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Re: Debate: Speed Vs Power/Strength...

Originally Posted by ninjalostboy95 View Post
and I think that ends the convo, he just said he was right no matter what. It's not a debate if you're fanning over Minato. Hashirama got killed by a kunai? So what Minato can die from one too but you know what he can't do? He can't regenerate. So imagine if Hashirama punched him full force, yeah I thought so. Btw Madara's claim that Tsunade's healing is shit compared to her grandfather is valid because this guy fought him on multiple occasions. MULTIPLE. What is so hard to get here?
1).Where did I say that Lol... ALl you are doing is using a strawman argument to try and justify why I shoul dnot be argued with while ignoring the FACT I have provided plenty of manga panels to support my claims...

2). Contextomy is a fallacy too. Trying to take madara's words out of context to try and support your argument... Madara said that tsunade's Medial ninjutsu was shit compared to hers BEFORE she used genesis rebirth and 100 jutsu automatic regeneration....

read the manga for god sakes...

3). Hashirama can be Killed by a Kunai to the mid section, thus clearly his automatic regeneration cannot heal organ damage like tsunade's special medical ninjutsu can.
But, you will just cherry pick some statement about hashirama automatcially able to heal without the use of hand signs just like tsunade can as hashirama's healing>Tsunade's somehow...

Originally Posted by liondemon View Post
Agreed, ninjalostboy95, no point tying to debate with someone who has convinced himself that the manga PROVES that he is right and that we should just accept it.
I hope your trolling... WHen the manga shows exactly what I am claiming then how am I not right? It's the Accepting part you have trouble with obviously...
It's like you think the manga is some irrelevant thing that has no way to support my claims about it, thus criticize me for being convinced the manga can prove me right about a claim, about the manga itself... WTF...

It would be like trying to offer common sense and evidence to a religious person that their God from their bible doesn't exist when they believe that their bible PROVES that their God does exist. Some people choose to ignore common sense. To many, ignorance is bliss. Some choose to remain ignorant when all evidence points to their ignorance, and others are just naturally ignorant. Just like some choose to be ignorant and ignore common sense that the bible is full of a bunch of made-up stories and contradicts itself and scientific evidence, KYF chooses to be ignorant and ignore common sense on this topic.

I argue using manga panels/FEATS to support my claims... ANd you use Conjecture and fan fiction to support your argument yet I am lacking common sense and BIAS...

Your just mad because hashirama is not FAST!!! Manga proves he is not faster then Madara who could not even start to keep up with V1 raikage LMAO... and the manga panel I show here seems to mean nothing too.

So try to convince yourself that there is something wrong with me (using Feats/manga to support my claims) and not you (using conjecture and fanfiction to support your claims) all so you can keep believing that hashirama could actually compete against mInato's speed and is the greatest thing ever with top stats in everything because he is just so awesome.

LMAO, I choose to be ignorant and ignore common sense... W/e you can think what you want, but I am right about hashirama's level of speed because my conclusion is based off the manga proves hashirama cannot even keep up with Minato's physical speed/reflexes in the least...

No matter how POWERFUL/STRONG you are. If you cannot CATCH your Enemy, all you POWER/STRENGTH is no more USEFUL then a squirt gun....
And if You cannot possibly TRACK/REACT to your enemies attacks to Defend yourself, then how can you possibly stop him from DEFEATING you at WILL...


People live relying on they're Knowledge and Perception, and thus are bound to them.....
Those Boundaries are what they tend to accept as "Reality".....
However..... Knowledge and Perception are both ambiguous....
so "Reality" could be nothing more....
then an illusion....


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