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Re: Bleach 550

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Of course I do not pay that much attention to bleach after the final ark is about quincies... and not hell which it should have been...
The truth finally slips out.

1). LoydRoyd who was posing as juha bach.. half which is Loyd is confirmed to be able to perfectly copy the power and abilities as well as the likeness... and Royd was confirmed to copy memories and spirit as well as their likeness which is why the copy had juha's memories... Thus was not exactly WEAK in comparison to Juha bach, able to use his power....
What the fuck are you even talking about? Royd only had his memories and spirit. He didn't have any of his powers at all.

And by stealing the bankai of yamamoto after he already used up most of his power which Juha was mocking yama for here:

Thus yama was weakened by the juha bach poser LoydRoyd...
LOL, have you ever heard of taunting your opponent! Juha Bach was clearly just trying to make Yama release his bankai to steal it.

2). It makes no sense to have a sternriter pose as you and even fight without any real purpose like weakening Yamamoto who was forced to use up almost all his power to defeat the copy, thus was weakened...
But he DID have a purpose. To be a diversion while the real Juha Bach went to complete his meet order to recruit him.

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