hinata at the training area, Naruto is sitting on a branch, watching Hinata spar with his clones. Hinata is panting, falling to a knee.*
Hinata: I can’t do this. I don’t have your stamina.
*Naruto disperses his clones, jumping down from the branch and running over to Hinata. He helps her up, and supports her by her waist as she stands.*
Naruto: You’re doing just fine, Baby.
Hinata: Is it lunch time yet?
Naruto: Yeah. You’ve earned it.
*Naruto carries Hinata off the training area. The scene switches to Tsunade’s office. Pakkun is seen in front of Tsunade’s desk.*
Tsunade: And that is all?
Pakkun: Aye.
Tsunade: Shizune, send notices to all the kages. We’re going to have another summit.
Shizune: Aye, Tsunade-sama.
Tsunade: Pakkun, I have a request of you.
Pakkun: Yes, Lady Tsunade?
Tsunade: Return to Kakashi and deliver this message.
*Tsunade hands Pakkun a letter. Pakkun takes the letter in his mouth and then runs out of the office.*
Shizune: Do you still plan to attend Sakura and Sasuke’s wedding?
Tsunade: Yes. We’re going to have this Summit here in Konoha.
Shizune: But the location of the Gedo Mazo is nearest Kumo.
Tsunade: Its location does not bother me. What bothers me, is that apparently none of our sensors have sensed it for over two years.
Shizune: You don’t think…
Tsunade: I’m not sure. But something like that, just appearing, and unnoticed at that.
*Scene switches to Naruto and Hinata at a roadside stand eating some fried rice.*
Hinata: So we’re going to the wedding tomorrow, right?
Naruto: Of course.
Hinata: Reminds me of our wedding day.
*Flashback scene to the top of the Hokage building. Naruto is scene in a traditional tuxedo, with an orange handkerchief in the pocket of the jacket, and a lilac pinned to his lapel. Hinata is shown being walked down the aisle by Hiashi in traditional Hyuuga attire, with Hinata in a tight, white dress, with lace around her chest area. There is a thigh-high slit in Hinata’s dress, which accentuates her curves as she wears white stillettos. Kiba is shown gawking over Hinata. Naruto and Hinata stand before a monk, say their vows, and the next panel shows them kissing first time as husband and wife. Flashback ends.*
Naruto smiling: My favorite part was that night.
*Naruto has a flashback of Hinata in a sheer teddy, wearing that and only her garter.*
Hinata: Naruto?
Naruto: Yeah.
Hinata: Are you going to help me develop any jutsus that use my water affinity?
Naruto: I can try. Did you have anything in mind?
Hinata: I don’t know. I’m just married to the man who has come up with some of the most… terrifyingly great jutsus.
Naruto: Well, there is one thing… but I don’t know if it will be “terrifyingly great” as you put it. But it will push you beyond what I’m doing now.
Hinata: I’m not sure I can do that.
Naruto: You can. You’re my wife after all. Over the last two year we’ve been building up your stamina.
Hinata laughs: Yeah, well… We were newlyweds.
Naruto: And I still crave you like I did then, maybe even more.
*Hinata rests her head on his shoulder.*
Kurama to Naruto: I hate to ruin this moment Naruto, but we need to talk… ALONE!
Naruto in thought: Ok, just give me a moment.
Naruto: Hey Baby, let’s call it a day. Go home and rest up. We’ve got a busy day tomorrow.
Hinata smiling: What about tonight?
Naruto: You keep this up; we will have a kid soon.
*Naruto flashes out of the foodstand. The scene switches to Naruto on top of Yondaime’s head on the Hokage Mountain.*
Naruto: So what’s going on Kurama.
Kurama: You need to go to Kumo. We need to talk to Bee and Gyuuki.
Naruto: Right now?
Kurama: Yes, now. Can’t you feel them?
Naruto: What do you mean?
Kurama: Clear your mind Naruto.
Naruto: I think you can understand why that is so hard for me right now.
Kurama: Just go to Kumo, NOW!
*Naruto flashes out of Konoha. Scene switches to Naruto appearing in the Raikage’s office. Ei looks at Naruto shocked.*
Ei: What the hell are you doing here?
Naruto: Where’s Bee?
Bee: Right behind you brah.
*Naruto turns around and smiles at Bee. He holds out his fist, and Bee bumps fists with Naruto.*
Bee: I see. So you’re liking married life!
*Naruto grins. Scene switches to Bee and Naruto walking down a street in Kumo.*
Bee: So Kurama felt it too? Why not you?
Naruto: I’ve had a lot on my mind, but now that I’m closer, I feel it too.
Bee: Yeah, I’ve been feeling it for around a week now.
Naruto: Why do you think it started all of a sudden?
Bee: I don’t know. I’ve wanted to go check it out, but that’s hard for me to do. I can’t flash in and out like you.
Naruto: Do you think anyone knows about it.
Bee: If they don’t yet, they soon will.
*Naruto looks up into the sky.*
Naruto: There’s a lot going on right now. Keep in touch.
*Naruto flashes out and back to Konoha. He walks into the main gate and walks down the street running into Kakashi and Gai.*
Kakashi: Yo… Naruto.
*Naruto turns and looks at Kakashi.*
Kakashi: I heard you and a group of people did some training yesterday.
Naruto smirking: Yeah.
Kakashi: So how is she handling it?
Naruto: Well, she’s still standing if that’s what you’re asking. And she’s definitely improved.
Kakashi: How so?
Naruto: Yesterday she was only able to take out two of my clones. Today she took out three, and I stopped the training after lunch.
Kakashi: How come?
Naruto: I thought it would be nice for her to rest. You know tomorrow is the wedding, and then we have our mission coming up.
Kakashi: So you and Hinata are going to be there?
Naruto: Yeah.
Kakashi: Good. I think that will mean a lot to both Sakura and Sasuke.
*Scene switches to Naruto and Hinata’s apartment. Naruto just walks through the door. Hinata is in the bathroom, playing some pop music loudly, singing along. Naruto grins and sneaks up on Hinata. He sees Hinata in a towel wrapped around her body, fixing her hair.*
Naruto: What’s going on?
Hinata jumps as Naruto scared her: Holy shit! When did you walk in, Honey?
Naruto: Just now. What’s going on?
Hinata thinking: He didn’t say anything about me calling him honey! He’s starting to warm up to…
Naruto: And please stop calling me honey.
Hinata thinking: Dammit!
Hinata: Well, since tomorrow is Sakura’s wedding, we’re having a girls’ night out.
Naruto: Girls’ night out?
Hinata: Yeah; me, Sakura, Tenten, Ino, Shizune, Lady Tsunade, and Kurenai-sensei.
Naruto thinking: Oh you are going to get so drunk off your ass. I hope Kiba is nowhere around you tonight.
Hinata: You and Sasuke should go out and do something. Raikage-sama and Bee are supposed to be coming tomorrow for the wedding. I even think Gaara is coming, too. Lady Tsunade said that even the Tsuchikage and Mizukage might show up.
*Naruto goes wide-eyed.*
Naruto: Got any idea how they’re getting here? I mean those are all long trips.
Hinata: Tsunade said something about getting Genma and the guys to flash all of them here.
Naruto: Oh, ok. Have a great night.
*Naruto walks up to her, kisses her on the cheek, and then flashes out.*
Hinata: You’d better not get into trouble yourself. What am I saying? He’s not a drinker.
*Scene switches to Sakura’s parents’ house. Sakura is shown pushing Sasuke out of the door.*
Sasuke: At least let me get a change of clothes.
Sakura: Here!
*Sakura throws out a bag of clothes to Sasuke.*
Sasuke in thought: My own fiancée throwing me out for the night.
*Naruto flashes in right next to Sasuke.*
Naruto: Ready for some fun?
*Naruto grabs Sasuke’s shoulder and flashes out. The scene switches to Kumo, with Naruto and Sasuke flashing in right next to Bee as he is eating. Naruto quickly grabs Bee’s shoulder and flashes out. The chopsticks that Bee was using hit the floor. Scene switches to the room with Gedo Mazo. Naruto, Sasuke, and Bee all flash in right in front of the statue.*
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Bee: What the Hell?! I was eating man.
*Bee looks up at the Gedo.*
Bee: So it is here.
Naruto: Yeah. And tomorrow, I’m betting after Sasuke and Sakura’s wedding, there is going to be a summit meeting about this.
Sasuke: What do you mean?
Naruto: Did you or Sakura invite the Mizukage or Tsuchikage to your wedding?
Sasuke: No. We only invited Raikage-sama and Bee-sama. Wait, they’re coming, too?
Naruto: Yeah, that’s what Hinata told me.
Sasuke: So you probably heard her blabbing about tonight… and she went off into who all was coming.
Naruto: You got it.
Gyuuki to Bee: They’re in there.
Bee: Gyuuki says that the rest of them are in there.
Kurama to Naruto: I can feel them too.
Naruto: Kurama backs that.
Sasuke: So what do we do?
*Bee enters full Gyuuki mode while Naruto enters Kurama senju mode. Both attack the statue, crumbling, causing a huge explosion of chakra. Scene switches to sensor shinobi in Iwa, Kumo, Kiri, Suna, and Konoha. All are up in a rise over the sense of the chakra. Each kage is notified. Scene shows Tsunade.*
Tsunade: Summon Genma and his team now! And find Naruto.
*Scene switches back to the room, showing the remaining bijuu standing before Bee, Naruto, and Sasuke.*
Son Goku: Are we finally free?
Shukaku: It seems so.
Choumei looking down at Naruto: Is that you Naruto?
Kokuou: And is that you Gyuuki?
*Scene switches to a black openness, showing all the bijuu gathering with each other as Naruto and Bee look on. Scene changes back to reality.*
Bee: I need to get back. They’re probably looking for me.
Sasuke: Us, too.
Saiken: And what about us?
Naruto: Do any of you know where the Land of the Whirlpools is?
Matabi: Yes, we all do.
Naruto: Go there. I’ll meet you there in a couple of days. Can you make it there Bee?
Bee: Probably with the rush that will be headed this way, yeah.
Naruto: Alright. It’s good to see you guys again.
*Scene switches back to Konoha, with Sasuke and Naruto walking down a street.*
Sasuke: So how long do you plan to keep quiet about this?
Naruto: I don’t know, but I imagine our mission is going to be changed now.
Sasuke: What makes you say that?
Naruto: Kiba is back now, but I’m sure Tsunade-sama will put him elsewhere, and will probably do the same with Shikamaru.
Sasuke: You’ve got a point there… You know, I actually feel bad for Bee.
Naruto: How come? Because Ei-sama is probably nagging him out right now.
*A fodder shinobi runs up to Sasuke and Naruto.*
Fodder: Sasuke-sama, Naruto-sama, Lady Tsunade requests your presence in her office.
*Scene switches to Hokage’s office with only Tsunade, Sasuke, and Naruto in it.*
Tsunade: I was pulled out of that bar because our sensor group had a freaking cow. I’m canceling your mission.
Sasuke: What’s going on Lady Tsunade?
Tsunade sighs: You’re going to find out sooner or later… The Gedo Mazo has been found. I’m pulling all of our shinobi back to Konoha. We believe that the huge energy release is somehow related to the Gedo Mazo. Not to mention, we now have a lead on the location of Yamato.
*Naruto looks at the ground.*
Sasuke: Not to…
Naruto: So does this mean that Sakura and Sasuke’s wedding has been postponed.
*Tsunade crossing her legs sitting at her desk.*
Tsunade: No. I want you to *looking at Naruto* go find and retrieve Sai, Ino, and Choji. They are the furthest away. They were on strict orders not to return until I sent a messenger for them.
Sasuke: What about me?
Tsunade: You’re to go with Naruto and make sure he doesn’t go off on some rescue mission.
*Naruto and Sasuke look at each other. Naruto steps over to Sasuke, putting his hand on his shoulder, and then the two flash out. Scene switches to a tavern in Iwa. Naruto and Sasuke enter, looking around.*
Sasuke: Why didn’t you do the whole flash in and out thing like you did with Bee-sama?
Naruto: Because we’re getting three people. If everyone is not connected or encircled with my chakra, I won’t get everyone, and that would set off some alarms.
*Naruto and Sasuke walk past a table where the group of shinobi who attacked the travel lodge that he and Sakura stayed at, are sitting. One of them notices Sasuke, and then Naruto, and almost jumps out of his chair. The others then notice Sasuke and Naruto as well.*
Fodder A: We need to let Grand Marshall Ryu know of this now.
*The group gets up and leaves, without Naruto and Sasuke noticing them. Naruto spots Choji and walks over to him. He’s hitting on the barmaid at the tavern.*
Choji: So when will I see you again?
Barmaid: Probably never.
*She pours him a shot of sake. Choji downs it.*
Choji: C’mon. I’m not that bad, am I?
Barmaid: No, you aren’t. Thing is I’m moving to the Fire Nation. My uncle just opened a restaurant, and he has said he could use my help.
*Choji is getting all excited.*
Barmaid: Plus it’s the home of the Great Sage, Uzumaki Naruto. I figure that will increase my chances of marrying him.
Choji mumbles now with a frown: You know he is married.
Barmaid: What did you say darling?
Naruto taps Choji on the shoulder: Where are they?
*Choji turns around, jumping and almost falling off of his stool.*
Barmaid: Hey there Handsome. You and your friend want a drink.
Naruto: No thanks.
Naruto looks down at Choji: Pay her and tip her.
*Naruto and Sasuke turn around and leave as Choji pays the barmaid and runs out after Naruto and Sasuke.*
Choji: See you around.
Barmaid: Doubt it.
Choji: You’ll see.
*Scene switches with the three walking to a hotel in Iwa.*
Choji: I thought I would give them some alone time. Ino’s always complaining about me being a third wheel.
Sasuke: Well, there has been a change of plans.
*Scene switches to Naruto standing in front of a door. He’s about to knock, when Choji stops him.*
Choji: Should we… you know… interrupt them.
Sasuke: He’s right you know.
Naruto: I don’t care.
Sasuke: Imagine if it were you and Hinata.
Naruto: I don’t care, because I can’t hear them. You would hear Hinata.
*Choji chuckles at that statement.
Sasuke: Then just knock. Don’t break the door down. At least try to give them some privacy.
*Naruto knocks on the door. There is no response. Naruto knocks again. Still no response.*
Naruto: I’m starting not to like this.
Choji: Knock harder this time.
*Naruto knocks on the door as hard as he can without knocking the door down. Still no response. Some mumbling is heard. Suddenly the door opens, and Ino is standing there in a bed robe.*
Ino: What is it? *not really seeing Naruto and Sasuke*
Choji: Is Sai with you?
Ino: Yeah, what’s going on?
*Choji gestures to Naruto and Sasuke. Ino turns to them and then gasps.*
Ino: Give us a minute.
*Ino slams the door and then yells at Sai.*
Naruto joking: I’m wondering who put who to sleep.
Choji chuckling: From what I’ve heard from Ino, they aren’t that boring.
Sasuke: Really.
Naruto laughs: I know exactly what that means then.
*Scene switches back to Konoha, at the Hokage’s office. The entire Konoha 12 are there with their jounin senseis.*
Tsunade: I’m sorry to interrupt our night again girls, but something has come up. The Gedo Mazo has been found, finally. I know there is the wedding tomorrow. After the ceremony, there are going to be a lot of changes made. I’ve already canceled the mission to the Land of the Whirlpools. From here on out, no one is allowed outside of Konoha unless they are on a mission accompanying me.
Tsunade looks at Naruto: I really need your cooperation on this.
Naruto smiles: You know me.
Tsunade: You’re right, I do…. Dismissed.
*The Konoha 12 leave, excluding Shikamaru and the jounin senseis.*
Shikamaru: You know we can’t keep him here.
Kakashi: He’s right.
Kurenai: Your only shot is Hinata.
Gai: You think Naruto can be manipulated through Hinata? Ah to have that youth again.
Shizune: Be careful milady. I’m not sure that we can keep both of them here.
Kurenai: What do you mean? I know Hinata has grown…
Tsunade: Her skills in seals outclass even me now.
Kakashi: Regardless, Naruto will do what he wills. We all know that. He’s already sacrificed himself once before, leaving Hinata. Don’t forget that.
Tsunade: We just have to trust in Hinata. She is a woman after all. We have our ways.
Shikamaru: Thank goodness that Kiba isn’t here.
*Scene switches to the training ground with Naruto standing in front of the pole he was tied to several years ago.*
Naruto in thought: Surely this all isn’t a coincidence.
Kurama: I doubt it as well.
A voice from behind: What on your mind?
*Naruto turns and sees Sasuke.*
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Naruto: Sasuke… you need to be resting. You’ve got a big day tomorrow, and if Sakura is anything like Hinata, a big night tomorrow night.
Sasuke: Yeah, who would have thought that Hinata… you know?!!!
Naruto smiles: Don’t let her shyness fool you. She knows what she wants, and she gets it, a lot of the time.
Sasuke: I want to thank you.
Naruto: For what?
Sasuke: Rebuilding the Uchiha district.
Naruto: Don’t mention it. It was more like training.
Sasuke: How so… nevermind. You created probably 10,000 clones, didn’t you?
Naruto grins: Yeah.
Sasuke: Then why in the hell didn’t you rebuild Konoha and come to Kumo yourself?
Naruto: Because I was warned by the shinigami.
Sasuke looking at Naruto seriously: Warned about what?
Naruto looks at Sasuke: There is something out there more powerful than the juubi. A lot more powerful.
Sasuke: What do you mean?
Naruto: He told me that the juubi was a god’s pet.
Sasuke: God??? What do you mean a god?
*A crack of lightning is seen and thunder heard on a night with few clouds. A figure is seen approaching Naruto and Sasuke.*
Figure: Stand down, son of thunder, son of wind.
*Naruto and Sasuke look at the figure puzzled.*
Sasuke: Who are you?
*As the figure gets closer, his features become present: a tall man in a dark purple kimono with black hair and handle-bar mustache.*
Figure: Son of wind and son of thunder, you are to go the Land of the Whirlpools in three days.
Sasuke: But Tsunade-sama…
Naruto: We’ll be there.
Figure: And bring your women. It is time that they took their place by your sides.
*There is another crack of lightning and thunder, and the figure has vanished. The scene switches to a courtyard with a koi pond in the middle. Three figures are seen talking amongst themselves.*
Figure A: It seems that they are going to stand against us.
Figure B: Our task becomes difficult if Fujin and Raijin are aiding them.
Figure A: That’s easy for you to say. If they take up the mantle as the son of wind and the son of thunder, you’re not the one to be replaced Tsukuyomi!
Tsukuyomi: Calm down brother. Surely our sister can calm you better.
Figure B: I can’t overtake Suijin if I have to handle these two as well, and you know that. They’re not pushovers!
Tsukuyomi: Relax Susanoo. I will not tolerate your outbursts.
Figure C: Both of you need to calm down if you don’t want to draw any attention. You never know where your father is lurking.
Susanoo: Even more reason why we need to eradicate those two along with Sujin, Fujin, and Raijin. Do you have any advice Benten.
Benten: Being the goddess of knowledge grants me many things. You are correct in saying that those two need to be handled. For if the son or daughter of water is found, surely your cause is lost.
Tsukuyomi: What if he were to align with us?
Benten: I will speak to him. He is my brother and mate after all.
Susanoo: Thank you. And what of Amatsu? You know he will pick a side in all of this.
Benten: Amatsu and his bride will definitely play a role in this.
Tsukuyomi: I don’t see how he can be of any importance.
Benten: Remember, he is the god of the underworld. It would be well to keep that in mind. He was the one who caused your father his pain.
Susanoo: And what do you recommend we do about father.
Benten: I would leave Inzanagi to Amatsu and Inzanami. Tell Amerterasu that I’m in.
*Scene switches to the next day, everyone is at the courtyard in the Uchiha district. A monk stands in the middle of the congregation, as Sasuke stands next to him in a traditional black and white tux. The Kages are seen in their robes and Kage hats. Anko is seen in a purple mini-skirt dress, draped on Kakashi’s arm, with Kakashi sporting a dark blue suit. Ino is seen wearing a red dress that goes over one shoulder, arms interlocked with Sai who is wearing a gray suit. Hinata and Naruto are seen on the front row, with Hinata in an ankle-length lilac dress, with a hip-high slit on the left side, snuggling up to Naruto in a black tux, with an orange shirt. Sakura is seen walking down the aisle in a white ballroom gown, with her hair up in a bun. Sakura and Sasuke give their vows, and then kiss for the first time as husband and wife. Scene switches to the reception afterwards, with all of the couples on the dance floor. Panel focuses on Anko sitting with Kakashi at a table.*
Anko: Want to dance?
Kakashi: Sure.
Anko: Thanks.
Kakashi: For what?
Anko: Being my date. Otherwise I would have come alone, and probably been heckled by Kiba.
*Panel shows Kiba flirting with the Mei and getting a death stare from her.*
Kakashi: I did promise to listen to you once we got back to Konoha.
Anko: Thanks Kakashi.
*Scene switches to the Raikage as he approaches Tsunade.*
Ei: Hokage-sama, would you care to dance with me?
*Tsunade smirks and accepts the invitation. The crowd parts as the two begin to dance.*
Ei: Why do you think everyone is looking at us?
Tsunade: If you are going to talk like that, maybe we should stop.
Ei with a frown: It’s not that. *after a pause* You have a beautiful village, Princess Tsunade.
Tsunade smirking: That’s the first time you’ve called me Princess.
Ei: I didn’t mean it like that.
Tsunade angered: Then how did you mean it.
Ei: Ah shit… If I had known what I know now, I would have done everything to make peace between our villages long ago. I’m getting old. I’m ready to step down.
Tsunade: So am I.
Ei: So let’s travel together. I mean… I know you’re older than me.
*Tsunade begins to give Ei an evil look.*
Ei: But you’re smokin’ hot.
Tsunade smiles: While that may be, at least according to Kiba as well, we have responsibilities.
*Tsunade rests her head on Ei’s chest as they continue to dance.*
Tsunade in thought: I do regret not letting go of Dan earlier for you Jiraya, but I think that you would want this for me.
*As the song finishes Tsunade stands on her tip-toes and whispers to the Raikage.*
Tsunade: You might want to do something about your manhood there. I would take care of it, if we were in private.
*Ei gets a shit-faced look.*
Tsunade: But we have a meeting after this.
*Tsunade walks off with a grin, as Ei holds his hat over his groin.*
Ei: That bitch…I’ll make you pay for this Tsunade.
*Scene switches to Sakura and Sasuke on the dance floor.*
Sakura mumbles: So I’m an Uchiha now.
Sasuke: Yeah.
*Bee walks up.*
Bee: Sasuke… Sakura!!!!
*Bee hugs the two really tight.*
Bee: So the two of you gonna repopulate this planet with Uchiha babies. Just think Sakura-chan, from you womb comes the rebirth of the Uchiha.
Sasuke: That’s… nevermind.
Bee: Seriously… Don’t knock boots too much so your skills diminish.
Sakura giggles: We won’t do that, but we’ll get close.
*Bee kisses Sakura on the cheek and shakes Sasuke’s hand*
Bee: And who knows, maybe I’ll be around to visit every now and then.
Sakura: Really!!! You mean Raikage-sama will allow that.
Sasuke: Sure… yeah he will.
*Scene switches to Hinata and Naruto.*
Naruto: Why did you wear that dress? You know what it does to me.
Hinata: Of course I do Honey. That’s why I wore it in the first place.
Naruto: Is that right?
Hinata: So tell me what your plan is, Honey.
Naruto: What plan? And stop calling me Honey.
*Hinata smiles and kisses Naruto, kicking up her leg as they kiss.*
Hinata: I know you. You’re still going. And I’m coming to. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Sasuke and Sakura there as well.
Naruto: Damn you’re good. You know, beneath your beauty and smile, there’s a cunning, conniving woman.
Hinata: I just know how to get my way, that’s all.
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Naruto laughs as the two dance. The scene switches to atop the Hokage office. All the Kages are present with their advisors.*
Tsunade: You all know why we have convened here tonight. While I hope you had fun earlier today *Tsunade grins*, we have a serious situation on our hands. We all have sensors now. And some of us have information that we need to share.
Ei: Then spill it Tsunade.
Tsunade: We found the Gedo Mazo before the spike in energy. We have also found a lead that could possibly take us to Yamato.
Mei: The motukon user?
*Tsunade nods.*
Ei: And it seems you’ve all gotten our report about our intel on the cults started in Iwa and Kiri.
Mei: We have kept a close eye on the Ryun.
Ei: The what?
Mei: Ryun. That is what they call themselves. I have my two best intel personnel keeping an eye on their operations.
*Panel shows Karin and Juugo, hiding behind trees around a campground.*
Mei: So far, at least the branch in Kiri, we know have no permanent high priest. But there is a wanderer, Ryu, who has been to Kiri several times and has held secretive meetings.
Gaara: How secretive?
Mei: Before my current two, I had one other try and gather intel about the group. He was converted, and has not been seen in Kiri since.
Kitsuchi: We, too, have not much information on this Ryu. But I do have some men who have said they have seen him with a giant snake.
Ei: How big?
Kitsuchi: From what I’ve been told, the only snake that I could think of to describe him is the mythical Ryuden.
Ei: That’s nonsense. That child’s tale?!!
Gaara: Don’t be so hasteful Raikage-sama. Considering what’s happened in the past two and half years, nothing would surprise me anymore.
Mei: What bothers me is why Kiri and Iwa. Why not Kumo, Konoha, or Suna?
Kitsuchi: I have thought the same thing.
Tsunade: Well, if we are dealing with Ryuden, I can explain why they aren’t here in Konoha.
Mei: How so?
Tsunade: Well, first, I do think we are dealing with Ryuden.
Ei: Surely you don’t believe this nonsense Tsunade-sama?!
Tsunade: Don’t forget that on a night over two years ago, toads saved our lives! I have never met him, but I know there is an elder sage toad. Naruto has spoken of him before.
Kitsuchi: So how does this stop the cult from being in Konoha?
Tsunade: For over 50 years now, a top shinobi in Konoha has been in contract with the toads: The Sannin Jiraya, Yondaime Hokage Namikaze Minato, and Uzumaki Naruto.
Ei: But what of your slugs?
Tsunade: Back to my days as a Sannin, with Jiraya and Orochimaru, Gamabunta and Katsuya always worked as a team. Manda resented it.
Gaara stands up: Then maybe it is time for some rest. We should all sleep on what we have heard and learned tonight.
Kitsuchi: Why do you say that Kazekage-sama?
Gaara: Because the two people who have the most intel right now for us regarding the toads and snakes are Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke. And tonight is one’s wedding night. Surely you wouldn’t want to disrespect him and his bride and request his presence.
*Gaara starts to head to his room. The other kages stare at each other.*
Tsunade: I think I shall retire now as well. Raikage-sama, a moment of your time, please. Alone.
*Tsunade walks off and is followed by Ei. Mei and Kitsuchi look at each other and then leave themselves. The next several panels show Ei and Tsunade walking into her office, Sasuke and Sakura spooning together under the sheets, Kakashi walking Anko home to her apartment, and Hinata straddling Naruto asleep on top of him.*

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

A New Journey
*Scene opens on the newlyweds walking out of a shower together, both wrapped in towels.*
Sasuke: So… Mrs. Uchiha… what shall we do today?
Sakura smiling: I’m not sure Mr. Uchiha. I think I am in need of some rest soon.
*Sasuke laughs. Sakura smiles back and kisses him.*
Sakura: Do you really think that Bee-sama is going to come visit us?
Sasuke: Yeah.
*Sakura stands behind Sasuke and kisses his shoulder while she wraps her hands around him.*
Sakura: So what are we going to do now that our mission has been canceled?
Sasuke: I’m not sure. Probably get in trouble.
*Sakura laughs and jumps up into a piggyback position on Sasuke. A knock is heard at the door. Scene switches to the Hokage’s Office. Shizune is walking to the door and opens it.*
Shizune: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
*Scene shows Shizune standing in the doorway with Tsunade’s office being trashed. Tsunade comes walking up behind Shizune.*
Tsunade: Calm down!
Shizune: But who did this milady?!
Tsunade grins: I know, and it’s ok.
*Scene switches to Naruto in the shower. He steps out, wrapped in a towel and walks into the kitchen. Hinata, wearing just a shirt is cooking breakfast for Naruto.*
Hinata: Eat up Honey. If we’re going to break the rules, you’re going to need your energy.
Naruto: Yeah, well you took a lot out of me last night.
Hinata giggles: And it was soooo much fun!
*Naruto kisses Hinata. The two sit at the table and eat breakfast. Scene switches back to Sasuke and Sakura’s place. Sasuke, Sakure, and Bee are all chatting, having a cup of tea.*
Sakura: So wait… Raikage-sama didn’t get in till when?
Bee: Early morning. And man was he a smiling!
Sakura laughs: I wonder what her facial expression was like!
*Ei enters the room.*
Sasuke grinning: Good morning Raikage-sama.
Ei: Leave me alone…
Sakura: Sleep well?!
Ei grins: Yeah.
*Sasuke, Sakura, and Bee all bust out laughing.*
Sasuke: I’m just curious that neither one of you have settled down in Kumo with someone. I mean every Hokage excluding Lady Tsunade has had a spouse.
Ei: You think I’m tough, you should have met my mother. She makes Tsunade seem like a bunny rabbit.
Bee: Yeah, and Karui is always beating the shiyat out of Omoi.
Sakura: I didn’t know they were together.
Bee: They’re not. If they were, Omoi would probably be dead already.
Ei puts his cup down: We must be going. We have business to attend to. Stay out of trouble Sasuke… or should I say keep Naruto out of trouble.
*Ei and Bee leave. Sasuke and Sakura are still sitting, sipping on their tea.*
Sakura: So Raikage-sama and some lady in Konoha… whoda thunk?
Sasuke: Are you packed?
Sakura: Yeah. Are you sure we should be doing this?
Sasuke: Yeah.
Sakura: Why do you have to tag-a-long with Naruto?
Sasuke: This isn’t me just tagging-a-long. I was told to go as well. And we were instructed to bring you and Hinata.
Sakura: So what in the hell is this all about?
Sasuke: We’ll found out soon enough.
*Scene switches the training area as Sasuke and Sakura approach Naruto and Hinata. Both guys are carrying bags that has each couples belongings.*
Sasuke: You ready?
Naruto grins: We’ve been waiting on you.
Voice off panel: Don’t tell me you two are going against orders.
*Scene switches to Kakashi as he approaches the two couples.*
Naruto: You know you can’t stop me.
Kakashi: Aye. But I’ve been given a mission myself.
Sasuke: And what mission is that?
Kakashi: I can’t stop you or Naruto, but I can stop them *Kakashi nods to the girls*. Now stand down and please comply.
*Naruto has dropped his bag and has entered Sage mode already.*
Kakashi in thought: Calm down Naruto. I am not your enemy here.
Naruto: Who says I’ll let you touch them.
*Suddenly the five Kages land behind Kakashi.*
Ei: We do. Stand down Uzumaki Naruto. We wish not to quarrel with you, but will if we must.
Gaara: Naruto, please understand.
Naruto: Then explain to me why I shouldn’t go.
Tsunade: We’ve found the Gedo Mazo. And with the lead we had for Yamato, we don’t think it is a coincidence. Not to mention the fact that all of our sensors reported a huge spike in energy two nights ago. We just want to make sure that you and Bee are safe.
Naruto: Fine.
Kakashi in thought: Something is not right. That was too easy.
Tsunade: Thank you.
*All of a sudden, there is a puff of smoke. The smoke clears. Naruto, Hinata, Sasuke, and Hinata are nowhere to be seen. The scene switches to the peak of the Hokage mountain. Naruto, Hinata, Sasuke, and Sakura are all seen looking through binoculars at the training area.*
Sasuke: Wow, I must say, that was pretty impressive.
Sakura: How so?
Sasuke: Not a single kage or any sensor in Konoha realized that was a henge jutsu. And the fact that Hinata has placed a barrier around us to conceal our chakras… impressive.
*Scene switches back to the Kages.*
Kitsuchi: Great… what do we do now?
Ei: Calm down Tsuchikage-sama. We planned for this… just not this way.
Mei: Please explain.
Tsunade: Back during the war, we realized that we could no longer contain Naruto and Bee in Kumo. Now, both are stronger and more powerful. We knew it as only a matter of time before Naruto would act out like this.
Ei: What we didn’t count on was Sasuke being so ready to go along with him. Or those girls.
Tsunade: And that is where our problem lies now… Sakura and Hinata.
Kitsuchi: How so?
Tsunade: For not having a doujutsu, Sakura’s chakra control is unmatched. And her medical skills are on par with mine. Hinata has followed in the footsteps which made the Uzumaki famous.
Gaara: Meaning…
Kakashi: Her prowess in seals is unmatched here in Konoha.
Tsunade: I would say she is on par with Orochimaru.
Mei: So what you’re basically saying is you knew Naruto was going to act this way. But Sasuke, the only EMS user still alive, and these two kunochi are the most formidable four-man team?
Tsunade: When you add Naruto, I’m not sure there is a force that can stop them.
*Scene switches to Benten walking on a path on a mountainside. In her human form, she chooses a full-figured woman body type, with red hair that comes down to her waist. She wears a white kimono over a halter-type armor for her chest (think Xena Warrior Princess). Benten walks into shrine. A figure greets her from the shadows.*
Figure: And…
Benten: They are none the wiser. Do not fret my brother.
Figure: It’s easy to say when you are the goddess of wisdom and knowledge.
Benten: Hachimon my dear, with my intellect and your brawn, not even the Kotoamatsukami could stand before us.
Hachimon: Are you sure?
Benten: Once we’ve manipulated the three (Amerterasu, Susanoo, and Tsukuyomi) to do our bidding, the only ones left to stand in our way of overtaking the Kotamatsukami are Amatsu and Inzanami.
Hachimon: And how do you plan to deal with them? What if the sons of wind and thunder reach their potential? And what if Suijin finds a son or daughter of water?
Benten: Trust me my love.
*Hachimon emerges from the shadows in his human form. He stands tall at 6’6, muscular, wearing plated armor and holding a spear in one hand with a katana sheathed at his right side.*
Hachimon: I’ve trusted you once before and have felt your sting.
Benten: That was in the past.
Hachimon: And it is what brought this all about.
Benten: You mean our rise to the top? Yes, I will take credit for that. Plus… it was fun.
Hachimon: Do not mock me *Hachimon holds his spear at her throat* or I will send you to Amatsu and Inzanami.
Benten taking her finger, and guiding the blade on the spear away from her throat: No you won’t. Because then the scales will tip of the favor of those two. What I did in the past has led us to now. My allegiance is to you.
Hachimon: You’ve betrayed me before.
Benten: And have I not made it up to you. I mean before I “betrayed” you, we never took on these forms *she motions to her body*. Admit it; you lust after this body more than my natural state.
Hachimon shooting right back: And I could say the same of you.
Benten: I don’t deny it. We may not be able to recognize our true strength in this form, but it has its advantages. I know how to make any man’s body quake.
*Benten is trailing her fingertip from the middle of Hachimon’s chest down to his… godhood.*
Benten: My trysts may have begotten Miyashi, and she did defy us and start this entire mess. I can’t help it that our uncle would show her the favor he did. She thought she found love… she only found heartache and death.
Hachimon: Then explain to me your plan.
*The two kiss.*
Benten: Fujin and Raijin are undoubtedly training the descendant of Miyashi and his comrade. Our targets are not those two, we’re going after their wives.
Hachimon: But what if they are with Fujin and Raijin. Inzanagi is the only one who can rival father.
Benten: In a one on one confrontation, yes. But there are the two of us.
Hachimon: And what about Raijin? You are cunning, but how do you plan to take on two elder gods and the sons of wind and thunder?
Benten: We won’t. That’s what the three are there for. Susanoo is aiming to eliminate Suijin. Once he has done that, he will be the most powerful of the three. In their clash with Fujin and Raijin, we clean up the leftovers. Amatsu and Inzanami will strike at Inzanagi during this time, and once again, we’ll clean up the leftovers.
Hachimon: What about the two sons?
Benten: Hachi… you’re the God of War. I’ve been creating an army for you.
*Panel shows Ryu standing infront of a crowd in a secluded area.*
Hachimon: So you have, have you?
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Benten removes her kimono, revealing her armor. She drops the halter top.*
Hachimon: Then quench my lust for this… form.
*Scene switches to the Kages outside of the main gate in Konoha. Bee is leaning against the gate.*
Ei yells: BEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you know anything about this?
Ei: I’m getting too old for this.
*Tsunade cocks her eyebrow at Ei grinning.*
Kitsuchi: Naruto is one of your shinobi Tsunade-sama. Should we leave him to you?
Tsunade: Kitsuchi, you weren’t there when we fought Madara. Maybe your old man has told you some tales. Naruto defeated Madara. We did not. That should answer your question.
Gaara: Are you saying you are ready to treat Naruto as a criminal?
Tsunade: No. I’m saying we send our best trackers after him. But they won’t track Naruto. They’re going to track Sasuke and Sakura.
Mei: So you think that out of the two couples, this one will be easier to track? Makes sense.
Tsunade: So it is settled. Let’s meet in Kumo tomorrow with our trackers to give them their mission. We’ll send them on their way and then search out the Gedo Mazo. Kitsuchi, you might want to bring your father on this trip.
Ei: Aye, we should all bring our guards.
Bee: And what about me?
Ei: Yeah, you are a handful.
Mei smirking: How much of a handful is he?
Ei grins: You want him, you can have him. Just remember that he has the power and stamina of the hachibi.
Kitsuchi and Gaara look at each other: Are we seriously like the only ones not getting any on this trip????
Mei: The question is can he handle me?
*Mei walks up to Bee, flirting, then blowing a hot lava kiss.*
Bee: Damn bitch, that’s hot. Too damn hot! Hell nawh! Yeah, I’ll come along and play nice now. Just keep her away from me.
*Mei flickers over to Bee and rubs his chest.*
Mei: So the famed Killer Bee, jinchuuriki of the Hachibi, can’t handle little ole me?
*Mei traces her fingertips around her lips.*
Ei laughing: You’re going with her.
Bee: Hell nawh mutha…
Mei: I promise not to burn you… to death.
Kitsuchi: This is too much. I gotta get back to my old lady back in Iwa.
*Scene changes to the Land of Whirlpools as Naruto and crew flash in.*
Sakura: So how long are we going to be here? I mean we are newlyweds.
Naruto: Relax Sakura-chan. We’ll give you privacy.
Hinata: Yeah, we’re going to want some of our own.
Sasuke: Should we really be talking about this?
Naruto: Welcome to married life. Man… it sure would be nice to have Yamato right about now.
Sakura: Yeah, no kidding.
*A crack of thunder is heard and storm clouds are brewing.*
Sakura: How have to the two of you been staying out here for the past two years.
Hinata: Off and on… we just were under the stars. But we now have a cave we can go to for shelter.
Sakura: Where?
Hinata: I hid it with a barrier. Follow me.
*Sasuke activates his sharingan as the group follows Hinata to the cave. Scene switches back to Benten and Hachimon.*
Hachimon: You are right; there are benefits to these forms.
Benten: I knew you would agree with me.
Hachimon: Are you sure this… army can handle this Uzumaki Naruto? He is the descendant of Miyashi.
Benten: If they are not able to, I will interject and make sure he is handled properly.
Hachimon: How so?
*Benten then changes her form to resemble Hinata.*
Benten: Like so.
Hachimon: So we must first handle the Uchiha brat first.
Benten: Correct, my love.
*Benten changes back to her normal human form.*
Hachimon: And how do you plan to do that?
Benten: My love… I am the goddess of wisdom and knowledge. I am not without my wiles. I know of your contingency plan.
Hachimon shocked: I’ve taken the appropriate measures just in case you were to betray me again.
Benten: To think that those two boys would wield the power of gods. If your army can’t handle Naruto, the combination of your contingency plan with me will surely do the trick.
Hachimon: So we’re getting the wives, then the Uchiha brat, and then Naruto? And in the meantime The Three are going to take care of father and our uncles. There is too much going on with your plan.
Benten: And like I said, I’m the goddess of wisdom. Let me worry about that. And next time I might be nice and take of the form of his wife for you.
Hachimon: You worry me.
Benten goes to leave: Do not worry. Things are progressing nicely.
*Benten leaves. Hachimon is left in the shrine.
A voice behind Hachimon: You do have reason to worry milord.
*Hachimon turns to face Orochimaru (still in Suigetsu’s body).*
Hachimon: And what news do you have?
Orochimaru: The bijuu have been released. Phase 1 of our plan has been completed.
Hachimon: Good. Now found out who your informant is and kill them. She may be my mistress, but I will not have her meddling in my business.
Orochimaru: Aye milord. Should I continue with him?
Hachimon: Yes. Only one man has held the power that rivaled a god. Uncle gave that man the power to protect her. If that bitch, Izanami, had just stopped going after and hadn’t sent that damn lap dog of Amatsu’s, we wouldn’t be in this situation.
Orochimaru: And what do you plan to do if that kyuubi brat and Sasuke learn of the truth.
Hachimon: I actually want them to.
Orochimaru: And why is that?
Hachimon: I need the elder gods weakened. Benten’s plan could work, but I don’t trust it. With Naruto and Sasuke becoming the sons of wind and thunder, they’ll take some of Fujin and Raijin’s power. I want to save “him” for as long as possible.
Orochimaru: Milord, regardless of the means, I foresee you accomplishing your goals.
Hachimon: As I see you, your’s. Take your leave and keep me informed.
*Orochimaru starts to wilt away.*
Hachimon thinking: And once I have the power of wind, thunder and lightning, and water, not even you Izanagi can prevent me from taking my place as rightful king of both this realm and Amenotokotachi.
*Scene switches back to Naruto and crew as they are entering the cave.*
Sakura: It would be nice if we had a torch.
Sasuke: Hold on. Grand Fireball Jutsu!
*Sasuke blows a great fireball, keeping it aflame for several seconds while the other three look around at their surroundings. Naruto has a shocked look on his face. Sasuke releases the jutsu.*
Sasuke: Sorry guys… did anyone see anything we could make a torch out of?
Sakura: No.
Hinata: Neither did I.
*Naruto is still speechless.*
Hinata: Naruto, you ok?
Naruto: Im… Impossible.
Sakura: What is it Naruto?
Naruto: Sasuke, again.
*Sasuke does another fireball jutsu to light up the area. Naruto is pointing at what he was looking at. Both Sakura and Hinata drop their jaws. Sasuke releases the jutsu again.*
Sasuke: What is it?
*It starts pouring rain outside, and the thunderstorm grows. The winds pick up. A figure steps forward, and just as a lightning bolt cracks, the figure is seen. It’s a monstrous ogre-type body with sharp pointed teeth, with the canines veering out of the mouth.*
Figure: This is my domain, Uzumaki Naruto. Are you sure you want to trespass?
Naruto: What do you mean trespass?
Figure: You damn humans have no idea. You killed my pet. I will have my revenge!
Naruto: A… Amatsu???

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The Power of Amatsu
*Scene opens with Naruto, Sasuke, Hinata, and Sakura all in battle stances. Amatsu is taking a step towards the group.*
Amatsu: Question is who dies first?
*Sasuke activates his EMS while Naruto enters Kurama Sage mode.*
Sasuke: Naruto… this guy… he makes the juubi pale in comparison.
Amatsu: And you Uchiha claim to be geniuses.
Hinata: Byuakugan!
*Hinata has activated her byuakugan.*
Naruto: How did you get here?
Amatsu: I told you, this is my domain. Your so called Uzuiogakure mocked me ages ago. To think that fool’s descendants would openly challenge me.
*Amatsu holds out one arm, and a double sided battle axe forms in it. He swings it down at Sasuke. Sasuke counters, forming his Susanoo, which uses all four arms to catch the blade of the axe. Sasuke is pushed into the ground up to his waist.*
Amatsu: Your eyes… they belong to us. That son of bitch Izanagi… he loved her like his own. And she wasn’t his!
*Amatsu holds out his other arm, open palmed, and an energy beam shoots from his palm straight at Hinata. At the last minute, Naruto flashes in and out with Hinata, dodging the attack. Meanwhile, Sakura is running towards Amatsu preparing to strike.*
Sasuke and Hinatat in unison: Sakura NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
*Just as Sakura is about to punch Amatsu, he growls, sending shockwaves at Sakura, throwing her back to the entrance of the cave. She hits a cave wall with such force she is knocked out. Naruto flashes Hinata over to Sakura.*
Naruto: Take her out of here and set up a barrier.
Hinata: But he broke through this barrier.
Naruto: I believe in you.
*Naruto kisses Hinata and flashes back over to Sasuke, pulling him out of the ground.*
Naruto: Ok, give me the lowdown Sasuke.
Sasuke: His chakra… it’s more malevolent than yours. And it’s just pure darkness. It even gives me the creeps.
Naruto: Got a plan?
Sasuke: No, think you can buy me some time?
Naruto: That will be easy.
*Amatsu has now formed a broadsword in his hand and is swinging down at Naruto. Naruto flashes out just before the sword would have struck him.*
Amatsu: You think that’s fast?
*Amatsu appears right next to Naruto, swinging the blade horizontally from left to right, Naruto touching the edge of the blade to flip over it. Naruto’s grimaces as his hand is burnt. He flashes over to Sasuke.*
Naruto: Newsflash, don’t let any of his weapons touch you. Burns like a mofo.
Sasuke: Then let us see how much heat he can handle. Amerterasu!!!
*Amatsu is immediately engulfed in the black flames. He begins to laugh.*
Amatsu: Did you think that you could burn the god of the underworld? It is my flame that is inextinguishable. Not these puny flames.
*Amatsu roars, dissipating the flames.*
Amatsu: Let me show you some real heat.
*Amatsu throws his sword at Sasuke. Sasuke forms his Susanoo to protect himself. As Amatsu throws his sword, Naruto is throwing a Fuuton Senjutsu Rasenshuriken at Amatsu. Amatsu’s blade crushes through Sasuke’s Susanoo, stabbing him in his shoulder. Sasuke screams in pain. As Sasuke is keeling over, Naruto’s FSRS hits Amatsu, taking out half of his body. Once the jutsu dissipates, Amatsu stares at Naruto and begins to laugh.*
Amatsu: If you had truly mastered the wind, that could have done some damage. Well it did anyway, to this form.
*Amatsu transforms into his human form, resembling a young Danzou, with a goatee. He starts to walk towards Naruto.*
Amatsu: I must give you credit, you pushed me to a limit to where I’ve had to revert to a weaker form.
*Naruto stares at Amatsu seriously.*
Amatsu: But even in this form, you are still no match for me boy!
*Amatsu appears suddenly before Naruto, grabbing him by the throat, holding him in mid-air (Amatsu is floating).*
Amatsu: Any last words before you die?
Voice: Drop him!
*Scene shows Fujin and Raijin at the entrance of the cave.*
Amatsu: Fujin… Raijin… Long time, no see.
Raijin: You know this is not your realm. Return to where you came from.
Amatsu: Or what?
Fujin: You know you can’t beat us together.
Amatsu: Who said I was alone?
*A shockwave hits everyone, knocking Naruto from Amatsu’s grip, sending him over Fujin and Raijin.*
Fujin: Naruto… take Sasuke and return to your wife. You are not ready for them.
Naruto: Bull shit!
*With the motion of his hand, Fujin sends Naruto out of the cave with a gust of wind well over 150 mph. Raijin transports over to Sasuke and then to Hinata and Sakura, entering Hinata’s barrier. Hinata gets into a battle stance upon seeing Raijin.*
Raijin: Calm down. I bring your friend. Keep protecting them. We’ll come for you once we’re done.
*Raijin transports back to Fujin. Naruto is seen rolling over the terrain, still being pushed by the wind from Fujin.*
Fujin: Show yourself Izanami.
*Izanami steps from the shadows, revealing her rotting corpse.*
Izanami: Don’t look at me. I might have to kill you if you run away like your brother.
*Izanami charges at Fujin. Just as she reaches him, she is met with an open palm thrust, sending her crashing back to where she came from. Raijin, then doing a simple straight punch in the air, sends a lightning bolt at Izanami. She evades the attack at the last minute.*
Raijin: We do not wish to kill either of you. But do not tempt us. We will fight at full force if we have to.
Izanami: Oh, the power of you two is known very well. But have you forgotten my power.
*Izanami slights her head, and the cave closes.*
Izanami: The only one who could rival me is Izanagi.
Fujin: Do not forget Izanami, I was there before you and Izanagi. Do you want to see my full power.
Amatsu: Yes we do.
*Amatsu thrusts an open palm in the air, sending pewter flames towards Fujin and Raijin. Just as the flames are about to reach Fujin, a simple flick of his wrist, and the flames are going, extinguished by a breeze. Izanami, now wielding a spear, swings at Raijin’s head. Raijin ducks, punching the air and sending another bolt of lightning at Izanami. She parries the attack with the spear.*
Raijin in thought: Is that Inzanagi’s spear?
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Raijin flickers to Izanami, kicking her. She absorbs the blow, being pushed back. As she is pushed back, she swings the spear with a downward thrust, catching a flap of Raijin’s kimono, splitting the entire kimono. Both Fujin and Raijin take notice of this.*
Fujin: When did you get that?
Izanami: Wouldn’t you like to know?
Fujin in thought: I’ve got to end this.
*The closed off cave begins to rumble. All four gods stop and look around.*
Raijin: What is this brother?
Fujin: I do not know.
*Suddenly, Naruto breaks through the ceiling of the cave with an oodama rasengan the size of the moon in his left hand. He is holding a much smaller rasengan in his right hand that is swirling with a green, blue, and brown auras. Naruto is about to crash down on Izanami, when she thrusts the spear up at Naruto.*
Fujin: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*An explosion occurs, causing a bright light. Once the picture is clear, Naruto is seen unconscious on the ground. Fujin and Raijin flicker over to him. Amatsu and Izanami are together, both astonished by the display of power.*
Amatsu: We must leave milady. Our message has been sent.
Izanami: Very well.
*Amatsu and Izanami disappear as the moonlight beams down on Naruto. Fujin picks up Naruto’s body and carries it over to Hinata, Sasuke, and Sakura. Raijin walks with him. Fujin lays Naruto’s body next to Sasuke’s. Hinata looks at Naruto with tears in her eyes.*
Fujin: Do not worry, he is not dead.
Hinata: I know that. I can see that with my freaking byaukugan. I’m just tired of him always putting himself in situations like this for me.
Fujin: Do not fret. Your husband is a good man. And… he is a son of wind.
*Hinata looks up at Fujin. She stops crying.*
Hinata: And what is a son of wind.
Fujin: Being the eldest elemental god, I wield the most power amongst us.
Hinata: Elemental gods?
Raijin: Aye. There is Fujin *pointing at Fujin*, the god of wind; Raijin *pointing at himself*, the god of lightning and thunder, and Suijin, the god of water.
Hinata: And where is this Suijin?
Fujin: That’s actually a good question.
Hinata: So you are the protectors that the shinigami told us about two years ago?
Fujin: Aye. Do not worry. Not that everything has been set in motion, we will protect them and you with our very existence.
Hinata: Just tell me, what did this to my husband.
Raijin: The Amenonuhoko, the spear of Izanagi.
Hinata: And what is that?
Fujin: The only weapon that any being can wield and kill Izanagi himself.
Hinata: And who is this Izanagi?
Fujin: He is the god of life and the guardian of death.
Hinata: So why would Izanagi attack Naruto?
Raijin: That was not Izanagi that attacked you back there.
Fujin: No, that was his ex-wife, Izanami.
Hinata: If this blade can kill Izanagi…
Fujin: It can kill any god, and kill the soul of any man. If it weren’t for Naruto’s jutsu, he would no longer be here.
Hinata: What jutsu?
Fujin: A sphere of condensed energy, made up of more than one element.
Hinata looking at Naruto: You knucklehead.
Raijin: You know what we are talking about?
Hinata: Yes, that is his rasengan. It’s a jutsu of where he condenses his chakra into a spinning, swirling sphere. Upon contact of its destination, it explodes and expands…
Fujin: Terrifyingly wonderful. Has he already added wind to the jutsu?
Hinata: Yeah. But it wasn’t enough to stop the juubi.
Fujin: That will change. Here, let us carry them for you to a shelter. You need rest just as much as they do.
*Fujin picks both Naruto and Sasuke up, carrying them over his shoulder while Raijin carries Sakura.*
Hinata: But that cave was our only shelter. Naruto and I preferred to stay out under the stars when we were here.
*With the wave of a hand, trees are cut and stacked in placed to resemble a cabin, stones are pulled to form a fire pit, some dead dry wood is thrown into the fire pit, and giant palm leaves are pulled from trees to form a roof. Raijin points at the pile of wood in the fire pit, sending a small bolt of lightning that sparks a flame, gives them fire.*
Hinata astonished: Thanks Fujin-sama and Raijin-sama.
Raijin: We will watch over you and them. Now rest.
*Fujin lays Naruto down on one side of the room, and then Sasuke down on the other. Raijin lays Sakura next to Sasuke.*
Fujin: I don’t think you realize how much you will need your rest.
Hinata: I get it. I need rest. I just can’t do it right now, that’s all.
Fujin: Why are you restless child?
Hinata: I just am.
Fujin: He doesn’t know, does he?
Hinata: What do you mean?
Fujin: Lay with him. It will comfort you.
*Hinata lays down next to Naruto. Fujin and Raijin exit the cabin.*
Raijin: This is not good.
Fujin: Aye. Izanagi must be warned.
Raijin: And we must find Suijin before they make their move.
Fujin: Aye. For if he falls, and Susanoo gains his powers…
Raijin: You don’t need to speak of it. We have found our sons. It is time to train them.
Fujin: But we need Suijin to cure that wound for Sasuke from Amatu’s burn. Go to Izanagi. I will stay here and protect them. Besides… Naruto’s jutsu is the equivalent to that of the Amenonuhoko.
Raijin: I will return with haste then.
*Raijin fades away. The scene switches to the next morning outside of Kagame’s base. Five tents are seen with each respective kage emerging from them.*
Tsunade: So we each have the same report then?
Mei: Aye. None of my sensors are picking up the slightest bit of energy here.
Ei: It’s time we sent in a recon team.
Tsunade: We’ll take care of that. Neji!
Neji: Byuakugan.
*Neji stares at the base from the outside.*
Neji: I see nor sense any being, but I see what remains of the Gedo Mazo.
Ei: Darui!!!! Cee!!!!
*The two emerge from the tent.*
Ei: Get ready for some recon.
Tsunade: Neji, Lee, and Tenten! You’ll accompany them.
Gaara: Then the rest of our forces should be on lookout. Kankuro take the north. Kugio take the west.
Mei: Ao take the east. Choujurrou take the west.
*All four disperse into their respective direction.*
Kitsuchi: Dad!
*Oonoki emerges from the tent and walks out to the group.*
Oonoki: Raikage-sama, Princess Tsunade, Mizukage-sama, Kazekage-sama! It’s good to see you all again.
Gaara: Hello old friend.
*The two shake hands.*
Oonoki: So where is my granddaughter?
Kitsuchi: She’s around here somewhere. I’ve had her scouting the area from above.
*Scene switches back to the cabin. Hinata is seen waking up, with her head still resting on Naruto’s chest. Naruto takes a deep breath all of a sudden, raising her head up, and then as he exhales, her head descends with his chest. She smiles. She sits up, looking down at Naruto who is starting to wake.*
Hinata: Naruto, you ok Honey?
Naruto grumbling: What the hell happened?
Hinata: I don’t know.
Naruto sits up all of a sudden: What about Sasuke and Sakura?!
*A small pillow hits Naruto on the side of the head.*
Sakura with her head still nuzzled into Sasuke: You’re too damn loud Naruto!
Naruto thinking: Good, they’re ok.
Naruto looking around: Where are we?
Hinata: Fujin-sama and Raijin-sama built this for us last night.
*Fujin walks through the doorway.*
Fujin: Naruto. I need to speak with you in private.
*Naruto jumps up and walks out the door with Fujin. Hinata gets up and walks down to the closest beach.*
Fujin: Naruto, what you did last night was reckless. Do you have any idea what weapon was used against you?
Naruto: No, why?
Fujin: That spear is unlike any spear. It can kill a god and kill your soul.
Naruto: Meaning?
Fujin: When you die, you either move to the afterlife in the heavens or in the underworld.
Naruto: And it can kill you?
Fujin: Well, it is the ultimate death for us, one there is no coming back from. We gods can kill each other, but once that is done, we are subjects of the underworld. That is unless Izanagi decides to spare us and comes and rescues us before we consume anything from the underworld or partake in their activities.
Naruto: Has any god died before?
Fujin: Yes, Izanami. She was Izanagi’s bride once upon a time. She died during giving birth. Before Izanagi could rescue her, she had eaten what we call the forbidden fruit.
Naruto: So why didn’t this spear kill me then. Was I not hit by it?
Fujin: That’s the thing. Your jutsu negated the power of the spear. Whatever that jutsu is, you need to teach it to them.
Naruto: I had already planned on teaching it to Hinata. Although I don’t know if she can achieve the level that I am at.
Fujin: Do not worry about her. If you are going to worry about anyone, it should be your friend, Sasuke.
*Naruto is startled.*
Fujin: Do not fret. Raijin is going after the best… medic as you would say. He will be fine once they have returned.
Naruto: So the juubi… it really was nowhere near the level of a god?
Fujin: Well… not exactly.
*Naruto looks puzzled.*
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Fujin: Our story is very complicated. Of those remaining, I am the second eldest.
Naruto: But aren’t you the god of wind? Izanagi…
Fujin: Izanagi is not an elder god. He is the guardian of life and death. He was the most powerful of us gods.
Naruto: Was?
Fujin nods: Now that he has lost Amenonuhoko, he is not. And his son, Susanoo, is seeking to become more powerful than him.
Naruto: I thought Susanoo was a jutsu of the sharingan.
Fujin: It is. The names for a lot of your jutsus are from us. The sharingan, rinnegan, and byuakugan… all gifts from us gods. Uzumaki Miyashi was the daughter of Benten and Jurojin.
Naruto: Who are they?
Fujin: Benten is the goddess of wisdom and knowledge. She is a cunning and conniving being. Jurojin was the god longevity. Sort of like a guardian of life. Izanagi was a student of Jurojin.
Naruto: So where is this Benten and Jurojin?
Fujin: Benten is a goddess who has remained somewhat neutral in all of our conflicts. We know she is going to choose a side, with her own motives. Jurojin is now in Kotoamatsukami.
Naruto: Tell me more about Miyashi.
Fujin: One day Miyashi was roaming the lands and came across a monk. She fell in love with him. Miyashi went to Izanagi to reveal her feelings. She knew her mother would not allow this. Izanagi at first looked down on her, but once he saw that her love was returned, he counseled with myself, Raijin, and Suijin. We all agreed that if she was to be with him, she would have to give up her immortality. We knew that one day he would die, and it would cause her great heartache. And we also knew that Benten and some other gods would come after her.
Naruto: Why was her mother so against it?
Fujin: Naruto… we are beings of power and pride. Benten, Miyashi’s mother is full of pride. Knowing her daughter was going to cast aside her godhood and immortality infuriated the goddess of wisdom. Somehow, she got her mate, Hachimon and Amatsu to go after Miyashi and Rikudo. Izanagi decided to teach Rikudo how to defend Miyashi, and gave him a portion of his power. That was how he defeated the juubi. But somehow, Hachimon was able to kill Rikudo. And when he went for Miyashi, he clashed with Izanagi. From that day, Izanagi promised Miyashi that he would protect her. Her two sons at the time promised to help bring peace to the gods, in honor the covenant that Izanagi held with their father, and their mother. You know the rest of that story.
Naruto: Who is this Hachimon?
Fujin: A god that has lusted after Izanagi’s position since the day he was born. I regret that day.
Naruto: Why?
Fujin: I am Benten and Hachimon’s father.
*Naruto shocked.*
Fujin: After Rikudo passed, her youngest son stayed with her to help protect her. She was granted longevity, since she was no longer immortal. She conceived another child. This is where the Uzumaki came from. Izanagi knew there was turmoil between the two sons, and he hoped that their sister would help bring peace between the two brothers, for Izanagi knew he would need their help someday.
Naruto: So I’m a descendant of Miyashi’s daughter and youngest son? That’s kind of gross.
Fujin chuckling: There have been many generations since those two. It’s not what you think.
Naruto: So Kurama, he has the power of a god?
Fujin: Even he has a potential that he has not realized. Although, between the two of you, a new power has grown that has not been realized yet either.
*A loud scream is heard in the cabin. Everyone rushes back.*
Sakura: Sasuke!!!!! Let him go!
*Naruto and Fujin rush in to see Raijin with another figure construcing an aura around Sasuke. Fujin grabs Sakura trying to ease her.*
Fujin: Relax, this must be done.
*Hinata cuddles up to Naruto’s arm.*
Hinata: Will he be ok?
Naruto: Yeah. What were you doing down by the beach.
Hinata smirks: Nothing.
Sasuke screams: AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
*In the aura, the pewter flame is being pulled out from the wound in Sasuke.*
Figure: The only flame that will not die, even in a wound.
*The figure clenches his fists, and the aura disappears with the flame. Sasuke falls down to the floor, but gets up holding his shoulder.*
Sakura: You big oaf. You didn’t have to drop him like that.
Raijin: Thank you Suijin.
Suijin (portly figure with blue kimono): Aye. So what are the two of you up to?
Fujin: We have found our sons. Have you?
Suijin: Not yet.
*All three gods look out towards the beach.*
Fujin: We have visitors.
Voice yells: Naruto!
*Naruto smiles and then dashes out the door. He runs to the beach to be greeted by the bijuu.*
Naruto: Son!!!!
*Sasuke is limping out being supported by Sakura who is walking with Hinata. The three gods appear next to Naruto.*
Suijin: Noble beasts. It is good to see you again.
Isopu: Suijin-sama. It brings joy to see you again.
*All the bijuu bow before the gods. Hinata, Sakura, and Sasuke all gawk at the bijuu.*
Hinata in thought: So this is what Kurama would look like if he weren’t in Naruto right now.
Fujin: What brings you here?
Matabi: Naruto said for us to meet him here.
*The gods turn back to see Naruto smiling at them.*

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Scene shows the seven remaining bijuu standing infront of Fujin, Raijin, and Suijin, all looking at Naruto. Panel shows Naruto with a huge grin.*
Fujin: What is the meaning of this Naruto?
Naruto: I knew that I was going to be here, and we needed to talk some things over.
Fujin: Like what?
Naruto: Like what we’re going to do. Are they going to roam free, or do they… do they want to team up with a host again?
*The shinigami appears.*
Shinigami: And why would they do that?
Naruto: Because I honestly believe that they want what Bee and gyuuki and me and Kurama have.
Shinigami to the bijuu: Is this true?
*All the bijuu nod.*
Shinigami: You know what road lies ahead of you then.
Naruto: Yeah I do… Izanagi.
Shinigami: Do you know how long it has been since a human has called me that?
Sasuke walks up: So, what is the plan?
*Everyone turns to Naruto.*
Naruto: I thought that we had some training to do.
Fujin: Aye, that is correct.
Izanagi: But first, we need to speak with Naruto. Matatabi, Choumei… work with the dark haired girl. Kokuou, work with the pink haired girl. The rest of you get Sasuke. When we return, we’ll begin the real training.
*Panel shows Matatabi and Choumei moving closer to Hinata. Kokuou walks close to Sakura and snorts down at her. Sakura looks up with determination. Son, Shukaku, Isopu, and Saiken all surround Sasuke.*
Shukaku: Have we met before?
Sasuke: It’s been a long time Shukaku. Wasn’t Gaara your host?
Shukaku: This is going to be fun.
*Hinata, Sasuke, and Sakura all enter battle stances as the gods walk off with Naruto. They come to a clearing and all stop.*
Izanagi: How do you propose on pairing the bijuu with a partner?
Naruto: I would like to do it on a mutual wanting.
Inzanagi: And what will you do if someone doesn’t want that, that say Suna has too many bijuu and jinchuuriki?
Naruto: I didn’t think of that.
*Izanagi changes to his human form, resembling Hashirama with a beard. He is wearing the armor of a samurai.*
Izanagi: It’s time you start thinking that.
*Izanagi places his hand on Naruto’s shoulder.*
Izanagi: You control more than you think. Once you have truly become a son of the wind, your power will rival that of Fujin’s and mine.
*Naruto is stunned.*
Fujin: Naruto, wind is the strongest element. Amongst you shinobi, out of the five natural elements, wind chakra is the least common. There is a reason for that.
Naruto: Yeah… besides me, there isn’t a single one in Konoha right now that we know of. But we did have Danzou and Asuma-sensei.
Fujin: A wind chakra user’s body harnesses a lot of power.
Naruto: But I was told that wind is like cutting… how is that power?
Izanagi: That is true, but that is not the entire truth. Fujin… please.
*Fujin with the flick of hand cuts a tree in half. He then stares at a grove of tree. He does a straight palm thrust, and all of the trees are blown away, being uprooted out of the ground.*
Naruto: Holy shiiiiyyyyaaattttt!
Izanagi: Now do you get the idea?
Fujin: Wind is the only element without any restraints. Wind pushes the water to make waves. It can also part seas to where you could walk on dry land if you please. Wind can cut down a single tree, or it can uproot an entire grove. Wind can make a fire stronger, or it can become so strong, that it will extinguish the flame itself. Wind can move the clouds that produce thunder and lightning, and it can also dissipate them as well.
Raijin: We’re no pushovers either, but we have restrictions. You do not.
Izanagi: Speaking of which, have you found your son of water?
Suijin: I have, but I can’t train her?
Izanagi: That is all then. Now about the bijuu, you’re going to need to hold a conference with the kages.
*An explosion is heard in the background. Shukaku is faintly heard apologizing to Sasuke.*
Izanagi: Are you ready?
Naruto: Sure… no time like the present.
Izanagi: Very well then, I will accompany you with the bijuu. *turns to the other three gods* I entrust the training to you for now.
*Naruto is stunned.*
Naruto: I was just kidding.
Izanagi: I’m not.
*All of sudden Naruto, Izanagi, and all of the bijuu disappear. Scene switches to the location of the Kages as they are under one tent.*
Raikage: I just don’t understand how that statue just appeared, and now it is destroyed. Any hope of recovering the bijuu is gone now.
Gaara: And why were you wanting to recover the bijuu?
Raikage: In cases when Naruto goes and disappears like this.
Mei: We have Bee.
Raikage: You can keep that headache for now.
*Mei smirks.*
Raikage: He is still alive, right?
Mei: He was a good boy last night.
*Panel shows a flashback to the previous night with Mei in a black leather corset outfit with a whip. Scene shows Ei with a nosebleed.*
Ao: Mizukage-sama, we have visitors.
Ei: Who would come here?
Naruto yells: Gran-ny Tsu-na-de!
*The five kages go wide-eyed and rush out of the tent. They all stare at Naruto with a menacing stare, but then one by one, notice Izanagi and the bijuu with Naruto.*
Raikage: Do my eyes deceive me?
Gaara: They do not.
Oonoki: To think… I never thought I would see you two again *referring to Kokuou and Son Goku*.
Naruto: We need to talk.
*Scene switches back to LoW. Sasuke is training with Raijin and Fujin. Hinata and Sakura are preparing lunch for the trio. Suijin approaches the two women.*
Suijin to Hinata: So you are the wife of Uzumaki Naruto?
Hinata nodding: Yes.
Suijin: I am Suijin, god of water. And you must be Uchiha Sakura.
Sakura: Yes.
Suijin: You can stop hiding it now.
Sakura and Hinata look at each other: Hiding what?
*Suijin crosses his arms.*
Sakura: Ok… Naruto is kinda hot. And so is that Raijin guy. But I’m keeping my Sasuke.
Hinata giggles: You think Naruto is hot?
Sakura: Yeah, I mean if I didn’t have Sasuke… I’m sorry Hinata.
Hinata: Don’t be.
Suijin: That’s not what I’m talking about.
Sakura: Then I don’t know what you are talking about.
*Suijin is staring at Hinata. Sakura finally catches on to this and looks at Hinata.*
Sakura: Ok, what did I miss?
Hinata: I guess you could say I’m the one who missed something.
Sakura: Missed what?
Hinata: I…. I’m late.
Sakura: Late for what? You don’t have any appointments back in Konoha do you?
Hinata: No. Sakura… I’m late.
*Hinata puts both of her hands over her pelvic area.*
Sakura: Wha…. Oh…. MY!!!!!! GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Sakura screams with excitement. She bear hugs Hinata, as Sasuke, Raijin, and Fujin all stop their training to look at the two women.*
Sakura: Have you told anyone?
Hinata: No. And I’m really scared to tell Naruto.
Sakura: Oh shit! Naruto is going to be a dad!?!
Hinata smiles: Yeah.
Sakura: We need to examine you to see how far along you are. We need to get you on vitamins.
Suijin: Do not worry about the child. I will protect it. She is after all the daughter of water.
Sakura: You’re having a girl!?! AWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
*Sasuke is seen jogging over to the girls.*
Sasuke: What’s going on?
Sakura: Tell him. Tell him.
Hinata: I… I’m…
Sakura bursts out: She’s pregnant!
*Sasuke is shocked. Hinata smiles.*
Sasuke: You need to tell Naruto… and your family. Oh shit, Naruto is going to be a dad! Neji is going to be an uncle!
Fujin: So I see you have finally told someone. We must go to him so he can know.
Raijin: I too want to go… and put that Raikage in his place.
*Sasuke grins.*
Sasuke: I would pay to see that.
*Scene switches back to the Kages and Naruto.*
Tsunade: I understand what you are saying Naruto. But the problem that presents is…
Naruto: I know the problem. I’ve already thought of that.
Kurama to Naruto: No you didn’t, Izanagi did.
Naruto: We want there to be peace amonst us *turns to the bijuu* and them. Some have already made their decision, if said host is willing to become the jinchuuriki.
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Shukaku steps forward.*
Shukaku: Gaara. We have been a team before, but not partners. Seeing how you have changed two years ago… I would like to return to you.
Gaara: Thank you Shukaku. But how can I trust you?
Shukaku: That is expected. I will work towards earning your trust.
Kitsuchi: Are the Suna people ready for their Kage to be a jinchuuriki again?
Gaara: It doesn’t matter. I accept.
*Izanagi holds out his palm towards Shukaku and Gaara. Shukaku disappears and Gaara takes a deep breath.*
Gaara: I haven’t felt this way in a long time… but it is still different. In a good way.
*Gaara looks at Izanagi and bows to him.*
Ei: What was that about?
Gaara: If you knew what I do, you would be smart and bow.
Ei: How come? What is your name stranger?
Izanagi: My name is not mentioned amongst you anymore, so I doubt you realize it. So I’ll show you.
*Izanagi enters his true form, looking like the shinigami again. Everyone cowers and begins to bow, including Ei. Izanagi reverts back to his human form.*
Izanagi: You may rise now.
*Everyone looks up at the god.*
Izanagi: I am Izanagi.
Oonoki: Unbelievable. Are you really the Izanagi in the old legends? Where is your spear?
Izanagi: It has been stolen.
Oonoki: The legendary spear that could kill a god…. a man’s soul?
Izanagi: Aye. That is why I will need Naruto, Killer Bee, and now Gaara to come with me and train. Uchiha Sasuke will also be with me, as well as Uzumaki Hinata and Uchiha Sakura. But enough of that for now. We must adjourn here.
Ei: What are you talking about?
*Fujin, Raijin, Suijin, Sasuke, Sakura, and Hinata all appear between the two groups.*
Izanagi: You would be wise to watch your words, shadow of lightning. Or the god of lightning will cross your path.
*Raijin starts to have lightning bolts travel all across his body as he begins to psyche himself up and then enter a battle stance.*
Fujin: Calm down brother.
Oonoki: Unbelievable. They were all true.
Tsunade: What are you talking about?
Oonoki: Well, by what we’ve just seen, this fellow is Raijin, the god of thunder and lightning. And that must mean that these two are Fujin and Suijin, god of wind and god of water.
Fujin: So I see you have not forgotten your history lessons, Oonoki-san.
Tsunade: How do you know this?
Oonoki: I dismissed them as fairy tales, but growing up, my parents would tell me about how Izanagi, Fujin, Raijin, and Suijin would defeat Amatsu and keep him in the underwor… Is that part true then?
Izanagi: That is why we must train these few that we have selected.
Oonoki: Oh dear. Who… who has your spear?
Fujin: Izanami.
*Oonoki goes pale and is wide-eyed.*
Oonoki: You would all be smart and let these people train. And then you would get the hell out of here.
Ei: What are you talking about old man?
Suijin: Without his spear, Izanagi has lost half of his power. That spear contains half of Izanagi’s power, as well as the majority of Amatsu’s power. And now that Izanami and Amatsu have that spear, even we gods are in a dire situation.
Izanagi: But enough of that. We should give Naruto and his bride some privacy.
*Everyone but Naruto and Hinata disappear. Naruto walks up to Hinata.*
Naruto: What’s going on?
Hinata: I have something I need to tell you Honey.
Naruto: It doesn’t matter how much you spent on that shopping spree Baby. We’ll be ok.
Hinata: That’s not it. I… I’m…
*Naruto looks at Hinata.*
Hinata: I’m pregnant.
Naruto: Excuse me.
Hinata: I’m pregnant.
Naruto: You’re pregnant? You’re pregnant? You’re pregnant!
Hinata smiles: Yeah. You’re going to be a daddy!
Naruto smiles: And you’re going to be a mommy!
*Naruto picks Hinata up and spins around with her, kissing her.*
Hinata: You’re not upset?
Naruto: Upset… no. I am a little surprised.
Hinata: How so?
Naruto: Hinata…. I can count on my hands and feet (fingers and toes) how many nights we have not done it since we’ve been married.
Hinata: Are you including last night?
Naruto: We’re going to be parents.
*Everyone appears again around Naruto and Hinata. Sakura and Sasuke are smiling at the couple while the Kages are oblivious. Sakura runs to Naruto and hugs him.*
Sakura: You better straighten up and settle down mister.
Tsunade: What’s going on?
Suijin: Naruto is the son of wind. Sasuke is the son of lightning and thunder.
Oonoki: So who is the son of water?
*Hinata holds her pelvic area.*
Suijin: She is in there.
Sakura: Tsunade-sama, we need to examine her to make sure she has the right vitamins, see if we can determine the sex…
Tsunade: The god of water just said it was a she.
Sakura: But….
Tsunade: We still need to make sure that everything is right with you Hinata. Your father is going to be so proud.
Inzanagi: Sasuke, Naruto… you must start your training now. Suijin and I will stay here with everyone.
*Sasuke and Naruto nod their heads. In an instant, they are gone with Fujin and Raijin. Scene switches to Iwa. A group of people in cloaks is walking down a street. They walk into a rather large building. Ryu is seen on a stage.*
Ryu: Brethren, welcome, welcome. Tonight, I have a surprise for you. Tonight, you hear from our great sage, Yakushi Kabuto!
*Kabuto is seen moving to the center of the stage to a thunderous roar and applause. Kabuto holds his hand up to silence the crowd.*
Kabuto: Two years ago, there was a war that your nation was dragged into, that it had no business in. Countless lives were lost. And all for the sake of stopping… a ghost. Nobody saw Uchiha Madara, except for the Kages, or so they say. And yet the Kages stand by and have dropped all charges against a man that was seen attacking shinobi of that alliance, Uchiha Sasuke.
*The crowd roars.*
Kabuto: The Kages let a shinobi from Konoha brainwash them into thinking that Sasuke was pure in all his detriments. That he wasn’t to blame for attacking Kumo. He was power hungry, I saw it with my own two eyes.
*The crowd roars again.*
Kabuto: Naruto and Sasuke are trying to destroy what Iwagakure has strived for. You want peace! You want security! Only we can offer it from those two. Yes, there is another war on the horizon. And this time, there will be casualties. But it will be a holy war! Feast your eyes on the reason why we will win this war!
*The curtain that was behind Kabuto and Ryu falls, revealing Ryuden coiled up, with Benten walking around on his torso.*
Benten: Humans, you do not know who I am, but it is time you learned and remembered. I am Benten, goddess of wisdom and knowledge. For too long, we gods have forsaken you lower beings, leaving you to your own devices. You see where this has gotten you. You are a third-rate village in a third-rate country. But not for long. Konoha, Suna, and Kumo will all recognize their mistake.
Shouts from the crowd: What about Kiri?
Benten: Kiri shares in your pain.
Ryu steps forward: Brethren, brethren. I have traveled to Kiri. I have seen their pain and misfortune. They too had to house remnants of that shinobi alliance army. They actually had to house civilians from Kumo. Together, we will join with Kiri, and crush Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto.
*The crowd roars with approval. Scene changes to a medic tent where Tsunade and Sakura are inspecting Hinata. All three women walk out of the tent.*
Suijin: I am sure you discovered that everything is fine, correct?
Sakura: Yeah…
Tsunade: Both are fine!

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Scene opens up in the next day in the Mizukage’s office. Ao, along with Mei, Karin, and Juugo are discussing their predicament.*
Mei: Can you determine the size of their force?
Ao: It seems to be roughly one hundered. But it’s not their numbers that are worrisome.
Mei: Surely we can handle a hundred warriors.
Ao: Mizukage-sama… the power that I’m sensing rivals Bee-sama’s. Not collectively, individually.
Mei: Gather all the Kiri shinobi, every genin and up.
Karin: Milady, we have reason to believe that they will spare no one.
Mei: What leads you to this?
Juugo: I have sensed this power before. It’s been a long time ago. This feeling… it reeks of Ryuden.
Mei: The great snake sage…
Juugo: Aye, the one my clan has abided by for many ages.
Mei: Abided?
Juugo: Aye. My clan’s home front is at the base of Ryuchidou. Once a generation, a child is born… with an ability. An ability that allows that child to become a Sage if they are able to master it. I was that child.
Mei: So why are you not a sage?
Juugo: There were times when I would… lose myself, and transform. I would be so powerful and out of control, the only one who could subdue me was Ryuden. But he didn’t care about my clan. I was exiled, and Orochimaru came along.
Mei: And Orochimaru used you to make the Cursed Seal mark. This much I know.
Juugo: What you don’t know is that they have a piece of me, Karin, Suigetsu, and Sasuke.
Mei: What do you mean?
Karin: My healing abilities, Juugo’s strength, Suigetsu’s ability to liquefy nullifying any physical damage, and Sasuke’s eyes.
Juugo: Add that with the aura of Ryuden.
Ao: I suggest we evacuate.
Mei: Do you realize how hard that is going to be. We don’t have Naruto, the toad sage, Mabui, or Konoha’s FTG trio. Not to mention, where do we evacuate to?
Ao: We’ve had relevant peace for two years; surely one of our allies will aid us in our time of need. And this will allow the alliance to take action against the Ryun.
Mei: You said so yourself, how can we survive and leave? There’s only one way out of here. And to where we would need to evacuate, that is the direction the enemy is coming.
*Scene switches to five ships forming a “v” sailing to Kiri. Kabuto is on the lead ship at the bow. Ryu walks up to Kabuto.*
Ryu: What is your plan Lord Kabuto?
Kabuto: Why it’s simple. If it moves, annihilate it.
*Ryu leaves Kabuto and heads back to the stern. He is greeted by a fodder.*
Fodder: With this type of army, why are we not going after Konoha?
Ryu: Would you disgrace and go against Benten?
Fodder: This is her plan?
Ryu: Yes. We must draw him out first before we go after Konoha.
*Scene switches back to Kiri.*
Mei: How much time do we have?
Ao: Approximately 18 hours.
Mei: I’m ordering the evacuation of all of Kiri. If a person wants to stay, we’ll know what side they were on.
Ao: What about those in the countryside?
Mei: Send the call now. We’re going south to Nagi island. Then from there, we’ll head to the Fire country. Juugo… can you… use your power and control it now?
Juugo: Aye, I’ve gotten a lot better *grasping Karin’s hand*.
Mei: Good, alert the people outside of Kiri as best you can. Evacuate as many as you can. Ao, alert the daimyo. And summon them.
Ao: Are you sure?
Mei: Yes. It’s time that the world is reintroduced to the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. We will hold off the army so that any and all can evacuate. Ao, you will act in my place until I return.
Ao: Yes milady.
*All three shinobi leave the Mizukage as she takes a seat in her chair. Scene switches to a dark room. Hachimon enters the room.*
Hachimon: And what news have you today?
*A figure emerges from the shadows.*
Orochimaru: I’m glad to say phase A is complete.
Hachimon: Show me then.
*Orochimaru steps forward, revealing his old body. Hachimon smiles. He tosses a corpse of a zetsu clone to Orochimaru.*
Hachimon: Continue as you please.
*Panel zooms in on Orochmaru smiling, having a yellow snakes eye with one tomoe on the right side of the right pupil and bottom left side of the left pupil.*
Orochimaru: As you wish, Lord Hachimon.
Hachimon as he is leaving: Keep this up, and I’ll have to make you a god to replace her.
Orochimaru grinning: What if I don’t stop there?
*Scene switches to Konoha. Hinata is shown walking down the streets at night. Kiba walks up behind her.*
Kiba: Hinata… wait up a minute.
*Kiba jogs to Hinata.*
Kiba: So you and Naruto… going to be parents, huh?
Hinata: Yeah.
Kiba: I just wanted to say congratulations.
Hinata: Kiba…
Kiba: Yeah…
Hinata: I always knew you had a crush on me. I can’t say that I’m sorry things have ended up the way they have. But I’m glad you’ve always been there for me as a friend.
Kiba blushing: Yeah… Yo MaMa *gawking at a woman who just walked by*.
Hinata in thought: And you better be glad that Sakura isn’t here.
*Hinata walks into her apartment, and goes to turn a light on.*
Voices: SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Tsunade, Shizune, Sakura, Ino, Tenten, Kurenai, Hanabi, Hinata’s mother, Kiba’s mother and sister, and Sieta are all present for a baby shower for Hinata. She is taken back at everyone crowded in her apartment.*
Hinata: You guys know you shouldn’t do that to a pregnant woman.
Tsunade: Relax. You deserve this. I mean you’re married to Naruto after all.
Hinata in a defensive tone: He’s not as bad as you all think he is.
Tsunade: Relax. I didn’t mean anything by that…. it’s that it’s just Naruto, that’s all. You’re truly a strong woman to be able to handle him.
Sakura: Yeah… in more ways than one *pointing at her baby bump*.
*Everyone but Hinata’s mom busts out laughing.*
Shizune: Anyways, you deserve it. You’re about to have two little ones running around. Enjoy this while you can. Even if Naruto is the best dad in the world, it’s still going to be tough. I mean think about diapers.
Kurenai: Midnight feedings. Midnight changings.
Ino: Regardless of all that, we want to be here for you and help you as much as we can. We know how Naruto is… and we’re betting some of that has rubbed off on you.
Tsunade: So don’t hesitate. And if Naruto seems he has everything under control when it comes to the babies, he probably doesn’t.
*Scene switches to the rooftop of Hinata and Naruto’s apartment. Izanagi and Suijin are seen.*
Izanagi: You think you should go, don’t you?
Suijin: I am torn. Do I stay here and protect the daughter of water, or do I return to my home and protect it.
Izanagi: Do you trust Uzumaki Hinata? Do you trust her to protect the child?
Suijin: I’m not sure if I do or do not. She wouldn’t have told Naruto for some time, and with what’s going on, he may have never known.
Izanagi: Ah yes, women. Take it from someone who has known the fairer sex, she meant well.
Suijin: Just because you were the only one of us who took a bride doesn’t mean that none of us knew a woman.
Izanagi: I didn’t mean it that way brother. Be it human or goddess, the female species is always… different. I mean that in a good way.
Suijin: But it is not your stronghold that is being attacked.
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Izanagi: You are the god of water. No human can take that from you. Why do you need a stronghold?
Suijin: It’s not for me.
Izanagi: Oh… I see.
Suijin: There aren’t many places left in this realm to where I can teach the daughter of water the proper way. Kirigakure is one the last few remaining… and in all honesty, it’s the best. Raijin can take Sasuke up into a mountainous area or anywhere with a storm. Fujin can take Naruto anywhere. But I can’t. I have to be close to water. And that land has an affinity for water itself like no other.
Izanagi: You realize what killing one of them would do.
Suijin: Aye.
Izanagi: Let me ask you this then brother. Would you rather save the land, or the people?
Suijin: Don’t tempt me brother. You know that I am the only god who has not been completely forsaken by all, and it’s because of a small group of people there.
Izanagi: Then answer my question.
Suijin: The people. The people! That land is holy. Only Kotoamatsukami could destroy that land.
Izanagi: Have faith brother. Have you not learned yet… these humans… they have interesting traits and characteristics. Just when you think they are completely wiped off of the slate, one emerges and changes the tide.
Suijin: Don’t lecture me brother about Rikudo and Naruto.
Izanagi: Not just them. But Sasuke as well. And that Namikaze Minato. And don’t forget about Jiraya.
Suijin: All with ties to Konoha!
Izanagi: Because Konoha has ties to us, unlike any other village, save one.
Suijin: Aye. And I wonder what those two are up to now.
Izanagi: I don’t know. I think that sometimes Fujin regrets bringing them forth. Suijn, Fujin and I have made some mistakes along the way.
Suijin: Aye. I know your son is coming after me.
Izanagi: We just have to trust that the wind, lightning, and thunder will be enough to stop him.
Suijin: Speaking of which, can you sense Fujin or Naruto?
Izanagi puzzled: No, I cannot.
Suijin: Neither I.
Izanagi: Then he must have entered the second phase of his training.
*Scene switches to Iwagakure. Kitsuchi, Akatsuchi, and Son Goku are seen on a mountainside.*
Kitsuchi: Great Ape! It pleases me to see you have returned here.
*Son looks at Kitsuchi and grunts at him. He starts to move up the mountain.*
Kitsuchi: Could I have a moment of your time?
*Kitsuchi and Akatsuchi fly up to Son Goku, who throws a boulder at the two to signal that he wants to be alone.*
Kitsuchi: I just want… I just want to know if you have had any thoughts about choosing a host yet.
*Son Goku looks at Kitsuchi. He roars at the duo, sending Kitsuchi flying back. Meanwhile, Akatsuchi was able to stand his ground. Son Goku looks at Akatsuchi, grunts at him and carries on up the mountain. Akatsuchi flies back to Kitsuchi.*
Akatsuchi: You alright?
Kitsuchi: Aye.
Akatsuchi: What’s our next move? Would you like for me to get the sealing team ready?
Kitsuchi: While that sounds like a good idea, no. It’s time Iwa changed its ways. You were able to stand your ground against him. He acknowledged you. Stay with him, and be careful. At the first sign of trouble, come back home.
Akatsuchi: Aye.
*Akatsuchi flies off after Son. Kitsuchi chuckles.*
Kitsuchi: Man it’s going to be hard not to go back to our old ways.
*Scene switches to Akatsuchi who soon approaches Son again. Son turns to Akatsuchi, and roars again. Akatsuchi is able to stand his ground again. Son looks at him, cocking his head at an angle.*
Akatsuchi: My orders were to follow you. I will not attack.
*Akatsuchi lands on the ground in a kneeling position. Son Goku jumps and lands right in front of Akatsuchi.*
Son: Do I not terrify you?
Akatsuchi: I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared.
Son: You are the second human who has been honest with me. Follow me. I’m going to check on something.
*Akatsuchi looks up with a smile.*
Son: And wipe that smile off. You may be heading to your doom.
*Akatsuchi flies up again to Son.*
Akatsuchi: There aren’t many that can say they have fought with side by side, let alone traveled with the Yonbi.
Son: Keep it up, and if we survive… I met tell you my name.
Akatsuchi: You mean Yonbi isn’t your name?
Son: No, it’s not. And I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t call me that anymore.
Akatsuchi nods: Then what should I call you?
Son: For now, The Great Ape King will suffice.
*The two head up the mountain. Akatsuchi looks back, down at Iwa. Scene switches to Kiri. The setting is Mei’s office. The sun is starting to rise, with a singular pink ray on the horizon. There are eight figures seen in the office. Mei leans forward in her chair.*
Mei: The reason you have been summoned is because we are facing a force that could annihilate Kirigakure. Your mission is to confront this force and delay it. Chojourrou, as leader, you are responsible for their lives.
*Chojourrou stesps forward.*
Chojourrou: Milady…
Mei: Do not worry; it is high time that he was given his blade.
*Mei gets up and walks over to a large scroll sitting upright in a corner. She unravels it and releases the barrier, revealing Samehada.*
Mei: Hiru, take good care of Samehada. She really liked her previous master.
*The tallest figure steps forward from the shadow, revealing a man with short purple hair, dressed in Samurai armor that is silver plated. He puts his hand forth. Samehada smells the man’s hand and instantly latches onto Hiru.*
Mei: She likes you. Do not forget to thank Bee-sama when you get the chance.
Hiru: Aye.
Mei: Chojourrou, as the eldest member you are hereby the leader of this group. Your mission is to delay the enemy and then regroup in Nagi with the village and country.
*A medium build figure steps forward with red hair, wearing the traditional attire for a jounin.*
Figure: And what of you milady? Who will protect you?
Mei: Do not worry Toyo. You will be with me. I’m staying behind with you. Not only must we delay the enemy as much as possible, but we must gain as much intel as possible.
Toyo: Then who will act in your absence with the people as they evacuate?
Mei: That will be Ao. Now go prepare. You have 6 hours to rest. Then we start our preparations for our foes. Dismissed!
*Scene switches to the next day. Hinata is seen in her apartment looks at the pile of diapers, wipes, and bottles she got from the shower. She smiles holding her hand over her pelvic area. Scene switches to Sasuke and Sakura’s place, both still frolicking in bed.*
Sasuke: I… *kiss* shoud… *kiss* go.
Sakura: But I’m not done with you.
*Sakura straddles him with her naked back facing you.*
Sasuke: Fine… fifteen minutes. I can’t keep him waiting.
*Sakura giggles and pounces on Sasuke. Scene switches to Kitsuchi who is walking into his office. He is met by a waiting Kurotsuchi.*
Kurotsuchi: Where did he go?
Kitsuchi: Where did who go?
Kurotsuchi: Akatsuchi. I know you and him went after the yonbi last night. Akatsuchi never returned.
*Oonoki walks in.*
Oonoki: This is a good thing, then.
Kurotsuchi: How so?
Oonoki: The yonbi couldn’t tolerate the presence of your father, but of your cousin, he does.
Kitsuchi smiling: Let’s hope so.
*Scene shows Son Goku along with Akatsuchi coming to a plateau of sorts. There is a cave entrance. Akatsuchi is panting due to the thin air.*
Son: That’s right, you humans can’t breathe that well up here, can you?
Akatsuchi: I can handle it.
Son: Do not worry, I will protect you with my life.
Akatsuchi: And you, I will with mine.
Son: Son of Rock (Iwagakure), why do you follow me?
Akatsuchi: At first I was ordered to. But now, I want to aide you. I’ve heard stories about you, and have come to realize that either you’re putting on a act, or those stories aren’t true.
Son: Do you know where you are?
Akatsuchi: No. Just that Iwa is a day’s journey down the mountain, and that’s flying, not climbing and walking.
Son: We need to head back. But first…
*Son holds out his fist. Akatsuchi stares at Son for a little bit confused. Son nods at him. Akatsuchi bumps fists with Son. A bright light appears, and Son is gone. Scene switches to Akatsuchi’s mind, where he and Son are seen.*
Akatsuchi: What just happened?
Son: We are partners now. Now we are going to enter this cave. What possibly awaits will require our combined strength.
Akatsuchi: And what if nothing is there?
Son: That will be both a good and bad thing. I’ll explain more later. And one more thing… my name is Son Goku. But you can call me Son.
*Scene switches to reality, showing Akatsuchi with a red aura around him, walking to the entrance of the cave. Scene switches to the shores of the water country. The five ships have already set anchor off the coast. Kabuto along with his entourage and army are standing on the ocean.*
Ryu: And so it begins.
Kabuto: Yes.
Ryu: And what will be done of our believers?
Kabuto smirking at Ryu: You know…
Ryu: Ah yes, I do. The fools.
*Ryu unsheathes a sword.*
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Kabuto: I will stay behind for him.
Ryu: You think he will show?
Kabuto: He will. He needs this place. And it’s time they recognized our power. You are in charge Ryu. Remember, no living thing left behind. Once you have finished, make Kirigakure our new military base. Lords Benten and Hachimon will be pleased.
*Hachimon appears at the bow on the lead ship.*
Hachimon behind Kabuto: We shall see, Dragon Sage.
*Kabuto turns to Hachimon smiling. Ryu and the army of Zetsu clone Sages head off towards Kirigakure. Scene switches to atop the Mizukage’s office. Mei is standing in the middle, surrounded by the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. Ao flickers in.*
Ao: Milady, we’ve got the majority of the village and eastern countryside evacuated. Last word from Karin and Juugo was they were heading to a small community to get the last few there.
Mei: Good, and the daimyou?
Ao: He is accounted for as well.
Mei: Good, then go. And protect them with your life. You are the current Mizukage until I return.
*She hands him the Mizukage hat.*
Ao: It has been a pleasure, milady.
*Ao kneels and takes her hand and kisses it.*
Ao: Protect her Choujourrou. I’m counting on you guys.
Choujourrou and the rest in unison: AYE!
*Ao flickers out. An hour passes bye and then screams are heard at the main gate. Villagers are seen praising the sight of Ryu, and then he swings his blade in a downward angle on a villager, killing him. A Zetsu clone Sage is seen holding a female villager by her face, punching her in the chest, breaking every single rib. He then crushes her skull, dropping the corpse. Scene switches on Mei and the SSM.*
Mei: If this is the last time I see any of you… know that you have become the pride of a village that was once shrouded in blood and misery. Going forward, you will be a shining light for Kirigakure.
All in unison: AYE!!!

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The Swordsmen
*Scene opens with Ryu and the Zetsu clone army reeking destruction on the citizens who stayed in Kirigakure. Ryu has just beheaded a man when Hiru lands right next to a woman who was staring at Ryu.*
Woman: But why Lord Ry…
*Hiru shoves the lady out of the way as Ryu is swing his sword down on the lady. He immediately swings Samehada down on the blade, not allowing Ryu to pull it back up.*
Ryu: So it looks like not all of you are cowards. Good, now we really get to see how good this army is.
Hiru: Ryu, I presume.
Ryu: And who be you?
Hiru: I’m the guy who’s about to whoop your ass.
Ryu: Really?!
*Ryu attempts to kick Samehada off of his blade, but once his foot touches Samehada, some of Ryu’s chakra is drained by Samehada. Ryu pulls his leg back, realizing which blade he is against.*
Ryu: The famed Samehada. I thought Killer Bee owned this blade.
Hiru: It has returned to its rightful home, Kirigakure.
*Ryu drops his blade and enters a crane stance.*
Ryu: I don’t need my blade to finish you off.
Hiru: Why is that you villians never know when to shut the hell up?
*Hiru swings Samehada horizontally from right to left at Ryu. Ryu ducks the swing, pivoting on his left hand, kicking Hiru on his left side in the ribs, sending him flying back. Ryu makes a few hand signs and then fades into the ground. Hiru looks around. He is suddenly knocked from behind by a Zetsu Sage Clone. The clone walks over to Hiru, pulling out a blade, and just as it is about to strike Hiru, a lightning bolt strikes the clone, momentarily rendering the clone immobile. This gives Hiru enough time to maneuver around and get out of the area where the strike will hit. Just as the bolt is finished, the blade comes down where Hiru was.*
Hiru: Thanks Toyo. You see that Ryu guy?
Toyo from atop a building behind Hiru: Nope.
*Toyo flickers down to Hiru, getting back to back with him. He has kiba (the thunderswords) in each hand, ready to attack the next oncomer.*
Toyo: And I don’t like the fact that my lightning bolt did nothing to him.
Hiru: It paralyzed him momentarily, and saved my ass. I owe you one.
Toyo: Aye.
*A clone some distance from the duo summons a rock golem, sending it to attack the two. As the golem is about to connect with a hammerfist puch, Hiru swings Samehada, severing the golems arm. Samehada begins to give some of the absorbed chakra to Hiru. He sees the clone and makes a mad dash to him. He leaps on the air, preparing for a downward swing on the clone. Just as he is about to land the blow, the clone crosses his arms in a blocking motion, blocking Samehada. Samehada begins to absorb the chakra from the clone. Hiru stares at the clone, wondering how long it will be able to parry his attack, when Samehada starts to wither and whine. Samehada throws itself away from Hiru, landing back in the area with Toyo. Hiru watches on astonished, leaving an opening for the clone. The clone then hits Hiru with a fuuton blast, sending him into a building. Toyo picks up Samehada and runs after Hiru.*
Toyo: Hiru….
*Scene switches to more clones attacking the north part of the village. A woman holding a baby is crawling away from the clones. One clone pulls out a kunai and throws it at the woman. A splatter of blood is seen. The panel zooms out to reveal a long-haired man, dressed in a kimono. He is wielding the Executioner’s Blade. He pulls the kunai out of his forearm, and wipes his forearm on his blade. He looks up at the clone who threw the kunai with a grevious smile.*
Swordsmen: What type of religion kills their own?
Clone: Who said we were a religion?
Swordsmen: Then what are you?
Clone grinning: The first wave.
*The clone leaps at the swordsman, changing forms into a giant white snake, headed at the swordsman with its mouth wide open (the snake and mouth are large enough to swallow the swordsman whole). Just as the snake is about to reach the swordsman, at the last moment, he sidesteps the snake, swinging his blade horizontally, cleaving the flesh from the juncture of the jaws all the way to the tail of the snake as it sails past the swordsman.*
Swordsman: Next time you’ll think twice about messing with me.
*Ryu walks up behind the swordsman.*
Ryu: And who are you?
Swordsman: Momochi… Momochi Kazuka.
Ryu: Any relation to the Demon of the Mist?
Kazuka: That bastard of a father… I will rewrite the name Momochi in the history books.
*Suddenly a figure lands on what was thought to be Ryu, causing a dust cloud. As the dust clears, a white haired man holding the bluntsword (the axe and hammer) in a slice on the ground. Ryu appears between the two swordsmen.*
Ryu: Nice try. But I grow tired of you as well. Surely there is one here I can test my strength on.
*Ryu once again sinks into the ground, leaving the two swordsman. Clones are beginning to enclose on the duo.*
Kazuka: I could have handled him, Shio.
Shio: You blade didn’t even cut through that entire snake *pointing to the clone in area, healing himself*. And my sword isn’t the best for this type of opponent.
Kazuka: Then what should we do?
Shio: We need to regroup. That’s going to be our only chance of surviving.
Kazuka: Mind explaining how we do that?
Shio: Mizukage-sama and Choujourrou are staying in the middle of the village. Hiru and Toyo are at the Main Gate (West Gate). Chizo and Jamena are at the South Gate. We’ll circle around back to Mizukage-sama and Choujourrou.
Kazuka: Alright. Let’s move.
*The two shinobi start running towards the main gate, unaware of what awaits them. Scene switches to two shinobi, one short and stubby, another one even skinnier than Kazuka. The short and stubby fellow wields the Blastsword, while the other wields the longsword. The two are standing in a dust cloud that is beginning to clear revealing several clones surrounding them.*
Skinny guy: Dammit Chizo. Your blast had little to no effect on them.
Chizo: Well, at least we learned that you long sword is effective in bringing them together.
*All of the clones start to leap at the two. Scene switches to the Mei and Choujourrou battling clones in front of the Mizukage’s office. Mei is spewing her acid which is eating away some of the flesh from the clones.*
Mei: Dammit, why isn’t this working?
Choujourrou sweating: Get back milady.
*Mei leaps behind Choujourrou who swing his Hiramekarei at a group of clones, releasing chakra at the group. The chakra beam only cuts through two of the clones.*
Mei in thought: Damn, this is not good. Hurry the hell up Karin and Juugo.
*Scene switches to Karin and Juugo entering a hut.*
Karin: Anyone home? Hello!
*Juugo rushes through the hut, looking in the second room.*
Juugo: No one is here.
Karin: Good, this is the last one.
*The two start to turn around and walk out of the hut. Open walking through the doorway, they are greeted by an elderly man.*
Juugo: Sir, we need to get you away from here.
Old man: But why?
Juugo: Your life is in danger.
Old man: My… My life? My life is not in danger.
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