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Re: Debate: Speed Vs Power/Strength...

Nowhere in my post did I say this was something that I believed or that it was a high possibility that this was the case.
And nowhere did I say that it was something you believed or thought that had a high probability. I simply said that the hypothesis you provided was ludicrous.

but it is a possibility non the less.
Being possible =/= being worth of consideration.

we find meteors n shit on earth all the time.. none of those rocks originated here. and it is fully possible that sometime in the distant future that another planet could form from our dead planet with human bones in it.

So why would it be too far fetched that it hasn't happened to our planet.
Because not only is it contradicted by evidence, it is unnecessarily complicated and requires unholy amounts of luck. If dinosaur fossils came from meteorites, you have to answer several questions:
  1. Why it was never found any dinosaur fossil in meteoric rock (that, if you don't know, has a different composition than Earth rocks).
  2. Why are craters not a common characteristic of locations filled with dinosaur fossils?
  3. Why do fossil footprints in sedimentary rocks exist?
  4. Why did these meteorites hit Earth frequently enough to create a gargantuan fossil record and not be attracted to bigger celestial bodies (like the Sun, Juvian planets, asteroid belts, etc.)
  5. Why can we gather fossils from all over the Earth and not just one of the hemispheres of Earth, which is what is compatible with the reception of meteorites from the same direction?
  6. Why are many fossils pristine in terms of conservation and not mangled beyond recognition due to the forces of both atmospheric entrance of the meteorite and impact on the surface of the Earth?
  7. Why don't we have a much bigger record of meteoric rock rather than dinosaur fossils, considering surface rocks not even account for 1% of the total mass of a planet?
  8. Last, but not least, why do we have living dinosaurs among us (the Aves class) if dinosaurs are from another, extinct planet?
Most likely Dinosaurs did in fact live here.. there are even depictions of ancient drawings that show humans and dinosaurs living at the same time
And, if you actually did your homework, you'd know that half of this "evidence" is forged and the other half is really stretching vague images to the level of pareidolia.

You know what, instead of checking Conservapedia for lulzy videos like this, why don't you inform yourself about evolution? Here's a site with every and any video you could possibly want about the issue.

As a cchristian I would re-evaluate my understanding of causality. there are two types of causality, Material causality and efficiant cause

take michaelangelos david for example

Michaelangelo is the efficiant cause for david the statue but the marble stone is its material cause.

Michaelangelo did in fact CREATE david but he didn't cause the marble to come into existance.

Now compare this to Genesis account of CREATION. The earth was void withut form until god moved and formed things built shit and thus CREATED the earth.

Look at gods argument with Job. was he there when he "LAID THE FOUNDATIONS OF THE EARTH"

God tells you he built shit.. and his son just so happened to be a carpenter.. one that creates shit.
Oh Cthulhu, the Kalam bullshit argument again. It all falls apart when you consider that the causality (God) also requires a causality for the line of thought to be consistent.

and also nowhere did i mention anything about a star dying.
Of course you didn't, it'd be troublesome for you to remember the most common end for a terrestrial planet like Earth.

our core could destabilize and cause an implosion or explosion.
Or none of them. If our core was destabilized in a significant way, we'd probably lose our magnetic field, lose the capacity of holding liquid water, having a different momentum for the planet's orbit, shrinking of the planet. So far, there's no indication the planet would go kaboom just because the core went haywire.

a giant meteor could strike the earth causing it to shatter ..
That giant meteor needs to be of the size of a terrestrial planet, and we are still to see something that big casually wandering around any solar system.

this still would send debris into the galaxy and saying that graviy doesn't have the potential to form a planet is absurd.
That problem is that the same gravity would make a lot of debris hit major celestial bodies such as stars and gas giants, meaning there would be little left to form a new planet (specially considering how small terrestrial planets are in the cosmological scale).

just look at Saturn or the milky way asteroid belt
Not only "milky way asteroid belt" isn't a thing since there are already 2 asteroid belts in the Solar System, let alone in the whole galaxy, Saturn isn't creating any new celestial bodies.

I was just merely pointing out a possibility .. no matter how small. and any scientist knows you only need one hole to shoot a theory down and nothing anyone can say will take the fact that even tho it is remotely possible it still is possible
The problem is that you didn't make any hole to any theory whatsoever. You just shot in the dark and hoped to hit something, but bad luck, pal, it didn't.
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