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minato uchiha
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Re: Reverse situation...

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
I only quoted this because the rest is just pure shit, but this one takes the cake...

How can tracking, physically throwing up a Kunai for level 2 FTG then activating a Kunai tag on a tree then back to the one he threw up Not a REFLEX Feat when without the super level reflexes to TRACK what even a SG cannot, activate the right muscles to throw up a Kunai, then focus and activate a Kunai 20 feet away, then focus and activate the Kunai he just threw up in the air that is now right behind V2 raikage...

All of this done due to the speed of Minato's REFLEXES which would have to be at the least on PAR if not beyond V2 raikage's to TRACK, which even a SG cannot do, much less activate the body and 2 separate kunai tags in that instant of a perceived INSTANT, that V2 raikage is about to land his punch, to just missing it...

You see, how can the FTG be used to dodge and counter once, then dodge again with ease, the fastest physical attack of V2 lightning armour raikage that is so fast the Sg cannot even register it in the least...
without such high level reflexes to see/track the movement/stimuli then send the signals to the Brain to activate the FTG using the MIND...

You see, the FTG's effectiveness is based on the users reflexes/physical speed level... Without the reflexes to react to activate the FTG to teleport him/her, it is useless... And with the reflexes to activate the muscles to physically move to counter, Kunai strike ,ect after you have arrived...

Minato's Super reflexes are WHY his FTG is far quicker then tobirama's could ever be due to the FACT that Minato can activate his faster, to use more times to make more movements, as well as physically move faster to attack or defend after using the FTG to teleport...

pretty much, tobirama could not possibly dodge V2 raikage when his reflexes/speed are equal to his brothers... who cannot even compete against V1 raikage's speed.... So yet another reason why Minato>tobirama easily...
Lmao, so all the rumours about you were true! You really lack understanding and logic. So now Minato's NORMAL NON DOJUTSU eyes can see and react better than the Sharingan. Lol and eye specifically designed to see and predict the slightest bit of movement has now being surpassed by Minato's blue eyes, because his no.1 fanboy says so.

What happened with Ay is CLEAR to anyone whose last name does not end with Guump.
1. v2 Ay is an inch away from Minato's face(something you have dreamed off for years) about to KO him and his 'super reflexes'.
2. Minato uses ftg to a tree.
3. Ay remarks 'hes dodged my fastest speed' and whilst doing so, Minato throws another kunai at him. In the anime, its a lil different, as Minato ftg's to a kunai he left when Ay first attacked.
4. Minato is no top of Ay about to strike.

Now in your warped imagination, Minato uses his super reflexes to dodge, track, throw, blah blah bullshit v2 Ay. You are just too comical to be taken seriously. We KNOW what happened, we freaking SAW what happened, we KNOW Minato's eyes are NOT superior in ANY way to the sharingan. And we KNOW your talking shit again. Because Minato WITHOUT ftg, is Minato being killed with ease. So much for his super reflexes
My profile is fucked up so whenever I thank you, it won't show. Lol

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