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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Suddenly footsteps are heard by the trio. All three look in the direction and see a Zetsu clone heading towards them. Juugo stands in front of Karin and the old man.*
Juugo: Get him out of here. I’ll hold him off so you can get away.
Karin: I’m not leaving you.
Juugo: Don’t worry. I will handle this one.
*The clone stops directly in front of the trio, staring at the old man. It points at the old man and opens its mouth to speak. Juugo immediately transforms into the monster, flashing to the clone, grabbing its face and slamming it into a tree, imbedding the top half of the shoulder, along with the clones entire neck and head. Juugo starts to transform back.*
Juugo: What the fuck kinda power is this? That would have killed a normal human being.
Old Man: Maybe he’s not normal.
*Juugo picks up the old man and Karin, hauling ass away from the clone as it begins to pull itself out of the tree. The clone looks at the spec of the trio as they run away from him, grinning. This is news that must be returned to him. Scene switches back to Kiri. We see Kazuka and Shio in front of the main gate calling out for Hiru and Toyo. They spot a group of clones heading into a building. The two pursue the group, both wielding their blade. Just as they come to a wall, Shio takes the lead, striking the wall with his axe. He immediately hits the axe with his hammer, breaking the wall down. Immediately a clone goes flying past Shio. Kazuka not missing an opportunity, swings his blade, cutting the clone in half. Hiru emerges from the rubble, wielding Samehada.*
Shio: Where’s Toyo?
Hiru: We got separated a minute ago. He went up top.
*Hiru sensing an attack coming, twists around swinging Samehada, catching two clones, and slinging them away from the group. Samehada gives Hiru a little more chakra.*
Hiru: I really, really like you Samehada. If it weren’t for you, I’d be dead by now.
*A flash occurs, causing the trio to jump up to the roof. As they land, they see Toyo impaling a clone with one of his swords. As he tries to withdraw the blade, the clone holds onto the sword, pulling it closer. Three clones are leaping at Toyo and the clone. Just as they are about to land on Toyo, an explosion occurs. Bodies are seen flying. Hiru rushes to the center of the blast, which is where Toyo was. As the dust clears and the debri settles, Toyo is seen kneeling next to the Blastsword. He looks past Kazuka and Shio, and sees Chizo and Jamena.*
Toyo: Bout damn time!
Jamena: This wasn’t a cakewalk for us either.
Shio: Quit your griping the two of you. Let’s meet back up with Mizukage-sama and Choujourrou.
*All six flicker off the rooftop. Scene switches to Mei and Choujourrou. Bodies of the clones are seen lying around them. Both are panting. Mei has to lean against a lava statue of a clone to support herself. More clones are surrounding them.*
Mei: How many are there?
Choujourrou: Too many.
Mei in thought: How did you accomplish this Kabuto?
*Three clones take the lead, charging at the two, when all of a sudden, their heads drop behind their bodies. Kazuka is seen with his arm fully extended out, wielding the Executioner’s Blade. Suddenly the rest of the swordsmen land next to the two. Kazuka calmly walks towards the group.*
Mei: I’m glad to see the rest of you are doing so fine.
Shio: All is not well. The only one who has a blade sufficient enough to terminate these monsters is Kazuka.
Mei: Aye, we’ve seen that. Choujourrou is low on chakra. We must wait until the signal, and then we’ll head out.
A clone that walked up: Who said you could leave?
*All of the remaining clones gather and encircle the group now.*
Shio: Anyone been keeping count of how many they killed?
Kazuka: I’ve got four.
Choujourrou: I got two.
Mei: And I’ve dealt with six.
Shio mumbling: That’s twelve… So we’ve got to defeat 88 more?!
*Ryu rises up from the ground, heading the clones as they start to make their move.*
Ryu: Today, Kirigakure falls along with its Mizukage, Terumi Mei!
*Ryu is once again wielding his sword, leading the charge. The swordsmen all enter a defensive stance. Scene switches to Juugo and Karin.*
Juugo: This is the place.
Old man: Place for what?
Juugo: Karin, take him and continue on. I must go back and help them.
Karin: I can’t leave you.
Juugo: I promise I’ll return.
*Karin kisses Juugo. As the two separate, Juugo heads back to Kirigakure.*
Karin: We must go now.
Old man: Yes you must.
Karin puzzled: What do you mean?
Old Man: Go on. I’ll make sure he returns to you.
*The old man fades away. Karin shocked, runs towards the evacuees. Scene switches to Juugo running through the terrain, heading to Kirigakure. Next panel switches to Kabuto standing on the ocean. A clone appears next to him.*
Kabuto: What is it?
Clone: He isn’t going to meet you here.
Kabuto: Then Kirigakure it will be.
*Hachimon appears next to Kabuto.*
Hachimon: I’m not pleased, Kabuto.
Kabuto: Do not worry, Lord Hachimon. Lord Benten accounted for this. We know that Suijin will not lift a hand against you. Why else do you think I asked you to come?
Hachimon: I thought this was supposed to be a showing of how terrifying my army would be.
Kabuto: And it is. Come, witness the carnage of your army.
*The two start to head towards Kiri, seeing smoke arise to the clouds. Scene switches to Kirigakure. All the swordsmen are leaning against the swords, save Hiru. He is the lone swordsmen fighting off the attackers, as Ryu and the rest of the clones stand back and watch.*
Hiru smirking: Thanks to Samehada, I can last a long time against you guys.
Ryu stepping forward: Is that right. I think it’s time we finished what we started.
*Ryu motions for the clones to back off. Ryu walks up to Hiru, who is clutching Samehada with both hands.*
Ryu: I’ll even fight you without this sword.
*Ryu unsheathes his sword and tosses it aside.*
Hiru: I’ll teach you not to be so cocky against me!
*Hiru swings Samehada at Ryu, who leaps backwards performing hand signals. A purple aura begins to grow around Ryu.*
Ryu: Have you even fathomed as to why you can’t really damage my army or me?
Shio mumbling: What the fuck is he talking about?
Ryu: Yakushi Kabuto has become the Great Dragon Sage. I, studying under him, am the White Snake Sage.
*Ryu transforms into the form that Orochimaru took when he tried to take over Sasuke.*
Ryu: And once we’ve killed you, the others will fall. I’ll make sure that they beg for mercy before we kill them.
*Ryu lunges at Hiru. Hiru leaps into the air, landing on Ryu’s back, running down his back to his origin of his attack.
Hiru: I am Kon Hiru. I have been trained by the samurai from the Land of Iron. You will not defeat me here.
*All of a sudden all the clones along with Ryu lunge and leap at Hiru. Just as the forces are about to reach Hiru, a monstrous explosion occurs. Dust and debri fill the air. Once things begin to come clear, Juugo, in his transformed state, is seen standing over Hiru, lying at the bottom of a crater. Juugo is panting.*
Juugo: Hiru, get them out of here. You don’t know what you’re up against.
Hiru: And what makes you think you can boss me around?
*Juugo looks at Hiru, grabs him by his collar, and tosses him to the group.*
Juugo: Give them chakra so they can leave. I can’t beat them, but I can hold them off.
Hiru: But together…
Juugo: You must survive with them. Go, inform the other villages…
*Kabuto appears in the group with the SSM, holding Mei in the air by her throat.*
Kabuto: We can’t have that now, can we… Juugo?
*Ryu transforms back, walking up to Kabuto and kneeling.*
Ryu: My apologies Lord Kabuto.
Kabuto: Do not fret. I believe you would have destroyed them, but things have changed.
Ryu: What is it milord?
Kabuto: Don’t you think it’s about time you showed yourself?
*The old man steps out from behind a building, walking towards the group.*
Old Man: Please don’t kill me.
Kabuto: Don’t you think it is time you revealed yourself… Suijin.
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*The old man changes into Suijin. Everyone gawks at the god of water.*
Suijin: Let her go. Let her go, and you can have Kirigakure.
Kabuto: I don’t think so. I know you won’t stand against me or him *nodding to Ryu*. And my army can handle these miscreants anytime. Nothing can stop me from taking this place, and their lives!
*A huge tidal wave is seen on the horizon behind Suijin, raising up to 200 feet tall. Kabuto sees the tidal wave and smiles.*
Kabuto: That won’t work either.
Suijin: Will it?
*Juugo flashes over and tackles Kabuto, who releases Mei. Ryu sprints towards Mei to finish her off as the wave comes crashing down on Kirigakure. Scene zooms out to show Kirigakure covered in water. The only building showing above water is the Mizukage office. Scene switches to the Koi pond. Amerterasu, Susanoo, and Tsukuyomi are seen staring into the pond.*
Susanoo: To think, that fool just destroyed his stronghold.
Amerterasu: Do not make haste brother. We must stick to our plan.
Susanoo: Easy for you to say.
Tsukuyomi: She speaks the truth brother. We all know how trustworthy Benten and Hachimon are.
Amerterasu: And they are the least of our worries now.
Susanoo: What do you mean?
Tsukuyomi: Amatsu has father’s spear, brother.
*Scene shows Amatsu in his ogre form, sitting on a pewter throne, holding the Amenonuhoko, grinning. Izanami walks up to Amatsu, kneeling before him.*
Amatsu: Arise my bride.
Izanami still kneeling: But you are the wielder of Amenonuhoko. You graced me to wield it for a moment, and I almost lost it.
Amatsu: Yes, that Uzumaki twerp somehow avoided your blow. Are you fit to be my queen? Maybe Benten….
*Izanami looks up at Amatsu sharply, which is now in his human form.*
Amatsu: I am the only being who understands the beauty of your rotting flesh of a corpse.
*Izanami gets a wicked smile, and crawls to the lap of Amatsu. Scene zooms in Amatsu’s face smiling and laughing.*

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Scene opens with the masses from Kiri traveling by foot on a beach. Ao is seen leading them, with several Kiri Anbu bringing up the rear. Fast forward to night time, a huge campsite with numerous tents. Ao and the Anbu are gathered around a bonfire.*
Anbu 1: What is the plan now, Mizukage-sama?
Ao: First and foremost, do not address me as Mizukage. Second, we stay on course.
*Karin walks to the middle of the group.*
Karin: We should send word to Konoha ahead of us.
Ao: Aye. Any volunteers?
Karin stepping forward: I volunteer.
Ao: And why should you go?
Karin: During my time under Orochimaru, I became acquainted with these parts of the world. Once I get to the Wave Country, it will take me one day’s journey to Konoha.
Ao: I’m sending someone with you.
Karin shocked: Why?
Ao: We may have lost the swordsman and the Mizukage. I know you’re relatively new to Kirigakure, but you are a part of our village. As acting head of the village, I can’t risk losing another shinobi. Not now.
Karin: Aye.
Ao: Rina…
*A short, petite woman appears next to Karin kneeling before Ao. She has long pink hair wrapped in two buns on the side of her hair (think Princess Leia). She rises wearing an Anbu mask.*
Ao: Protect her and aide in relaying the message to Konoha. We’ll be behind by two days. I’ll send word if there is any complications.
Rina: Aye.
Ao: Dismissed!
*The two girls disappear, heading towards the Wave Country.*
Anbu 1: We mustn’t be that far behind. What if they come after us?
Ao: Mei… Mizukage-sama will never allow that to happen.
*Scene switches to Kirigakure. The village is still flooded, but bodies are seen moving on the rooftops of villages. The panel focuses on top of the Mizukage office, showing Kabuto, Ryu, and Hachimon.*
Kabuto: To think, this is what he would do…
Hachimon: I can’t say that I am surprised.
Ryu: Why did you not confront your uncle, milord?
Kabuto: Because there was no need to. You have much to learn, my lieutenant.
Hachimon: Plus, Suijin is not my quarrel. My cousins must die, then him *scene shows Amatsu having his way with Izanami in his throne room*, and then my father. Then I will be able to ascend and grant you all what you deserve.
Kabuto: And are you sure she is in compliance with this?
Hachimon: If she is not, she will meet her end.
Kabuto: She knows about him.
Hachimon: And I know about you.
*Kabuto has a shocked face.*
Hachimon: When I get what I want, I will help those who have helped me.
*Hachimon disappears.*
Ryu: How does he know?
Kabuto: He is a god after all. I just never figured him to have any brains. Seems like we’ll have to be more discreet from here on out.
Ryu: Do you trust either one?
Kabuto: Once we fully understand how Rikudo was able to defeat the juubi, we won’t need to worry about either one.
Ryu: And what of Lady Benten’s plan?
Kabuto: She’s already taking care of it.
*Scene switches to a tavern in Konoha. Team 10 and Team Gai are at a table drinking. Kiba walks in with Shino.*
Shikamaru: AYYYYY, there’s more people to drink with us.
Kiba: How long has he been here?
Choji: We’ve been here for an hour. Shikamaru just doesn’t hold his sake that well.
Shikamaru: So what?! I pay my tab. I want more sake!
*Rock Lee knocks back a cold one.*
Lee: You know… ever since Naruto knocked Hinata up, I haven’t seen either one of them.
Tenten elbowing Lee: Use better language.
*Neji toys with his shot of sake and then downs it.*
Neji: Naruto hasn’t been seen in the village for three days now.
Shino: So…
Neji: He should be here to protect her in case something was to happen.
Kiba: You’re worried about Hinata? Dude… we’re talking about Hinata here. The only woman to stop all of us here (referring to the guys) in a matter of seconds. Not to mention, she’s supposedly a seal guru now. Relax a little. Go get some pie.
*Kiba notices a woman walk into the tavern with long red hair, wearing a purple kimono.*
Kiba: Like me. Yo…. pretty mama!
*Kiba walks off to the woman. The woman greets Kiba. Kiba begins to flirt heavily with her, and for once, the woman is flirting back. The two continue flirting so much; they leave, groping each other. Scene shows Choji, Shino, Neji, Lee, and Shikamaru all shit-faced.*
Choji: You’ve got to be shitting me, maaaaannnnn!
Shikamaru: There is no way that just happened.
Shino: Tis a sign of the times.
Lee: Good for him
*Lee turns to Tenten and goes to kiss her, but Tenten pushes him away.*
Tenten: Not when you have beer breath. Sober up and brush your teeth first.
Lee: But baby… I’m the drunken master.
Tenten blushing: Not now Lee.
Ino staring at Tenten: What does he mean the drunken master?
Lee: I’m not just a fighter… I’m a damn good lover too!
*The rest of the group busts out laughing as Neji stares off into space. Scene switches showing Kiba with the woman back at his place, as the two enjoy each other’s company in his bedroom. Scene switches to a forested area. A shadowy figure is seen approaching the area. The figure sits against a tree. Another figure appears next to the tree.*
Sitting figure: Wow!!! I’m starting to get the hang of this.
Standing figure: Aye, you are.
Sitting: So what’s next Raijin?
Raijin: The final step to becoming the son of thunder. Bringing forth lightning and thunder from yourself, and not nature. But that will wait. I’m sure your wife misses you Sasuke.
Sasuke: Yeah, you’re right. I miss her too. Any idea where Naruto and Fujin are?
Raijin: Naruto is the son of wind.
Sasuke: Yeah.
Raijin: They’ve already entered his second phase of training.
Sasuke: Yeah… how do you know that?
Raijin: Because Naruto is not the first son of wind. And he will not be the last. Neither will you be the last son of thunder.
Sasuke: Oh…
Raijin: You’re first phase was learning to channel and control the flow of electricity within yourself to create bolts of lightning. Naruto’s first phase is easier than your’s, calling on the wind. His is more difficult, because of the vastness of his power, the power of the wind. His learning of the control of the wind is the second phase. And there’s only one way to do that.
Sasuke: How so?
Raijin: The wind is everywhere. Even you can create wind, just nowhere near the level that Naruto and Fujin can. But the fastest way to learn how to control that power is… well… it’s to become like the wind… like the air. Free and willing to go around certain obstacles, but smashing through and slicing others.
Sasuke: I see… So because Naruto has probably became like the wind… air, he can’t be sensed.
Raijin: Aye… and it doesn’t hurt him that he has already mastered senjutsu as well.
Sasuke: Is there any way I could master senjutsu?
Raijin: No. You do not have the right body to be a senjutsu master. But… you can be a sage.
Sasuke: So there’s a difference between a sage and a senjutsu master?
Raijin: Technically, yes. The toads’ way of teaching senjutsu, there is not. But you’re enemy uses a different method.
Sasuke: What do you mean my enemy? I thought our enemy was the other gods.
Raijin: You and Naruto, yes. But for your comrades and wives, no. The other gods have went in league with certain humans and a handful of sages.
Sasuke: But I thought Naruto was the only Sage.
Raijin: That is not the truth. There are three sages, but technically, only two are warriors. The toads, and the snakes.
*Sasuke is shocked.*
Raijin: The toads have mastered senjutsu as was meant by Lady Miyashi. The snakes on the other hand, have developed two types of senjutsu. There is the great white snake sage *panel shows Ryu in his 8 snake form*, and there is the great dragon sage *panel shows Kabuto in his cloak*.
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Sasuke: So Orochimaru…
Raijin: Orochimaru couldn’t even master senjutsu as the white snake level. Kabuto however….
Sasuke: Mastered it. And he’s aligned with the other gods?! The other shinobi countries must know of this, especially Iwagakure and Kirigakure.
Raijin: Those villages are of no concern to you, trust me.
Sasuke: But….
Raijin: You’re responsibility is Izanagi’s two sons and daughter. They want to annihilate both you and Naruto, but you especially.
Sasuke: Why?
Raijin: Because… your powers were meant for them. The three main jutsus of the Mangekyou Sharingan: Amerterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Susanoo, were meant for them. Izanagi bestowed that power into Rikudo Sennin. After he did that, they promised vengeance on him, but have never had the power or opportunity to do so.
Sasuke: And what happens when I kill them?
Raijin: If you kill them, they become Amatsu’s servants.
Sasuke: What…
Raijin: You cannot kill him. The only weapon that can kill him, he wields. But even with that, if he has regained his power, even that may not be enough.
Sasuke: Are you saying we can’t win?
Raijin: No. You can win. Just not the way you are thinking about it. Come, we have conversed enough for now. I wish to see how my brother is doing.
*Sasuke and Raijin vanish. Scene switches to Konoha. Sasuke is seen entering his home. Sakura is lying on a couch in an over-sized shirt passed out. Sasuke walks to her, picks her up in his arms, carrying her to their bed. Scene switches to a beach. Karin and Rina are seen running towards the ocean.*
Rina: Why are you in such a hurry to get to Konoha?
Karin: Because… I need to find someone, and the only person who can find him is in Konoha.
Rina: Who are you needing to find?
Karin: Someone important.
Rina: And who is this person that only he or she can find who you are looking for?
Karin: Uzumaki Naruto.
Rina: You know the Great Toad Sage?
Karin: Aye.
Rina: Couldn’t he bring everyone to Konoha right away as well?
Karin: Aye. If anyone can do it, it would be him.
*Karin and Rina are running on the ocean now.*
Rina: Then wait up a moment.
*Both women stop. Rina slams the water, summonging a large dolphin. Rina grabs on to the dorsal fin and grabs onto Karin. The dolphin swims in the direction towards Konoha.*
Karin yelling: Why didn’t you do this earlier?
Rina yelling back: Because I didn’t know you were looking for Naruto.
*Scene switches back to the Kiri camp. The sun is beginning to rise on the horizon. Ao has already awakened the camp and readied everyone for the day’s journey.*
Ao: Ok, today we need to get to the Osiwa beach. Then we’ll be a day’s journey from the Wave country as soon as we get a boat.
Fodder: Why Osiwa beach? Do you realize how far that is?
Ao: Aye. And if you want to stay alive, you’ll keep up with the pace.
*The camp beings to move out, with about a third of the Anbu forces in the lead with Ao. The remaining Anbu bring up the rear, looking back to make sure they are not followed. Scene switches to Konoha. Sasuke and Sakura are seen strolling through Konoha. The two meet Hinata at a breakfast stand.*
Sasuke: Heard from Naruto?
Hinata: No.
Sakura: Where is he? If I were you, I’d be so pissed right now.
Hinata: I’m not mad. He’ll return when he is ready.
Sakura: But you’ve got twins on the way.
Hinata: It’s ok.
Sasuke: Besides, if it wasn’t important, he would be here. Cut him some slack.
Sakura: If you were to do that, I’d beat the shit out of you.
Sasuke: And then we wouldn’t have any more kids.
Sakura: You want kids?!
Sasuke: I never said that.
Sakura: Fine.
*Hinata giggles.*
Sasuke: It’s not that I don’t want kids… just not right now.
Hinata: It’s better for the two of you to wait a little while.
Sakura pouting: O…k…
*Scene switches to Suna inside a conference room. All of the Suna elders, along with Gaara, Kankuro, and Temari are there.*
Elder A: Now that we have Shukaku back, we’ve increased our military power.
Gaara: Let me make this clear. Not you or anyone else in here will use him as a tool for war. He is my partner, and mine alone for now. Now…. what news do you bring sister?
Temari: It is believed by Konoha that the Ryun will not remain docile. While they have been doing other missions, Aburame Shino and Inuzuka Kiba have been gathering intel on the Ryun and the where-a-bouts of Yamato. Before the bijuu were discovered again, they had deployed a team of their top Anbu to Iwa to follow a lead on Yamato.
Kankuro: So why is this wood user so important?
Gaara: You did not fight Uchiha Madara. He used the DNA of Senju Hashirama, and his power increased. None of us Kage stood a chance against him. Now… our enemies are gods it seems.
Baku: Why is it that we always end up with messes tied to Konoha?
Gaara: This mess is not just Konoha’s, but everyones. Oonoki-sama told me about the stories he was told as a child of the gods. It appears they are true. And if they are, I’m not even sure any shinobi stands a chance. But…. we will rise and make our stand. After all, this time we have the bijuu with us.
Temari: There is one more thing…
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Everyone turns to Temari.*
Temari: In six months, Kiri is scheduled to hold the chuunin exams. I think a motion should be made for extra security.
Kankuro: It would make sense. If the Ryun are up to no good, that would be a prime target, what with all the kages gathered.
Gaara: As our chuunin liaison, when are you scheduled to travel to Kiri?
Temari: We have our first conference in a week.
Gaara: Kankuro, travel with her until you get to Konoha. Give this to Nara Shikamaru.
*Gaara hands Kankuro an envelope. Scene switches to Osiwa Beach at night fall. Panel zooms in on Ao looking around.*
Ao: Dammit. We sure could use Rina and her summonings right about now.
Fodder: How will we cross the ocean to the Wave Country? Wouldn’t it be smarter to travel on foot through the Fire Country?
Ao: No. If they set a trap for us, this route is the least likeliest to face any resistance. That’s why the Mizukage chose this route.
*An Anbu lands near Ao, whispering in his ear. Ao’s eyes go wide. Both flicker out of the scene. Scene switches to a beach on the other side of the island. A team of 4 Anbu stand, looking across the sea on a group of people on the beach opposite of them.*
Anbu: We’re not sure if they are going to attack or not.
*Ao flips up his patch and stares at the group. He begins to smile.*
Ao: No need to worry. That’s our group.
Anbu: But it’s a bunch of old people.
Ao: Well, that’s Mei’s chakra signature, along with Choujourrou’s.
*Scene switches to everyone on the opposite beach with the group. Ao and the Anbu approach the elderly people.*
Ao: Please do not hide yourself from us.
Old man: What do you speak of?
Ao angered: I can read the chakra signature Terumi Mei, the Mizukage!
Old man: Is that so?
Ao: Release them!
Old man: Relax. After all, they are not even there.
*Ao and the Anbu look again, and the old man is the only one there. Mei and Choujourrou’s chakra signatures are gone.*
Old man: Do not fret. They are ok. There wouldn’t happened to have been a long, red-haired woman wearing glasses with you?
Ao: There was.
Old man: Is she ok?
Ao: What difference is it to you?
Old man: I may look like I can’t do much…
*Suddenly the Anbu have the old man in a water prison bubble. The old man just crosses his arms in the bubble of water. The group heads out back to rejoin the other evacuees. Scene switches back to Osiwa beach. Ao has all of the Anbu in one tent as the sun sets.*
Ao: Release his head so he can talk now.
Anbu: I’m surprised he isn’t dead. He’s been in there for over an hour.
*The old man’s head now appears out of the bubble.*
Ao: Who are you? And what have you done with the Mizukage?
Old man: They are fine. They are where no one can harm them. Now please, release an old man, so that I might rest in peace.
Ao: Bring the villagers in, one at a time. We’ll see if any recognize you, and gather our intel from there.
*Slowly, every villager is shown the old man in the tent, with everyone leaving stating they have never seen the geezer. Finally an elderly woman enters the tent and screams as soon as she sees the old man.*
Old Lady: What are you doing here?
Ao: You know this man?
Old Lady: Yes!!!! You shouldn’t be here. That means….
*The old lady begins to weep. Ao goes to comfort the lady.*
Ao scoffs: What have you done to this woman?
*Suijin changes to his normal human form, and walks out of the water prison bubble. He pushes Ao aside and holds the old lady.*
Suijin: I am sorry child. A true evil has arisen. And for the time being, Kiri must be sacrificed. But I promise to see it rebuilt.
*Everyone stands in astonishment looking at Suijin.*
Ao: Who is this? *looks for the old man* And where is that geezer?
*Ao begins to add the two together, and pulls out his kunai, entering a battle stance. The Anbu follow suit.*
Ao: Just who are you?
Suijin: You would be wise to lower your weapon. I am the god of water after all.
*Scene switches to the moon high in the sky. Ao and Suijin are around a campfire.*
Ao: I’m sorry. I just…
Suijin: Do not worry. I fully understand.
Ao: So why didn’t you… you know… just lambast the Ryun army?
Suijin: We elder gods have taken an oath. An oath to never try and kill another god or lesser being. In return, we have decided to entrust some our powers to other entities. We have called them the sons and daughters of earth, thunder, water, and wind.
Ao: What about fire?
Suijin: The fire god did not take that stance. He now rules the underworld. My father saw to that.
Ao: So if Uzumaki Naruto is to be the son of wind, and Uchiha Sasuke the son of thunder, what about water and earth?
Suijin: The daughter of water has been chosen already. As for the earth… since Jurojin has retired with father, and the original son of earth has passed, I’m not sure if we will ever see one again.
Ao: And who is the daughter of water?
Suijin: The unborn child of Uzumaki Naruto.
Ao: What is it with this guy?
Suijin: What do you mean?
Ao: Well, he’s the toad sage, the kyuubi jinchuuriki, the son of wind…. and now the father of the daughter of water. That’s a lot.
Suijin: Are you jealous?
Ao: No… I’d say relieved that I’m not all those things.
Suijin: That is wise. For every bit of power he has, he has made great sacrifices.
Ao: One more question.
*Suijin nods.*
Ao: Do you think this is going to happen to Iwa?
Suijin: No. The Ryun have become quite the political machine. And now they have military power. I’m not Hachimon, but I would guess that Kiri will now be their base of military operations. It would be easier to hit Konoha from the ocean than by land. Same goes for Kumo. Meanwhile, Iwa will probably be their recruiting ground. There is still some resentment towards the Allied Nations from the war.
Ao: And that’s smart too. Put so much distance between the two… kinda like the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing thing.
Suijin: Exactly.
Ao: So… since you won’t fight the other gods and the Ryun…
Suijin: I never said I wouldn’t fight them. I will defend you humans against them. I will not take their life however. Now rest. Same goes for you. *nodding to several Anbu behind a bush* I need you all to rest. You’ll wake up in the Fire country.
*Scene switches to a tavern in Konoha. Kiba and Might Gai are seen drinking.*
Kiba: Yeah, this broad was smoking hot. And man… the things she did… and her long, red hair. I couldn’t get enough of her man.
Gai: Be careful kiddo. You don’t want to knock her up do you?
Kiba: Man the way she was… I never thought of that.
Gai: Did you even get her name?
Kiba: Nope.
*The woman enters the tavern, and upon seeing Kiba, heads into his direction. Kiba is still talking to Gai not noticing her. She walks up behind him and gropes him. Kiba almost loses his cool at her touch.*
Kiba: Heyyy!!!!!!!! Oh, it’s you.
*The two enter a sloppy kiss.*
Kiba: Where ya been babe?
Woman: Resting.
Kiba: For what?
Woman: Round 2.
*She cocks her eyebrow and Kiba gulps.*
Kiba: Well, duty calls.
*Gai shakes his head. Scene switches to Hinata asleep in bed. The moon can be seen through her window. A shadow is seen at her window. The window is slowly opened. Suddenly a crack of thunder is heard and window drops, crashing down and waking Hinata. She’s panting.*
Izanagi: Do not worry. I am here to protect you. So is Raijin.
Hinata: What was that?
Izanagi: Nothing to concern yourself with child. The god of lightning and thunder scared him away.
Hinata: I want Naruto!
Izanagi: We have no idea where he is.
Hinata: What do you mean?
Izanagi: That is a good thing. It means he is mastering the wind. I promised not only Naruto, but Suijin that I would watch after you and your children. Raijin promised he would help when he could.
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Scene switches atop the Hokage mountain. Two figures are seen, one being Raijin. Raijin is seen in his original form, orgish wearing lightning plated armor. He is holding a spear made of lightning.*
Raijin: We knew someone would come after her, we just didn’t expect it to be you, Susanoo.
Susanoo: Long time, no see Uncle. And who’s to say I was after that woman. Maybe I had come for father. I know after all, he doesn’t have it anymore.
Raijin: You know once we enter battle, your other uncles will show up. You might be able to defeat me, but you can’t defeat all three of us.
Susanoo: I wouldn’t dream of it, not yet that is. I can’t wait to kill your son of thunder before your very eyes though. But in due time. Just let father know, we know.
Raijin: Answer me this then…. who returned the bijuu?
Susanoo: The god of lightning and thunder doesn’t know. It’s all part of the game.
*Sasuke appears next to Raijin.*
Sasuke: What game?
*Susanoo laughes.*
Susanoo: What human would understand a god?
Sasuke: So you are the god Susanoo, the god of storms.
Raijin: Be careful Sasuke, he’s too much for you.
Sasuke: Answer me this… why not me? I mean you said you wanted to kill me before Raijin’s eyes.
Susanoo: Don’t tempt me boy! Deliver the message Uncle. And be prepared. Your precious humans’ days are numbered.
*Susanoo disappears leaving Raijin and Sasuke on the Hokage mountain.*
Sasuke: So that’s what you really look like?
Raijin: Shut up. And next time, don’t butt in.
Sasuke: Why?
Raijin: You and I alone are no match for him. I’m an elemental god, and in being one, I have the most powerful form of my element. But he… he’s not an elemental god. To some degree he has the power of the wind. That’s why we need Fujin and Naruto. Otherwise, we’re dead.
Sasuke: Are we that weak? Surely not.
Raijin: No. But he is the worst possible opponent for us.
*Scene switches to the Tsuchikage’s office just as the sun is hitting the roof. Akatsuchi busts through the door.*
Akatsuchi: We need to leave, pronto.
Kitsuchi: Why?
Akatsuchi: Just trust me.
*Thunder cracks throughout the sky. Susanoo is seen walking on a road towards Iwagakure. Several villagers are seen running through the streets. The scene switches to Kiba’s apartment. The woman is seen getting up out of bed and putting on her clothes. She bends over and kisses Kiba on the cheek, who is still passed out.*
Woman: I’ll have to remember you.
*Kiba begins to stir.*
Kiba: Leaving already? Don’t want to start round 3?
Woman: I would love to, but I have to be somewhere. I’ll be back tonight.
Kiba: I never got your name.
Woman: My name… why do you want to know it?
Kiba: Honestly, when I dream of you, I want to know who it is I’m dreaming about.
Woman: Very well. It’s Benten.

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Scene opens with Susanoo walking up to the main gates of Iwagakure. Villagers are rushing to close the gates trying to protect themselves.*
Susanoo: Idiotic fools. Feel the wrath of the most powerful god!
*Susanoo raises both arms, with palms toward the sky, bringing forth a violent storm. Lightning is seen striking several antennas in Iwagakure, while thunder strikes and shakes the ground. Scene switches to Akatsuchi and Kitsuchi.*
Kitsuchi: What the hell is going on?
Akatsuchi: I don’t know. I… I just know that I was told to hurry back here and warn you.
Kitsuchi puzzled: What do you mean told?
Akatsuchi: I… I am now the jinchuuriki of the yonbi.
Kitsuchi astonished: What?!?!?!?
Akatsuchi: None of that matters right now. We need to get as many villagers out of here as fast as we can.
Kitsuchi: Sound the alarm then. *looking at Akatsuchi* Can you buy us some time?
Akatsuchi: I’ll try.
*Akatsuchi rushes out of the office while Kitsuchi makes way to make sure the alarms are sounded. Scene switches to Susanoo standing before the main gates. He looks up at the gates.*
Susanoo: Benten said to have a little fun. So I’m going to have some fun.
*Susanoo punches the middle of the gate, splitting the two doors. The two giant stone doors shoot off of the hinges, knocking over several buildings.*
Susanoo: It’s time we took our strongholds back, bitches!
*Susanoo points towards the sky, then in a foul swoop, brings lightning down onto a villager running from him, striking the villager dead. Noticing several doors slam shut to numerous buildings, Susanoo begins to laugh. With a single punch from his left hand, three buidings are blown away by Susanoo’s wind attack. Screaming and yelling is heard throughout the village. Susanoo continues his stroll through the main street in Iwa. He walks upon an old man praying.*
Susanoo: Say… old timer, who ya praying to?
Old man trembling: To Lord Benten and Ryu. They will handle you.
*Susanoo picks up the old man by his face.*
Susanoo: You really don’t know what kind of bitch she is, do you?
*Susanoo crushes the old man’s skull, killing him.*
Susanoo screaming: Where are they? Where are your sages Iwagakure?
*Akatsuchi lands behind Susanoo as the sirens begin to scream throughout the village.*
Akatsuchi: I’m not a sage, but I am the new host of Son Goku.
Susanoo: So you’re the host of that pathetic monkey.
Son in thought: Why I oughta….
Son to Akatsuchi: We haven’t had time to train and combine our powers yet. So when you get to the point, I will take over. I will defend this village with our life if that is your wish.
Akatsuchi to Son: It is.
*Akatsuchi makes a few handsigns, then a rock golem spews from his mouth. The golem rushes towards Susanoo, swinging at him, knocking him into the wall of the Tsuchikage office. The golem charges again, this time grabbing Susanoo and throwing him out of the village. As Susanoo’s tumbling ends, he gets up wiping himself off. Akatsuchi and his golem walk towards Iwa.*
Susanoo: Guess this little twerp wants to play rough. So be it.
*A huge battle double-sided axe is formed in Susanoo’s hands. He runs towards the golem, swing the axe through the golem destroying it. He then swings at Akatsuchi, but Akatsuchi was able to roll out of the way at the last moment. All of sudden, Akatsuchi transforms into Son Goku. Son roars at Susanoo.*
Susanoo: So, you decided to come out and play… monkey.
*Scene switches to the koi pond with Amerterasu and Tsukuyomi watching the fight. Benten walks up behind the duo.*
Benten: How are things progressing?
Amerterasu: As you stated. But there has been one thing you didn’t account for. That monkey has chosen a host, and the host accepted.
Benten: Just a minor complication. Hachimon will take care of it.
Tsukuyomi: You sure this plan will work Benten?
Benten: Yes. Once we have two of the five great villages, the other three will not stand a chance. Then our fathers won’t have any help, making our venture all the more easy. Plus it’s fun… toying with the humans, wouldn’t you agree?
Amerterasu: I don’t care as long as I get my flame back.
Benten: And you will, once your brother has handled Raijin and the son of thunder. All three of you will get what you desire.
Amerterasu: You do realize once our brother has defeated our father, your father, and our uncles, no one will be able to stop him, not even us. Why are you so trusting of him?
*Benten walks over to Tsukuyomi, transforming into various women, accentuating her bosom, hips, and derriere.*
Benten: Because I know what it takes to keep any male pleased, whether he be a human, or a god. And I’m willing to do it, as well.
Tsukuyomi: Are you sure our brother has those types… of desires?
Benten: Don’t you?
*Tsukuyomi gulps.*
Benten: Amerterasu… cousin… It would serve you well to learn these methods. Right now I belong to Hachimon. But who’s to say *Benten begins to grope Tsukuyomi* that one of your brothers becomes my new *she licks his neck* mate.
Amerterasu: You are not accounting for Amatsu, the wielder of the only item we all fear.
*Benten bites Tsukuyomi on the neck as he begins to sweat and then walks over to Amerterasu.*
Benten: If you are threatened by me, you should be. If you don’t take them first, I will. And Amatsu is accounted for.
*Benten grabs Amerterasu and throws her towards Tsukuyomi. Tsukuyomi catches Amerterasu.*
Benten: Do not doubt me cousin. And you *looking at Tsukuyomi* you know where to find me if you want to… finish.
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Benten disappears. Tsukuyomi just stares in the direction Benten was standing. Amerterasu begins to dust herself off.*
Amerterasu: To think that winch…
Tsukuyomi: She has a point sister. Unlike father and our uncles, this is our natural presence. And it has urges. Surely you’ve had them.
Amerterasu: Wha… Think about what you are saying.
Tsukuyomi: I’m saying I don’t want to see you hurt. And she will hurt you. Susanoo is already too powerful for the two of us combined. And he will succumb to her.
Amerterasu: What about you?
Tsukuyomi: I cannot lie. I crave that form. But I crave your’s as well. Even with your flame and my dimension, we’ll still be stepping stones for whoever takes it all in the end.
Amerterasu: What are you saying?
Tsukuyomi: I’m saying that I don’t want to be a puppet of Amatsu. And the only thing that can kill Amatsu is that damn spear, only when wielded by son or daughter of an element. One way or another, unless we pledge servitude to Susanoo or Hachimon, we will end up under Amatsu. I don’t want to see you like her.
Amerterasu: Fine. We will aid both for as long as possible.
*Amerterasu reaches up and kisses Tsukuyomi on his cheek.*
Amerterasu: And next time, don’t hide your feelings.
*Scene switches to Iwa, as half of the village has been destroyed by Son and Susanoo. Scene switches to an underground theatre, filled with Ryun followers. A priest is on the stage.*
Priest: Do not worry brethren. For our redemption is at hand. Lord Benten, along with Lord Ryuden will return and vanquish this foe. And finally, we will be cleansed of the allied scum!
*The crowd roars in approval.*
Priest: This all came about because our leaders supported a criminal. A criminal who is backed by that very god out there. Son of thunder my ass! It’s time we took back what is ours. It’s time for our freedom!
*The crowd roars in approval. Scene switches to a group of Iwa shinobi trying to save as many civilians as possible. Kurotsuchi is leading the group.*
Kurotsuchi: Once we’ve done this that will be it for evacuation. We’ve done what we could. We must go and find my father.
*Panel shows Susanoo grabbing Son’s hand and throwing him out of the village. Son is shown beaten up, with several bruises already. Susanoo once again has his axe, and has leapt to deliver a fatal blow. Just as he is about to land the blow, he is met by an open palm, hitting him square in the chest. Panel zooms out to show Izanagi.*
Izanagi: I will not let you kill him.
Susanoo: Come on now father. You know you can’t stop me.
*Susanoo grabs his axe and throws it at Izanagi. He forms a sword and chases after the axe swingin at Izanagi. Izanagi is able to dodge the axe but is struck by the sword in the shoulder. Susanoo is seen with a manical smile.*
Susanoo: Come on old man. Surely you’ve got more left in the tank than that.
*A figure rushes into the scene, hitting Susanoo with a shoulder tackle, sending Susanoo flying. Panel zooms out to show Hachimon. He pulls the sword out of Izanagi.*
Hachimon: You’ll die by my hands, not his uncle. Tell father I said hello.
*Hachimon kicks Izanagi in the gut, sending him flying back into Son who is still lying on the ground. Hachimon begins to walk towards Susanoo.*
Hachimon: I’ve waited a long time for this cousin.
Susanoo: Aye. For now, let’s see who is the strongest.
Hachimon: Aye.
Susanoo: And make sure your bitch holds true to her word as well.
*Hachimon tosses Susanoo his sword and unsheathes his own sword. Both remain in their human forms. Susanoo releases an aura that is a dark purple color. He is then covered in plated armor of the color of the aura. His blond hair flows down to his shoulder out from underneath his helmet. Hachimon releases a red aura, that enshrouds him in samurai armor.*
Hachimon: It is time cousin!
Susanoo: It is!
*The two rush at each, clashing blades. As soon as the blades make contact, lightning strikes, thunder crashes, and an explosion of energy erupts from the two blades meeting, blowing everything within a mile radius away. Scene switches to Izanagi and Son.*
Izanagi: We must get you out of here.
Son: But what about the village.
Izanagi: Do not worry, all will be restored. And casualties were kept at a minimum. Your safety is the priority now.
Son: But what about the Tsuchikage?
Izanagi: He is alive, and will see another day. We must go.
*Izanagi touches Son and both disappear. Scene switches back to Hachimon and Susanoo as both are panting.*
Hachimon: You’ve gone soft Susanoo.
*Hachimon swings horizontally, with Susanoo parrying his attack, and countering with an upward strike. Hachimon side-steps the attack, and connects with a side kick to the rib area. Susanoo is knocked back a bit.*
Susanoo: You think I’ve gone soft?! Me!!!
*Susanoo punches the air, knocking Hachimon back with a gust of wind. With another punch, he sends a lightning bolt at Hachimon, which is deflected by his blade.*
Susanoo: I have the powers of your father! While you have none.
Hachimon smirking: But there is a reason why I am the god of war.
*Hachimon gets in a stance to throw a spear, and from nothing a golden spear is formed, with Hachimon throwing it at Susanoo, striking him in his shoulder. Hachimon walks up to Susanoo.*
Hachimon: I don’t need my father’s powers to defeat the likes of you.
*Thunder claps as it begins to rain. Susanoo begins to laugh.*
Susanoo: It’s high time I showed you the power of the god of storms.
*Susanoo rolls over backwards on his shoulders into a stance. He raises both arms as lightning strikes while thunder crashes. The rain grows heavier, causing a slight fog on the battlefield. Susanoo does a series of punches into the air, sending lightning bolts at Hachimon. Each one connects, causing a moment’s paralysis to Hachimon. Susanoo subsequently grabs his sword, swing it horizontally, causing a trail of wind to strike Hachimon and slice his chest, causing the breastplate of his armor to split and fall off. Then with a double punch, Hachimon is blown away back into Iwagakure, crashing into the mountainside. Susanoo walks calmly towards Hachimon.*
Susanoo: Fuck the plan. This is too much fun. If I kill you, I kill you.
*Susanoo enters the village, walking towards Hachimon. Hachimon pulls himself from the mountainside panting.*
Hachimon: I’m not done yet, you weakling.
*Susanoo raises his hand to send a lightning strike towards Hachimon. Hachimon places his hands as if he were firing a bow and arrow. Suddenly an arrow strikes Susanoo’s hand in the palm, passing through Susanoo’s hand completely. Another arrow strikes Susanoo’s right shoulder, separating the shoulder joint. Hachimon charges at Susanoo wielding his blade. As he begins his swing, Susanoo changes into his original form. He now towers over Hachimon at 12’ with six arms. His blonde hair grows down his back into a braided ponytail. With his lowest left arm, he removes the arrow from his upper right shoulder. He kicks Hachimon in the face sending his flying into the ground.*
Susanoo: I grow tired of this quarrel.
*Hachimon pulls himself off of the ground.*
Hachimon: I had no idea you wanted to go authentic in this battle cousin. May the best god win.
*Hachimon changes into his original form. His hair grows down to his butt. His size increases to 14’. Hardened bone plates form around his body, forming armor.*
Hachimon: No one has seen this form since he was silenced.
Susanoo: Same here.
*The two run at each other, Hachimon swinging his blade which is now the size of his human form. Susanoo catches the hand, stopping the blow, punching Hachimon several times with his remaining hands. He finally places all of his remaining hands on Hachimon, blowing Hachimon away. Once Hachimon stops rolling on the ground, the panel zooms in to show small cuts on several of Hachimon’s bone plates. Hachimon rises to a knee.*
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Hachimon: You have the powers of your uncles, but not this power.
*Hachimon holds forth his hand, and a beam shoots from his palm. Susanoo braces for the blast, crossing all of his arms to block the beam. Susanoo is knocked back by the beam. A huge explosion occurs. Hachimon begins to stand panting, reverting back to his human form. Once the dust settles, Susanoo crawls from the rubble, reverting back to his human form. Scene switches to Benten and Ryuden traveling along a path towards Iwa.*
Ryuden: Do you think…. that they… will have destroyed our political stronghold?
Benten: It’s possible
Ryuden: Tissss a good thing… we had those bunkersssss… put in.
Benten: Just as long as enough fools are alive to bring in more fools.
Ryuden: Are you willing…. to go with whoever wins between… these two?
Benten: While Hachimon’s… features suit me more, I have to live on. Even if it means crossing over to that sad excuse of a god. But I will do everything to make sure that Hachimon comes out on top in the end. But I will have my fun.
*The duo walks up onto the battlefield, seeing the carnage from the two gods.*
Benten: Oh look, they almost did destroy the village.
Ryuden: Should we not intervene?
Benten: No. Susanoo is powerful enough to take on Raijin or Suijin alone. But Hachimon… well, he’s the god of war after all.
*Benten and Ryduen make their way into Iwa, heading to the shelters for the Ryun. Scene focuses back on Hachimon and Susanoo.*
Susanoo: Well cousin, seems our playtime is almost over. Your bitch has entered the scene.
Hachimon: Really?! Just when things were starting to get fun.
Susanoo: Time to kick it up a notch.
*Susanoo suddenly stands firm as wind starts to swirl around him. The rain begins to fall horizontally, beginning to encircle Susanoo. Susanoo is raised off of the ground by the miniature tornado.*
Susanoo: Tell me… would your father be proud?
Hachimon: You bastard.
*Hachimon charges at Susanoo, forming a spear in his right hand, with shortsword in his left. Susanoo laughs at Hachimon.*
Susanoo: Touched a nerve cousin? Upset that I wield some of the power your own father has kept from you?
*Hachimon throws the spear at Susanoo, watching as the projectile is taken up by the tornado. Susanoo begins to throw lightning bolts at Hachimon which he dodges. He begins to scream, forcing his shortsword to change into a claymore sword. Hachimon begins swinging at the ground vicariously. Susanoo just stays put and laughs at Hachimon.*
Hachimon: What is so damn funny?
Susanoo: You. Why swing at the ground when your opponent is above you?
Hachimon grinning: What a na´ve fool! And you say I have no brains.
Susanoo puzzled: What the hell are you talking about?
*Hachimon changes the claymore into a long bow staff. He calmly walks up to Susanoo. Scene changes to Benten and Ryuden as they begin to inform the Ryun that it is safe to re-emerge from their shelters. They lead their followers to watch the battle between Hachimon and Susanoo.*
Fodder: Lord Benten, who is that person out there battling that god?
Benten: Lord Hachimon! *turning to the group* And you’ve been nestled under his nose all this time and you didn’t know about it.
Fodder: What do you mean?
Benten: Why we reside up on the mountain, further than any of you have tried to climb. *turning back to the battle* You’ve pledged allegiance to me and Ryuden. Then you should do so to him, because he will be our savior today.
*Scene shows Hachimon standing before Susanoo. Panel zooms out to show numerous ditches around Susanoo, with Susanoo only have room the size of a hula hoop to maintain his tornado in.*
Hachimon: You’re stuck now. And if you try to move, your vortex will lose velocity, allowing me to kill you then. What’s it going to be? Surrender, or Death… NOW!!!!
*Benten grins at hearing this.*
Benten in thought: You are so sexy right now.
*Susanoo cancels his tornado, meanwhile the rain begins to pour even harder now. Susanoo stands looking at Hachimon disgusted.*
Susanoo: You won’t be able to do that again.
Hachimon: You forgot, I am the god of war. No matter what you do, you can’t beat me in a fight.
*Benten is seen walking up beside Hachimon, wrapping her arm around his waist and resting her hand on his chest.*
Benten: I admit, compared to me, he does seem dumb as a rock. But no one can strategize on the battlefield like him. Kneel before us!
*Susanoo stands there.*
Susanoo under his breath: This wasn’t a part of the deal.
Benten yelling: KNEEL!!!!!!
*Hachimon extends his staff, forming a shortsword blade on the end as well. The tip of the blade is touching Susanoo’s throat.*
Hachimon smirking: Do it, and I will let you leave.
Susanoo scowling: You damn bitch. Next time will be different.
Hachimon: Next time cousin… Next time, after I’m through with you, I’m making your sister my bitch!
*Hachimon removes his staff/spear from Susanoo’s throat. Susanoo disappears. The Ryun charge the gods roaring their approval. Ryuden stays behind.*
Ryuden in thought: Well, well, well. Now that we’ve seen what type of warrior those two are, it’s time we continued on.
*Scene switches to a lab in Otogakure. Orochimaru is seen holding a flask, staring at it.*
Orochimaru: Damn…
*Fodder lab assistants enter the room.*
Fodder A: Is something wrong sensei?
Orochimaru: Just a minor setback?
Fodder B: How serious is it Lord Orochimaru?
Orochimaru: Not serious at all. I need you to go and get me these.
*Orochimaru hands the two a list.*
Orochimaru: Hurry along now.
*The fodders leave the lab.*
Orochimaru in thought: Your project is done Hachimon. But mine has only begun.
*Panel zooms out, showing three bodies in capsules of some liquid. Scene switches to Konoha, in the Hokage’s office.*
Tsunade slamming her fist down: What!!!! What are they doing there?
Shizune: I don’t know, we just received word today.
Tsunade: How?
*Karin and Rina enter the office.*
Karin: Hokage-sama, Kirigakure has been attacked.
Tsunade: By whom?
Karin: A clone army of Yakushi Kabuto… wearing the robes of the Ryun.
*Tsunade goes wide-eyed.*
Karin: Mizukage-sama along with the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist stayed behind to make sure they we could evacuate without any harm. The rendezvous point was Port City in the Fire Country. *becoming teary-eyed* Please get Naruto to transfer the rest of the people to Port City. And… And then I need him to find my Juu…
Tsunade: I can’t. I can’t do that.
Karin yelling: Why not?
Tsunade: No one knows where Naruto is.
*Tsunade turns in her chair to face out the window.*
Tsunade: This is day number four.
*Karin falls to her knees.*
Tsunade: Shizune… Neji, Tenten, Lee!
*All four appear before Tsunade.*
Tsunade: Shizune, summon Kakashi and Gai.
Shizune: Should I also alert our communications team to set up another kage conference?
Tsunade: Not yet. Kirigakure has come to the Fire Country for help. Kakashi and Gai will attend to them, and then we will decide which direction we will take.
Neji: What about us Hokage-sama?
Tsunade: You three are to head to Iwagakure, and pick up from where Sai, Ino, and Choji left off.
Lee: Who will guard you while we are gone?
Tsunade: You are not my first bodyguards, and will probably not be the last. Do not fret. You head in an hour.
Tenten: Tsunade-sama… what if we…
*Tsunade tosses a scroll to Tenten.*
Tsunade: If you come across them, unravel this scroll and finish the summoning on it. But not until you absolutely have to.
Tenten: Ok… but what will be summoned?
Tsunade: Who said it was a “what”? Neji, Lee, Tenten… If a period of twelve hours passes with no update, I will send reinforcements. I expect to be updated throughout your mission and when it has been completed. If your mission takes you out of Iwagakure, come back to Konoha with as much information as possible.
*After several hours have passed, the scene switches to Port City on the docks, with several fishing boats sailing in, full of the Kirigakure villagers. The next panel shows Neji, Tenten, and Lee running through a forest to Kirigakure. The last panel shows a person with only pants on sitting on thin air, floating two feet off of the ground.*

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Scene opens up several days after the Kiri villagers landed in Port City. Word has spread about what has happened at Iwagakure. Gaara and Temari stayed in Konoha upon learning of the occurrences in Kiri and Iwa. Ao, along with Tsunade and Gaara, decided on another summit, this time to be held in Konoha, because of the protection of the gods Suijin, Raijin, and Izanagi. Naruto and Fujin have yet to resurface anywhere. Ao has learned that the Mizukage is well, but is resting after her fight. Karin and Rina are traveling to the Whirlpool country to rendezvous with the Mizukage and her group. The panel focuses on Hinata walking into her apartment with a handful of groceries. Her face shows how visibly upset she is.*
Hinata in thought: I know you’re ok. I just miss you *thought bubble of Naruto*. But I must be strong. I think you’ll like what I’ve learned these last few days.
*There is a knock at the door. Hinata goes to open it. As she opens the door she is greeted by two familiar faces. In walks Shino and Kiba.*
Shino: How are you holding up Hinata?
Hinata: I’m doing fine.
Kiba: Yeah, well, I can’t get that damn woman out of my mind.
Hinata: Oh… you finally found a woman that will tolerate you?
Kiba: Ha, Ha. But I finally got her name about a week ago, it’s Benten.
Shino: Ok, ok, shut up about her.
Kiba: But she’s so hot, and her long red hair…
Hinata blushing: How funny that a redhead is the one who would tame you.
Kiba: I’m not tamed!
Shino: Yes you are. You haven’t flirted with another woman since you’ve been with her.
Kiba: That’s no… Holy Shit! You’re right! And she hasn’t been here in a week. *gets a worried look* Do you think she’s left me… or worse, is with another man?
Shino chuckling: I wouldn’t blame her. I mean… well… *nods to Hinata* We know how you are.
Kiba: Ah shut up you two.
*Hinata and Shino laugh.*
Kiba: Besides, *looking at Shino* Hinata has Naruto, I’ve found a woman, what about you?
Shino slouches: I… err…. haven’t found one yet.
*Hinata and Kiba laughs.*
Shino: Anyways, we’re heading over to Kurenai-sensei’s later. Care to join?
Hinata: I’d like to, but I have plans.
Kiba: Really? Sensei tells us that Sieta has been waiting to see you for some time now.
Hinata straight-faced: I can’t. I told you, I have plans.
Kiba: Ok, ok. If you need anything, seriously, don’t hesitate to call us.
*Both Kiba and Shino give Hinata a hug and leave her apartment as Hinata finishes putting away her groceries. The scene follows Kiba and Shino.*
Shino: So, what do you think she is up to?
Kiba: She’s been married to Naruto for a couple of years now. He’s worn off on her. We’ll keep an eye on her.
Shino: I feel bad for Sieta. She really has been waiting to see her.
*Scene switches back to Hinata. She walks into the bedroom, opens a drawer and pulls out a kunai, shaped like Minato’s kunais. The panel zooms in on her face, showing a smile. The next second, Hinata is gone. The scene switches to a cliff, with both Naruto and Fujin standing on the edge, looking out towards the ocean.*
Fujin: While your progress is remarkable, you still have much to learn.
Naruto: Aye. But I need a break.
Fujin: You… need a break?
Naruto: Well, not really. But…
Fujin: Speak no more. I understand. Let’s finish training today, and then we will return. I should apologize to her as well.
Naruto: Hinata is my wife, but she is also one of the best shinobi in Konoha. She understands.
Fujin: But still, just because I am a god, doesn’t mean that I haven’t loved before.
Naruto: Wha….
Fujin: She was a human, Shunto Yokumo. She wouldn’t let me give up my godhood to be with her.
Naruto: How long ago…
Fujin: In your time, long ago, but it seems just like yesteryear for me. Naruto pay attention to your woman. Care for her. Love her. Don’t ever let her feel like she is unloved or unappreciated.
Naruto: Aye.
Fujin: Now back to training.
*Naruto takes a battle stance facing the ocean. He takes his right hand, in a pitching motion with an open palm, and thrusts it forward infront of him. The ocean is split to where the ocean floor is now visible, but still covered by water.*
Fujin: Focus.
*Naruto grunts. Scene switches to an area shrouded in darkness. Hinata appears in the middle of a field. Izanagi appears next to her. Very well, Hinata-sama. Akatsuchi lands next to the duo.*
Akatsuchi: Hinata-sama, tis nice to see you again.
Hinata: You as well Akatsuchi-kun.
Izanagi: To think, your prowess in seals has allowed you to master the Flying Thunder God technique.
Hinata: But I’m nowhere near Naruto’s level.
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Izanagi: Actually, what he does isn’t the FTG. His chakra, combined with senjutsu and kurama’s, allows him to just appear anywhere on the face of the planet. You on the otherhand, have fully mastered the body transfer seal. No matter where this seal is, you can transfer your body to it.
Hinata: I just hope Naruto doesn’t mind me using his father’s kunais.
Izanagi: I doubt it. And knowing Namikaze Minato, he wouldn’t mind it either.
Hinata: You knew Naruto’s father?
Izanagi: He was trapped in this dimension for over 16 years. We never really conversed, but I watched him spar and train with his predecessors and half of Kurama. He was a lot like you. Not the strongest, but a strong heart and strong will. He was outclassed in power by the Senju brothers, but he held his own against those two and that Sarutobi kid. Not to mention doing that, all while holding off that Kurama.
Hinata: No wonder Naruto is so amazing.
Izanagi: Aye, but do you want to know why he does what he does? Just like Minato, he does it for you. Minato would do anything for Uzumaki Kushina. That’s why he ended up here.
Hinata: I want to become stronger, for Naruto.
Akatsuchi: And I want to be a better partner for Son.
Izanagi: Then come at your full force. Do not hold back, for it will not end well for you *Izanagi motions for the two to come after him*.
*Hinata activates her byuakugan. Akatsuchi is enveloped in a chakra cloak from Son. The two rush at Izanagi. Scene switches to Konoha at the Hokage’s office. Tsunade and Shizune are seen.*
Tsunade: What are we going to do? Kiri has fallen. Iwa has been torn apart, with Kitsuchi’s where-a-bouts still unknown. Naruto has gone missing.
Shizune: At least we still know the where-a-bout of Uchiha Sasuke.
Tsunade: Did we receive the update for Neji?
Shizune: Aye. They have successfully infiltrated Iwa. And from his report, it seems that Iwa no longer recognized Kitsuchi-sama as the Tsuchikage.
Tsunade: But how?
Shizune: Neji reports that Iwa no longer recognizes any shinobi belonging to an alliance nation, and is attacked on first sight. The Ryun have a strong political hold there.
Tsunade: And now with them having a foothold in Kiri…
Shizune: We face opposition on two fronts.
Tsunade: And what of Lee and Tenten?
Shizune: Neji stated he received word from them that they reached the land of Iron. They are still following the lead there.
Tsunade in thought: Just don’t do something crazy Neji. I can’t believe I let you do this by yourself.
*Scene shows Neji stumbling through the busy streets of Iwa. Neji is dressed in a brown robe, holding a cane, and wearing a straw hat. Neji bumps into a villager.*
Villager: Hey watch it ya bum.
Neji: Apologies… I did not know you were there.
Villager: What do ya…
*The villager notices Neji’s cane, and sees his byuakugan, mistaking it for pupils having lost their light (gone blind).*
Villager: Ah, nevermind. Just watch it next time.
Neji in thought: It worked.
*Another villager is seen across the street eyeballing Neji. Neji walks to a tavern and enters the building. A group of people follow Neji. Scene switches inside of the tavern with Neji at a bar, ordering a shot of sake. The bartender grabs a bottle and pours Neji a drink. Neji feels for the glass, and then sniffs it.*
Neji: Don’t jip me. This is not sake.
Bartender: Oh yeah?
Neji: Yeah, it doesn’t smell like sake. It has no smell. I would guess it to be water.
Bartender: Sharp nose ya got there.
*The bartender takes the shot, pours it out and pours Neji some sake. The group of villagers enter the tavern and surround Neji. The bartender backs away as Neji downs the drink.*
Neji: Ahhh…. that hit the spot.
Bartender: Now… you guys… go on and git. Don’t make me ask Lord Ryu to come in here and take care of you.
Fodder: Shaddyup. Nobody has seen this guy before. How do we not know he isn’t a spy?
Neji: I’m just a blind traveler, please leave me be.
Fodder: Oh yeah?
*The villager acts as if he is going to punch Neji in the face, stopping at the last second. Neji does not react, keeping a stoic face, facing the group of villagers.*
Bartender: See, he didn’t flinch. Now leave the man in peace.
Fodder: We’ll be keeping an eye on you.
*The group leaves the tavern as the villager that was staring at Neji takes a seat at a table, ordering some rice wine.*
Bartender: Sorry about that.
Neji: About what?
Bartender: Oh yeah….
Neji in thought: That was close. I can’t break my cover this early. I must wait for Lee and Tenten to come back.
*Neji leaves the tavern. After he has left, the stranger walks up to the bartender and pays for his drink. He then leaves as well. Scene switches to Hinata and Akatsuchi sweating and panting. Izanagi walks up to the duo.*
Izanagi: Be proud. There has been only one person to push me this far.
Hinata: Who was that?
Izanagi: Your husband.
*Akatsuchi laughs, while Hinata grins.*
Izanagi: Hinata, it is time you returned. We can’t raise any suspicions.
*Hinata bows to Izanagi and then to Akatsuchi. She flashes out.*
Izanagi: Now you can go full force Akatsuchi. I could sense you were holding back. Don’t worry about her. She’s tougher than you think.
Akatsuchi: Aye, Lord Izanagi.
*Akatsuchi goes tailed beast mode with 3 tails. He launches himself at Izanagi. Scene switches to Konoha. Hinata flashes in at her bedroom. She looks around then walks into the bathroom, turning the shower on. Scene switches to the Uchiha household. Sakura is preparing dinner, while Sasuke is in a courtyard continuing his training. Raijin is seen under a tree watching Sasuke.*
Raijin: You’re close, real close.
Sasuke panting: Close to what?
Raijin: Mastering lightning and thunder.
*Sasuke looks at Raijin.*
Raijin: Once you have mastered them, your training will not be done though.
Sasuke: What do you mean?
Raijin: It will be time for you… and her to learn to fight like gods.
Sasuke: Why are you bringing Sakura into this?
*Sakura is seen standing in the doorway looking out at the two, eavesdropping in on their conversation.*
Raijin: Just like with Hinata, the forces we face will come after Sakura. She will never be at your’s or Naruto’s level. But she still must be trained. You do not realize the forces you face. You, alone, could not defeat Uchiha Madara and the juubi. How do you expect to defeat beings a thousand times more powerful than those two?
Sasuke: I will not let them touch Sakura. I’ll die before they touch her.
Raijin approaches Sasuke: That’s it. You are not useful dead. You can’t protect her if you’re dead. You cannot rebuild your clan if you are dead.
Sasuke clenching his fists: I won’t allow it.
*Sakura has walked up behind Sasuke, wrapping her arms around his waist. She kisses him on his shoulder.*
Sakura: He’s right.
*Sasuke turns around, facing Sakura.*
Sakura looking Sasuke in his eyes: If Lord Raijin says that I must train, then I will. For far too long I’ve had to watch you… Naruto… I’ve always wondered why I was left behind. I’m not weak. But I’m not as strong as the two of you either. But I want to be as strong as I can… for you. You must concentrate on beating your opponent in front of you. Not the one I am facing.
Sasuke sighs: Fine.
*Sakura leans in and kisses Sasuke.*
Sakura: I won’t let you down.
Sasuke: I know you won’t.
*The panel shows Raijin smiling.*
Raijin in thought: These women… so feeble and soft, yet so strong.
*Scene switches to Hinata’s apartment. A shadow is seen entering the apartment through the window in the living area. The next panel shows the shadow entering the bedroom. The next panel shows Hinata in a steamy shower. Hinata is singing a pop song. The next panel zooms out showing Naruto silently laughing at his bride, her oblivious to his presence. Naruto begins to shed his clothes and joins Hinata in the shower, with her back to him. Naruto wraps his arms around her naked body, groping her breasts and womanhood. The next panel zooms in on Hinata’s lower face, showing a smirk. Hinata exhales a sigh.*
Hinata: I’ve been waiting for you… Honey.
*Naruto nuzzles into her neck, kissing her neck.*
Naruto: I’ll let that slide for now. God, I’ve missed you.
*The panel zooms out, showing a cloud of steam and the back of Hinata and Naruto’s heads. The scene switches to sometime later, still in Naruto and Hinata’s apartment. The two are in the kitchen, Naruto in shorts and a tank top, Hinata in one of Naruto’s shirts. Hinata is trying to fix Naruto some pork ramen, while Naruto keeps kissing, holding, and groping Hinata.*
Hinata: Honey, if you want to eat, you have to let me fix ramen for you.
Naruto: Ah, ok.
*Naruto sits on a barstool, watching Hinata prepare the meal for the two. Naruto is beginning to giggle.*
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Hinata: What is it?
Naruto: I just realized… my wife… is now a milf.
*Hinata blushes.*
Naruto laughing: Oh man, now I really am going to kill Kiba.
*Hinata pours the stock, meat, veggies, and egg into a huge bowl of noodles. She then takes a ladle, making two bowls of ramen for the couple. She brings the bowls over to Naruto and sits next to him while the two eat.*
Hinata: So how has your training been going Honey?
Naruto: You’re never going to give up on that, are you?
Hinata slurping some noodles: Nope.
Naruto: It’s coming along. Lord Fujin says I’m progressing.
Hinata: Do you have to travel off to train?
Naruto: For now, yeah. But I doubt I’ll be gone as long as I was this time.
Hinata: What makes you say that?
Naruto smiling: Lord Fujin told me to apologize to you for him.
Hinata: Tell him I accept, as long as this doesn’t continue like so.
Naruto: Yes ma’am.
*Naruto gulps down the remaining ramen and puts the bowl in the sink. Hinata is still finishing her meal, slurping some more noodles.*
Hinata: There is something I want to tell you.
Naruto: Really?
Hinata: Yeah. While you’ve been gone, I’ve been busy.
Naruto puzzled: Busy with what?
Hinata: Just a few things.
Naruto intrigued: Like what?
Hinata: Oh, I’ve mastered a s-level jutsu.
Naruto: You finally added water to the rasengan?
Hinata frowning: NO!
*Naruto shrugs his shoulders.*
Naruto: Then what?
*Hinata walks over to the sink, and puts her bowl in it. She walks back over to Naruto, and kisses him.*
Hinata: Come and find me.
*Hinata flashes out of the apartment. Naruto is stunned staring at the area where Hinata was standing.*
Naruto: She mastered the Flying Thunder God?
Naruto smiling: She mastered the FTG!
*Naruto enters Kurama Sage mode. He closes his eyes just for a moment. He opens them up and flashes out of the apartment. Scene switches to the training grounds, with Hinata standing next to the middle log. Naruto flashes in next to her.*
Naruto: How did you…
Hinata smiling: You aren’t the only one who has been training.
Naruto: But how?
Hinata: I hope you don’t get mad at me, but I came across an heirloom of your’s, and it was my starting point.
*Hinata pulls out one of Minato’s kunais from under her shirt, holding it in front of Naruto.*
Hinata: You’re not mad, are you?
Naruto: No, not at all. But I thought the seals on those kunais was made specifically for my father.
Hinata: They were. I’ve changed the chakra signature on them to mine.
Naruto: That’s brilliant Baby! Who else knows?
Hinata: No one, and I want it to stay that way for as long as possible.
Naruto: Ok.
Hinata: And guess what.
Naruto: What?
Hinata: What we do, is two different things according to Lord Izanagi.
Naruto: What?
Hinata: He told me that what you do, because of your chakra reserves, along with your sensor capabilities, you can transfer your body to anywhere on the face of the planet without a seal, mainly because of your senjutsu. But mine, is the actual FTG. My technique requires seals.
Naruto: You really are becoming the master of seals Baby.
*Naruto walks up to Hinata, holding her in his arms.*
Naruto: Don’t forget though, my technique allows me to take others along with me.
*Naruto kisses Hinata as the two flash out. Scene switches to the Uchiha household. Sasuke and Sakura are seen sitting on a couch together, holding each other. Raijin enters the household.*
Raijin: Pardon my intrusion, but both of you are needed.
*Scene switches to the main gate of Konoha. Tsunade, Ao, Gaara, Izanagi, Raijin, Fujin, Sasuke, and Sakura are seen.*
Tsunade: Sasuke and Sakura, the two of you will head to the Whirlpool country to aid the Mizukage and the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist return to Port City. Lord Raijin will accompany you. You will meet up with Lord Suijin there.
Sasuke: So I take it Naruto is back as well?
Fujin: Aye.
Sasuke: And has he done it?
Fujin: Nay, not yet.
*All three gods smile.*
Fujin: But if you like, I’m sure I could summon him to give you a little demonstration, as well as you him.
Sasuke: Will you permit it Hokage-sama?
Tsunade smirking: Even if I don’t, something tells me that you would still do it anyway.
From atop the gate: Nah, we wouldn’t do that.
*Naruto leaps down, holding Hinata in his arms.*
Naruto: Even if we are stronger than you Granny Tsunade, you are still our Hokage.
Tsunade: Spare me.
Fujin: First, show us what you have learned Uchiha.
Sasuke: Stand back Sakura. I don’t want you to get caught by my lightning. It’s the only part I haven’t perfected yet. Give me a target.
*Naruto makes a clone, sending it out on the road about a quarter of a mile ahead.*
Naruto: Show us what you have Sasuke.
*Sasuke enters horse stance (tae kwon do) holding his right hand at his chest level, with his left hand at his stomach level. He begins to growl, as electrical sparks are visibly seen forming around his body. Two lightning bolts begin to form in each hand, extending through his arms, until they meet at his neck. Suddenly, Sasuke punches with his left hand, sending the entire bolt at the clone. It hits the clone within a second, making the clone disperse.*
Fujin: Very impressive Uchiha. Naruto, make a clone.
*Naruto makes a clone. Fujin has the wind blow him a single leaf, the size of leaf crest on Konoha’s headbands. Fujin hands the leaf to the clone.*
Fujin: Double the distance.
*The clone flashes out, and appears as a speck in the dark. Fujin turns to Raijin.*
Fujin: Brother, could you go verify that this is not a hoax.
*Raijin disappears and reappears next to Naruto’s clone. Raijin takes hold of the leaf holding it out. The clone disperses.*
Fujin: Slice it in half Naruto.
Sasuke: There is no way. That’s too far.
*Naruto just stands there looking at Raijin in the distance. He takes a deep breath. He looks at Hinata, and motions in the air as if he was playing with her hair. Hinata’s hair begins to move with the wind. Naruto suddenly thrusts his hand forward in the direction of Raijin. Raijin begins to bust out laughing.*
Raijin yelling: You missed.
Fujin: Impossible. I told you to slice it.
*Raijin appears next to Fujin and Izanagi laughing.*
Raijin: He still has a ways to go brother.
Izanagi: Take a closer look Raijin.
*Raijin looks at the leaf and is then shocked. The next panel zooms in on the leaf, showing a single dark hair impaling the leaf right in the middle.*
Sasuke: What is it?
*Raijin shows the leaf to Sasuke, then to Tsunade, Gaara, and Ao. He approaches Naruto.*
Raijin: Not many have made me look like a fool boy. The two of you boys surely are something.
Ao: Did he just fucking do that?
Gaara: I would never have believed had I not seen it myself.
Tsunade: Remember, we are talking about Naruto.
*Hinata walks up to Naruto, slapping him on the shoulder.*
Hinata: Did you really need one of my hairs to prove a point?
Naruto: You didn’t feel a thing.
Hinata: Regardless.
Fujin: Do we need to show the absolute power and strength of the wind now?
Sasuke: We’re good, we’re good.
Raijin: Tis time for us to head out.
*Raijin walks over to Sasuke and Sakura, placing a hand on a shoulder of each, disappearing.*
Tsunade: Now all we have to do is summon the Raikage and locate the Tsuchikage.
Naruto: What do you mean locate the Tsuchikage?
Fujin: Calm down Naruto. You are needed. We have business to attend to. Gaara, would you mind joining us?
Gaara: Sure.
*Gaara walks over to Fujin and Izanagi, and all three disappear.*
Tsunade looking at Ao: This is great.
Naruto: What’s happened to Kitsuchi-sama?
Ao: He’s disappeared since Iwa was demolished.
Naruto: What do you mean demolished. And by the way, what is the Mizukage doing in the Whirlpool country?
Ao: Kirigakure has been taken over… by the Ryun. They were led by Yakushi Kabuto. Their forces were made up of a clone army of him.
Naruto: Dammit.
Ao: All is fine. We were able to evacuate those who wanted to be spared.
Tsunade: Naruto, go home and get some rest. Spend some time with Hinata. We’ll fill you in in the morning.
Naruto sighing: Fine.
*Hinata walks up to Naruto and Tsunade.*
Hinata: You know we won’t wait.
*Tsunade walks up to Naruto and hugs him. She looks up at Naruto and then at Hinata.*
Tsunade: Thanks for coming back. Now go home, be with your wife. Lord Izanagi has assured us that Kitsuchi is ok. We’ll give you the details in the morning.
Naruto: Alright Granny Tsunade.
Hinata: Tsunade-sama…
Tsunade: Yeah?
Hinata: Thank you.
*Tsunade nods at her, as the couple walks off. Ao walks up to Tsunade.*
Ao: What was that all about?
Tsunade: He’s about to be a father. That boy has had no family accept for Sasuke, Sakura, and Jiraya. I promised Jiraya before he left that I would look after him. He no longer needs me to look after him. But he’s still like a grandson to me.
Ao: Pardon my intrusion, but weren’t you and Jiraya-sama, you know…
Tsunade: No. I was too foolish to realize how good of a thing I had right under my nose. I will not allow the only other Uzumaki in Konoha to suffer what I have.
*Scene switches to Naruto and Hinata sitting on their rooftop, with Hinata straddling Naruto kissing while they are covered up with large blanket.*

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Catastrophe Part 1
*Scene opens up at the koi pond. Amerterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Susanoo are seen standing together. The next panel shows Hachimon with Benten hanging on him, rubbing his chest.*
Hachimon: What do you the three of you want?
Susanoo: We didn’t summon you here, cousin.
Amerterasu: Aye, we were summoned just like you.
Tsukuyomi: But if we were all summoned, then who…
Benten: Isn’t it obvious? None of us did this, but there is another party involved in our scheme.
*Laughing is heard as a cloud of smoke appears and begins to grow. Out steps Amatsu and Izanami.*
Amatsu: Clever as always, I see.
Amerterasu: But how did you…
*Amatsu slams the Amenonohoko, butt down on the ground near the pond. All of the gods stammer back a small bit but Hachimon. Amatsu looks over Hachimon.*
Amatsu: Why do you not cower boy?
Hachimon: Because if you were here to kill us, you would have already done so. You know that they *nods to Amerterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Susanoo* would have ran back to Izanagi, Suijin, Raijin, and father.
Amatsu smirking: Very well then.
Susanoo: I would not run to those cowards.
Amatsu: Are you that foolish to throw your life away? Your cousin is right.
Izanami: And besides, we’re all after the same thing, aren’t we? *turns to the trio* You want your powers that your father denied you. *turns to Hachimon and Benten* And you, well… I know what you want.
Hachimon: How did you break the seal?
Susanoo: What seal?
Hachimon: Your father sealed the two of them away… when…
Izanami: Someone removed the seal.
Benten: See, I had been studying our precious little pets my love. And I discovered who the son of wind and thunder were going to be. I did a little more research and discovered Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina.
Izanami: Yes, your wife played her hand brilliantly in all of this.
Amerterasu: What do you mean?
Amatsu: You see, I’ve been on a leash by your father for eons up till now. The fool had me release my pet to retrieve Uzumaki Miyashi. Little did I know at the time that the bastard had made sure that Rikudo had the means to defeat my pet.
Benten: But I did know of this. And once Rikudo passed, who do you think taught two certain Uchihas about their powers?
Susanoo: You bitch!
*Susanoo goes to attack Benten, but Amatsu wields the Amenonohoko at his throat. Susanoo begins to sweat, and then backs off.*
Benten smirking: You see, I know how to play my cards, don’t I?
Amatsu: We really don’t need the three of you, but you make things more interesting, to say the least.
Susanoo: Then why keep us around?
Amatsu: Because you have but one thing left to do.
Amerterasu: And what is that?
Izanami: Isn’t it obvious?
Amerterasu: I don’t understand.
Tsukuyomi: I do.
*Benten walks over to Izanami and Amatsu as this trio begin to smile. Hachimon stands in his place, watching the entire scene go down.*
Tsukuyomi: Do you have anything special in mind?
Benten: As a matter of fact, we do. Get ready, we’re all going to battle.
Susanoo: Is that so? Against four out of the five elder gods? Not to mention the sons of wind and thunder.
Amatsu: As of right now, there is no son of wind. He hasn’t completed his training yet.
Tsukuyomi: But what of our target?
Amatsu: He has.
Amerterasu: Our target is the son of thunder?
Tsukuyomi: Aye.
Susanoo: And who’s to take care of… reinforcements while we handle our business.
Hachimon: That’s where I and my army come in… I presume *looking at Benten, Amatsu, and Izanami*.
Benten: Precisely my dear.
Amerterasu: I’m beginning to understand.
*Amerterasu and Tsukuyomi look at each other, then at Amatsu.*
Amerterasu: So that is what you want to do?
*Amatsu grins.*
Tsukuyomi: Then so be it… Lord Amatsu.
*Tsukuyomi and Amerterasu kneel to Amatsu. Amatsu laughs. Benten grins. Izanami cuddles up to Amatsu. Susanoo looks at his brother and sister disgusted. He flashes out.*
Hachimon in thought: For once, I agree with you, cousin.
*Hachimon flashes out. Scene switches to Konoha in the morning. The panel shows Naruto and Hinata laying in each other’s arms on top of their roof under a blanket. Two figures appear, blocking the sunlight on the couple.*
Voice: Wake up.
*Naruto and Hinata begin to stir.*
2nd Voice: C’mon you too, wake up.
*Naruto looks up at the two.*
Naruto: Leave us alone.
Hinata: Just beat them up Naruto.
1st Voice: The two of you need to get up. The hokage has summoned all four of us.
Naruto: Tell her we’ll be running a little late Shikamaru. Otherwise I just might have to beat you up.
Sasuke: Yeah right. Get up.
Temari: Yeah, c’mon Hinata, you too.
Naruto and Hinata: Fine.
*Naruto stands up then helps Hinata up.*
Shikamaru: We’re needed immediately.
Naruto: If we beat you there, breakfast is on you.
Shikamaru: Fine.
*Scene switches to the hokage’s office, with Tsunade sitting at her desk. All four stand before her.*
Tsunade: I’m sure you are wondering why I have the four of you here.
*Small pause of silence.*
Tsunade: With two of the five villages falling, and weeks before the chuunin exams, we’ve decided to postpone them. *looks at Naruto* Lord Fujin has requested that you and he go and retrieve the Tsuchikage. *looks at Hinata* Lord Suijin has requested to meet with you. *looks at Temari and Shikamaru* And Lord Izanagi has informed me that we are in need of another army. I’m sending the two of you, with Gaara’s consent, to aide Sasuke, Sakura, and Lord Raijin in retrieving the Mizukage and the Swordsmen. Everyone but Naruto is dismissed.
*Shikamaru and Temari leave, getting ready to prepare to leave. Hinata leaves and waits outside Tsunade’s office for Naruto. Tsunade stands up, and walks to the front of her desk.*
Tsunade: I trust that you listened to me last night.
*Naruto confirms with a smile.*
Tsunade: Naruto…. you’ve grown up without a father, a mother… but you had Iruka and Jiraya… I’m sorry that I haven’t done my part for…
Naruto: What are you talking about Granny Tsunade?
Tsunade smiles at hearing Naruto call her that: Nevermind. You’ve grown up. Have you considered it?
Naruto gets a serious look: A little, but I think you know that I can’t accept it, not right now at least.
*Tsunade takes a few steps towards Naruto.*
Tsunade: I’m sor…
Naruto: Don’t worry about it Granny Tsunade. Everything will be ok.
Tsunade: You’re dismissed.
*Tsunade stands on her tip-toes and kisses Naruto on his forehead. Naruto, looking puzzled, turns around and walks out of the office. Tsunade turns around to see Izanagi watching the scene.*
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Izanagi: I know that was hard.
Tsunade: Too hard.
Izanagi: But you have faith in him.
Tsunade: Aye, all of them.
*Izanagi walks up to Tsunade.*
Izanagi: Despite his life, the young man loves his village… *grinning* and his granny.
*Tsunade smiles as a tear runs down her cheek. Scene changes back to Naruto and Hinata’s apartment. Naruto is dressed in his black pants, white shirt, and orange cloak. He straps his scroll over his chest and looks at Hinata who is dressed in her black gear while wearing a light purple vest.*
Hinata: Just when it seems that we have a little time…
Naruto: I promise I won’t be long. You be careful, ok?
*Hinata nods. She leans in and kisses Naruto. Naruto flashes out. Hinata looks around then she too flashes out. Scene switches to the Whirlpool Country with Raijin, Sasuke, and Sakura.*
Raijin: According to Suijin, they should be just up ahead.
Sasuke: We encountered Amatsu here. Who’s to say he hasn’t already showed up and finished them off?
Raijin: He hasn’t.
Sakura: How do you know Lord Raijin?
Raijin: On this realm, the earth realm, we can sense each other and Amatsu, except for when Fujin is “one” with the wind.
Sasuke: So you can sense when Susanoo is on earth as well?
Raijin: No. For some reason, we cannot sense them all the time. Only when they are in their natural form.
Sakura: Natural form?
Raijin: Aye. This is not my natural form. I just make myself look like a human to make it easier to travel amongst you and not freak anyone out. You’ve seen Izanagi’s natural form.
Sasuke: The Death God jutsu?
Raijin: Precisely.
Sasuke: So how come you can sense some gods and not others?
Raijin: Because I’m on the same level as Izanagi, Fujin, Suijin, and Amatsu. We all have the same parents, the Kotoamatsukami. Susanoo and his brother and sister along with Hachimon and Benten are of the next generation, so to speak.
Sasuke: So it’s a generation-thing?
Raijin: Aye.
*The trio approach the cave. Hiru is seen watching the entrance, wielding Samehada.*
Hiru: And who are you?
Raijin: Relax. I’m here on behalf of Suijin.
Hiru: How can I trust you?
Mei appearing from the cave: Because you can, by my order. Hello, Lord Raijin.
*Mei bows to Raijin. Scene changes to Izanagi, Suijin, and Hinata.*
Suijin: Hinata, you have level of mastery of seals is astonishing.
Izanagi: You’ve progessed so much that you seem to be second to only me. Come forward Akatsuchi.
*Akatsuchi walks forward to the group. Izanagi hands Hinata a scroll. Hinata unravels the scroll, reading it. She looks up at Izanagi.*
Hinata: Why are you showing me this?
*Suijin hands Hinata another scroll.*
Suijin: Don’t open it now. If and when the time comes, you’ll know what to do.
Izanagi: Hinata, I’m not going to lie to you. Amatsu wields a weapon that can kill me. This is a seal that will allow the bijuu to survive on immediately after a jinchuuriki passes for whatever reason. It will also allow the jinchuuriki to survive the extraction of a jinchuuriki as well. This seal has already been placed on Naruto, Killer Bee, and Gaara. I want to make sure you know how to do it by placing it on Akatsuchi. You might have to do the rest of the bijuu and their jinchuurikis as well.
*Hinata rolls up the scroll Izanagi handed her, looks at Akatsuchi, and holds out her hand. She activates her byuakugan. She begins to draws the kanji for the signs in the air using her palm. A glowing can be seen from her hand. All of sudden the glowing disappears.*
Izanagi: Well done.
*Izanagi approaches Hinata, placing his palm on her forehead. Hinata looks at Izanagi and then faints. Izanagi catches her.*
Akatsuchi: What did you do Lord Izanagi?
Izanagi: She now knows the where-a-bouts of the scrolls her and Naruto were searching for. She will need them.
Suijin: You seem certain of it, brother.
Izanagi: Aye, it’s hard to see a fortunate outcome without the Amenonohoko.
*Scene switches to Iwagakure. Neji is seen in an inn room. He is packing his belongings.*
Neji: I hope they got my message.
*Scene switches to the tavern, showing Neji handing the barkeeper a bag full of money. Neji smiles at the man then flickers out. Scene switches to outside of Iwagakure, with Neji perched on a tree branch. A group of men wield swords and clubs is beneath him looking around. From nowhere, two men are sent flying, with three more ending up with kunais right square in the middle of their chests. Lee and Tenten walk below the branch.*
Lee: Come on down Neji. The coast is clear.
*Neji drops down.*
Neji: I could have handled them.
Tenten: And let you have all the fun?
Lee: So you got some intel as well?
Neji: Aye. What were you able to gather?
Lee: Some guy named Ryu knows where Kabuto is. Kabuto had Yamato, but apparently not anymore.
Neji: And Ryu and Kabuto left from here several days ago. They were heading to Kirigakure. We must head back to Konoha.
Lee and Tenten: Aye!
*The trio flickers out, heading back to Konoha. Scene switches to the Whirlpool country. Sasuke and Sakura walking on the beach.*
Sakura: Ready to head back to Konoha?
Sasuke: Yeah, it’s just that something doesn’t feel right.
Sakura: Like what?
Sasuke: This is where we first encountered Amatsu and Izanami.
Sakura: Yeah, so…
Sasuke: Why would Lord Suijin leave them here?
Sakura: I don’t know.
*Raijin flashes next to Sasuke, back-to-back. The panel zooms out to show they are surrounded by the clone army. Ryu walks into the circle staring at Sasuke, Sakura, and Raijin.*
Ryu: Well, Well…. if it isn’t the god of thunder himself.
*Hachimon flashes in.*
Hachimon: These three are not of your worry.
*Kabuto appears behind Ryu.*
Kabuto: Lord Hachimon is correct. We must dismiss of the Mizukage and the Swordsmen before reinforcements arrive.
Ryu smirking: Fine, we’ll go elsewhere and have some fun.
*Kabuto, Ryu, and the Clone army head towards the cave where Mei and the SSM were.*
Sasuke: We can’t let them go…
Voice: We’re not letting you go.
*Tsukuyomi and Amerterasu appears standing on the water.*
Raijin: Shit, this is not good.
*Suddenly, Raijin grabs Sakura, throwing her towards the cave. Just as Raijin releases her, a bolt of lightning strikes the ground where she was standing. Susanoo appears next to Sasuke and Raijin. Susanoo kicks Raijin in his chest, sending him flying back.*
Susanoo: We’ve come for what is rightfully ours.
Sasuke: I don’t know what in the hell you’re talking about.
Susanoo smirking: You damn arrogant Uchiha punk, low-life shinobi!
*Susanoo grabs Sasuke by his face, holding him in the air, throwing him to Tsukuyomi and Amerterasu. Sasuke crashes through the water, sinking for a moment then resurfacing. Amerterasu grabs Sasuke by his collar, and picks him up out of the water. She looks Sasuke in the face.*
Amerterasu: Give us what we want, and we won’t have to kill your wife.
*Sasuke goes wide-eyed. Scene switches to Raijin and Hachimon.*
Hachimon: So it looks like we get to fight uncle. Maybe this will bring father out and make him face me.
Raijin: For you being as old as you are, you still have a lot to learn.
Hachimon: Like what?
Raijin: The reason your father has never faced you is because he knows what will be required to defeat you.
Hachimon: And he doesn’t have that power.
Raijin: No, he has it. He just doesn’t want to use it on his son.
*Raijin leaps towards Hachimon, performing a jumping side kick. Hachimon dodges to the left, punching Raijin in his chest and knocking him to the side. Raijin rolls over, getting to his feet. He immediately punches the air with both fists, sending lightning bolts towards Hachimon. Both bolts connect, sending Hachimon backwards.*
Raijin in thought: I can handle Hachimon, Tsukuyomi, and Amerterasu, but Susanoo is going to be too much with those three combined.
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Catastrophe Part 2
*Scene opens in the Hokage’s office. Gaara has just left, leaving Tsunade, Kakashi, Gai, Hinata and Ao in her office. Tsunade is sitting at her desk. She looks disturbed.*
Kakashi: Guys, would you give us a moment?
*Ao nods and leaves the office. Gai picks up Hinata in his arms and carries her out of the office. Kakashi stands before Tsunade opposite her desk.*
Kakashi: Lady Tsunade… if something is wrong… we must
Tsunade: You don’t understand.
Kakashi: Understand what?
Tsunade: Izanagi told me…. he told me… that this will not end favorably for us.
Kakashi: We’ve faced insurmountable odds before, bu…
Tsunade: Dammit Kakashi, we’re all going to die!
*Kakashi looks at Tsunade.*
Tsunade: Amatsu has the Amenonohoko. He could kill Izanagi, Suijin, Raijin, and Fujin at any time. And then, he confides in me that an army of dragon sage clones is what attacked Kirigakure… Kabuto is still around…. and now…
Kakashi: What?
Tsunade: We’re not up against the likes of Madara. We’re up against gods. Gods who could wipe us off the surface, which they almost did to Iwagakure.
Kakashi: So what are you saying?
Tsunade: We’ve never faced a situation like this. We’re damned if we do, and damned if we don’t.
Kakashi: What do you mean?
*Tsunade looks at Kakashi seriously.*
Tsunade: Summon every single jounin still in Konoha.
Kakashi standing at attention: Aye!
*Scene switches to Shikamaru and Temari, heading towards Port City. Both stop abruptly and look around.*
Shikamaru: This seems far enough.
Temari: And I don’t see anyone around.
*Flashback scene to Shikamaru and Temari packing for their trip. As they are about to leave from the main gate, they are approached by Shizune, who hands them a scroll. She is seen whispering into Shikamaru’s ear. He goes wide-eyed as he looks at Shizune, turning to Temari. The two head out. Flashback ends. Shikamaru takes out the scroll.*
Temari: So what’s on this scroll?
Shikamaru: Shizune said not to open it until we were beyond the halfway point. She also said to make sure no one was around to see this scroll, not even Naruto or Sasuke.
Temari: I wonder why she said that.
Shikamaru: C’mon, surely you should have an idea how those two operate now.
*Shikamaru unravels the scroll, seeing instructions for him to do several handsigns. Shikamaru performs the handsigns and the scroll goes blank. All of a sudden, words are appearing on the scroll. The next panel shows Shikamaru stunned.*
Temari: What is it?
Shikamaru: Our mission was a fašade. We’re actually going to get Sakura and the Mizukage and bring them back to Konoha.
Temari: So why the change in mission?
Shikamaru: Because… we may be bringing back carcasses.
*Scene switches to Sasuke trying to stand, facing Amerterasu, and Tsukuyomi. He has a smirk on his face.*
Amerterasu: Why do you smile when your demise is only moments away human?
Sasuke: My demise?
*Tsukuyomi flashes right in front of Sasuke, trying to punch him in his gut, but Sasuke blocks it. Tsukuyomi stares at Sasuke in astonishment. Sasuke then kicks Tsukuyomi in his chest, pushing him back a bit.*
Tsukuyomi: He has some fight in him sister.
Amerterasu: Aye, it seems so. Question is, can he manage to save his wife?
*Sasuke goes wide-eyed and turns to face in the direction Sakura was thrown. Scene switches to Sakura who is seen getting kicked by Kabuto, sent flying backwards towards the Mizukage, Juugo, and SSM. The group surrounds Sakura. Every swordsman unsheathes their sword, entering into a battle stance. Kabuto laughs.*
Kabuto: How amusing! The only thing missing is Naruto’s naivety and assuredness that everything is going to end how you say… happily ever after.
*The scene focuses on Sakura who now has a serious look. She bull rushes through the group, heading straight towards Kabuto. Just as she is about to swing at Kabuto, she is stopped, by running into a person’s back. The panel zooms out to show Suijin, holding a sword that Kabuto was about to thrust into Sakura.*
Suijin: I understand you are close to Naruto, and have some frustration with this person *grunts* but don’t lose your head in a fight… or you will literally lose your head.
*Kabuto is seen grinning.*
Kabuto: Suijin, this is the last time you will interfere in my affairs.
Suijin: Is that so… a human… defeating a god?
Kabuto: Who said anything about me?
*Suijin goes wide-eyed as he suddenly withdraws, looking around.*
Suijin: Where is he?
Kabuto grins, thinking: He really has them spooked. This is going all too perfectly.
*Scene switches to Izanagi and Raijin.*
Izanagi: Raijin, go aide Suijin. It appears that Amatsu will make his presence known soon.
*Raijin nods and flashes over to Suijin. Hachimon walks up behind Izanagi. Izanagi takes a deep breath.*
Izanagi: To think… my own son and nephew… I will not ask why, for I already know the answer.
Susanoo: This wouldn’t have happened father, had you not given our powers to these pitiful humans.
Izanagi: Your greed right now shows that you were never capable of wielding your powers.
*Scene switches to Konoha, inside Hinata’s apartment where she is being watched over by Kakashi, Gai, and Kurenai.*
Gai: Are you sure?
Kakashi: Aye.
Kurenai: So… what do we do? Someone needs to be here with her.
Kakashi: Aye. I have someone who should be stopping by any moment now.
*A knock is heard at the door.*
Voice: Let me in Kakashi-sensei!
*Kakashi goes to open the door revealing Konohamaru.*
Konohamaru: So how long will you guys be?
Kakashi: Shouldn’t be more than an hour.
Konohamaru: And what do I do if she wakes up?
Kurenai: Keep her here until we return.
*The three jounin leave as Konohamaru walks over and sits in a chair next to the couch that Hinata is laying on.*
Konohamaru: I hope you’re ok Hinata-chan… for Naruto’s sake. He’s gonna kill whoever did this to you.
*Scene switches to a field, with all of Konoha’s jounin standing around. Tsunade approaches the group.*
Tsunade: I’m going to make this short. Some dire news has been brought to my attention. And with this news, certain events are going to take place. As you’ve all heard by now, Kirigakure and Iwagakure as we know them are no more. And it has been surmised that Suna and Kumo could be next. I’m going to head to the Whirlpool Country, to meet with the other kages about this bit of news that has been delivered to me. No one will accompany me. Shikaku…
Shikaku: Yes milady…
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