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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Sasuke stands up.*
Sasuke: I’m the son of thunder, as well as the Hokage.
Gaara: And as the Hokage, you cannot go beyond the seal, breaking the law, and fight the enemy. Neither can I as the Kazekage. But he can. I recommend to all of you that you treat Naruto the way that Sasuke has stated. As shinobi, we must aid in the enforcement of the law to protect those who cannot protect themselves.
*Sasuke begins to walk toward the door. Gaara grabs his arm as he tries to walk past him.*
Gaara: You’re not alone in how you feel. We all feel the same way. *He turns to Hinata* Naruto anticipated such events as tonight at the main gate. And fearing that they will get worse, Naruto asked us to make sure that you and the children were protected.
Hinata: Us?
*Gaara nods towards the window. Everyone turns to the see the rest of the jinchuuriki standing on the balcony. Hinata goes to open the door so that they can enter the room.*
Bee looking at Sasuke: I know how you feeling. You handle yo business, cuz he’s handlin’ his.
Ugito: I promised Naruto-sama personally that nothing would happen to you or Mito or Jiraya.
*Hinata smiles at Ugito.*
Gaara: We all must retire for the night now. Darkness approaches.
*The scene switches to the stranger walking down the middle of street and entering a tavern. He sits at a table with another gentleman sitting there already.*
Stranger: Odd to see you here.
*The other person leans forward to reveal the face of Ryu by candlelight on the table.*
Ryu: So Naruto is heading to Kumo. He’ll annihilate our forces there.
Stranger: Yes. But they are nothing more than fodder.
Ryu: Lord Hachimon says to move along to the next step.
Stranger: I will, once I have his… I mean my weapons.
Ryu: I swear Orochimaru… if Hachimon doesn’t watch his back, you’ll own him one day.
Orochimaru: So what will you do now… son?
Ryu: Son?
Orochimaru: You are my clone.
Ryu: What would you have me do then… father?
Orochimaru: I’m going to stay here for a bit longer. I think you should head to Oto, and make sure certain places and items are not found.
Ryu: You think he will head to Oto once he’s done in Kumo?
Orochimaru: I know he will. But I’m not worried about him.
Ryu: That’s right, it is beyond the seal.
Orochimaru: Precisely.

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The Fall of Konoha
*Scene opens with Naruto standing on a mountain peak looking down on a decimated Kumo. Tents and campfires are seen from above. Naruto notices that there are more than just Kabuto clones making up this army. He notices several shinobi with the Oto symbal on their forehead protectors. He even notices a few Iwa symbols as well.*
Naruto in thought: To think those bastards have reached out to Oto and persuaded some in Iwa.
Kurama: Does this surprise you?
Naruto: What do you mean?
Kurama: Naruto, you are the child of prophecy, destined to change the shinobi world. You have already done so.
Naruto: But I have not brought peace.
Kurama: That’s where you are wrong.
Naruto: Don’t patronize me Kurama.
Kurama: I’m not. You brought peace to me, and the other bijuu. Because of you, for two years, there were no conflicts between any of the villages in your land. However, you must realize that because of your kind… mankind… peace will never be achieved. The question for you to answer is, will you answer the call to try to bring peace. The day you stop, is the day you fail.
Naruto: So it’s going to be a never-ending fight?
Kurama nodding: Aye. For your yin, there will always be a yang.
Naruto sighing: Will I ever be able to lead a normal life with Hinata and my children?
Kurama: That is up to you.
Naruto: Well, first… I’ve got to handle this bunch.
Kurama: Alright. I’ll let you know if I sense any of the gods approaching.
*The panel zooms out to show Naruto in black pants, with a white shirt, wearing a new red robe with black flames at the bottom. He leaps down from the mountain top and lands where the front gates of Kumo used to stand. A siren rings out through the night as everyone gathers at their battle stations. Naruto takes one step, when he comes across a face that seems familiar. The scene shows a tall, big shinobi resembling a younger Ei.*
Naruto in thought: Impossible.
*Scene switches to Kabuto in Kiri smiling as he is kneeling, looking at the ground.*
Kabuto in thought: Let’s see how you handle this Naruto.
*Scene switches back to Naruto and the shinobi, as battalions surround the two. The shinobi resembling Ei begins to enshroud himself in a raiton armour.*
Naruto: Who are you?
Shinobi: Why do you want to know?
*Naruto now has a menacing glare at the shinobi.*
Naruto: If you won’t tell me, I’ll beat it out of you.
*Naruto begins to move into a front stance (tae kwon do), doing a palm thrust in the air. The shinobi is sent flying backwards, rolling and tumbling on the ground. The army begins to move in and attack Naruto. Naruto glances from left to right. He looks down for a moment, the looks up with sage eyes, with a smile on his face.*
Naruto: Let’s do this old school.
*A group of soldiers on each side is within arm’s reach of Naruto when he hits both groups with Oodama Rasengans, obliterating the Kabuto clones. Naruto then leaps high into the air. As he reaches the peak of his jump, he looks around, spotting the shinobi. As he begins to fall back to the ground, he gathers natural energy into his right fist, punching the ground just as he lands. A huge crater is created, forming a dust mushroom cloud. While the dust is coving the area, Naruto leaps to every non-clone member of the army, trying to incapacitate them before they can make any offensive moves. Once the dust has cleared, Naruto is standing, facing the shinobi, surrounded by hundreds of the Kabuto clones. Scene switches to Kabuto.*
Kabuto: So you managed to take all of them out. They are merely the front line anyway.
*Kabuto makes a handsign.*
Kabuto in thought: Reveal your name to him, but tell him nothing more. Have some fun, but return to me.
*Scene switches back to Naruto and the shinobi.*
Shinobi: You want to know my name?
*Naruto pauses.*
Shinobi: I am called Raiju.
*Raiju instantly is covered in raiton armour, flickering to infront of Naruto, kneeing him in his gut, sending him back, tumbling over and over. Raiju takes this time to flicker out of Kumo. The next panel shows Naruto getting to his feet. He looks around, but doesn’t see Raiju. Realizing that the Kabuto clones around about to surround him, Naruto enters Kurama Sage mode.*
Naruto: It’s time to finish what I came here for.
*Naruto raises his hand, a FRS instantly forming in his hand. He begins to throw them one after the other, all over the battle camp. The next panel shows Naruto walking around in several craters, searching for any remains of the Ryun army.*
Naruto in thought: Surely they haven’t managed to do that.
Kurama: It wouldn’t surprise me. These two were able to obtain materials to summon Uchiha Madara. I wouldn’t put anything past these two.
Naruto: There’s another thing bothering me.
Kurama: I know, it is strange. You would think they would have showed up already.
*Scene switches to the koi pond, with all of the gods present.*
Benten: Everything is going as planned.
Amatsu: I admit, I didn’t think this would work. But allowing your subordinate to drive a wedge between the Sons of Wind and Thunder was brilliant.
Hachimon: That is not all. As we speak, the Son of Wind has annihilated our northern front line, but the Son of Thunder is about to lose his seat.
Benten: And once one of our subordinates hold that seat, the seal will be broken.
Amatsu: Then every single one of those damn shinobi will squirm before me.
Izanami: Are you going to kill the hapless humans, milord?
Amatsu: No… we will all need slaves.
Amatsu in thought: Those who will stand underneath me.
*Scene switches back to Naruto standing in a rice field, looking around.*
Naruto in thought: This is going to be easier than I thought.
Kurama: Even though you’ve defeated him before, you need to have a plan Naruto.
Naruto: I’m going to try to extract as much intel as I can.
*The panel zooms out to show Naruto standing before a small hut, similar to the hut of Jiraya, Konan, Nagato, and Yahiko in Amegakure. The sun is rising on the horizon. The scene switches to Konoha, showing Sasuke sitting at the Hokage’s desk. Gaara and the rest of the Kages enter the room.*
Gaara: Why have you summoned us?
Sasuke: I’ve summoned you all here for one reason.
*Shikaku enters to room as well.*
Shikaku: You summoned me Hokage-sama?
Sasuke: I hereby resign as the Hokage of Konohagakure.
*Everyone is shocked by this announcement except Gaara. Sasuke places a scroll on top of the middle of the desk and walks out of the room. Shikaku walks over to the desk, unraveling the scroll and reading it. The scene switches to Hinata’s apartment, with Hinata and Ugito sitting at the table eating breakfast. Jiraya and Mito are still asleep.*
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Ugito: So you think Sasuke is going to actually do it?
Hinata: Yeah.
Ugito: Then who will be Hokage?
Hinata: Something tells me that after tonight, we might not have any more kages for the time-being.
*There is a thud on the balcony. Bee enters from the balcony.*
Bee: Balls in motion, gotsta get movin’ to the ocean.
Ugito: So it’s actually going to happen?
Hinata: Yes, it is.
Ugito: And what of Naruto-sama?
Hinata: He will sense us.
*The next few panels show various shinobi standing at all of the gates of Konoha, calling for all willing civilians and shinobi to relocate. The scene switches to the Uchiha district as Sasuke enters his home. Sakura is seen waiting for Sasuke.*
Sakura: So it’s done?
*Sasuke walks up to her, grabs her by her ass, picking her up and kissing her. The two continue to kiss for some time until small footsteps are heard.*
Tsunade: Daddy… what are you doing to Mommy?
*Sasuke looks at his daughter, smiling.*
Sasuke: We’re celebrating.
Tsunade: Celebrating what?
Sasuke: Well, we’re going to take a trip, a long vacation.
Tsunade: Is anybody coming with us?
Sasuke smiling: Hopefully so.
*Scene switches to atop the Hokage office. All of Konoha’s jounin minus the Uchihas and Hinata are present. Shikaku stands before them all.*
Shikaku: As you might have heard, we no longer have a Hokage. Everyone is given the option of relocating with our former Hokage and his family. I know some of you wish to do so. Some of you must. Note, there will be no persecution against those who do relocate.
*The remaing kages flicker in beside Shikaku.*
Kitsuchi: For several years now, our homelands have been decimated.
Darui: It is time we leave your land to you.
Mei: But we will not drop the mantle of fighting the Ryun and the gods.
Gaara: So with that, I resign as Kazekage until my homeland is reclaimed.
Mei: I resign as Mizukage until my homeland is reclaimed.
Darui: I resign as Raikage until my homeland is reclaimed.
Kitsuchi: And I resign as Tsuchikage until my homeland is reclaimed.
*The panel zooms out to show the entire shinobi forces have encompassed the Hokage office as roars and shouts of approval ring out.*
Shikaku: So… jounin of Konoha, what say you?
*Scene switches back to Naruto as he enters the secret room of the hut, looking around.*
Naruto: There is no sense in hiding Ryu. I know you are here.
*Ryu emerges from the shadows.*
Ryu: So the Toad Sage has come to take down a stronghold of the Ryun?
*Naruto flashes over to Ryu, holding him in the air by his throat.*
Naruto: Tell me what Orochimaru is after.
Ryu: How does it feel… to know the truth is staring you in the face, yet you can’t grasp it?
Naruto: What do you mean?
Ryu laughing: How long have you been searching for Orochimaru?
Naruto: What do you mean… answer me!
Ryu: All this time you’ve been searching for Orochimaru… and he was in Konoha all this time.
*Naruto goes wide-eyed. The scene switches back to Konoha. Sasuke is seen approaching the main gate with several followers including the former kages with their entourages. Hinata, Mito, and Jiraya are seen surrounded by the remaining jinchuuriki. Kakashi and Gai meet them at the gate.*
Kakashi: So this is it, huh?
Sasuke: Afraid so.
*Orochimaru walks up behind Kakashi and Gai.*
Orochimaru: Why don’t the two of you stand aside so the former Hokage can make his leave. He is no longer wanted here.
*Kakashi and Gai turn to face Orochimaru, ignorant to who he is.*
Kakashi: Excuse me sir, but he was my student. Allow a sensei to have a few words with his former student.
Orochimaru: I don’t think so Kakashi…
*Orochimaru kicks Kakashi in the chest, sending him flying into the crowd behind Sasuke. Immediately Gai tries a roundhouse kick, which is caught by Orochimaru, who flings him up in the air. Orochimaru leaps up behind Gai, mimicking his movement in the air, grabbing Gai and spinning him into the ground as the two crash. Once the dust settles, Orochimaru is seen standing before Sasuke.*
Orochimaru chuckling: Ku ku ku ku… I never repaid you for what you did to me.
Sasuke with a horrified look on his face as he is holding Tsunade: Orochimaru.
Orochimaru yelling: I have come to avenge Konoha. For you see, this once criminal is now leaving to abide with another criminal… Uzumaki Naruto.
*Sasuke hands Tsunade to Sakura, ordering her and everyone to leave without him. Everyone leaves excluding the jinchuuriki (minus Ugito).*
Orochimaru: 8 vs. 1. Is that a fair fight now Sasuke-kun?
*Everyone enters a battle stance.*
Orochimaru: Maybe you should have Naruto show up. At least it would be closer to a fair fight then.
*The panel zooms in to show Orochimaru has the rinnegan.*
Orochimaru: Several years ago, a shinobi showed up having powers resembling those of Rikudo Sennin. He decimated Konoha. But he did not have the powers of Rikudo Sennin. I do.
*Suddenly Bee transforms into full bijuu mode, firing off a bijuu-dama. Orochimaru holds up his hand and absorbs the blast. Orochimaru is seen smirking.*
Orochimaru: Surely you can do better than that. I mean, you were the original perfect jinchuuriki.
*Bee roars at Orochimaru, causing a shockwave. Orochimaru stands his ground. He looks at Bee, holding his hand up again. The bijuu-dama suddenly appears, only this time heading towards Bee and the group. The scene switches to everyone leaving heading towards the ocean. Scene focuses on Hinata and Sakura, who are each carrying their little girls.*
Sakura: Do you think they will be alright?
Hinata: Your husband is the Son of Thunder. Have some faith.
*Suddenly an explosion is seen in the background, that covers half of Konoha. The women stop, looking at the explosion.*
Sakura: I’m going back.
Hinata: No you’re not. You’ve got to take care of Tsunade. Have faith in your husband and our friends.
*Scene switches back to the fight, showing everyone blown away as Orochimaru walks towards them.*
Orochimaru: Where is your might, Son of Thunder?!!
*The next panel shows Sasuke standing up, with blood flowing over his right eye.*
Sasuke: Gaara, Bee, get everyone else out of here.
Bee: You for sure?
Orochimaru: You’d better listen to him. A couple of battalions of the Ryun army are waiting for your friends at the coast.
*All of the jinchuuriki are seen now, wide-eyed.*
Orochimaru: You people are so predictable. You’d better hurry up if you want to be in time to save your friends.
*The scene switches to a forested area. Only trees are shown, except for one figure walking towards some lit torches in the distance. The next panel reveals Kabuto, walking in his Dragon Sage form. Scene switches back to Orochimaru.*
Orochimaru: The only question left to be answered is, who will Naruto come to rescue: his friend, or his family?
Sasuke grimacing: You bastard.
Gaara: We’ll go ahead. Handle this here Sasuke.
*The next panel shows some rubble away from the fight. A piece of wall is moved, revealing Kakashi. He looks around at the devastation.*
Kakashi: It’s a good thing you made preparations Sasuke.
*Flashback scene to Shikaku sitting at the Hokage’s desk. After the former kages have left the room, Shikaku is seen talking to Inoichi, Choza, Kakashi, and Gai. A plan is devised to have all civilians evacuated before Sasuke leaves with his party which is made up of high level shinobi and their children. Kakashi and Gai would stay behind with shadow clones made by Konohamaru and clones made by the jinchuuriki. Once the Ryun had made their way to Konoha, Kakashi and Gai would flee. End of flashback.*
Kakashi: Now time to find Gai.
*Scene switches back to Orochimaru and Sasuke.*
Sasuke: You want to see my might?
*Suddenly the walls of Konoha are lit in the black flames of Amerterasu.*
Sasuke: Konoha will be our battlefield Orochimaru. You will die here.
Orochimaru: Is that so?
*Sasuke activates his EMS.*
Sasuke: Aye.
*Instantly Sasuke throws several shuriken at Orochimaru. Sasuke does several handsigns, allowing the shuriken to multiply. He then glares at them, causing them to be set ablaze with Amerterasu.*
Orochimaru: Child’s Play.
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Orochimaru summons the Rashomon gate, blocking all of the shuriken. Orochimaru leaps over the gate, coming down shooting thousands of snakes at Sasuke. Sasuke is seen with grin on his face. The next panel shows his left hand with a chidori in it, ready to strike. Sasuke punches his hand with the chidori up at Orochimaru, extending the the spear up into Orochimaru, stabbing him in the gut. Orochimaru is impaled on the chidori spear, dangling in the air. Sasuke releases the jutsu, allowing Orochimaru to fall to the ground. Scene switches to the jinchuuriki racing after the group.*
Mungo: Do you think that was a ruse?
Gaara: Even if it is, we must confirm it. Sasuke is the son of thunder, he can handle himself.
*Scene switches to the group as the front line of the group, the Inuzukas pick up Kabuto’s scent. All of the Inuzuka dogs begin to bark ferociously at Kabuto. Everyone has come to a halt, with Ugito coming to the front line. Kabuto smiles upon seeing her.*
Kabuto: So I see they sent a child to handle this job.
Ugito: I may be a child, but I can still kick your ass.
*Suddenly the SSM land infront of Ugito.*
Hiru: You made a promise to Uzumaki Naruto to protect his young. Continue on ahead. We’ll handle this.
Kazuka: Besides… we owe him one for destroying our home.
*Mei appears behind Ugito.*
Mei: Let us continue forward.
Ugito: Aye Mizu… Mei-sama.
Kabuto: Who says I’m the only one here?
*Suddenly Raiju appears next to Kabuto. The next panel shows a shocked Darui. Then several figures drop from trees landing next to the duo. The next few panels show younger versions of Oonoki, a shocked Kitsuchi and Oonoki, Yagura, a shocked Ao and Mei, Hiruzen Sarutobi, and a shocked Konohamaru.*
Kabuto: And I’m sure you’ve met these guys before.
*Suddenly the Kabuto clones appear from the ground surrounding the group. Scene switches to Naruto and Ryu.*
Ryu: So what’s it gonna be Toad Sage? Me, Orochimaru and Sasuke, or your family and friends?
*Naruto is shown with a grimace on his face.*

The End.
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Scene opens with Sasuke standing before the motionless body of Orochimaru.*
Sasuke: This time, you will not return.
*Sasuke glares at Orochimaru, setting his body ablaze with amerterasu. Sasuke begins to back away as the flames grow. Scene switches to Kakashi near the area where Orochimaru laid Gai out. Kakashi slides down into the crater, and picks up Gai.*
Kakashi: C’mon Gai, you need to lay off the sweets
*Gai mumbles.*
Kakashi: I think it’s time we leave.
*Sasuke flickers over to Kakashi and Gai.*
Sasuke: How is he?
Kakashi: He’ll be fine. Question is, when will he be able to move on his own?
Sasuke: You heading on?
Kakashi looking around: I really don’t see a reason to stay here any longer.
Sasuke: I’m going to make sure that
*Sasuke notices the astonished look in Kakashi’s eyes. He turns around to see Orochimaru standing, laughing.*
Sasuke: Impossible.
Orochimaru: Nothing is impossible boy. Do you seriously think that you can defeat the Sage himself?
*Orochimaru laughs maniacally.*
Sasuke: We need to come up with a plan until Gai can move. I don’t think you can make it over the wall carrying Gai.
Kakashi: And I can’t carry him underneath either.
Orochimaru: To think, on the same day the Copy Cat ninja, the Green Beast, and the last Uchiha all fall at my hand.
Sasuke: You fought Pein, Kakashi. What were his abilities?
Kakashi: You’ve seen his ninjutsu absorption technique… didn’t know he could throw it back at us. He was highly skilled in summons, the ability to attract and repel his enemies, and enclosing his enemies in substances.
Sasuke: Ok, that’s what we know.
*Orochimaru holds up his hand towards Sasuke and Kakashi. Suddenly all three are flung backwards, crashing into buildings. Once the dust has cleared, Sasuke’s Susanoo is seen beginning to form as a building crumbles around its form.*
Orochimaru: Guess he is getting serious now.
*Sasuke’s Susanoo takes its complete form, bow at the ready, aimed at Orochimaru. Sasuke shoots an arrow, followed by three amerterasu shuriken at Orochimaru. Orochimaru stares at the projectiles headed at him. All of a sudden they all disappear. Orochimaru in seen laughing.*
Orochimaru: I thought you were a genius boy?! Was it not enough for you to see me absorb the bijuu-dama earlier?
*Orochimaru begins to walk towards Sasuke.*
Orochimaru: Don’t you think it’s time that both of us got serious?
*Orochimaru does a double punch combo, the first sending the arrow back at Sasuke, which he blocks and parries easily. The three amerterasu shuriken are thrown to Sasuke’s left. Kakashi is seen still holding Gai, trying to dodge the three shuriken headed at them.*
Sasuke in thought: Shit! I can’t stop them in time.
*Kakashi pulls up his headband revealing his MS.*
Kakashi: Kamui!
*All three shuriken are absorbed by Kakashi and sent to another dimension. Kakashi falls over, with Gai laying on top of him now. The next panel shows Orochimaru stand before Sasuke. He grabs the garb that Susanoo is wearing and just stands there. All of a sudden Sasuke falls to a knee and Susanoo dissipates. Orochimaru is laughing.*
Orochimaru: Thank you Sasuke-kun, for replenishing my chakra.
*Sasuke is seen lying on the ground as Orochimaru stands before him. Orochimaru walks up to him, grabbing him by the throat, holding Sasuke in the air.*
Orochimaru: You are defeated boy.
Sasuke: Is that right, you piece of shit?
*Sasuke holds out his hand as if to call Kirin down.*
Orochimaru: That won’t work this time. You may have used that to make your precious brother succumb, but you don’t even have enough chakra to control your natural affinity. As a matter of fact, you’re about to draw your last breath, you’re so low on chakra.
*Scene switches to the group in the forest, surround by Kabuto clones as Kabuto and his new team advance towards the group.*
Choujourrou: What do we do now Mizuka..
Mei: Change of plans. Swordsmen, you protect the children from the clones.
SSM in unison: Aye.
Mei: Ao and I will handle the one who resembles my predecessor.
Darui: I got the one that looks like my old man.
Kitsuchi: What do you say pops? Want to take on yourself?
Oonoki: I never thought I would fight again after battling Uchiha Madara. *sighs* So be it.
Konohamaru: I’ve got the one that looks like me.
Kabuto: Actually, he’s designed after your grandfather.
Kurenai: You bastard.
*Sakura leaps over Ugito and the SSM, bull-rushing Kabuto. She charges chakra into her right fist, swinging a haymaker at Kabuto. Kabuto easily dodges. As Sakura begins to tumble over, she reverts all the chakra from her right fist, into her right heel, heel-kicking the ground, causing an earthquake and creating a ridge in the ground. Kabuto leaps away from Sakura as she is seen standing.*
Sakura: Leftovers are fine with me.
Kabuto: Are you sure this is what you want?
Sakura: You forget one thing Kabuto… I’m not alone here.
*Sakura charges at Kabuto with both fists charged with chakra. Sakura lunges at Kabuto with another haymaker, which he dodges. Sakura then tries a spinning backfist with her other hand, which Kabuto catches and kicks her in the back, sending her flying forward. Scene switches to the SSM encircling the party. Shikamaru, Temari, Shikaku, Inoichi, Choza, and Choji are seen in the middle.*
Inoichi: What’s the plan Shikaku?
Shikaku: Based on what intel we do have, we’re going to need to give aide to each of the fighters while the Swordsmen hold off the clones.
Choza: So who do we help first?
Shikamaru: That would be Sakura. She’s our medic.
*Hinata is seen jumping through the group towards Sakura and Kabuto.*
Hinata: Consider it done.
Inoichi: Should we still aide Sakura and Hinata?
Shikaku: No. Our biggest threat of all is that one. *pointing at the man looking like Sarutobi Hiruzen*
Shikaku: If he is any resemblance to who I think he is meant to be, he’s going to be our biggest problem with his plethora of jutsus.
Kabuto in thought upon hearing Shikaku: Those damn Nara. We need to handle them quickly.
*Scene switches to Konohamaru standing before the Hiruzen look-a-like.*
Konohamaru yelling and with tears rolling down his face: Who the hell are you?
Shinobi: I guess you could say I am the son of Sarutobi Hiruzen. Who are you?
Konohamaru: You bastard… I’m his grandson!
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Konohamaru charges at the shinobi, with a rasengan in each hand. The shinobi stares on calmly, doing several handsigns.*
Shinobi: Doton Doryu Taiga.
*Konohamaru begins to sink in some mud being thrown off balance. The two rasengans collide into each other, causing an explosion, sending Konohamaru flying into the forest all by himself.*
Shinobi: Alright then… nephew. Call me Professor.
*Professor begins to walk into the direction of Konohamaru when he met by Inoichi, Choza, and Shikaku.*
Shikaku: We’re your opponents now.
Professor: So be it. You will fall, just like he will…. all of you will.
Professor doing handsigns: Katon Karyu Endan!
*Suddenly a giant flame is about to consume the trio from their front three sides. The next panel shows nothing but flame. Once the flame dissipates, two large hands are seen, charred and burnt. Choza reverts his hands back to their normal size.*
Choza: Can’t do that much more often.
Inoichi: You won’t have…
*Inoichi evades a roundhouse kick from Professor at the last moment.*
Inoichi: That was close.
Professor: I’m done playing with the three of you.
Shikaku in thought: This is not good. He has his knowledge and his youth.
Professor doing handsigns: Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!
*Four professors appear. Suddenly the front three are holding chidoris. Inoichi, Shikaku, and Choza are astonished.*
Shikaku in thought: Shit!
Professor doing more handsigns: Doton Doryu Taiga!
*Only Choza begins to stumble. The three front Professors charge the trio, as Choza is now sinking in the mud. Shikaku does some handsigns, completing the shadow binding technique, and stopping the clone attacking him. Inoichi uses this direct attack to enter into the clone’s mind that was attacking him. Shikaku watches as Inoichi’s body goes limp. Shikaku then notices that the fourth Professor is missing. Suddenly the fourth professor is behind Choza.*
Professor doing more handsigns: Katon Karyudan!
*The professor spews a stream of fire that turn the mud that Choza was trapped in into a hardened clay. Just as the Professor that was charging Choza is about to connect with his chidori, Choza explodes with Chakra in his moth form, flying in the sky now. The scene switches to Choji, Shikamaru, and Temari who are now the last layer of protection for the children.*
Choji in thought: Show what you can do Dad.
*Scene switches to Kitsuchi, Oonoki, and the new Oonoki.*
Kitsuchi: Don’t take this the wrong way dad, but I’m going to enjoy beating the old you up.
Oonoki: Don’t get cocky boy. *looks at the younger version of himself* Who are you?
New Oonoki: Dumb as a rock I see.
*Scene switches to Kabuto who is hopping back away from Sakura to evade her.*
Kabuto in thought: Now… Time to break their will.
*Scene switches to the young Oonoki. He looks at Kitsuchi and the real Oonoki, smirking.*
New Oonoki: Unfortunately, I’m not your opponent.
*The younger Oonoki flickers away, appearing above Choza who is still in his moth form. He holds his hands together, forming a diamond shape. Suddenly, Choza is hit by the Jinton: Particle Beam. Everyone looks on in shock and fear. The next panel shows Oonoki trying to fly up to the younger Oonoki. Suddenly he is kneed by Raiju, sending him flying away from the battlefield. Kitsuchi sees this and tries to enter a battlestance. Before he can do so, Raiju is in front of him, clotheslining him, sending him in the same direction as Oonoki. Scene switches to Shikaku, as he watches on in horror at his comrades falling prey to their oppressors. Suddenly, Professor has vanished, with his clones disappearing in a poof of smoke. The Yagura look-a-like has disappeared as well. So have the younger Oonoki, and Raiju. A thick mist covers the area where the group has now huddled.*
Shikamaru: Hinata…
Hinata: On it.
*Hinata activates her byuakugan. She looks around.*
Hinata: Impossible.
Shikaku: What is it?
Hinata: It’s nothing but chakra. I’m as blind with my byuakugan as I am without it.
Shikamaru: Kiba, you know what to do.
*Kiba and the other Inuzuka clansmen take posts at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions. All four are seen sniffing the air.*
Shikaku: Anything?
All four together: No.
Shikamaru: We’re sitting ducks.
Shikaku: Everyone stay calm. That’s our only hope of survival.
*Scene switches to Konohamaru who is seen now regaining his senses. He sees the dense mist up ahead, hearing his comrades yelling in confusion. Once he’s gathered that they are sitting ducks, he does several handsigns.
Konohamaru: Doton: Earth Dome Shield!
*Suddenly a giant dome of earth closes up on the group.*
Sakura: Who did this?
Hinata with her byukugan activated again: I don’t know, but it’s closed off the chakra.
*Hinata looks down at the ground.*
Hinata: And I can see the clones moving through the ground. They’re heading west. And… someone is out there in the direction they are heading.
*Scene switches to Konohamaru who is panting, kneeling on the ground.*
Konohamaru in thought: Maybe that will buy them some time to come up with a plan.
*Scene switches back to Hinata.*
Hinata: I’ve got an idea.
*Hinata reaches into her pouch, and pulls out a FTG kunai, handing it to Sakura.*
Hinata: Once I’m gone, throw this Kunai to the west. I’ll be back shortly. We’ve got to aide whoever put us in this dome.
*Hinata flashes out. Sakura throws the kunai, with it sinking into the earthen wall. Scene switches to Kitsuchi who is stumbling now to a keeled over Oonoki.*
Oonoki: I’m too damn old for this.
Kitsuchi: What do you suggest we do?
Oonoki: We’ve got to handle that younger version of me first. He is the most devastating of any of them, excluding Kabuto.
Kitsuchi: So what did you have in mind?
*Scene switches to Kabuto and his new henchmen.*
Raiju: So how long are we going to wait?
Kabuto: It won’t be much longer. Remember, even if you perish, you must take at least one of them with you.
Raiju: I don’t plan on dying.
Kabuto: Yagura…
*The Yagura look-a-like looks at Kabuto.*
Kabuto: You and Raiju head back to base. Reinforcements are on their way here for these lowlifes. We’ll handle the rest.
Raiju: Fine.
*Both men disappear as Kabuto, evil Oonoki, and Professor advance towards the dome. Suddenly Hinata is seen dropping a few feet outside of the earth dome with a rasengan, clearing an opening for the group to escape the dome. Kiba and the rest of the Inuzuka are on their dogs, racing towards Konohamaru’s location. They are followed by the SSM. Suddenly there is a poof of smoke, with Ma Toad showing up.*
Shima: Hinata dear, where are they?
*Hinata comes up to Shima, with her arms around the kids.*
Shima: This all of ‘em?
Hinata nodding: Yes.
*Sakura runs up to Hinata*
Sakura: Great idea. But what about the gods?
Shima: I’m not taking them to Myoubokou.
Sakura: Then where are you going? To the Land of Whirlpools. The boys are on their way there already.
Hinata: And any word from Naruto?
Shima: Sorry dear.
*All four children are huddled around Shima. She slams her hand on the ground, and in a poof of smoke, they are all gone. Meanwhile, the remaining shinobi are staying at the entrance into the earth dome.*
Shikaku: Ok, we’re missing Konohamaru, Kitsuchi, and Oonoki. We think at least one of them is in that direction *points westward*.
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Scene switches to Kitsuchi and Oonoki.*
Oonoki: Go on ahead to the group. I’ll get whoever’s over there *nodding in Konohamaru’s direction*.
Kitsuchi: Alright.
*Kitsuchi begins running to the group as Oonoki flies over to Konohamaru. As he is about to land, he sees the Konohamaru is kneeling, panting. He lands beside him.*
Oonoki: You ok boy?
*Konohamaru glances at Oonoki.*
Konohamaru in between pants: Yeah… making that dome took a lot out of me.
Oonoki: C’mon, they need our he…
*Suddenly the Kabuto clones emerge from the ground, one stabbing Oonoki with a sword. Oonoki is seen coughing up blood. Suddenly barks heard from the Inuzuka dogs are heard. Scene switches to Kabuto.*
Kabuto in thought: So the old man is finally going to perish. Ironic that even the great Uchiha Madara could not finish him off, but a hapless clone of mine could.
*Scene switches back to Konohamaru and Oonoki.*
Oonoki: Go boy… run. Tell the others to move forward. GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Konohamaru stares at Oonoki for a moment, then runs towards to group yelling at Kiba and the others to return to the group. The Kabuto clones begin to give chase. The panel focuses on Oonoki.*
Oonoki: I don’t think so bastards. My life will be the only one you’ll take tonight!
*Oonoki places his hands together. Suddenly a cubic parameter is set up that houses Oonoki and all of the clones. The next minute, they are all gone. The scene switches to Kiba and the SSM as they witness Oonoki’s sacrifice. Konohamaru reaches them.*
Konohamaru: We must go back to the group.
*The scene switches back to the group. Kabuto is seen standing on top of the dome.*
Kabuto: We don’t have all the time in the world. Are you done playing?
Ugito: I think it’s high time I had some fun.
*Ugito changes immediately into her full bijuu form. Scene switches to the remaining Jinchuuriki who are closing in and are able to see Ugito.*
Gaara: We must hurry.
*Scene switches back to Ugito, who snarls at Kabuto. Suddenly a bijuu-dama is forming, and Ugito aims it right at Kabuto. Scene switches back to Naruto and Ryu.*
Ryu: So what will you choice be, Toad Sage?
Naruto: For once, I’m going to let them handle it.
*Shock appears on Ryu’s face.*
Ryu chuckling: So you are going to allow them to die?
Naruto: No, I’m going to allow them to live, and to fight. For years now anger and frustration has built up in them. They need a way to express those feelings. Now tell me, what is Orochimaru after?
*Naruto grabs Ryu by the throat, chocking him. Ryu has grabbed Naruto’s arm, but to no avail.*
Naruto: Tell me, or you die here.
Voice from behind Naruto: He’s after the weapons belonging to Rikudo Sennin.
*Naruto turns to see Hachimon. Scene switches back Sasuke and Orochimaru, Orochimaru holding Sasuke up by his throat.*
Sasuke: You want to know what really pisses me off?
Orochimaru: Humor me with your dying words boy.
Sasuke: I’m tired of people thinking they’re better than me and holding me by my damn throat!
*Sasuke shoots a bolt of lightning at Orochimaru through his fingertips, sending Orochimaru flying as he drops Sasuke. Sasuke collapses to the ground. Scene switches to Kabuto as he is staring at the nearing bijuu-dama in slow motion.*
Kabuto in thought: Naive girl. Not only will that kill me, but everyone else here.
*Suddenly Kabuto, Professor, and Oonoki flash out, leaving the scene. Ugito’s bijuu-dama connects with the earth, causing a huge explosion. The shockwave is shown clearing a mile-radius of forest. A huge dust cloud is seen where the group stood. As the dust cloud clears a huge sphere is sand is seen. The sand begins to crumble away, revealing that everyone was safe.*
Shikaku: Any word of Sasuke?
Gaara: We came ahead because we were warned that you were being attacked.
Shikamaru: We should continue on as planned, but we’ll need a recon team to head back to check on Sasuke, Kakashi, and Gai.
*Scene switches, to show a split panel of all three lying on the ground motionless. A shadowy figure is seen approaching Kakashi and Gai. Scene switches back to the group.*
Bee: I’ll go back.
Mungo: As will I.
*The two nod at each other. They flicker away instantly. Scene changes to Naruto, Ryu, and Hachimon.*
Hachimon: Orochimaru is my trump card against Amatsu.
Naruto: Then why do you fight with him?
Hachimon: You, my father, and Amatsu are the only beings left that I am not sure I would have a positive outcome with in battle. That’s right. Even though the power does not belong to me yet, I can feel the power of wind in you, and recognize as a worthy adversary.
*Naruto stares at Hachimon, still choking Ryu.*
Hachimon: Once Orochimaru has the necessary tools, no one on the earth will be able to oppose him.
Naruto: How is he your trump card against Amatsu?
Hachimon: The wielder of those objects controls power that rivals that of the supreme gods. He will be on equal footing with me. Be wary of him, Son of Wind.
Naruto: You should listen to your own advice.
*Scene changes to the Whirlpool Country the next day. The panel focuses on the former kages with Shikaku and Hinata.*
Shikaku: So you’ll be able to do this?
Hinata: Aye.
Kitsuchi: Shouldn’t we wait until Bee and Mungo have returned with Sasuke, Kakashi, and Gai?
Gaara: When you flash to Konoha, where will you be exactly?
Hinata: I’ll be on Yondaime’s head.
Gaara: Why there?
Hinata: I’ve placed a tag there. I need to be in the central location to difuse the seal. That area is on Shodai’s head. Once I am finished, I’ll come back and put up a new seal here.
Gaara: My vote is….
*Gaara is interrupted by Shizune who has run into the meeting.*
Shizune: Gaara-sama. Matsuri, she is delivering now.
Kitsuchi smiling: Go on Gaara-sama. It’s not every day one becomes a father.
*Gaara runs to Matsuri with Shizune.*
Mei: How long will this take you?
Hinata: Moments.
Mei: And this new seal… how will it function?
Hinata: The same as the previous one. Since we are on a smaller island, I think it will be easier for us to set up defenses against the Ryun.
Darui: And what of those damn clones?
Hinata: I can set up another barrier, but it will restrict every one.
Darui: I vote in favor.
Kitsuchi: I as well.
Mei sighing: Then go Hinata, and please hurry.
*Hinata flashes out. The next panel shows her standing on Yondaime’s head, as she looks at the destruction that has befallen Konoha.*
Hinata: Unbelievable.
*Hinata activates her byuakugan. She looks around at the devastation, seeing spots of Amerterasu still burning. She leaps over to Shodai monument and performs the seal.*
Hinata in thought: I hope Bee-sama and Mungo-sama are on their way back.
*Hinata flashes out, back to the Whirlpool Country. Scene changes to the hospital, showing Gaara holding a baby, smiling. Temari and Kankuro are present as well.*
Temari: So, what will her name be?
Matsuri: I’ve got one picked out.
Gaara: What is it?
Matsuri: Karura.
*The sand siblings smile at the mention of their mother’s name.*
Gaara: Are you sure?
Matsuri: You don’t like it?
Gaara: I love it.
*Scene switches to at night, with Naruto returned as the shinobi are at a service for Oonoki. His body is set atop a stack of wood that is set aflame.*
Naruto: So… old man Oonoki can finally rest?
Gaara: Aye.
Sakura: Are you sure you can’t sense him?
Naruto: No, I can’t Sakura. Have faith in him.
*Scene switches a small, dimly lit room. Sasuke, Kakashi, and Gai are all seen laying down, covered up. Scene switches back to Naruto and company.*
Naruto: And what of Inoichi?
Shikaku: I saw him perform his mind transfer jutsu. He’s probably still in that person’s body.
Shikamaru: Wouldn’t that mean?
Shikaku: Precisely. Inoichi, right now is probably gaining some very valuable intel. Question is, will he be able to return and provide that intel?
*Scene switches to Kirigakure. Kabuto is seen with Raiju, Yagura, the younger Oonoki, and Professor.*
Raiju: So what is next?
Kabuto: No doubt, they will spend the next couple of days looking for Sasuke. We’ll take this time to regroup and gain intel ourselves. And why don’t we start right now?
*Kabuto walks to the middle of the group, summoning a lifeless body.*
Kabuto: Don’t you think it’s time? *looking at Professor*
*Professor walks over to the corpse and does some handsigns. Suddenly the body comes to life, gasping for air.*
Kabuto: So… Inoichi-san… Long time, no see.
Inoichi: How did you know?
Kabuto: Unlike Naruto, I’m always in touch with nature. I knew you were hiding there the whole time.
Inoichi: Then why didn’t you kill me?
Kabuto: Because now is not your time. You’re merely going to be our messenger. Arise!
Inoichi shocked: How did you?
Kabuto: How… Orochimaru is now the Rikudo Sennin. No one, not even the gods can stand before us with this army.
*The panel zooms out showing younger versions of every preceding kage, encircling Kabuto.*
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Scene opens with Sasuke sleeping on a mat on the floor. He begins to stir and wake up. He sits up and looks around.*
Sasuke: Where am I?
Voice: You’re safe for now.
*Panel shows Yamato sitting at a table. The next panel zooms out revealing seal marks on Sasuke.*
Sasuke: What am I doing here?
Yamato: You’re being kept safe. Do you realize that you were on the cusp of death? His plan will not come to fruition if the Son of Thunder dies. No… you and Naruto are too valuable right now.
Sasuke: What do you mean?
Yamato: Nothing, forget about it.
Sasuke: So… how long have you been on their side?
*Yamato walks up to Sasuke, backhanding him across the face.*
Yamato: I’ve always wanted to do that.
*Sasuke looks up at Yamato.*
Sasuke: At least tell me what you’ve done to Kakashi and Gai.
Yamato: Them… they’re alive… for now. Knowing those two, they’ll make it out alive, to reach the others. They would be stupid to come and rescue you by themselves. If your octopus and turtle friends show up, they will not like what they find.
Sasuke: I get you fooling me and Inoichi, but how did you fool Naruto?
Yamato smirking: We deduced that Naruto was able to sense Orochimaru through the former Raikage. After being with Kabuto and Orochimaru for so long, I understood their reasoning. And after witnessing what I have of the gods, I fully support them over the alternative.
Sasuke: You support those gods over your fellow man?
Yamato: Fool… Amatsu wishes nothing more than to imprison us as eternal slaves. Orochimaru and Kabuto are using his own kind against him.
Sasuke: Then why not side with us?
Yamato: You’ve seen it. Orochimaru is now the only being to take on the gods and come out on a positive end.
Sasuke: So you’ve lost faith in Naruto and myself?
Yamato: You… you’re a power-hungry international criminal. And Naruto… even Naruto can’t stand alone against them.
Sasuke: If I’m such a low-life, then why did your peers make me the interim Hokage?
*Yamato backhands Sasuke again, this time drawing blood.*
Yamato: I do not have any ill-will towards Naruto or anyone else in Konoha. That’s how I fooled him.
Sasuke: Then what were you doing in Suna?
*Orochimaru walks into the room.*
Orochimaru: He was on a mission for me.
*Yamato stands up and leaves the room.*
Orochimaru: That was a nice little show you put on out there Sasuke-kun.
Sasuke: So you’re planning on taking on the gods?
Orochimaru: Maybe I am, maybe I’m not.
Sasuke: Right… what benefit are you getting from this?
Orochimaru smirking: With this new body… I’ve learned quite a few things. I’ve learned that I don’t need you anymore. You’re nothing more than a chew toy for me. But I’m still after one thing.
Sasuke: Eternal Life?
Orochimaru: Sasuke-kun… you were always meddling into my business, but you still haven’t figured it out.
Sasuke: Just tell me this you snake… why haven’t you killed me yet?
Orochimaru: You still have a role to play. As do Hatake Kakashi and Might Gai. Hopefully the three of you realize your roles and don’t try to over-exert yourselves.
*Scene changes to the new alliance base. People are seen building make-shift huts and setting up sentry towers along the beaches. Panel focuses on Sakura who is standing on the beach looking back in the direction of Konoha. Naruto walks up behind her.*
Naruto: Sakura…
*Panel shows a tear falling from Sakura’s cheek.*
Naruto: Once we have the sentry towers up, I’m goin…
Sakura: Take me to Konoha, please.
Naruto: I don’t think that is a good idea.
Sakura: I don’t give a damn. If it was Hinata, you would already have been there at least twenty times and back!
*Naruto looks down. Hinata sees the two talking and begins to walk over to the two. Hinata just heard what Sakura yelled at Naruto.*
Hinata: Sakura… Naruto…
*Both look up at Hinata.*
Hinata: Naruto… maybe we should…
Naruto: No… if anyone’s going, it’s me, and just me.
*Several more people take notice of the commotion on the beach. A crowd begins to form around the trio.*
Hinata: Dammit Naruto… you don’t get it, do you? You’re always putting yourself before others without realizing it.
*Naruto is shocked by what he just heard.*
Hinata: Every single time you went on a damn mission without telling me… do you know what you put me through? Every single time you go away… I have faith you will come back, but do you realize what it feels like to have that small ounce of doubt that you won’t? It’s unbearable.
*Iruka approaches the trio.*
Iruka: Naruto…
*Naruto looks at Iruka.*
Iruka: Your wife is right. You mean a lot to all of us. As does Sasuke. The pain and doubt you feel, multiply that several times, and that is what Sakura is going through. If anything, she deserves some form of closure.
*Shikamaru steps forward.*
Shikamaru: Also, Bee and Mungo have yet to return. With the old seal being removed, we need to find them.
Shikaku from the crowd: We are all a people without a kage, right now. We don’t need bickering amongst each other. We need to come together, and become stronger.
Naruto: Alright… Sakura, Hinata, Neji, and Kiba… get ready… we’re going on a trip.
*Choji walks up to Shikamaru, resting his elbow on his shoulder.*
Choji: Don’t forget about us.
*Lee crosses his arms.*
Lee: And me.
*Ino and Tenten are seen waddling up to the group.*
Ino: We want in as well.
Tenten: Yeah, don’t forget about us.
*Sai stands next to Naruto.*
Sai: I don’t think that will be a good idea.
Naruto: I’m with Sai on this one.
Ino and Tenten simultaneously: Why NOT!!!!
Lee: Tenten, darling… I love you… but you are carrying my child right now. To lose you would be one death for me to burden. To lose both you and the child…
*Tenten walks over to Lee, hugging him and kissing him.*
Tenten: Fine then. But if you come back with a single bruise…
Lee smiling: Understood.
Ino: That was so sweet. Who knew Lee had it in him.
*Panel shows inner-Ino.*
inner-Ino: How come can’t my man be sweet and romantic like that?!
*Panel shows Sai smiling. Sai walks up to Ino.*
Sai: Not only are you pregnant, but you will be needed here.
Shikaku: He’s right. With your father still gone, we’re going to need you.
*Scene switches to Kiri, showing Kabuto, several Kabuto clones, and his new clones. The panel focuses on the corpse that Inoichi is trapped in.*
Inoichi: How is this possible?
Kabuto: That does not concern you. All you need to know is that our army has grown in quantity and quality.
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Ryu walks into the room.*
Kabuto: And look who has returned.
*Inoichi turns to see Ryu. Ryu walks up to Inoichi and kicks him across the face.*
Kabuto: No reason to be so harsh.
Ryu: Naruto is mine, you hear me?!
Kabuto smirking: Are you sure you want that?
Ryu: That bastard… had it not been for Lord Hachimon…
Kabuto: Hold your tongue!
*Ryu looks at Inoichi.*
Ryu: Go back to where you came from, you piece of shit.
*Kabuto nods at Professor. Professor walks up the Inoichi, doing more handsigns. Suddenly the corpse goes lifeless again. Professor flickers away. Kabuto and Ryu stare at each other. Scene switches back to Naruto and company. Ugito runs up to Naruto.*
Ugito: Can I come too?
Gaara: I’m saying no to that.
Ugito: No fair.
Naruto: Gaara is right.
*Ugito pouts.*
Naruto smiling: Besides, with us gone, someone needs to protect the kids.
*Ugito looks up at Naruto smiling.*
Akatsuchi: Besides, we need to work on your bijuu-dama.
Ugito pouting: Oh-kayyyyy….
Naruto: Are we ready?
*Naruto looks at everyone as they nod at him. Naruto creates several clones, each one grabbing everyone that is going, and in a flash, they’re gone. Scene switches to Konoha. Naruto looks around at the destruction, seeing where his apartment used to be.*
Naruto: To think… we’re going to have to rebuild again.
Hinata: As long as you are here, I don’t care how many times we rebuild.
Naruto: Alright, we’re going to divide up into two groups of four. I will remain here.
*Suddenly another clone poofs in next to Naruto. He hands him a bag, then poofs away. Naruto grabs into the bag, pulling out small ear piece radios. He tosses one to everyone.*
Naruto: Team 1 will consist of Hinata, Kiba, Shikamaru, and Choji. Team 2 will consist of Neji, Lee, Sakura, and Sai. Sai, you know what to do.
*Sai unravels a scroll, painting a large bird. The bird comes to life, and Sai jumps on its back as it flies upward.*
Naruto: Lee and Choji… you are to watch Neji and Hinata’s backs.
Lee and Choji: Aye!
Naruto: Hinata, you start on the north side, Neji, the east side. Kiba, I want you in the northeast. Inform of which scents you recognize.
Sakura: What about the remaining sectors?
*Naruto enters Kurama Sage mode instantly. He does a handsign, creating over 2,000 clones.*
Naruto’s simultaneously: Leave it to me.
*All of the Naruto’s leap way, leaving the original where he stood. He sits and begins to meditate, gathering natural energy. Scene switches to Neji, Sakura, and Lee.*
Neji: Do not worry Sakura. If he is here, we will find him.
*Sakura smiles at Neji. Lee looks around.*
Sakura: Thanks Neji.
*Scene switches to Sai flying up in the air. He notices movement in the north, flying closer to get a better glimpse. The next panel shows a shocked Sai.*
Sai through the radio: Naruto…
Naruto: I already know Sai. Go on and tell everyone else.
Sai: We’ve got maybe a couple of hours.
Sakura: What do you mean a couple of hours?
Sai: I see a couple of battalions of the Ryun army marching towards Konoha. They’re leaving a path of destruction in their wake.
Sakura in thought: Dammit.
*Panel focuses on Naruto. He opens his eyes.*
Naruto: And that’s not all.
Shikamaru: I don’t like the sound of that.
Naruto: Susanoo is with them.
*Scene switches to Orochimaru and Sasuke.*
Orochimaru: It seems that not only are your friends here, but some of mine are almost here as well.
*Orochimaru does a handsign, changing forms into his old self.*
Orochimaru: Who do you think will come out on top?
*Sasuke spits at Orochimaru.*
Sasuke: Coward…
*Orochimaru gets up and leaves the room.*
Sasuke in thought: Bout damn time. You think I don’t recognize this seal, Orochimaru.
*Flashback scene to where Sasuke fought Danzo, showing the same seal then. The flashback ends. Sasuke’s Susanoo mainfests, erasing the seal. Sasuke cancels his Susanoo, and stands up.*
Sasuke: Got to find Kakashi and Gai and then get the fuck out of here.
*Scene switches back to Naruto (about 90 minutes has passed). He has a shocked expression.*
Naruto through the radio: Everybody come back, immediately.
*Scene switches to Bee and Mungo who are seen chained up in a cell. In the next cell is Kakashi and Gai.*
Bee: Yo… Kakashi…
Kakashi: Yes, Bee-sama?
Bee: Is you and that beast over der aight?
Gai: We’re ok Bee-sama.
Kakashi: Does anyone know where we are?
Mungo: Aye, we’re in Kiri, in the interrogation room.
Gai: Is this the room…
Mungo: Aye. This is the room where the countless slaughters occurred. Makes perfect sense, too, why they put cells in here.
Bee: How so?
Mungo: This room is also a chakra barrier. No one outside will sense us, unless we walk through that door. *nods to the door*
Kakashi: What are the two of you doing here anyways?
Mungo: We saw a carriage leaving Konoha. We volunteered to go back to get Sasuke-sama. We thought he was in the carriage.
Gai: What in the hell happened Kakashi?
Kakashi: Orochimaru…
*Scene changes back to Konoha. Sai is seen flying back to Naruto. Sai leaps off of his bird and lands next Naruto.*
Sai: Susanoo and the Ryun army will be here in a matter of minutes.
Naruto: That’s not all… Orochimaru is here.
*Hinata, Shikamaru, Choji, and Kiba are seen running back. Then we see Neji and Lee. The next panel shows Sakura running, then coming across Orochimaru in his original form.*
Orochimaru: So we have the little pink-haired girl. The one who was always in the shadows of Naruto and Sasuke-kun.
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Sakura is struck with a fear that stifles her. Scene changes to Naruto.*
Naruto in thought: Dammit, Sakura stopped moving. Did they cross paths?
*Scene switches back to Orochimaru and Sakura.*
Orochimaru: Tell me… Mrs. Uchiha… how does it feel being the worthless, useless one on such a dominant team?
*A tear is shown running down Sakura’s cheek.*
Orochimaru: You’re worse than Tsunade-chan. Two bitches, one following in the footsteps of the other. At least your husband had enough strength to die with some dignity.
*Something snaps in Sakura. She looks at Orochimaru determined.*
Sakura: You bastard!
*Sakura lashes out at Orochimaru, charging him with both fists charged with chakra. When she’s covered halfway of the original distance between her and Orochimaru, she slams the ground, causing a small quake, destroying the ground, making it unstable. Orochimaru is seen, trying to gather his footing. Suddenly, Sakura comes down with a crashing heel kick, nailing Orochimaru right on top of his head. Orochimaru is sent crashing through the earth. Sakura leaps atop a building that has remained standing in Konoha. Scene switches to Naruto and crew as they race towards Sakura.*
Sakura: Serves you right, you son-of-a-bitch. My Sasuke wouldn’t leave me like that.
*Scene shows Naruto and crew coming around a corner and seeing Sakura down the road on top of a building. Naruto looks down further and sees Susanoo. Panel focuses on Susanoo looking at Sakura. Susanoo flickers to Sakura, puching her in the midsection, sending her flying. Naruto leaps up, catching her and landing back with the group. Naruto looks at Hinata.*
Naruto: Get her back to Shizune. And stay there. We’re about to be on our way as well.
Hinata: Ok.
*Hinata grabs hold of Sakura and flashes out.*
Naruto: Neji, Kiba, did you see or smell any evidence of Sasuke?
Neji: No.
Kiba: His scent is still here, as well as another one. I can barely smell Kakashi, Gai, and Yamato.
*Naruto goes wide-eyed.*
Kiba: Sasuke is still here somewhere. But Kakashi and Gai have been gone for at least a day now. And Yamato…probably half a day.
Naruto: Sai, take to the air again. Shikamaru, come up with some strategy to immobilize that army. Susanoo is mine. Steer clear of us. We’re leaving in a couple of minutes.
*Sai draws another bird, hopping on it, flying in the sky. Everyone huddles around Shikamaru. Naruto flashes out to Susanoo. Scene shows Susanoo and Naruto.*
Susanoo: Well, well, if it isn’t the son of wind.
Naruto: Susanoo…
Susanoo: You’ve changed in these… how long has it been… 4 years?! Show me what you’ve learned.
*Scene switches to the group huddled around Shikamaru.*
Shikamaru: Tell me Neji, are there any clones?
Neji: I don’t think so. And this is it. I don’t see anyone for miles.
Kiba: Same here, I don’t smell any new scents.
Shikamaru: Sai, can you confirm that?
Sai through the radio: Aye.
Shikamaru: So how many are we facing?
Neji: Thirty.
Shikamaru: Ok, we’re going to let Choji and Lee have first crack. Sai, I want you to keep an eye for anything that might be approaching. Neji, Kiba, you’re staying here with me. Choji, you take the right, Lee, the left. We’ll intervene if we have to.
Choji: You won’t.
Lee: Exactly! *gives the thumbs up*
*The next panel shows Choji and Lee attack the battalion from the sky, with Naruto and Susanoo seen in the top right corner of the panel. The next panel zooms on them.*
Susanoo: C’mon son of wind. Show me what you have.
*Suddenly Tsukuyomi and Amerterasu appear standing beside Susanoo.*
Amerterasu: Come now brother, let us have some fun as well.
Susanoo: Shut up, bitch. You’ve been around her too long.
Tsukuyomi: Speak for yourself brother, but I like that fact.
Amerterasu: Yes, let me have my way with the boy. Maybe he’ll join our side.
*Amerterasu is rubbing herself provocatively, licking her lips, looking at Naruto (Amerterasu has taken the appearance now of 5’10 woman, long red hair with black streaks, dressed in a black leather suit, with a long black leather skirt)*
Naruto in thought: This is not good. If they all show up, we’re going to have to leave without Sasuke.
Susanoo sighs: Fine then sister. Let’s see how good you are.
*Amerterasu kisses Tsukuyomi deeply, then walks to Naruto.*
Susanoo: Don’t even think about it. One move, and all your friends down there and the one up in the sky die by my lightning.
*Naruto just stands there. Amerterasu approaches Naruto, beginning to grope him, licking his neck and then his cheek. Tsukuyomi and Susanoo watch on.*
Amerterasu: Well, he definitely likes it.
*Amerterasu keeps her hand over Naruto’s manhood. She begins to nibble and suck on his neck. Naruto closes his eyes and begins to smile.*
Susanoo: The bastard is actually enjoying it!
Naruto: What can I say… she’s hot.
*The next panel shows Neji, Shikamaru, and Kiba looking on at Naruto as he is seduced by Amerterasu.*
Kiba: Why that bastard…
Neji smiles: Keep quiet Kiba. Things are about to get interesting.
*Kiba sniffs the air and smiles.*
Kiba: Yeah it is.
*Naruto takes control of the situation, grabbing Amerterasu, holding her back a bit and looking at her.*
Naruto: You’re hot…
*Suddenly a bolt of lightning hits Tsukuyomi square in the chest, sending him flying. Sasuke appears infront of Susanoo, kicking him in the gut, knocking him off the building. Sasuke pursues him. Meanwhile a rasengan comes crashing down on Amerterasu, sending her crashing to the ground. Naruto turns to his wife, Hinata.*
Naruto: But you’re not beautiful, nor are you my baby.
*Naruto smiles at Hinata. Hinata gives Naruto an evil eye.*
Hinata: We’ll talk about this later.
*Hinata walks up to Naruto, kissing him deeper than Amerterasu kissed Tsukuyomi. She grabs his manhood in a domineering, playful way.*
Hinata: As long as I’m alive…
Naruto: I would never touch another woman, I swear.
*The couple kisses again.*
Naruto: We’ll definitely talk later, about you not listening to me. Now go on and get everyone together so we can leave. I’m going to go help Sasuke
*Naruto grabs Hinata’s ass as she walks away seductively.*
Naruto in thought: Man that was close.
*Naruto flickers to Sasuke who is standing, facing Susanoo.*
Naruto: Sasuke…
Sasuke: I know. Just give me one moment.
*Sasuke walks closer to Susanoo.*
Sasuke: If you ever touch my wife like that again, you will die by my hands.
*Susanoo looks on laughing.*
Susanoo: You can’t kill me boy!
*Sasuke suddenly enters into his full Susanoo, while Susanoo takes on his true form. Both beings look the same size. Sasuke begins to shoot Amerterasu arrows at Susanoo. Susanoo deflects several, with one getting caught in his shield. Suddenly the flame has consumed the entire shield. All of sudden it dissipates. Amerterasu is seen walking towards the battle.*
Amerterasu: I don’t think so, Uchiha bastard. And you!!!! *looking at Naruto* You and your bitch of wife will die. Even if I have to kill her myself!
*Sasuke has cancelled his Susanoo, flickering over to Amerterasu, kicking her several times, alternating on her right and left legs. Suddenly, he hits her square in her chest with a lightning infused fist, sending her flying towards Susanoo. Tsukuyomi flashes in and catches her. Sasuke begins to race to their location.*
Naruto yelling: Sasuke!!!!!
*Sasuke stops.*
Naruto: We didn’t come here to fight. We came here to get you. Now let’s go.
Susanoo: I don’t think so.
*Susanoo holds out his palm. Several lightning bolts are gathering into a ball. The next panel focuses on Naruto, who has leapt in front of Sasuke. He holds out both hands, fingers spread apart as wide as possible. He suddenly claps his hand, causing a strong gust of wind with a shockwave to head right at the brother and sister trio. All three are pushed back, with Tsukuyomi and Amerterasu being blown away. Naruto turns to Sasuke and the two flee towards their group.*
Naruto: When we get back, we need to talk.
*Meanwhile, back at the land of whirlpools, Professor is seen standing on the ocean.*
Professor: You should be able to make this journey. Don’t forget to deliver our message.
*Scene switches to a hut where Inoichi’s body lays. Suddenly the eyes open. Inoichi sits up, breathing deeply. He hops up and runs out of the hut. Scene switches to Kiri, showing Kabuto and Ryu walking down a street.*
Ryu: How come didn’t you tell him about your prisoners?
Kabuto: Because these prisoners are tests for our new battalion leaders.
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Scene switches back to the whirlpool country. A meeting is being held at night around a huge bonfire. Shikaku is standing, informing all in attendance about what has been learned. Sasuke and Naruto are nowhere to be seen. The next panel shows the two, standing on the ocean, looking back in the direction of Konoha.*
Sasuke: I can’t believe you kissed her.
Naruto: I had no choice. Susanoo threatened to fry everyone with lightning if I didn’t do it. I’m just glad I sensed you when I did.
Sasuke chuckling: So is Hinata going to kill you?
Naruto laughing: No… no… But I’ve got to make it up to her. And Sakura…
Sasuke: She’s fine. She cried like a baby when she saw me.
Naruto: We’ve got to stop being wreckless Sasuke. We have families now.
Sasuke: Aye, but…
Naruto: But what?
Sasuke looking at Naruto: We’re always going to fight. It’s who we are. But you are right. I’m not going to keep going off on solo fights and missions.
Naruto: Same here. *looks at Sasuke* Admit it though… that Amerterasu girl was hot.
Sasuke smiles: I’m not saying anything. I’ve heard the stories about Sakura beating the shit out of you when you tried to date her.
Naruto laughs: Yeah, smart move.
*Scene switches to later in the night. Sasuke is with Sakura in the medical hut.*
Sasuke: Sakura…
Sakura in tears: Yeah…
*Sasuke grabs Sakura, kissing her deeply. Sakura returns the kiss.*
Sasuke smiling: I saw you knock the shit out of Orochimaru.
Sakura smiling: Yeah, I did, didn’t I?
*The couple hugs.*
Sakura: I knew he couldn’t kill you.
*Scene switches to a forested area. Hinata is seen propped up against a tree. Naruto approaches her.*
Naruto: About today.
*Hinata looks up at Naruto.*
Naruto: It meant nothing. But I know that you’re still hurt. I… I…
*Hinata gets up and walks over to Naruto. She throws herself at him kissing him. Naruto returns the kiss.*
Hinata: I am hurt, but understand that you had some reason for doing that. Only you can heal what harm has been caused Naruto.
*Naruto looks into Hinata’s deep lilac-colored eyes. The couple kisses again. The next panel focuses on the moon as heavy breathing and panting is heard.*

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Prelude to Battle
*Scene opens with the sun rising over the ocean. Birds are seen flying in the distance from the viewpoint of a beach. Suddenly, a foot slams into the beach. The next panel zooms out to show Amatsu wielding the Amenonohoku, joined by Izanami.*
Amatsu: Do you smell that milady?
Izanami smiling: Aye, milord.
Amatsu grinning: Ah, it’s the smell of a god’s death.
*Suddenly Hachimon and Benten are standing next to Izanami.*
Hachimon: Question is, which one’s death do you smell?
Amatsu: Play your cards, right, and it will not be your’s.
Izanami: Play them wrong…
*Susanoo along with his brother and sister flash in.*
Susanoo: Let it be known, when he falls, it will be by my hand, no one else’s.
Amatsu: Is that so… nephew?
Izanagi: Amusing, coming from the god who has had his ass handed to him twice by the son of wind, and once by the son of thunder.
Susanoo: As I recall, everyone here except Amatsu had their asses handed to them on that day.
*Amatsu walks up to Susanoo.*
Amatsu: You would do well to not forget that… nephew.
*Scene switches to a dark cell. Kakashi and Gai are seen slumped over with their backs against the wall. Mungo is seen pacing in front of the duo. Bee is seen laying on the floor, looking up.*
Gai: So how long?
Kakashi: I’m almost done.
Mungo: And we’re all in agreement?
*Gai and Kakashi nod.*
Bee: I still don’t like it.
Kakashi: We know, that for some reason, they want the bijuu, we just don’t know why. It’s best for the two of you to return.
Gai: And if they don’t kill us, I will feel much better about our rescue knowing that all of you jinchuuriki are coming for the two of us.
*A door slams open, as all four men look towards the door. The next panel focuses on Kakashi, wide-eyed.*
Kakashi: You…..
*Scene switches to the land of whirlpools. The different panels show the couples all laying together, excluding Naruto and Hinata and Sakura and Sasuke. The next panel shows a small meeting of people. Shikaku, Inoichi, Naruto, and Sasuke are all seen.*
Naruto: So this is what we are facing then?
Inoichi: Aye. And this… Professor… He knew all of my jutsus, as well as your’s *looking at Shikaku*.
Shikaku: Things are looking direr.
Sasuke: I think it’s time, Naruto.
Naruto: Aye. Shikaku, Inoichi… I need the two of you to gather all of our warriors. Shikaku, you and Shikamaru need to come up with a strategy to face our opposition. And don’t include myself or Sasuke in your strategies.
Inoichi: Why not?
Shikaku: You know the rest of the jinchuuriki will want to follow you.
Naruto: Aye, but we have some unfinished business to attend to.
Shikaku: Let me guess… Suna.
*The next panel focuses on Sasuke’s eyes, which are now showing his EMS.*
Sasuke: Precisely!
Naruto: At high noon, summon Hinata, and send her to Fuujin, Raijin, and Suijin. Have her inform them of everything that we’ve discussed.
Inoichi: How come?
Sasuke: Because, besides me and Naruto, the only ones who can battle the gods are the jinchuuriki.
Shikaku: And because of the Ryun, now we’re going to need them battling for us… with us.
*Naruto looks down. Scene switches to the Main Gate at Kiri. Kabuto and Ryu are seen.*
Ryu: And I am to stay here?
Kabuto: Yes.
Ryu: And what of them? *nodding back to the barrier room*
Kabuto: Leave them be for now.
Ryu: And what of her?
Voice from behind Kabuto and Ryu: And what of me?
*Scene flashback to Kakashi, Gai, Bee, and Mungo in their cell. Kakashi and Gai are staring in shock at the woman before them. The next panel shows Benten standing at the door of the cell.*
Kakashi: But you… All this time?
Gai: To think, they came and went. It makes a lot of sense now, seeing how she was never seen since the barrier went up.
Benten: I see the two of you are no fools. Just tell me what I want to know, and you’ll have your chance at escaping.
*Mungo looks up at Benten at the mention of this.*
Mungo: What is it you want to know?
*Scene switches back to Kabuto, Ryu, and Benten.*
Ryu: So did they know?
Benten: Insolent fools!
Kabuto: Why are you so worried about it, milady?
Benten: There is over a millennia of planning in this. And things aren’t adding up. Come along now. We must head back to Iwa.
*Kabuto and Ryu look each other in the eye.*
Kabuto: My apologies milady, but I have a feeling that Naruto and Sasuke are heading towards Suna as we speak. *grins* Could you drop me off there… for time’s sake?
Benten grunting: Fine!
*Benten and Kabuto disappear in the blink of an eye. Ryu is seen smirking.*
Ryu in thought: The bitch has no clue. This is going to be fun.
*Ryu turns and walks back towards the barrier room. The next panel shows the four captives.*
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Mungo in conversation with Bee through Isopu: It’s decided. Once we have a distraction, we’re making a break for it.
Bee through Gyuuki: Fo’ sho’. You got the point.
*Gai walks over to Bee.*
Gai: We’ve fought against each other, and side by side. Kakashi is my eternal rival and greatest friend. After today, I consider you as another.
*Bee looks up at Gai and puts his fist out. Gai and Bee bump fists.*
Gai: I know you want to stay behind and make sure we get out as well, but we, the shinobi alliance, need the two of you more than Kakashi and I.
Kakashi: The two of you can at least fight a god. We cannot.
Bee: Fine den. Just make sure you make it back. A’ight?
Kakashi: We’ll do our best.
Gai: With the power of Youth.
*The door to the barrier room flies open, in walking Ryu.*
Ryu: Well, Well, Well! Let’s have some fun boys!
*Ryu does some handsigns, and then blows a giant fireball at the door, knocking the door off of its hinges. Everyone is shocked, and then realizes that Ryu has disappeared.*
Kakashi: Everyone knows what to do.
Gai, Bee, and Mungo in unison: Aye!
*All four men head out of the cell, with Kakashi and Gai taking the lead. Just as soon as they get outside, and the sun hits their faces, all of the men stops, shielding their eyes from the sunlight as their eyes adjust. Scene switches to the whirlpool country. The former kages are seen with Shikaku and Hinata.*
Shikaku: So that is what we are facing. Hinata-chan, Naruto requested that you go and speak with the elder gods.
*Hinata nods, then stands up and leaves the meeting. In an instant, she has vanished. Scene switches to the dimension with the gods. Fujin, Raijin, and Suijin are seen. Hinata approaches the gods. Suijin is the first to look at Hinata.*
Suijin smiling: Hinata, it’s been a long time now.
Hinata bowing: Suijin-sama, Fujin-sama, Raijin-sama…
Fujin: What brings you here child?
Hinata: I’ve come to tell you about what has happened since we last spoke.
Raijin: Aye, how have things been?
Hinata: The remaining forces of the shinobi alliance have relocated to the Whirlpool Country.
Fujin: So the Ryun were finally able to take Konoha?
Hinata: There is more. As you know, Lady Tsunade was murdered.
Suijin: Aye.
Hinata: Well, we learned that she was murdered by the Raikage.
Fujin: Hmmm…
Hinata: We also learned he was under another’s control.
*The three gods look at each other.*
Raijin: Do you think?
Fujin: It makes sense.
Hinata: What did I miss?
Fujin: Where is Naruto?
Hinata: I’m not entirely sure. But I was told that you would know where to find him. Is something wrong?
Suijin: We must get you out of here, at once. Return, NOW!!!!!!
Fujin: We three will go with you. Naruto and Sasuke are on their own, for the time being.
Voice from behind the group: Oh come now. Is my being here crashing your party?
*The next panel shows Orochimaru, in his new body, standing behind the group.*
Fujin: This explains how we’ve been able to stay here for so long.
Hinata: What do you mean? I thought Izanagi had placed a seal to keep this dimension open.
Suijin: That’s what we thought at first. That is until we sensed an essence similar to Izanagi’s.
Hinata: I don’t understand.
*Hinata activates her byakugan, and sees Orochimaru’s aura all over the dimension. She looks at him, worried.*
Orochimaru: Do not worry. I am not here to fight, at least not yet.
Fujin: What is it?
*Orochimaru disappears and appears behind Hinata, putting her in a reverse choke hold.*
Orochimaru: I need an insurance policy first.
*Orochimaru and Hinata disappear. The three gods look at each other, then disapper. The scene changes to Kakashi, Gai, Bee, and Mungo.*
Kakashi: Unbelievable.
Gai: Bee, Mungo, GO!!!!
*Bee and Mungo start to run towards the Whirlpool country. They are intercepted by Ryu and several of Kabuto’s clones.*
Ryu: Not so fast boys.
*Scene switches back to Kakashi and Gai who are fighting clones. Kakashi has activated his Raikiri, and is attacking clones one after the other. The next panel shows Gai, with the 2nd gate opened, kicking and punching the clones around him.*
Kakashi: Gai, go help out Bee and Mungo. I can handle things here.
*Gai nods to Kakashi. Scene switches to Bee and Mungo as both are now in their bijuu chakra cloaks. Suddenly Bee appears in front of Ryu, punching him in the face, sending him flying backwards. The ground begins to rumble as water erupts from the ground, launching the clones up in the air. Bee and Mungo look at one another and the carnage they created.*
Bee: Not bad, my man.
Mungo: We should go.
*Just as both men begin to leave, tree branches sprout from the ground, imprisoning both men. The kage clones step out and approach the two jinchuuriki. Gai sees this and picks up his pace to reach his comrades. Scene switches back to Kakashi, who continues to slash the clones with his Raikiri, but isn’t finishing off the clones.*
Kakashi in thought: This is not working.
*Suddenly the area around Kakashi goes black. Scene switches to Naruto and Sasuke who are walking through the main entrance to Suna.*
Sasuke: Do you sense him?
Naruto: Aye. He’s here.
Sasuke: And anyone else?
*Kabuto appears at the top of the wall.*
Kabuto: I’m here, of course.
*Naruto flickers up to Kabuto, as Sasuke continues to enter Suna.*
Naruto: We have unfinished business.
Kabuto: Aye…. we do.
*Kabuto flings off his cloak, entering a battle stance, instantly entering his sage mode. The next panel shows Naruto looking at Kabuto with his toad eyes.*
Kabuto: This should be interesting.
Naruto thinking back to when he beat Kabuto to protect Tsunade: I beat you once, I can do it again.
Kabuto: Surely you don’t think I was going all out during that time.
Naruto: Maybe you should have.
*Instantly Naruto flickers to Kabuto’s position, with a rasengan in hand. The rasengan connects, exploding and sending Kabuto flying off the wall. Naruto flickers to where Kabuto landed, waiting for the dust to clear.*
Naruto: Quit hiding, you snake.
Kabuto: Surely you know by now, I am no snake. I am the Dragon Sage.
*Suddenly, Kabuto erupts through the ground, mouth wide open, with Naruto up to his knees in his mouth. As Kabuto’s intial thrust throws Naruto out of his mouth before he can close it, he is following Naruto in the air, with a chakra scalpel cloak on both hands. Once Naruto has reached the pinnacle of his jump in the air, he begins to fall back towards Kabuto. Kabuto is seen grinning. The next panel shows Naruto with a calm face, looking at Kabuto.*
Naruto in thought: It’s time I show you what I have mastered.
*Just as Kabuto is about to reach Naruto, he does a descending roundhouse kick, using the natural energy to push himself to the side as Kabuto parries the kick. Both men fall to the ground.*
Kabuto: Well done, Naruto-kun. *begins to grin* But I’m afraid that our fight for now, ends here.
*Suddenly, Orochimaru comes out of the ground, with Hinata in a reverse choke hold. The scene switches to Mungo, Bee, as they are still trapped in the roots. Bee and Mungo look at each other, then back to the oncoming kages.*
Bee: Mutha Fuckas, I’m tired of dis shit!
*Suddenly a bijuu-dama appears in front of Bee, with Bee launching it towards the kages. As the bijuu-dama reaches the kages, they all dodge the attack with ease, but during the attack by Bee, Mungo was able to use a fireball jutsu to free him and Bee. Suddenly, Raiju emerges from the dust cloud of the bijuu-dama, sprinting towards Bee and Mungo with his one finger attack. Bee, seeing that he is the first target, realizes that he cannot evade the attack. Right before Raiju reaches Bee, Gai (in his 7th gate form) crashes down, parrying Raiju’s attack with his nunchuckus.*
Gai: Run like hell!
*Bee and Mungo start running again. Raiju takes notice and begins to pursue the two. Suddenly a large turtle falls to ground right in front of Raiju. Gai is standing on the turtle’s shell.*
Gai: I’m your opponent.
Raiju: You die here, you piece of trash.
Gai: Youth before wisdom.
*Gai launches himself towards Raiju. Both men are shown to be on a head-on collision. The two collide, and shockwave sends everyone and thing backwards, by the enormous force. The scene switches to Suna, with Sasuke walking up to a bloodied Yamato.*
Sasuke: So Orochimaru is after those?!
*Sasuke glares at the five treasures of Rikudo Sennin.*
Sasuke: He’s not going to get them.
*Sasuke picks Yamato up by his collar with his left hand, with a chidori charged in his right hand. Sasuke pulls his hand back, ready to strike.*
Naruto yelling: Sasuke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Sasuke looks back at Naruto, seeing him standing in front of Orochimaru and Kabuto, with Orochimaru holding Hinata as hostage. Sasuke drops Yamato. Yamato then scurries over to the treasures, gathering them and running towards Orochimaru and Kabuto.*
Orochimaru: Do it.
*Kabuto makes a handsign, and instantly, he along with Yamato and the treasures disappear. Orochimaru is grinning at Naruto and Sasuke. Suddenly Orochimaru has an alerted look about his face. He flings Hinata towards Naruto, as he leaps to dodge a projectile that causes an explosion. Scene switches back to the fight between Gai and Raiju. Gai is seen approaching Raiju, who is down on one knee. As Gai walks up to Raiju, he keels over. Gai suddenly notices two figures around Kakashi. The next panel shows Kakashi in darkness.*
Kakashi: It can’t be. This is Tsukuyomi!
*Tsukuyomi walks around Kakashi.*
Tsukuyomi: Precisely. This is your second trip here, correct?
Kakashi: What are you doing here?
Tsukuyomi: Making sure that you die.
Kakashi: Why me?
Tsukuyomi: Because of your sharingan.
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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

*Suddenly Kakashi is ablaze from Amerterasu, as Amerterasu appears behind Kakashi. The next panel is back in reality, with Kakashi about to keel over, when Ryu appears with his blade, swinging, and beheading Kakashi. The next panel shows Kakashi’s head, falling and hitting the ground. The next panel shows Gai, who saw Kakashi’s beheading. Enraged with all sorts of emotions, Gai unlocks the 8th gate, the gate of death. The ground around Gai is quaking. With one swing of a nunchuku, Gai decapitates Raiju. Ryu sees this and disappears into the ground. In an instant, Gai is gone, and appears in front of the other kages. Gai performs his Afternoon Tiger attack, annihilating all of the kage clones excluding the younger Oonoki and Professor. They look at each other, nodding to one another. They each flicker to opposite sides of Gai. The scene switches back to Naruto, Sasuke, Hinata, and Orochimaru. Naruto catches Hinata.*
Sasuke: What the hell was that?
*The next panel shows Susanoo grinning at the group.*
Susanoo: I’m back motherfuckers!
*Susanoo continues to fire arrows at Orochimaru. Sasuke begins to charge up.*
Naruto: Wait a minute. He’s not going after us. Orochimaru is his target. We should take this time and regroup back at base. Yamato and the treasures have disappeared.
Sasuke: Just what in the hell is going on here?
*Scene switches back to Gai, Professor, and the younger Oonoki. Both men stop, with Professor shooting numerous fireballs at Gai, while the younger Oonoki shoots his jinton particle beam at Gai. Just as both attacks are about to connect, Gai vanishes. He appears directly infront of the younger Oonoki as the particle beam and fireballs collide with each other, creating a huge explosion. Gai grabs his wrist, and throws him towards the explosion. As the younger Oonoki is heading towards the blast, Gai appears behind him, punching him in his lower spine, sending him faster towards the blast. Gai then flickers to behind Professor, doing a basic roundhouse kick. As the kick connects, the body turns to mud, trapping Gai. The next panel shows Professor’s hand, with a Raikiri, sticking through Gai’s chest. Gai begins to cough up blood. Gai falls to his knees. The next panel shows the viewpoint from Gai’s eyes, looking at Kakashi’s decapitated head on the ground, staring back at him. The next few panels show Gai’s eyes closing.*
Gai: So we finally meet our end, my rival. You made them all proud.
*The next panel shows thought bubbles of Minato, Obito, Rin, and finally Sakumo. The next panel shows the viewpoint from Gai, with his eyes closed.*
Gai: Maybe I will finally beat you in the afterlife.
*The scene switches back to the beach, with only Amatsu standing, looking out over the ocean. Fujin, Raijin, and Suijin appear.*
Amatsu smiling: Nice to see you again so soon, at least compared to how long it has been in the past.
Fujin: Is this really what you want, brother?
Amatsu, walking towards the group: Aye. And it’s time these belligerent humans know their place as well.
Raijin: You know we will not allow that brother.
Amatsu: Aye, so…. Not long from now, it will only be myself and my bride. *looking at Fujin* I know your children plot behind me. Same goes for our niece and nephews. I also know of your son’s “trump card” against all of us. Susanoo is dealing with him now.
Fujin: So you know then?
Amatsu: Aye, I’ve known for some time now. I’m surprised your little bitch of a daughter hasn’t figured it out yet.
Suijin: You know we will end this here.
Amatsu: No… No you won’t.

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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The Ascension of a God
*The scene opens showing Gai’s corpse lying next to Kakashi’s decapitated head. Professor and the younger Oonoki are seen walking up to the body and head.*
Professor: It’s time we delivered this message.
*The younger Oonoki smirks and nods. Professor grabs the head by the hair, while the younger Oonoki grabs Gai’s body. They begin walking towards the south. Scene switches to base camp, with Naruto, Sasuke, and Hinata poofing in. The panel zooms in and shows Naruto’s face, shocked. Hinata notices Naruto’s face.*
Hinata: What is wrong?
Naruto: It can’t be….
Sasuke: What?
Naruto turning to Sasuke: Kakashi-sensei… Gai-sensei… They’re gone.
Sasuke: What do you mean?
Naruto: They’re gone… forever.
*Shikamaru and the rest of the Konoha 12 begin to run towards the trio, smiling at their arrival, but soon notice the down-trodden looks on their faces.*
Shikamaru: What’s wrong?
Hinata turning to Shikamaru: Kakashi-sensei and Gai-sensei are dead.
Shikamaru: How can you be sure?
Naruto: I lost track of Kakashi’s chakra suddenly, but I felt Gai’s drift away slowly.
*Sakura walks towards Naruto and Sasuke, grabbing both in a hug around their necks. All three embrace. Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji all look at each then to Lee, Neji, and Tenten. Lee is shedding a tear, as Tenten bawls her eyes out, meanwhile Neji stares out into the distance.*
Neji: We must prepare. Naruto, can you tell who did this to them?
Naruto: Aye. I can tell you that it was a shinobi, and not a god.
Neji and Lee simultaneously: Good.
*Others are starting to surround the group. Lin Mei steps forward.*
Lin Mei: What about Bee-sama and Mungo-sama.
Naruto: They are heading here as we speak.
Matsu: Are you going to go get them?
Naruto: No. We’re going to prepare. Where is Ugito?
Sakura: She is with the kids.
Naruto: We need to train her up before the night is over.
Gaara: Are you sure that is the right thing to do?
Naruto: Considering what we’re up against… No offense (looking at Shikamaru and Neji) you guys aren’t going to be much of a help against the gods. You’re going to have to take on the Ryun army, along with Ryu, and these… clones. You (looking at Gaara, Matsu, and Lin Mei) will probably be needed to aide us against the gods.
Sasuke: And don’t forget about Orochimaru, Kabuto, and Yamato.
Naruto: Precisely. They’re going to bring the fight here. I want one of us (referring to the jinchuuriki) to watch over all of the kids here. *smiles* And I can’t think of a better person than her.
Gaara: So be it.
*Scene switches to the beach, with Fujin, Raijin, and Suijin all in battle stances.*
Raijin: You think you can beat the three of us?
Amatsu: Ah, my youngest brother, you have much to learn. Unfortunately for you, you just don’t have the time.
*Amatsu flickers next to Raijin. The next panel shows Amatsu to the right of Raijin, having just finished a horizontal swing with the Amenonohoko, showing the swing going through Raijin’s torso. The next panels show the shocked expressions of Fujin and Suijin. Amatsu is smirking.*
Amatsu: What a shame. Had you not tainted him, brothers, he would have lived on with me.
Suijin enraged: Don’t you mean under you?
*Amatsu stands the blade up, looking at it.*
Amatsu: Maybe so, maybe not. Now… who wants to die next?
*Scene switches to Orochimaru and Susanoo. Susanoo is still firing arrows at Orochimaru, who is dodging them with ease.*
Orochimaru in thought: So they finally caught on. Doesn’t matter now. I have the tools, and Amatsu will fall to me. Let’s see what this new body can handle.
*Susanoo is still firing arrows at Orochimaru.*
Susanoo: Sit still you son of a bitch!
Orochimaru: Come now. You are supposed to be the god of storms. Surely you can handle little ole me.
Susanoo: Don’t toy with me human.
Orochimaru: Me… toy with the great god, Susanoo?
Susanoo in thought: That’s it you fucker!
*Susanoo changes into his natural state, growing the extra arms. Suddenly he flickers next to Orochimaru, punching the ground, where Orochimaru was standing. Orochimaru flickers out of the way at the last moment, evading the attack. Once Orochimaru lands, he is hit by Susanoo’s fist, as he is sent flying. Susanoo chuckles.*
Susanoo: Gotcha, ya piece of shit.
*The next panel shows Orochimaru standing up, wiping his chin with his sleeve.*
Orochimaru: Fair enough. Guess I’m done toying with you
*Orochimaru’s face is shown, with his eyes now showing the rinnegan.*
Orochimaru: Tell me, does Amatsu know of my partnership with Hachimon?
Susanoo: Yeah, we all do.
Orochimaru: So with the cat out of the bag, it’s time…
*Hachimon appears behind Orochimaru.*
Hachimon: It’s time for you to leave.
Susanoo: Oh, now this is nice.
Orochimaru: Are you sure?
Hachimon: Yes.
Orochimaru in thought: Good. That was very close.
*Orochimaru begins to sink into the ground as Hachimon takes on his normal form and walks towards Susanoo.*
Susanoo: Tell me cousin, when you heard Amatsu say what he did earlier, whom do you think he was talking about?
Hachimon: You didn’t know?
Susanoo: What do you mean?
Hachimon: I’m here to kill you. Amatsu is going to kill my father, along with our uncles. He’s probably doing it as we speak.
Susanoo with an upset expression on his face: What are you saying?
Hachimon: All this time, my underling has had access to your father’s dimension. I’ve known where they have been hiding this whole time.
Susanoo: Why you little…
Hachimon: You’re the one who must look up to me, cousin.
Susanoo: Why would you betray your own kind?
Hachimon: Own kind?
*A sword forms in Hachimon’s hand, and he swings it diagonally at Susanoo. Susanoo parries the attack with his battle axe. Susanoo uses this opportunity to attack with his sword, which Hachimon evades with ease.*
Hachimon: Amatsu plans to either kill and/or enslave us all. Think about it cousin. All this time, we’ve lived in the heavens and walked upon the earth. Meanwhile, he has had to deal with the rotting flesh of dead ones in the underworld. He’s been jealous of us.
*Susanoo arms his bow and fires an arrow at Hachimon at close range. Hachimon, unflinching, catches the arrow, staring his cousin in the eye.*
Hachimon: We’re playing into his hands.
*Hachimon throws the arrow down to the ground.*
Susanoo: And what of your wife? Is she on your side, or his?
Hachimon: She’s on whichever side she thinks will win.
Susanoo: And how will you deal with her?
Hachimon: You leave that to me?
*Susanoo puts his weapons down, signaling willingness to talk.*
Susanoo: So what do you propose?
*Scene switches to Amatsu, Fujin, and Suijin on the beach, still fighting.*
Suijin: I swear, I will see you fall today.
Amatsu smirking: Pray tell, how do you see that?
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