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Re: Naruto 648

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
Nagato =/= Naruto. Just because Nagato is of Senju descent, doesn't mean Naruto is.
Nagato is an uzumaki, the bloodline connected to the senju through the younger son of the sage so much that Nagato is though of as a Senju by Madara...
thus, naruto who is also an Uzumaki and a representation of the SENJU for the senju vs Uchiha, must be senju as well through the connection of the bloodlines...

Not to mention that the senju and Uzumaki all have the same powers pretty much...
: Lots of vitality/life energy is something hashirama and Uzumaki are known for..
: Large physical energy is something Uzumaki naruto has as well as hashirama...
: regeneration is something Karin Uzumaki and hashirama has...
: Sensing is something tobirama and karin are known for...

Pretty much, an ass pull kishi has made so Uzumaki=senju just so naruto can be hashirama Vs sasuke who is supposed to be madara....

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
Now don't be a whiny nelly, kael, KYF's logic is flawless. After all:
  • A mule is of horse lineage
  • Horses and donkeys are blood relatives
  • It is confirmed that a mule is of donkey bloodline
  • Regular donkeys are of donkey bloodline as well
  • Thus donkeys are of the horse bloodline as well
Sorry, against such rock solid facts there aren't arguments!
Yea, lets use real world lineage to argue magical ninja lineage ass pull that kishi made to draw a parallel between hashirama/madara and naruto/sasuke for the SENJU vs Uchiha in yet another generation...

You are an idiot to make such a reply... All this lineage BS about donkey and horses just to ignore the FACT that Kishi has already confirmed that Uzumaki=senju through nagato as the example... and now naruto as the current hashirama SENJU vS sasuke, the current UCHIHA Madara...
Making the lineage of donkey and horse's a false attribution, thus you offer yet another fallacious argument to show your forrest gump incarnate...

Thanks for nothing other then another unreasonable argument and for what... Obvious prejudice for my posts to the point when I sight canon, you still be a Fagsycle and complain through passive aggressive sarcasm of the utmost douchery...

No matter how POWERFUL/STRONG you are. If you cannot CATCH your Enemy, all you POWER/STRENGTH is no more USEFUL then a squirt gun....
And if You cannot possibly TRACK/REACT to your enemies attacks to Defend yourself, then how can you possibly stop him from DEFEATING you at WILL...


People live relying on they're Knowledge and Perception, and thus are bound to them.....
Those Boundaries are what they tend to accept as "Reality".....
However..... Knowledge and Perception are both ambiguous....
so "Reality" could be nothing more....
then an illusion....


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