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Re: Why Tobirama and Hashi>>>Minato.

Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
Remember though Tobirama flossed first, and that's when they went '!!', afterward Harashirma flossed and the walls and floor started cracking, check out his Bros' face Tobirama, not shock, but moar shame for his actions. The other 2 clowns Bozo and Cookie (Minato, and Hiruzen), were shitting they're pants at this point thinking the world was about to end. So no Minato ain't in his realm in chakra tank potential. Minato got his 'tank' after death from the Dark Kyuubi, he never had such a thing in his living life though.
Again to slightly attempt to defend the panel...Tobirama was trying to attack Sasuke and leave. No one was expecting him to act that way. It was shocking to say the least that the 2nd Hokage is all about action. Hashirama as you said had to floss chakra due to his brother recently showing off. Hashi gave him that "Bitch bow down" tone. That "You better fucking know your place little brother!" tone lol. Yes Minato did get a boost, though remember his bout against Obito and Kyuubi. Dude did like alot of shit and only was seen exhausted at the end. (After taking in the Kyuubi, he was just beat.) From what we have seen all I am saying is we haven't seen that much of a difference between the two. I'd say Tobirama has him...but not by much.

Minato teleported two bijuudamas
Summoned Chief Toad
FTG-d everywhere lol
Teleported the Kyuubi which even Kakashi states takes alot out of you to warp a bijuu.
Fought Obito
Used the Death God jutsu to seal kyuubi into himself. Then sealed Kushina's and his own chakra into Naruto while also sealing the Kyuubi's other half into him.

I am just saying he had a pretty large pool to begin with.
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