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Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread

Bleach 528 & 529: The Last Quincy

Scene opens where it left off in soul society.

Ryuken stands facing off against Logain. He stands quite relaxed with his left hand in his pocket and his right hand holding his cigarette.
Logain has a slightly surprised look on his face as he stares at Ryuken.

Logain: So you are Ishida Ryuken, hmph, his majesty speaks highly of you, even if you have chosen to forsake the Quincy.

An arrow explodes into Logain’s back making him stumble forward a step.

Ryuken: Lesson 1, Children should not involve themselves in the matters of adults…and lowly Arrancars should know better than to speak of the Quincy in front of me.
Logain: ?!!

Logain stares at Ryuken who hasn’t moved an inch or even changed his stance. His face however has gone deathly serious.

Logain: (How did he?! He hasn’t created a bow or even flinched! How did he get that arrow behind me?!) …So, you noticed I was an Arrancar.

Ryuken takes another long slow drag from his cigarette.

Logain: You realise don’t you that you don’t stand a chance against me, against any of us.
Logain: huh, thanks to his Majesties techniques we have far surpassed you and your archaic way of doing things. We are the new Quincy! You should just die out already “last Quincy”!!

Ryuken has a flashback of when he was slightly younger, he stands before his father who is holding out a pentagram medallion

Ishida Souken: You have now inherited all my techniques Ryuken, it is time for you to learn the true history of the Quincy.
Ryuken: ??

Flashback changes to a time slightly further ahead.

Ishida Souken: Always remember the path we have chosen Ryuken and why, honour our choice.
Ryuken: Yes father
Ishida Souken: The right path to tread is never the easiest. The easiest path may bring the quickest rewards but never the most.
Ishida Souken: never let the allure or glamour distract you from the truth, last quincy.

The flashback ends as another arrow strikes Logain in the back making him stagger forward.

Logain: argh (there is definitely nobody else here, so how is he shooting me?!)
Ryuken: Lesson 2, children should know better than to preach to their seniors…and they should never fail to learn Lesson 1.
Logain:… I’m gonna-
Ryuken: I have no desire to dirty my hands with you any more than I have to, so you get this one chance. Return the stolen medallion and skulk back to hueco mundo if you wish to live.

Logain suddenly disappears and appears flying 100 yards behind Ryuken. His bow is already formed in his hand and 3 huge arrows are already halfway to striking Ryuken.
The ground beneath Ryuken’s feet explodes outward into a cloud of dust. Ryuken goes flying straight up into the air narrowly dodging the arrows, he still has one hand in his pocket whilst he takes a drag from his cig. His movement seems completely effortless.

Logain: ?! I didn’t see him move again, so what was that explosion and why did he go flying up into the air...did he shoot an arrow into the ground?!!
Ryuken: you can use Hirenkyaku fairly well considering your handicap. I’m quite impressed, If I had to grade you I’d give you a 4.

Logain halts, watching as Ryuken casually falls down headfirst towards the ground, at the last minute Ryuken twists and lands on his feet.
Logain: my handicap? What handicap?!

Ryuken Suddenly appears standing with one foot on Logain’s shoulder. The cigarette is in his mouth now and with his right hand he is spinning a de-activated seele Schneider on his index finger.
Ryuken: That you’re not a Quincy of course.

Logain vanishes, re-appearing about 50 yards away facing towards Ryuken.

Ryuken: That one was much scruffier; you get a 2 for that.
Logain: (even though he has not advanced any of his techniques his skills are nothing to be sniffed at, I can’t even follow his movements and yet he doesn’t even seem to be trying).
Ryuken: decided to take the sensible option yet…?
Logain: Your skills are certainly impressive, though it’s my own fault for taking the title of ‘last Quincy’ so lightly.
Logain: I should have realised that there was only one way we could fight here, by the very techniques that you forsook.

Logain grips his medallion and raises his hand high, a beam of light shoots out from the ground, rising high forming a pentagram at the top. Wings grow out of Logains back as his form changes and a pentagram appears over his head like a hat.

Scene changes to Hueco Mundo with Aizen still facing off against Juha Bach.

Joushiro: *Bankai*!!

Juha Bach looks in the direction of Joushiro in surprise. An explosion of reitsu spreads out in a circle from Joushiro. The mass of troops surrounding him get blasted back in all directions, even Shunsui gets pushed back with the force of the reiatsu. As Joushiro straightens up from his fighting stance nothing seems to have changed about his attire. Both his swords look exactly the same apart from two things. They are no longer connected by the rope as they were in Shikai form. Their colour has also changed, one has a black hilt and white blade whilst the other has a black blade and white hilt. Behind him in the air (similar to Hitsugaya’s bankai) 9 huge cards (similar to the ones that were linking his swords in shikai form but larger) are floating in the air. They are arrayed like a diamond, 3 in the middle, 2 above and below them, and a single one above and below those.
Juha Bach turns to look at Aizen

Juha Bach: So you think you can stop me from taking his Bankai?
Aizen: Hmmmm, I think I already have. As I see it you have to be stationary to steal it from him and the process may be fast but I doubt its instant.
Juha Bach: …
Aizen: So the question is if you can’t dodge, then do you think your Blut Vene is strong enough to block my attack?
Juha Bach: …and what makes you think that his Bankai can remove a technique that I created to seal Yamamoto himself?

Aizen smiles at Juha Bach as he speaks as if he finds his question extremely funny.

Aizen: Well, as I think it has just been proven, it’s not always about power and strength but about having the right counter for your opponent.
Juha Bach:…
Aizen: and in any case, the bankai of Ukitake taicho has a splendid ability.
Juha Bach: So you know what it is.
Aizen: I’ve read of it, though it will be my first time seeing Namiutsu umi to ikari no name.
Juha Bach: the rippling sea…and waves of rage…
Aizen: Indeed, it is very like his shikai with a few significant changes however.

Bach tenses and directs his gaze to joushiro once more. Joushiro is running towards Ichigo, all the soldiers near him have been blown away, yet there still remains a good six lines of troops blocking his way to Ichigo. Bach looks back at Aizen.

Juha Bach: And what would these changes be?

Aizen stares at Bach in confusion for a moment and then a look of surprise crosses his face, he turns to look at Joushirou. Shunsui has blown away the troops blocking the way, Joushiro leaps forward and strikes towards. There is an almighty explosion as everything and everyone in or around the barrier is blown high up into the air. You see Joushiro, unconscious, the highest of them all now falling, his swords slipping out of his hands.
Aizen turns to look once again at Bach who now has a massive grin across his face.

Aizen: So you were just playing the fool and toying with us.
Juha Bach: Namiutsu umi to ikari no name, a Bankai that absorbs any expelled force, be it reiatsu or merely the physical force of a slash, and stores it in one of its 9 Talismans. From which the users reiatsu can be added to increase the power or speed and then released at will. It truly is a splendid ability.
Juha Bach: and if you wish to look at anyone with those admonishing eyes then maybe look at yourself. You were aware that I knew what his bankai was and yet still you let me lead you into this trap. I don’t think you were so naïve in the past Aizen.
Juha Bach: so, did you have a plan B?

Scene change to soul Society

Logain: Look upon it! The Quincy Volstandig that you chose to reject. The pinnacle of a Quincies ability taken to new heights and yet you chose to reject it just because it was created by his majesty.

Logain disappears again this time appearing right behind Ryuken and grabbing both of his arms just above the wrists and pulling them back and apart so he can’t move.

Logain: and now you can’t shoot any arrows. Do you see now what you rejected, what we gladly accepted? This is how easy it was to take out the last Quincy and with this you and your antiquated ideals will die out with you.

Ryuken’s head is tilted slightly downwards as if he is looking down at the ground. His face looks sad more than anything else. He lets out a long sigh.
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Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread


Ryuken: …I do not like my elders being spoken ill of, so before the end I’ll enlighten you.
Ryuken: Your Quincy Vollstanding wasn’t some crowning achievement for the Quincy, it was despicable abomination.
Ryuken: there were two reasons why the Quincies chose to reject your master and this ability. One, though it increases your ability to absorb reiatsu you lose the ability to control it.
Logain: Control it? What are you talking about?
Ryuken: Since you were never a Quincy you’d never know, a Quincy can control what reitsu they take and how much they take. In this way they can ensure they do not cause any harm to any living thing. However your ability, especially Sklaverei, takes every last shred of reitsu from any of the targets around you, completely destroying and eradicating them, this is abhorrent to a Quincy whose mission is to protect.
Ryuken: and the main reason why we rejected your Quincy Vollstanding is because it was a path leading us to weakness and decadence.
Logain: You still say this whilst I hold you at my mercy?!
Ryuken: Hard work always triumphs over easy gain, didn’t you know that. No matter whether it is strength, speed, reflexes, whatever it is, and your ability is just the easy way out.
Logain: huh, as if-
Ryuken: Rule Number 13; a Quincy that requires his hands to fight is not a true Quincy.

Ryuken kicks out his right leg in front of him and at the same time raises the heel of his left higher into the air standing only on the front part of his foot. A massive bow appears between his feet with an arrow aiming down the middle, the string being pulled back by the toe of the right foot whilst the heel of the left holds against the centre of the bow making it tilt up with it. The arrow fires at Logain’s chest at point blank range and explodes covering the area dust. Ryuken appears about 30 or so feet away from it still standing at ease.
As the dust clears you see Logain standing roughly where he was before, his left arm and shoulder are no longer there. His chest is blackened singed from the explosion. He stands there panting looking towards Ryuken.

Ryuken: you managed to move just enough so you didn’t take it in the chest, your reaction is impressive.
Logain: How…How can you be this strong without Vollstanding. Even my Blut Vene couldn’t stop it!!
Ryuken: I’ve already said it, your Vollstanding is a weakness. Your master wished to rebuild the Quincy, but he did not wished to take the time it takes to train them properly, even if he was willing, there are not many people who have the talent and the mental traits to become a full quincy. His answer to this was the Vollstanding.
Logain:… I don’t-
Ryuken: Even amongst all the quincy in our prime there were only a few that could attain what is the pinnacle of our abilities. Those that were considered to have the potential to go all the way were presented with the Sanrei glove.
Logain: huh
Ryuken: It seems you know of that too, but I suppose your master saw it fit to only tell you about the basics of it.
Ryuken: The glove is the Quincies most precious training tool. You may be aware of the first part of the training and what happens if you were to take it off.
Logain: The letzt Stil
Ryuken: The letzt Stil was a side effect of taking the glove off early not an ability of it.
Logain: taking it off early?
Ryuken: The initial stage of the training with the senrei glove and the Letzt Still were the only things that the majority of normal qunicy knew. This was simply because in 95 % of cases these were the end results. What they weren’t aware of was that there were further stages of training past the initial stage if the user had the skill to advance that far before they were forced to use the Letzt Still.
Ryuken: A Quincy that has mastered the ability to control his reiatsu to such an extent that he is not burned out by the removal of the glove has taken the first step towards reaching the absolute heights of a Quincy.

Logain stands there panting looking at Ryuken for a few seconds. He slowly raises his right arm straight up once more, holding out his pentagram.

Logain: So what, we’re the bad little boys because we found an easier way and you’re the good little boy who trained harder for longer? It makes no difference!! We will still win this war and you will still go to your grave, thanks to this!!
*Bankai! Koko Gonryo Rikyu*!!

A bolt of lightning bursts out from the medallion and shoots into the sky transforming into a dome of lightning far above his head. A large number of lightning pillars fasten it to the ground. A single pillar reaches from the top of the dome toward the sky which has now significantly darkened.

A bolt of lightning shoots down striking towards Ryuken, as it almost reaches his head it veers sharply curving down around him to strike the ground at his feet, it travels the ground around him forming a circle. the effect it leaves behind is as if Ryuken has a dome of lightning surrounding him.

Logain:!! How…how is it possible? Not even Sklaveri could absorb reishi fast enough to stop a lightning bolt!

Ryuken raises his hand slighty, palm up, to about chest height, you can see the reishi being absorbed around his hand.

Ryuken: I’m not stopping it.
Ryuken: Stopping it would take up too muich energy and would still cause some damage. However, for someone who has completely mastered the ability to control reishi, diverting it is simple enough.

Logains eyes focus on the electricity continuously swirling Ryukens feet.
Logain: You…can deflect such powerful reishi? And control it long enough to absorb it??!

Ryuken sighs, he moves his right foot slightly ahead of him. He curls inward the thumb and the two small fingers in his right hand, he tenses his middle and forefinger and pulls them up slightly.
High above logain a humongous bow appears with an equally large arrow drawn.

Logain: (This is just like bach sama’s?!!!)
Ryuken: You were right earlier of underestimating the title of the ‘ last Quincy’.
Logain:…please don’t-
Ryuken: it does not naively refer to something as merely the last of the quincy
Logain: I-
Ryuken: it refers to the last true Quincy master left alive in this world!

Ryuken mimics a releasing motion with his fingers and the arrow fires down from the sky, it blasts through the dome and crashes down upon Logain obliterating everything in a blaze of light.

Scene Change to Hueco Mundo

Aizen is still facing off against Juha Bach, the rest of the battlefield seems to be focused on one are which is around Zaraki Kenpachi. You can see no sign of the other two captains.

Aizen: It seems as if I have no other choice but to put my life on the line.

Aizen sheathes his sword.

Bach: ?! I may not understand your intent Aizen, but ask yourself, is there any point? I will fight and defeat Kurosaki Ichigo at my leisure so what purpose does it serve for you die trying to release him.

Aizen smiles as he puts his hands together as if about to pray.

Aizen: You have your plans as I’m sure he has his.

A voice can suddenly be heard speaking high above over where Ichigo is trapped. It sounds eerily like Aizens.

Aizen: "Seeping crest of turbidity. Piercing blade, shattering shield. Arrogant vessel of lunacy! Boil forth and deny! Rise and sink, pull and throw!

Bach looks in the direction of the voice in surprise and then back at Aizen. The image of Aizen wavers as if an image in water rippling.

Bach: Are those-!!

Bach flies towards the direction of the voice, he brings out his sword as he’s flying raising it high above him readying it to strike.
Joushiro suddenly appears in front of him holding out both his swords. His clothes are torn and tattered and he looks pretty roughed up but still capable of fighting. The 9 talismans behind him are all full.

Bach: ?!
Joushiro: You were aware of what my bankai was, you should have been prepared for this!

A gigantic blast fires out of both of his blades and envelops Bach before he even has a chance to stop or change direction.
Aizen’s voice can still be heard in the background.

Aizen: Grow numb and flicker! Disrupt sleep! Cower in the Dark, flee from death! Crawling queen of iron! laugh! Cry! Eternally self-destructing doll of mud! Unite! Repulse! Dreams, heavens, earth and air! Fill with soil and know your own powerlessness!

As the torrent of energy continues to be fired of Joushiro’s blade you notice that as it goes past the point where Bach was its turning into two smaller streams on energy.

The streams suddenly merge together once more as Bach appears far above it. His right hand, arm and should have been completely blackened and trails of blood can be seen going down and dripping of his fingers. His cloak has been completely ripped away.

Bach: Did you really think even catching me by surprise that something like that would finish me?!
Joushiro: …No, it was just meant to slow you down.
Aizen: Let eternity itself be scarred! *Hado 90: Kurohitsugi! , Hado 97: Sekai no dibaida!!*

Next week: bleach 530
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Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread

Bleach 530: Allies

Scene opens up high upon a rooftop somewhere overlooking soul society. The 6 members of the the Zero squad are all there. Three of them are still unconscious with Shizen heavily bandaged. Wairudo and the other two members of Zero squad stand around them. They are all still fully masked apart from Shizen whose mask lies broken next to her.

Wairudo: Shizen is still in critical condition but I think she should be able to pull through. What is the condition of the other two Zenmaru?
Zenmaru: I’m not too sure, they seem like they’ve just been knocked out but they have been unconscious for quite some time.
Wairudo: hmmm, fine, we’ll leave them here for the moment. They should be secure enough this far away whilst we-

Suddenly far below four massive explosions occur simultaneously. Pillars of reiatsu rise high into the Sky from each location. The explosions are soo large that they can be seen clearly from where the zero squad are standing.

Zero Squad: ?!!!
Zenmaru: what the-
Wairudo: so it seems the rest of them aren’t wasting anytime.
Zenmaru: what do you mean?
Wairudo: Mine and your perception isn’t as good as Ginrei’s, especially at this distance. He noticed 4 other similar presences from where that other one was fighting.
Ginrei: They left just before the fight, I believe their intent is to draw us out and face off with us here.
Wairudo: I doubt it’s their intent
Ginrei: indeed, Bach probably just wishes to keep us from joining the fight in Hueco Mundo and use up any energy fighting here before he comes.
Wairudo: Either way he forces our hand, we can’t leave them be here, left unchecked they could reduce everything to dust.
Zenmaru: There’s only three of us at the moment, we’ll have to leave the fourth one to whoever finishes first.
Ginrei: Unless they decide to join in on one of the other battles.
Wairudo:… No it seems like that won’t be necessary, one of them has already been engaged.
Wairudo: Go, don’t waste any time in wiping them out.

Zenmaru flash steps away, however both Wairudo and Ginrei stay where they are. Wairudo turns his head slightly to look towards Ginrei.

Wairudo: So you’re staying then Ginrei
Wairudo: Do you plan on defending him?
Ginrei: I would never ask you to break the rules captain.
Wairudo:… No… you wouldn’t would you, fine I’ll hear what he has to say.
Ginrei: Thank you.

Suddenly Byakuya flash steps before the both of them. He’s facing away from them and is down on one knee. He is holding a person in either arm. He rises and begins to turn around. As he turns you see that the person in his right arm is Hanatoro, as he turns around fully you see that the other person in his left arm is Orihime. He lets go of both of them letting them stand on their own. They both look a little worried and unsure looking around as if wondering where they are.

Wairudo: The human girl?!
Wairudo: …So that’s how you’ve managed to rise so quickly from your deathbed. How did you bring here here? All exits in and out are being watched, it would be impossible for her to come through one of them unscathed!
Ginrei: I think I may be able to answer that question.
Ginrei: Since I am no longer the head of the Kuchiki clan I am no longer bound by the rules forbidding the mention of a small private portal located deep within the Kuchiki Mansion which leads to the human world. It can only be used by the clan head or with the permission of the clan head and only in great need.
Wairudo: I obvious as your intentions are, out of respect for Ginrei I have decided to hear what you have to say. Hurry up and say what you have to say so that we can clean up your mess.

Byakuya looks at Wairudo for a moment, he then takes a step forwad and gets down on one knee bowing his head in front of Wairudo.

Byakuya: Captain Wairudo of the Zero Squad, I have come seeking your permission to perform Harakiri.

Scene Change to Ryuken

Ryuken stands amongst the rubble of the battlegroundwith a cigarette in his mouth. Dust and smoke still trail the air from the battle.

Ryuken: (refusing to use your hollow powers to the end, I’ll give you this much, you at least fought with the heart of a Quincy).

Uryuu appears a little way off looking at the destruction around him.

Ryuken: I thought I told you to go.
Uryuu:…I wasn’t sure if you would be ok…I didn’t think that you would win so easily.
Ryuken: You’ll realise it yourself once you fight them, they’re nothing more than grunts.
Uryuu: How can you say that?!! These grunts took down the whole of soul society!!
Ryuken: After they neutralised their bankai!
Ryuken: Their tactics and battle strategy may have been perfect but do you think it would have been that easy for them if the captains could have utilised their bankai?
Ryuken: in terms of battle experience and skill alone this one would not have even made it into the espada.
Uryuu: …well if this is all they’re capable of then why do you look so worried? This means we stand a better chance of defeating them.
Ryuken: no…it doesn’t.

Ryuken suddenly senses something and looks off into the distance.

Ryuken: damn, he’s already started.
Uryuu: Do you think he’s going to be ok on his own?
Ryuken:…he’s not had to fight for quite some time so he’s still pretty rusty. Hurry up and find the medallion amongst that charred rubble so we can go and help him.

Scene change to Byakuya

Wairudo stares down at the kneeling Kuchiki Byakuya in surprise and shock.

Wairudo: What the hell are you talking about?!
Byakuya: Thus far all that I have done is to have brought disgrace the Kuchiki name.
Byakuya: I as the head of the house was unable to protect them from the enemy and even allowed Senbonzakura to be stolen…all I have done so far is to shame and disgrace the name of house Kuchiki…and now you have left me with no other option but to disgrace it further therefore-
Wairudo: I have?!!
Byakuya: You as the Zero squad now stand as highest ranking authority within soul society.
Byakuya: You have forbidden us to engage the enemy under any circumstance, you have ordered us to go away and hide and let you deal with this
Byakuya: I may not be able wipe away the shame I’ve brought to the Kuchiki name but I am now unable to try and atone for it as well. If I attempt fight the enemy and recover Senbonzakura I will be disobeying orders and acting as a rebel no better than the vermin attacking us and shaming the Kuchiki clan further… and if I cower behind your protection after all this…

Wairudo stares down at Byakuya, his face now no longer surprised but hard and stern.

Wairudo: So… you would rather I grant you an easy way out by allowing you a honourable death or do you foolishly believe that this pathetic act will make me change my mind and let you fight!

Byakuya stays silent and still still kneeling and head bowed in front of Wairudo. Ginrei takes a few steps forward and now stands to one side of Wairudo.

Ginrei: Captain, please do not mistake the intentions of the man bowed before you.
Wairudo: hmph
Ginrei: Please look carefully captain, look carefully at the man who has his head bowed and kneels there.
Ginrei: The man pleading before you is not a captain of the Gotei 13.
Wairudo:? What do you-
Ginrei: Kneeling, pleading before you is the 28th head of the Kuchiki clan, Kuchiki Byakuya.

Scene Change to Hueco Mundo

Aizen: Let eternity itself be scarred! *Hado 90: Kurohitsugi, Hado: 97: Sekei no dibaida!!*

Around ichigo’s prison on all sides the blackish purple boxes of energy rise. They do not touch his prison but are no more than a foot away as they rise up from all four sides covering it completely. You see Ichigo looking impassively up towards Aizen as they finally envelope the last few inches .
Aizen turns sideways slightly bringing his left arm forward, he extends it moving it away from the rest of his body, aiming it straight down towards where Ichigo was. His arm is beginning glow blue, the intensity increasing by the second until his arm can no longer be distinguished. Energy bursts out like raging torrent from his shoulder area shooting backwards, the blinding energy surrounding his arm begins to swirl travelling down towards his hands and forming into a point. Below him Kurohitsugi is stretching and contracting as it distorts the time and space inside itself. Aizen’s arm sways as the energy builds into that small point, the effort clearly showing on his face as he struggles to control it. With a great roar he tries to bring it back into line as laser beam shoots out striking the ground about 15 feet away from Kurohitsugi. It moves towards it, meeting not in the centre but to one side, slicing through it in one single effortless sweep. The whole of Kurohitsugi explodes in one momentous burst of energy bigger than anything we’ve seen before. Everyone around it jumps as far away as possible as the energy expels itself rushing outwards in every direction. The only person still stationary is Aizen who is high above it looking completely drained. As the wave of energy surrounds him and carries him away with it you see that his left arm is completely gone all the way up to the shoulder.
Joushiro appears a safe distance away from the explosion.

Jousiro: Ichigo!

Ichigo also appears next to him looking a little singed but relatively unhurt.
Joushiro: !! Ichigo, how did you manage to-
Ichigo: We had an idea as to what he was planning so waited for the crack to appear in Sankt Zwinger Kui to instantly flash step out of there. How about Kyoraku san he-

Kyoraku appears beside them at that moment. His clothes look battered and torn and he has a few cuts but still seems ok.


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Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread


Shunsui: I’m fine Kurosaki san, I just had to play dead for a little while for our ploy to work.
Jousiro: Aizen sure planned it well, whatever else you say about him his genius has few equals.

Shunsui stares at the energy from the explosion still spreading out, his face all serious and thoughtful.

Shunsui: Aye, and his skill. I never thought I'd ever again see someone that could control Sekei no dibaida.
Shunsui: I wonder what you could have said to him Ichigo kun to make him risk and sacrifice so much.

Ichigo looks down towards the ground. Amongst all the devastation and rubble his gaze rests on the battered body of Aizen.

Ichigo: ...He’s still alive, if barely. He would have been aware that Inoue would be able to heal his arm and any injuries if he survived.
Joushiro: Ichigo, I think you’re mistaking what Kyoraku means.
Jousiro: The Hado’s 90 and above are all forbidden due to the danger they pose either to the user or to others. Essentially they are considered too dangerous to be used under any circumstance and so forbidden.
Shunsui: Hado 97 is one of the most dangerous because of the risk it poses to both the user AND to everyone else.
Jousiro: It’s called the *Divider of worlds* because it doesn’t simply destroy anything it touches, it completely removes it from existence.
Joushiro: and the force it requires to be controlled is...immense…most would end up going out of control destroying everything until it completely obliterated them.
Shunsui: You misunderstood my meaning of sacrifice too Ichigo san, I was not just referring to his arm. This Hado requires a sacrifice to be used… or more accurately it converts the sacrifice and uses it to compound it's power.
Shunsui: The sacrifice it requires is a part of your soul.
Shunsui: it curses a part of your soul, in this case it would be the amount that forms up his arm… I do not doubt that Inoue san may be able to regenerate his arm, but I’m afraid that that part of his soul that has been cursed is gone forever... He will forever have to bear the pain of his soul being torn apart
Joushiro:… and his health and stamina will never be the same too.
Bach: I SEE!!!

The loud voice carries over the noise of the still crumbling palace. They all turn their head to see Bach watching and listening to them from afar. His arm is still bloodied but he seems to have avoided the blast completely and even though he has been injured he grins widely.

Bach: Even though I knew of that Hado I never knew it carried such risks, though I suppose that was due to my tutelage being cut short when I was with Shikeguni Yamamoto.

He meets Ichigo’s eyes, his grin turning hard and eyes menacing.

Bach: So what do you think you can accomplish now Kurosaki Ichigo, has your early release been worthy of the price that’s had to be paid.

Ichigo stares at him, his gaze still expressionless. He speaks softly

Ichigo: Kyoraku san, Ukitake san, please stay back and cover me
Jousiro: but kuro-

Ichigo speeds straight towards Bach, his sword raised in a striking motion.

Ichigo: Getsuga!
Bach: (it doesn’t matter if your power increases tenfold Kurosaki Ichigo, you still remain a child easily led).
Ichigo: EN-

Ichigo disappears less than 20 feet away from Bach and appears about the same distance away diagonally behind him.

Ichigo: -JO!!!

A blazing arc of black flames is released from Ichigo’s blade, heading towards Bach, as he slashes down. As it explodes the whole area around them is covered by white smoke. Ichigo tries to peer through the smoke to see what remains of Bach as he does he wipes face as the smoke stings his skin. A look of surprise crosses his face and he glances at his hand as he pulls it away.

Ichigo: This isn’t smoke. Its mist?!
Bach: ha ha, did you really think that it would be that easy Kurosaki Ichigo?!

As the mist clears Ichigo sees Bach standing perfectly relaxed smiling whilst in front of him, in her released form, with her blade drawn stands Tier Harribel.


Next Week:
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Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread

Bleach 531: The Lines Drawn:

Scene Opens up in outer Hueco Mundo

As far as the eye can see all you can see are hollows, menos , arrancar and Quincy foot soldiers. The army is so huge and are so thickly pressed together that it is difficult to see the ground between them even as they move. You view them from high above in the air, looking down on them and you see hundreds upon hundreds of them as you pan around. They are all focused and heading in one direction, directly beneath you. As you look down you see, close to one side of the immense palace, most of the captains fighting. They’re all roughly in one large area around 50ft wide fending off against the onslaught of the army. They seem to be pushed having to dodge and counter multiple attacks but though some seemed to be fatigued and have a few scratches none seem seriously hurt. You see Nemu, carrying Kurotsuchi Mayuri’s released sword, flitting between captains and enemies slashing at them and then disappearing, her victims collapsing or standing paralysed until they are cut down by the captains or mowed down by the troops rushing in from behind them. As you look even closer you see that the oncoming army seem to be slashing thin air or their own troops a lot more than striking at the captains. As you look back into the air you see Shinji and Kurotsuchi Mayuri hovering in the air. Shinji has sword released and is spinning it around with his hand. Mayuri seens to just be standing there next to him doing nothing. Flash stepping around them are the other Vaizard captains in their hollow forms taking out all enemies that attack them.

Shinji (smiling): Doesn’t this seem a little too easy Mayuri? I mean where are those guys that took our Bankai’s?
Shinji: Where not even being pushed here, what is Bach trying to do, wear us out?
Shinji:…?! Hey 2nd place you’re taking it a little too easy aren’t you? Letting your vice captain do all the work whilst you just watch the show, you could at least make some conversation?!

A vein on Mayuri’s forehead throbs as he turns to look at him.

Mayuri: 2nd place?
Shinji (Grinning): Well you’d never beat Kisuke in a beauty contest now would you heh.

Mayuri’s expression sours even further, he looks down towards the ground.

Mayuri: Nemu, get up here!

A moment later Nemu appears beside them panting and sweating all over. Mayuri takes back his sword and hands her two bottles.

Mayuri: Use these now and don’t get injured, I don’t have time to waste healing you.
Namu: yes mayuri sama

Nemu disappears heading back towards the battle, Shinji whistles a low shrill whistle.

Shinji: You are a slave driver aren’t you or is that you just like seeing her glistening like that.
Mayuri: Huh, do you really wish to have your life taken by me?
Shinji: fine fine, but can you explain what the hell is going on here because something doesn’t seem right.
Mayuri: In fact everything would seem perfectly normal if you had a little more brain cells to use.
Shinji: What?! We’re bloody wiping them out down there and we’re not even trying! How is that normal in this situation?!
Mayuri: (sighs) we have been unable to leave Hueco Mundo since the moment we arrived.
Mayuri: when the portal we came through closed that wasn’t by my action, the connection was somehow cut off. Since then I have been trying to connect a portal to Soul Society but have been unable to do so.
Mayuri: Something or someone is destroying the connections I am trying to make to form a portal which means we are stuck here indefinitely. Therefore if you presume that Bach’s plan was to wear us down before he killed us or to trap us here whilst he destroyed soul society-
Mayuri: then you could say everything is going exactly as he planned.

Scene change to Ichigo

Ichigo stands hovering in the air as the mist clears. His eyes are focused on Halibel as she stands in front of Bach protecting him. Around them, inside what is left of the torn up palace, numerous hollows and arrancar appear.

Ichigo: what are you doing?
Ichigo: I said what are you doing standing there?
Halibel: Why the hell are you helping him?!!!

Ichigo’s shout rings out echoing across the room. Halibel finally looks up and meets his eyes.

Ichigo: Have you not seen what he has done here, what they do to hollows.
Bach: Precisely Kursoaki Ichigo, precisely. It is for that very reason she stands there between you and me.

Bach begins to move away from Halibel coming into direct line of sight with Ichigo.

Bach: What else would you expect a monarch to do when being faced with extinction.
Joushiro: Extinction? Is that really a possibility for you to suggest this early on.

Bach glances towards Joushirou and Shunsui and chuckles.

Bach: That is only because you are being naïve enough to think you understand the current situation.
Bach: Let me ask you, how is it that you came to know of our existence.
Bach: Because we chose to reveal ourselves. We revealed ourselves to Kurosaki Ichigo and to Yamamoto. You may have also noticed the loss of all the hollows killed in Hueco Mundo and even guessed who might have been responsible but you would not have been sure. If we had wanted we could have exterminated every single Hollow in Hueco Mundo before you even realised.
Bach: Even if you had acted fast, if we had so wished, we could have stopped you from coming into Hueco Mundo the same way that we are now stopping you from leaving it.
Joushiro/Shunsui: ?!!
Ichigo:…so why haven’t you

Bach turns to look at ichigo once more as he speaks.

Ichigo: That has been your plan all along hasn’t it, to merge all 3 worlds into one? So why didn’t you just do that straight away or was it that you first wished to take revenge on the shinigami.
Bach: Things change over time and 1000 years of thinking changes a lot of things. It will surprise you to know I don’t hate the shinigami, though I was disappointed with them, nor do I wish revenge on them.
Bach: After all who wishes revenge on the sword, revenge is for the hand that wields it! Yamamoto and the shinigami stopped being warriors once they began listening to the soul king. I was disappointed that they changed from honourable warriors to mindless tools but I did not hate them. They are only being eradicated now because they are an obstacle to my final objective.
Ichigo: You mean the soul king.
Bach: Yes! It is he who I will have revenge on for what he has done to the Quincy and it is his mantle I will take and use to rule the new world.

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Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread


Bach walks back over to the side of Halibel and places his hand on her shoulder.

Bach: So you see Kurosaki Ichigo, under such circumstances is it not understandable for them to admit defeat and beg for mercy?

He doesn’t seem to make any move or apply any pressure but Halibel seems to jerk down to kneel by his side on one knee.

Bach: After all, as the shinigami can attest to, a life of service is not a life wasted.

Bach turns around and begins to walk away whilst at the same time Halibel rises to stand back up. As bach walks a few dozen yards 6 people appear lined up before him. They wear long white cloaks that completely cover them, the collers of which are high enough to hide most of their faces. They are quite distinctly Quincies and all give of an air of being strong.

Bach turns around in front of them to look back at Ichigo and grins widely.

Bach: I’m afraid I shall have to leave you hear to play for now, have as much fun as you can until I return.

Behind the 6 Quincy the shadows split creating a portal and slowly stretch forward to envelop them.

Zaraki: Where the hell do you think you’re going!!!

Off to left side you see Zaraki flying down towards the last Quincy in line his sword raised to strike. The Quincies eyes move to watch Zaraki but he makes no other movements. Just as Zaraki reaches him and is about to slash down a massive arrow shoots down from above and strikes him taking him crashing down into the ground where it explodes. Bach grins but says nothing as the shadows envelop him and the other Quincies until they finally disappear.

Scene changes to somewhere in Soul Society

You see the Sternritter Mazrim, who stole Hitsugaya’s bankai standing in wide open area. Zenmaru appears a little distance away with his sword already drawn. He looks angry as he approaches Mazrim.

Zenmaru: I finally get to take out you scum, you should have just remained hidden in the shadows.

Mazrim gazes at him dispassionately but makes no moves.

Mazrim: All things eventually crave the light…even the shadows.

Scene change to elsewhere in Soul Society.

The area is littered with the rubble of destroyed buildings but is mostly clear. Isshin and Voldo are battling together. Voldo seems to have excessively long and narrow fingers which is he is using as blades to attack. Isshin is grinning and laughing whilst Voldo is silent. Neither seems to be excessively pushing the other or being pushed themselves.

Isshin: oho, not bad not bad at all. But surely you can do better than that.
Isshin: It seems like you’re the strong silent type…but you don’t seem all that strong to me.

Suddenly to one side another Voldo appears and strikes down towards Isshin as he’s jumping back. Isshin is surprised as the blade comes down but he manages to grab Voldo’s hand by the wrist and diverting the attack away from his body whilst deflecting the attack of the oncoming one with his sword. He flash steps a dozen yards away from both of them creating some space.

Isshin: phew well that was unexpected. But an extra bunshin isn’t going to help if that’s all you can do.

The second voldo that appeared moves to flank Isshin from one side at the same time two other Bunshins appear now surrounding him from all four sides.

Isshin: hey now wait a minute, four is a little unfair don’t-

All four Voldo’s start shooting hundreds of arrows towards Isshin.

Scene change to elsewhere in Soul Society.

Sternritter Darius is half sitting, half lounging on the remaining foundations of a destroyed building. He is twirling his medallion on his finger in front of him. Around him the countless blades of Senbonzkura Kageyoshi sweep this way as that way, as if petals at the whim of the wind.

Ginrei appears a short distance away and observes Darius without saying anything.

Darius: Ah, finally arrived. If you wouldn’t mind could we wait a little while before we start fighting? I find watching these blades very relaxing.

Ginrei stares at him for a few more moments before turning his back on Darius and walking away.

Ginrei: I’m afraid you are mistaken
Ginrei: it is not I that you will be facing.

Byakuya appears just behind Ginrei, he sees Senbonzakura gusting in the wind and his face immediately swells with anger. Ginrei keeps walking away without turning back.

Ginrei: And I’m afraid that he is no mood for waiting.

Scene changes back to Isshin

The area is filled with thick dust obscuring the air, almost nothing can bee seen. Isshin is lying flat on the ground, face up, as arrows shoot past or strike around him. Occasionally he shifts slightly this way or that to dodge an arrow that was about to hit him.

Isshin: (I suppose I had better finish this, no point in dragging it out any longer)

Suddenly the arrows all stop and silence fills the air. Isshin’s face fills in confusion at the sudden change. A voice is heard in the silence.

Voldo: Jakuho Raikoben!
Ishhin: (?!!!)

Outside of the smoke you see Voldo aiming the missile down his arm, he lines it up and fires. The missile shoots off disappearing into the dust, a second later an explosion covers the entire area obliterating everything from view.

Scene change to elsewhere in Soul Society

Sternritter Bambietta paces back forth in front of the ruins of a destroyed building. She looks extremely agitated as she paces. Every time she turns to pace back she stamps down on a piece of rubble smashing it to dust.

Wairudo appears a few dozen yards in front of her. Bambietta turns to look at him.

Bambietta: Well it’s about bloody well time! What the hell took you so long?! Do you know how long I’ve been waiting?!!
Bambietta: pfft, now I can’t even enjoy the fight, the others have already started theirs ages ago. I’ve gotta finish this quick so I can go and get Logain’s medallion before one of the other losers gets their first.

Bambietta pulls out her medallion and holds it out ahead of her and smiles.

Bambietta: No time left for regrets now, I’m finishing this with one strike. *Kokujo Tengen Myo*!

The giant samurai rises behind her making the ground shake as it moves.

Bambietta: Game over.

Wairudo goes from his standing pose to a low down attacking crouch in an instant, his hand holding the hilt of his sheathed sword. His sheathe glows for a moment and then goes back to normal.


Bambietta has a surprised look on her face as a drop of blood trickles down her forehead and onto her nose. As she notices the blood you can see the surprise turning into fear and despair as her eyes well up.
Wairudo slowly rises and goes back to his normal standing posture now blocking Bambietta from view just as Kokujo Tengen Myo splits in half and comes crashing down on either side of him.

Wairudo: Out of respect for your last request, One strike.

Next Week: Bleach 532
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Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread

Bleach 532: Kurosaki Isshin - The Man

Scene opens in Soul society. You can see the remnant of a recent explosion some distance away. A solid mass of smoke and dust has coalesced and is churning together. You observe it from slightly higher ground and even this distance is not diminishing the size of it.
Isshin appears skidding on the ground for a few feet until he comes to a stop on his ass. He sits up coughing and wiping his hands against each other.

Ryuken: it seems like you're having fun.

Isshin tilts his head slightly to see Ryuken and Uryuu standing a few feet behind him. He spits out some dust from his mouth.

Isshin: pah, I didn't think he'd be such a fool as to use that soo close. He took out two of his own bunshins.
Uryuu: There's only one of him at the moment, he's managed to avoid the blast and is somewhere on the other side. He'll probably come looking for you soon.
Isshin: it's ok, I've masked my reiatsu for the moment, and this is a good distance away.
Ryuken: I didn't know you're flash steps could go that far, maybe you're not all that rusty at all.

Isshin tilts his head to look at isshin once more.

Isshin: pfft rusty? From what I remember you're only beating me 3-2 and I've been on a handicap. If you can lose twice against me then who's the one that's rusty.

Ryuken just takes a long drag on his cigarette and smiles without responding. Isshin looks back over at the mass of smoke his face all serious.

Isshin: you've noticed as well haven't you...
Ryuken: Yes
Isshin: This is not what we were expecting,
Uryuu:... what do you mean?
Isshin: Bach is very knowledgeable about the Gotei 13, their captains and the remaining quinces out there.
Isshin: Someone of his caliber does not do things rashly, especially after a thousand years of planning.
Ryuken: we may not understand why he hasn't destroyed soul society or hueco mundo already but that can still be considered as a part of his plan.
Uryuu:...and if it was a part of his plan then why hasn't he prepared a better counterattack.
Isshin: exactly, either these thousand years have made him incompetent and none of us is going to be that lucky
Ryuken: or this isn't the counterattack yet.

Isshin stands up patting himself down, getting the dust off of his clothes.

Isshin: [sighs] I guess the time for fun and games is over, we don't have time to waste anymore.
Ryuken: That time was over long ago, but you'll never change will you.
Isshin: Bad habits die hard, you should understand that Mr 40 a day.
Ryuken: heh, ok fine, show me the skill that the bearer of "that" title now has.

Isshins face grows even more serious and sombre as he turns away from them. He speaks softly almost as if he's speaking just to himself

Isshin: It's not a title I ever expected to hold in my lifetime...nor did I ever want to.

Isshin flash steps away leaving Ryuken and Uryuu alone.

Uryuu: shouldn't we go help him?
Ryuken: no, he doesn't need any help from us.
Uryuu:?? But you said
Ryuken: yeh [sighs] I lied. I just wanted you to hurry up and find the medallion so I could see him fight for real.
Uryuu:...but he can't use his bankai! And he's not had any real battle experience for all his time on earth, he'll be even worse off than the captains.

Ryuken takes a long pull from his cigarette and gazes far off into the distance as if remembering something.

Ryuken: The problem with him is his personality, its very deceptive and leads us to make assumptions about his strength. When I only just came to know Isshin and Masaki I fell for the very same deception.

Ryuken flashbacks about 20 years ago, he's in his office at the hospital. Masaki is there as well sitting on a chair in front if his desk.
A much younger looking Ryuken is standing looking out of the window, his face has a slightly frustrated look on it.

Ryuken: of course I'll help him Masaki, he has some skill so I'm sure it won't take him long to get his medical licence... But...
Masaki: yes?
Ryuken: I just don't get it Masaki!! Why would you do so much over such a...goofball!!

You see outside the window he's looking through, far down below in the hospital garden you see Isshin, apparently running around chasing pigeons.

Ryuken: I just can't understand what could have drew you to him, you stand above him in every sense, looks, status, power, position. In every way you were mismatched and above him and...

A slight redness appears on Masaki's cheeks as she blushes.

Masaki: I'm flattered Ryuken, I had no idea you felt that way about me.

Ryuken looks over at her, and then surprise and shock jump on to his face.

Ryuken: no, I...what I mean to say...I mean I wasn't trying to say
Masaki: but i'm afraid you are wrong in every way.
Ryuken:?! what do you mean Masaki?
Masaki:... You have been a good friend to us Ryuken, much better than one we could have hoped for, so I don't mind telling you this.
Masaki: but I would ask that you not repeat this to anyone else, not even Isshin...I'm sure he suspects that I know everything i'm about to tell you but there's never been a need for us to speak about it and I would never shame him by bringing it up.

Ryuken walks over towards her and sits down in the chair next to hers listening intently.

Masaki: We both met and grew up together in the Rukongai, it feels like such a long time ago. I can't tell you how many years passed just laughing and playing. Even our poverty didn't dampen our spirits when we were together. I think he fell in love the moment he saw me, though it took me a little bit longer [gives a small laugh]. Then we were found and conscripted into the academy, Isshin never wanted to join, he hated the idea of fighting. If it had just been him he would have left but I really wanted to go on. Maybe it was the kurosaki blood in me or maybe something else, I can't say, but I had that fire in me to become someone.

Masaki stands and walks over to the window and looks down at Isshin fondly

Masaki: For him, it was enough to just be with me.
Ryuken: Masaki you don't need to-
Masaki: Ryuken, you said looks, status, power and position didn't you?
Masaki: House Kurosaki had no status then, it didn't even exist anymore so I guess he wins on that count.
Masaki: looks, well I guess that's more of a personal preference and maybe I'm biased because I love him soo much but I find him the most handsome man I've ever met.
Masaki: position. We were both aware of how the 13 squadrons functioned and their hierarchy. I don't believe he ever tried to achieve or excel at anything in Soul Society. He didn't care about rank, status or any of those things. the only thing he cared about was being with me. Therefore he just made sure to get as far as joining the 13 squads and joining my squad and that was all he cared about. He didn't try to rise any higher or become too popular because he didn't want to be noticed by anyone else.
Masaki: even after I left, he just drifted amongst the lower echelon of soul society despondent and not caring about anything until Aizen took an interest in him.
Masaki: so technically you would say that I'd take that point too...but for one thing.
Masaki: Power. Being naive as I was and not truly understanding anything I used to worry about him, about his lack of drive, ambition and even his skill.

Masaki tilts back her head and laughs.

Masaki: Isn't it surprising how even a captain of the Gotei 13 can be such a foolish girl. Even then I didn't truly understand how much he loved me. So, because I worried, I used the excuse that I needed to train more, to practice, develop and refine my skills to train with him in order to help him improve.
Ryuken: even then you were helping him out?
Masaki: [small chuckle] oh Ryuken, you've completely missed the direction I'm taking haven't you?
Masaki: my plan was to increase the intensity of the training to find out what his limit was and to push him from there on so he could improve.
Ryuken: ...that would be a sensible method of training in my mind, did something go wrong?
Masaki: [small chuckle] you could say that.

She looks over towards Ryuken and walks back over and sits down on the chair she was sitting in before. She looks straight at him, the smile and softness of her face all gone replaced with cold hard seriousness.

Masaki: To this day I have been unable to find his limit.
Ryuken:?! What?!
Masaki: He was able to match me stride for stride, strike for strike. I pushed him as far as I could without a killing intent Ryuken and I can tell you one absolute truth.
Masaki: Captain Kurosaki Masaki of the Zero squad has never once felt that she can defeat that man.

Masaki reaches out and takes Ryukens hand and holds it between hers.

Masaki: Tell me Ryuken, am I really doing soo much? Is it that hard to understand why I am completely and absolutely in love with him?
Masaki: what more can any girl ask for than a man who will sacrifice everything he is, everything he can be just so he isn't parted from the girl he loves?

Ryuken comes out of his flashback and gazes into the direction of the explosion.

Ryuken: you doubt him as easily as I once did, you can watch and see how mistaken we both were.
Ryuken: for a long time now I've wanted to see this battle
Ryuken: For a long time I've waited for when I could see this man truly fight, this man that the captain commander himself had afforded the title of having the second strongest flame type Zanpaktou at his command.

Bleach 533: Kurosaki Isshin - The Shinigami!!
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Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread

Bleach 533: Kurosaki Isshin - The Shinigami

Scene opens up where it left off with Ruken and Uryuu standing looking in the direction of the large mass of smoke. Uryuu is looking towards his father in surprise and disbelief.

Uryuu: You can't be serious! That makes no sense at all!!
Ryuken: hmph, Really! what makes you say that?

Uryuu lifts his hand in frustration

Uryuu: I know what happened with the battle against Aizen when he and Urahara joined the fight. If he's that strong and skilled why didn't he fare any better?
Ryuken: [sigh] anything else?
Uryuu: Yes, he used the same attack as Ichigo, which means he must have the same type of Zanpaktou, right?! I'm sure Ichigo's isn't a flame type Zanpaktou, So how can he have the second strongest flame Type?
Ryuken: His reiatsu hadn't fully recovered at the time he fought with Aizen.
Uryuu: What?
Ryuken: the larger the battery the longer it takes to fully charge, same principle. He'd spent so long as a human that there was no guarantee if or how much of his reiatsu he would regain.
Ryuken: even now I can't tell you whether he has regained his reiatsu completely or if he can ever reach his previous potential.
Uryuu: what about-
Ryuken: and regarding his zapaktou

Ryuken flashabacks to the conversation he was having with Masaki in his office at the hospital. They're still sitting in the two chairs with Masaki holding his hand between hers.

Ryuken: Masaki...I'm sorry. I shouldn't have doubted him, or you.

Masaki smiles and lets go of Ryukens hand and leans back in her chair and laughs a long girl laugh.

Masaki: oh don't apologise Ryuken, I may not have got the hottest man in Soul society but at least I've got the second hottest.
Ryuken: Sorry?! What?
Masakih! erm, I guess that's a secret to share for another occasion, he really hates me talking about that.

Ryuken comes back out of his flashback,

Ryuken: I have absolutely no idea, all I can tell you is what I've been told...the rest...well we'll just have to see that for ourselves.

Scene changes to Voldo who is standing somewhere on the other side of the explosion. He seems unhurt though his clothes seem a little scuffed and dusty . Isshin appears about a hundred feet away facing him, his hand resting on his sword. His sword is already released, the handle is red with tassels coming off the edge of the hilt. Voldo speaks, his voice has a hollow almost artificial quality to it.

Voldo: Kurosaki Isshin, the father of Kurosaki Ichigo.
Isshin: oh now you feel like speaking.
Voldo: your previous battle has been recorded. You have not been appointed as one of the special war potentials. You shall be eliminated.
Isshin: you almost sound like darth vader, next you'll be telling me [mimics voice] 'I am your father Luke' heh.

Isshin sighs and rubs his forehead with his left hand.

Isshin: I think it's time you went to sleep with the fishes.
Voldo: Your shikai abilities have been analysed they are of no threat to us.

As Voldo says this, three more Voldo appear around Isshin surrounding him from all sides once more.

Isshin: Is that so? I don't recall ever showing you my abilities.
Voldo: Your encounter with Aizen Souske has been recorded, your shikai is characteristically similar and inferior to that of Kurosaki Ichigo, you are of no threat to us.
Isshin: (sighs) you really do like saying that don't you, fine, let me enlighten you on something.
Isshin: Firstly, his zanpaktou is similar to mine, not the other way around. Since he's my son it's not that unusual to expect for characteristics to pass through bloodlines. However, no matter how similar, they are still different since we cannot share the exact same Zanpaktou.

Isshin slides his sword out of its sheathe in one smooth motion and holds it out in front of him in one hand.

Isshin: Secondly, my son hasn't had what you would say a structured education into developing his abilities. He was thrown into the midst of battle from the very start and so has used what he found immediately available.
Isshin: He has mastered, refined and perfected the basic attack of his zanpaktou to a point where my Getsuga Tensho would indeed be considered inferior his.
Voldo: Basic....
Isshin: Time. Time is needed for a shinigami and their zanpaktou to develop and evolve together. so that they can master their abilities and work out the best ways to use them and adapt them. My son hasn't had time to do that.

Isshin grins as he slowly pulls back his sword and points it high above his head.

Isshin: I on the other hand have had plenty of time. *Jigoku o kakomu*! [encircling hell]

Twenty feet above Isshin's sword a small ring of fire appears just big enough to encircle Isshin's blade. It slowly begins to descend and as it does it begins to expand and grow until finally as it comes down to hover about 4-5 feet off the ground it's as thick as tree trunk and about 7 feet in diameter with Isshin in its centre. Isshin brings his sword down and holds it with both hands, he readies his stance and gets into a striking pose.

Isshin: Now this is how I prefer to dance. *Gestuga Tensho*!

As he says this Isshin strikes down cutting though the ring of fire in front if him. No wave of reiatsu comes out of his blade, instead four streams shoot out of of the ring of fire, each as thick as tree trunks themselves, straight towards each of the Voldos. All of them manage to dodge it jumping either to one side or higher up in the air. They begin shooting hundreds of arrows down on him but as each of them reach the ring they disappear in a flash.

Isshin: That won't be enough, the reiatsu and heat expelled out of Jigoku o kakomu distorts the atmosphere immediately around it forming a barrier of its own, you're going to have to retry much harder than that if you want to get through.

Scene change to Ryuken and Uryuu

They are standing where they were previously observing the fight. Ryuken has a neutral expression on his face whilst Uryuu's expression is of open shock.

Uryuu: I can feel the heat burning my skin all the way over here.
Ryuken: hmmmm?
Uryuu: and his shikai... I've not seen a shikai yet that can attack in multiple directions at the same time....and to use it as a shield at the same time...
Ryuken: I take it your finally impressed.
Uryuu:...I never realised he was this strong.
Ryuken: no...he hasn't shown his strength yet.
Uryuu: ?!!

Scene change back to Isshin

All four of the Voldo's are now in their released form of Quiincy Volstanding.

Isshin: Wow, that was an impressive transformation, I wonder what can you do with it.

Above both shoulders of each of the Voldo's a spear of reishi begins to form. It grows bigger and longer second by second until Isshin has eight spears that are each about ten feet long and two feet wide. Isshin takes his sword and plants it into the ground in front of him, he gets down on one knee whilst holding it with both hands.

Isshin: Tch I was only wondering, who said you were going to get a chance to use it? *Ameterasu*!

The earth splits and cracks from where Isshin's sword is planted into the ground spreading out in all directions. The four horizontal pillars of fire and the ring turn into raging black flames the intensity of the heat increasing tenfold. The pillars begin to spin first slowly then faster and faster forcing all of the Voldo's to start dodging.

Isshin: Too late for that now.

Scene change to Ryuken and Uryuu

They are now standing much farther away from the fight then before. Ryuken is still standing firm whilst Uryuu has decided to sit on a boulder and rest his arms on his legs. They are both sweating profusely and Uryuu is panting quite hard.

Uryuu: Even at this distance?!! I feel like I'm going to to turn to ash any second!
Uryuu: Why doesn't he run?! Surely he needs to get out of its range?!
Ryuken?! No. It's already too late for that.
Uryuu: what?!
Ryuken: Look carefully at what is happening.

You look out into the distance, the mountainside that Isshin is fighting near is beginning to crumble, so is the ground around the swirling black flames. Everything seems to be being sucked towards the black flames and destroyed.

Uryuu: Its sucking everything in?!
Ryuken: No, it's burning up the whole atmosphere around it.
Ryuken: In effect it's causing something similar to a Vortex or black hole, everything is getting pulled in towards it with extreme force. It's not that they're not getting out of its range, it's that they can't get out of its range.
Ryuken: This battle was decided as soon as that technique was used with him in its range.
Uryuu:... So now what?!
Ryuken:have you not noticed, we prepare for the next round. Lets hope our luck can hold.

Ryuken nods off towards the right. Uryuu gazes in that direction and looks startled after a second. Far across soul society on top of Soukyoku hill you see a portal open and out steps Juha Bach and his six Quincy.

Next week: Bleach 534

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Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread

Bleach 534: One step closer

Scene opens in Soul Society. Byakuya stands facing off against Darius. Darius is still half sitting on a rock, relaxed, as the blades of Senbonzakura swirl around him. He looks amused at the anger on Byakuyas face. He speaks with his voice taking on a subtle mocking tone.

Darius: You know, I remember your fight with As Noldt. It’s surprising how such an experienced warrior such as yourself can be turned into a quivering whimpering baby when fear hits them.

The anger disappears from Byakuyas face in an instant as he stares at Darius. His face is expressionless not giving away what he’s thinking; he turns his head slightly to look behind at Ginrei. He pauses for a brief moment before finally letting out a long deep breath and relaxing his tensed body.

Byakuya: I’ll thank you of reminding me of my past battle
Darius: what?...
Byakuya: Thus far what has been burning in me is rage, the rage of a man who has lost, who has failed. All this rage has allowed me fester over is what has been taken from me, what has been stolen. In my stupor of rage the why’s and how’s had become inconsequential. My actions in that state would likely have brought nothing else than more shame to my clan.
Byakuya: in gratitude… I offer to spare your life if you return Senbonzakura to me and leave here.

Darius stares at Byakuya for a few moments, surprise showing on his face at Byakuya’s words. Suddenly he bursts out laughing. He laughs so hard that he finds it difficult to breathe and has to forcefully control his breathing until finally coming to a stop.

Darius: Dude, I’ll give you this much, I definitely didn’t see that coming.

Darius straightens up and finally stands facing Byakuya his face turning a little serious.

Darius: I’ll tell you what here’s some advice for you. I may not have the same ability as As Noldt that had you whimpering like a baby but I am far stronger than him alongside the fact that I have your beautiful Bankai at my disposal.
Darius: So simply because you gave me such a good laugh if you walk away now I will allow you to live.
Byakuya: You are mistaken

Byakuya draws his blade

Byakuya: My Bankai is useless to you, Senbonzkura Kageyoshi is not a bankai that someone with your level of skill or lack of experience can wield in battle.

Darius’s face tenses as anger spreads across it at the insult.

Byakuya: It will also forever be my shame that I allowed myself to be caught off guard enough to leave such an opening to be attacked. However it is not a mistake I ever intend to repeat again.
Darius: caught off guard?! Was that all?! Hah…well, I guess we’ll never know about that now will we?!
Darius: And as far as skill and experience goes I’m pretty sure I should be able to cope.

The blades of Senbonzakura suddenly all head towards Byakuya, the millions of blades surrounding him in mere seconds. Byakuya appears about 50 feet to Darius’s right. Darius turns to look at him.

Byakuya: I’ll say it once more, the likes of you have neither the skill nor experience to handle Senbonzakura, return it to me and leave if you wish to live.
Darius: we’ll see about that.

The blades attack Byakuya again, this time spreading out and coming at him like a wave, forcing him to flash step backwards. They don’t slow down as they reach him but carry on forward at speed making him flash step again and again as soon as he appears. Darius watches Byakuya flash stepping around him smiling.

Darius: Maybe it’s your skill and experience at fighting your own Bankai you should be worrying about captain.

Byakuya stops flash stepping and looks directly at Darius.

Byakuya: You are mistaken once again

As he says those words the millions of blades come crashing into him completely obscuring him from view. You see a close up of Darius’s face which is a little surprised and confused at Byakuya’s actions and words.

Darius: Well whatever, you’re done with now.
Byakuya: *Utsusemi* Way of Onmitsu, 3rd of the Shiho.

The view pans out and you see Byakuya standing directly behind Darius, his arm is outsretched and he has his index finger pointed at Darius’s right shoulder.

Byakuya: Hado No.4 *Byakurai*

A concentrated bolt of lightning shoots out of Byakuya’s finger and pierces through Darius’s shoulder shooting out the other side. Darius stumbles forward a few steps staggering and in pain. He turns around and faces Byakuya, his face clenched in pain.

Darius: Argh, (damn him, he caught me off guard, I didn’t even have my blut activated). You’re dead!!!

Darius throws out both of his hands and points them at Byakuya. Far behind him the blades of Senbonzakura come storming towards them.

Byakuya: Lack of experience in using a weapon means not knowing its weaknesses. If your opponent knows your weakness before you do then you have lost the battle before it has even begun.
Darius: I have no-
Byakuya: Senbonzakura is not generous enough to distinguish friend from foe.

Byakuya flashsteps away just as the millions of blades come crashing into Darius obliterating him from sight his screams ringing high in the air.

Scene change to Hueco Mundo.

Ichigo is still off to one side watching Halibel with the other two captains standing together further off. Zaraki’s hand can been seen, unmoving, out of the rubble down on the ground below.

Ichigo: Why are you protecting him?

Halibel just stares at Ichigo saying nothing. She swings her sword in front of her leaving a yellow trail of light. Behind her a dozen arrancar appear and countless hollows.

Ichigo: …. Tch fine, don’t answer but you know you can’t defeat me, you’re just committing suicide by attacking. Don’t force me to have to kill you!
???: Hey Ichigo! Don’t go thinking that you’re the only one who has grown in the time since our last encounter, many things have changed since then you know.

Ichigo turns around in surprise at the familiar voice. He looks high towards the ceiling where the voice came from. Sitting over the hole, which is now significantly bigger, that Zaraki originally crashed through, with a big grin on his face is Grimmjow inhis released form.

Ichigo: Grimmjow?!!
Grimmjow: Hey Ichigo.
Halibel: Grimmjow!! Why have you come back?!!

Grimmjow pushes off the edge of the roof and comes down until he is standing roughly between the two captains and Ichigo. He turns to look towards Halibel his smile turning a little more serious.

Grimmjow: Did you really think I was going to leave you to do this by yourself?
Grimmjow: Me going wouldn’t have changed anything, we live or we die, either way it’s out of our hands now.

Grimmjow looks towards Ichigo once more smiling at the confused look on his face.

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Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread


Grimmjow: Still don’t get it do you Ichigo?
Ichigo:…tell me Grimmjow.
Grimmjow: we held out for as long as we could, but from the onset you could tell it was useless. We didn’t stand a chance what with their numbers and abilities. They ‘ve also been recruiting the arrancars on the sly, all the ones that weren’t good enough for the espada, all the ones we told to get lost he’s slowly been recruiting and training up. We kept fighting though until…
Ichigo:…until they destroyed Soul society.
Grimmjow: yeh, after that it was pretty clear even for us. Keep fighting and be killed off until there’s no one left or join him and maybe he’ll decide to keep his word and let our people live.
Joushiro: our people?

Grimmjow turns to look at him his face now wild with anger.

Grimmjow: Why the hell do you think she is here you idiot?!!
Grimmjow: Do you think Bach expected her to live fighting against all three of you even with those arrancar behind her?!
Grimmjow: that was the deal she had to make, we all serve and in turn they stop killing us. You might hate us because of how we are driven by our hunger but that does not make us evil! We are not incapable of feeling-

Ichigo interrupts Grimmjos’s next words, speaking quietly, he is looking down at his sword.

Ichigo: -I don’t hate you
Ichigo: Neither did the captain commander. He knew… understood completely that you weren’t evil, no more so than any soul in soul society is inherently good. You are just the other end of the scale. Without you there is no soul society, and without them there is no you.
Ichigo: It’s why they never actively hunted you, he made sure that they did just enough to protect the humans and maintain the balance and that was all.

Ichigo turns to face Halibel once more

Ichigo: We can help you, we can help each other.

Halibels voice is soft and bitter as she replies.

Halibel: You couldn’t even help yourselves.
Halibel: Enough of this, it changes nothing. If I wish for my people to survive then I have no other choice. Grimmjow if you’re not going to go then fight the other two, I’l fight him!
Grimmjow: Hey No! if anyone is-

Halibel doesn’t wait for him to finish and launches herself at Ichigo. She starts attacking him, her strikes pushing Ichigo back through the air but he is able to deflect them comfortably without straining.
Grimmjow looks at them and sighs

Grimmjow: She even takes the fun out of dying.

He turns to face the two captains and grins

Grimmjow: well I guess I’ll just have to make do with you.

Shunsui raises both his hands in front of him.

Shunsui: no no no no, not me just him first if you don’t mind. I’d like to rest if that’s ok.
Joushiro (whispering): Kyoraku what are you doing?!
Shunsui (whispering): I think someone needs to go down and look after those two, plus I have no desire to kill him, so you’d be the best to handle him.
Jousiro:… I understand, I have no desire to see them dead myself…

Shunsui looks towards Grimmjow and gives him a big open mouthed smile and waves at him.

Shunsui: byeeeeeeebyeeeeeeee.

Shunsui disappears leaving Grimmjow and
Joushiro by themselves.

Grimmjow studies the talismans hovering in the air behind Jousiro.

Grimmjow: That looks like an interesting ability, unfortunately I missed the show earlier, so what does it do?
Joushiro: Why don’t you see if you can find out?

Grimmjow grins as he dashes forward.

Scene Changes to Soul Society

Byakuya stands over the shredded body of Darius, he bends down and picks up the medallion staring at it. Over his shoulder you see Ginrei walking towards them.

Byakuya: Sen...bon...zakura....
Ginrei: you make me proud young Byakuya, to lead your opponent like that was magnificent to watch. To be able to dictate the battle you want from the offset your battle strategy rivals the very best.
Byakuya: His arrogance was his it almost was mine in the past.
Ginrei: You do yourself injustice young Byakuya, I don't believe I ever raised someone with 'such' an arrogance.
Ginrei: Winning and losing is a part of life and a part of battle, you should not see it as anything more. I won the right to protect the king but I lost the right to continue watching you grow.
Byakuya:...and yet I still have not managed to win back Senbonzakura.

Beside them Ryuken, Uryuu and Isshin appear, on the other side of them Wairudo appears also.

Wairudo: It seems your battle is finally over
Ginrei: Yes. Ishida Ryuken, are you able to release the Bankai from the medallion.
Ryuken: Yes I am, however I do not think it would be the most prudent thing to be doing at the moment, I'm sure you understand why Kuchiki Ginrei.
Ginrei:... I do.
Byakuya: What do you mean?!
Ginrei: The distance is somewhat far so you may not have been able to notice but Juha Bach has returned with what seems like six formidable allies.
Ryuken: Six pure blood quincies from what I can gather, on a completely different level to the pawns he's sent out so far.
Ginrei: If we return your bankai now it would just increase the chances of it being stolen again and used by the enemy.
Byakuya: Do you think I would use it again to be stolen?!
Ryuken: Which is precisely why I won't be returning it
Ryuken: Whilst its sealed in the medallion it means it cannot be stolen which means you can use it at your leisure against your enemy.

Ryuken grins and takes a long puff on his cigarette and blows out the smoke in a huge cloud. He looks directly at Byakuya and grins widely.

Ryuken: I love being the bearer of good news!

Scene Change to Hueco Mundo

In the background you can still see Halibel pushing Ichigo around, he's deflecting her blows easily, however he is not counterattacking.
In the foreground you see Grimmjow strike down at Joushiro with his claws. Joushiro blocks it with his sword effortlessly, without flinching or taking a step back. Grimmjow seems surprised by this and strikes down with his other hand, Joushiro blocks his attack once more, his sword barely moving from the strike. Behind Joushiro two of the talismans light up. Grimmjow jumps back leaving some space between him and Joushiro the surprise still evident on his face.

Grimmjow: what exactly are you doing?!
Joushiro: hmmmm, maybe you're just not as strong as you think?
Grimmjow: hah you're almost as funny as Ichigo, fine don't tell me, I'll just have to work it out myself.

Grimmjow sticks out his palm. A cero shoots out heading straight towards Joushiro. As it strikes him it disappears, another talisman behind him lights up.

Grimmjow: you're absorbing them aren't you, my attacks?
Joushiro: am I?! I hadn't noticed.
Grimmjow: hah, fine lets see if you can absorb my gran rey cero.

Grimmjow slashes his left palm and holds it out. The gran rey cero builds and shoots out at Joushiro. Just as the normal cero it strikes Joushiro and dissapears, another talisman behind him lighting up.

Grimmjow: hmph, I wonder what happens once all those talismans fill up.

Joushiro turns around to look at them, as he turns to look back at Grimmjow he smiles.

Joushiro: oh I hadn't noticed, they look quite pretty don't they?

Grimmjow smirks at him and disappears, reappearing just above Joushiro to one side and coming down to strike. Joushiro once again blocks Grimmjows claws with ease with his left sword. This time he brings his right sword around and strikes quite casually at Grimmjow.
Grimmjow see's the strike coming and shifts so that it hits his upper left arm and stops.

Grimmjow: seriously you're gonna have to strike harder to pierce my-

Grimmjow goes rushing down towards the ground at great speed and crashes in amongst the rubble. Behind Joushirou one of the talismans dims. He points his right blade down towards Grimmjow and releases a Cero straight at him.

Grimmjow: ( what the?!! That felt like...that son of a!!!)

He comes flying back up dosging the cero easily and faces off against Joushiro. His face is angry now, Joushiro also looks very serious.

Grimmjow: you used my own attack against me, [spits out some blood].
Joushiro: I did.
Grimmjow: I just have to make sure that you can't block my attacks with your swords, right?!
Joushiro: It may not be as easy as it sounds.
Grimmjow: [rushing forward] we'll see!!

Scene change to soul society.

Juha Bach stands in front of the six Quincies observing soul society with a smile on his face.
Mazrim appears to one side carrying Zenmaru. He drops him to the ground and bows down on one knee in front of Bach.

Mazrim: Your majesty, I have captured one of the zero squad as you commanded.
Bach: Splendid Mazrim, I expected nothing less, my apologies for making you work alongside that rabble for so long.
Mazrim: Whatever his majesty commands.

Bach grins and looks towards the lying body of Zenmaru.

Bach: Did he cause you much trouble?
Mazrim: No, fortunately the captains bankai assisted in capturing him quickly without having to harm him too much.
Bach: hmmmm, did you by any chance capture his Bankai?
Mazrim: My apologies your majesty, no, I didn't give him a chance to release it and incapacitated him the quickest way possible.
Bach: Do not worry, it was merely a whim to see the Bankai of the zero squad. I'm sure we'll get to see one soon enough.

Bach walks forward looking out aNd takes a deep breath.

Bach: Mazrim, take him to Jugo and tell him to begin the process and open up the portal as soon as he can.
Mazrim: Yes your majesty.
Bach: We'll see what fun we can have whilst we're waiting.

Mazrim disappears taking Zenmaru with him. As he does Bach focuses on something far off.

Bach: now lets see what the little ants plan to do next.

Next week Bleach 535:
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Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread

Just for anyone who's still interested in reading this, I'm also adding these on twitter (slowly) as some of my cousins are into it and because the site keeps going down.
I'll still be posting here but in case site goes down again anyone wanting to read it add me on twitter @woodyfanfiction.

P.s. next chapter should be up by end of today.
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Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread

Bleach 535: Resolve 2

Scene opens up in soul society.

Bach sits on top of Soukyoku hill looking out on soul society. He sits on a tall backed chair lounging comfortably with a big smile on his face. Behind him lined up in single file standing to attention are the six Quincy.

Bach: it seems the ants have finally stopped moving, though they seem spread out a little thin don't they Freidrich?

The Quincy at the end of the line takes a few steps forward to come stand next to the left side of Bach's chair.

Freidrich: It would seem that they wish to tackle us one on one Bach sama.
Bach: Indeed, Indeed. I wonder if this is the idea of Ishida Ryuken? Does he have some tricks up his sleeve or is it maybe that the Zero squad members are over estimating themselves?
Freidrich: If Bach sama commands we can show them where their place truly lies.
Bach: Calm Freidrich, ever does pride come before the fall and why should we concern ourselves with the pride of ants.
Freidrich: Yes Bach sama.
Bach: Hmmmm, Mazrim hasn't returned yet though. There are six of them and six of you, I suppose you may as well go and get some of the rust off since I've not given you the chance recently. Go and have fun there's no need to rush, it seems we have a little bit of a wait ahead of us.

All six of the Quincies bow and disappear. Bach rests his elbow on the armchair propping his chin against his hand and grins.

Bach: Now let's see which fireworks are the brightest.

Scene change to outer Hueco Mundo.

Everything is still and quiet. Hundreds of hollows still remain but not a single one of them is moving, they all stand staring towards the palace. The captains in the ground have stopped fighting them too and are now staring at them in confusion. High up in the air Shinji seems to be shouting at Mayuri.

Shinji: Hey are you listening to me?! What do you mean by 'as expected'?! Don't go spouting stuff out without explaining it!
Mayuri: ...I assumed it would have been obvious, but I suppose with intellect at your level it would require some explanation.
Shinji: tch.
Mayuri: it should have been obvious that being such polar opposites,for the Quincy and Hollows to work together was never going to be a possibility.
Shinji: Then what-
Mayuri: This was quite obviously subjugation. They aren't working together, more to the fact the Hollows are serving the Quincy.
Shinji: Subjugation...
Mayuri: Indeed. And from within the palace recently I sensed six presences disappear along with Juha Bach.
Shinji:...are you trying to say-
Mayuri: From my extensive studies on them in the past I could easily deduce that these six were indeed Quincies even if they were masking their reiatsu.
It would seem that Juha Bach and his disciples have now left Hueco Mundo and since we've taken out any presence of their underlings that there was out here it would explain why the hollows remaining have now stopped.
Mayuri: they are awaiting the current outcome of the battle going on within.

Scene change to inside the Palace.

Ichigo is still fighting against Halibel, he is still letting her do most of the attacking whilst he just deflects her attacks. Further away from them Grimmjow is still standing off against Joushiro. He is breathing a little heavily whilst Joushiro still seems composed and unhurt. Behind Joushiro all nine of his talismans have been lit up.

Joushiro: it seems like I have the full set.
Grimmjows: huh, yeh but they were all physical attacks! Which means you'll have to hit me to use them.
Joushiro: Wasn't it you that was attacking me? I'm happy to sit back.

Grimmjow slashes his palm and holds it out in front of him.

Grimmjow: more importantly now that all your talismans have filled up you can no longer absorb my attacks, which means I can now do this!

Grimmjow releases his gran ray cero once more, it flies straight towards Joushiro who strikes at it just as it is about to hit. The gran ray cero splits into two and flies off in different directions before exploding off in the distance.

Grimmjow: That was my gran rey cero, how could-
Joushiro: I did have a little help.

Joushiro points back at his talismans two of which are now no longer lit up.

Grimmjow: grrr, so you used my attacks to increase the force of your strike and cutting power.
Joushiro: Seems like we're back to square one aren't we? Any more ideas ?
Grimmjow: I'm gonna-

A blaze of energy lights up the whole palace for a moment startling the both of them. Grimmjow turns around to see Ichigo standing a few feet away from Halibel, she is standing still her arms lowered, blood sprays out from her chest as she begins to fall towards the ground below.

Grimmjow: Noooo!!

Grimmjow flies towards the falling Halibel and catches her just before she crashes to the grand, he comes skidding to a halt in the rubble as he places her down gently.

Grimmjow: What have you done?! Why take it so far?!

Halibel coughs in pain as Ichigo comes down and stands next to them.

Ichigo: I'm sorry Halibel, I wish it didn't have to come to this but I can no longer waste anytime here.
Halibel: There is nothing to apologise for, this is how it had to be...
Ichigo: If only you had trusted me, if only you had helped us instead it-
Halibel: Who says I'm not going to help you?
Halibel: You defeated Aizen when that should have been impossible, you (cough, cough), in fact ever since you became a shinigami you've done one impossible thing after another.
Halibel: If there is one person I would entrust to overcome these odds it would be you Kurosaki Ichigo... But I cannot risk my people's future on just those odds. My death by your hand is the only thing I can do to at least ensure the possibility of their survival and so I have, I entrust you to ensure my death doesn't go in vain.
Halibel: Bach has four additional Quiincy who he has left within the void between Hueco Mundo and Soul Society. Their purpose is to destroy any connections made attempting to bridge the two worlds, whilst they are there it is impossible for you create a portal and go after him. you can-
Halibel: no, even I don't have permission to go there and any attempt I make will also fail. However, their primary focus is on and terminating any portals connecting to soul society not the human world.

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Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread


Halibel: Hollows frequently make portals towards there and there a vast number open to there at any one time and more constantly being opened and closed.
Grimmjow: Which is why they've left them alone, there's no reason to go there and terminating them would be a full time job.
Halibel: Grimmjow will help you get to the real world through one of these, from there you will have to work out your own way to get to soul society.
Grimmjow: I'm not-
Halibel: My price for helping you is for you to bring balance to our two worlds if you manage to defeat the Quincy and help guide the new ruler of Hueco Mundo.
Grimmjow:...New ruler?!

Halibel strikes out and pireces Grimmjow through the chest with her hand.

Grimmjow:?!! Aargh
Halibel: help you rule well.

Halibel's whole body begins to glow, the glow increases as she slowly begins to dematerialise and she merges with Grimmjow.

Grimmjow: Nooooooooo!!!

A massive tower of reiatsu shoots out of Grimmjow rising high into the sky, his scream can still be heard over the roar as he begins to glow and then suddenly explodes.

Scene change to Soul Society

You observe the ground from very high up in the sky. Down below you can see Ryuken, Uryuu, Isshin, Ginrei, Wairudo and Byakuya spread out far and wide. They have given themselves enough space to battle in however they are still also able to see everyone else. They are spread out in what looks like a semi circle with Wairudo at one end and Ryuken at the other. Ryuken looks at the others lined up, Wairudo looking like a small speck on the far side. Almost simultaneously in front of all of them a Quincy appears standing off about twenty feet away. Ryuken turns back to look ahead of him and see's a Quincy standing there as well.

Freidrich: It has been a while Ryuken.
Ryuken: ...Freidrich?!!
Freidrich: So you still remember me. I'm honoured Last Quincy.
Ryuken: ...You trained me even harder than my father did, how could I ever forget you. I thought you'd died a long time ago...
Freidrich: I did.
Ryuken:?! Freidrich, you of all people, how could you join with him?!
Your pride and resolve, you and could you?!!
Freidrich: (sighs) I understand. I understand because I remember. Before I died, I remember the way I felt, I remember my immovable resolve.
Ryuken: ...
Freidrich: I remember the offer being made to me... I remember my family being murdered when I refused. I remember it all.
Freidrich: And yet I still joined him... do you think that was without reason?

Ryuken stares at him with an expression of grim sadness on his face.

Ryuken: Tell me.
Freidrich: Bach is able to track the souls of the Quincy he kills. After he killed my family and me, he tracked my soul before it was found by a shinigami and-
Ryuken: A Quincy's powers do not pass over when they die, it's not like how it is with the Shinigami, so how can you still...
Freidrich: As much as our abilities have to do with our dna they also equally are a part of our soul as well. They can be awakened if you know how.
Ryuken: and Bach does.
Freidrich: Yes, he filled his power into me causing my own to be re-awakened. He shared his memories with me at the same time and I finally understood. Understood why this is the just cause.
Ryuken: so he brainwashed you.
Freidrich: No!!

The echo of that one word reverberates out over battlefield.

Freidrich: He has promised that once we achieve victory and he takes the place of the soul king he will reunite our families to us but I tell you now that even if that was not the case I would still follow him.
Ryuken: ...
Freidrich: Do you not see Ryuken, what justice is there now?! The real world is corrupt in itself that requires little explanation, the hollows, they still continually kill people without the Shinigami being able to stop them in time. The shinigami themselves are no more naturally noble as we are naturally evil and they cannot stop fighting even amongst themselves.
Ryuken: ...
Freidrich: inequality, suffering, pain.
Chaos wrapped up in the cloak normality.
Ryuken: and he aims to resolve all that?
Freidrich: Yes. What has the soul king ever done to remedy it. Rather than change anything himself the only action he's ever taken is to stop us changing anything when we tried.
Ryuken: And once he's seized power, he decides what's right and wrong...who lives and dies?
Ryuken:... It was you who once told me that you were glad that he had lost. The world needed the freedom to choose. To choose whether to be good or bad, to strive for it, achieve it, so that we could learn and grow as individuals AND as a people...where will that choice go once he takes control.
Freidrich: (sighs)

Suddenly across the whole battlefield towers of energy shoot up into the sky one after the other as all of the other Quincy activate their Vollstandig.

Freidrich: I knew you wouldn't understand yet, but I wished you to remember this conversation after you died.
Freidrich: choice is an illusion, it is the indulgence of the strong nothing more.
Freidrich: for example, what choice do you think any of you now have in leaving here alive?

Next week: 536
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Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread

Took a while but it's finally here.
An extra long one.
Hope you guys enjoy.
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Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread

Bleach 536 & 537: Knowing your enemy.

Scene opens high above soul society. Far down below you can see the swirling, turbulent atmosphere on the land as the towers of energy begin dissipating. The Scene zooms until you can now see Bach lounging in his chair with that ever gloating smile on his face. Mazrim appears next to him and bows low.

Mazrim: Your Majesty, Jugo has said it should not take too long.
Mazrim: Your Majesty, he also said that there was an unusually large spike of energy from Hueco Mundo not long ago.
Bach: Hmm, quite probably the life of Tier Halibel has ended, it matters not as long as they don’t disturb us until we are done.
Mazrim: Yes your Majesty. Should I assist the others?
Bach: No, it will be more fun to enjoy watching these one to one. I’m sure they have some plan on how to fight us and I would like to see what it is.
Bach:… isn’t that right Urahara Kisuke?
Bach: Come on out, there is no use in hiding, if I had wished to kill you I would have attacked before now.

No more than 20 feet away to the left of Bachs chair, the air begins to waiver and shimmer and Urahara Kisuke appears clothed head to foot in his black reitsu hiding cloak. He lowers his hood so that his face can be seen clearly.

Kisuke: Well I guess I was going to get caught sometime, how long have you known I was here?
Bach: Hah, for as long as I’ve been sitting on this throne.
Kisuke: And yet you’ve chosen not to attack me?
Bach: hmph, you are the most intelligent man in and out of soul society.
Kisuke: Why thank you for the-
Bach: and an extremely tricky one too
Bach: who knows what traps you’ve got laid out or planned…also what guarantee do I have that that it is the real you?
Kisuke:! I was not aware you knew of my Shikai’s abilities.
Bach: After all you’ve done did you not think I would learn as much of you as I could? You've kept your secrets well , but that was one you let slip.
Kisuke: Well I may have above average intelligence but no one’s perfect are they… and it’s not like you have any real interest in picking a fight…

Bach looks stone faced at Kisuke for a brief moment before suddenly bursting out in loud jovial laughter.

Bach: If there was anyone who would deduce my plans on their own it would be you. Tell me, what else have you deduced about us? i would find your deductions even more interesting than the battle below us.

Kisuke takes a few steps forward and peers out towards the battlefield.

Kisuke: I was in point of fact thinking of going down and lending them a hand.

The joviality disappears from Bachs face and instead his eyes take on a menacingly evil glint. As Urahara Kisuke turns to look at him he locks gazes and flashes an evil smile.

Bach: Well that would be very interesting, maybe interesting enough for me to take part as well!

Scene Changes down to the Battlefield.

Ishida is standing off against one of the Quincies. The energy circulating around the Quincy in their Volstandig form seems to be immense. As Uryuu watches him, the Quincy pulls off his cap and cloak and throws it to one side. A shocked looks passes Uryuu’s face as he sees that the Quincy looks to be a boy the same age as him, if not slightly younger. The Quincy looks at Uryuu, grinning widely. He has short blond hair with a fringe at the front and looks similar to a younger version of Shinji.

Manden: You seem surpised? Kote Manden at your service my liege.
Uryuu: …You’re mocking me…is there a reason why?

Manden begins to laugh out loud at Uryuu’s words.

Manden: Reason? Of course there’s a bloody reason! You! Last in the line of royalty and look how pathetic you are.
Manden: You see, I’ve been watching you for a long time Ishida Uryuu! To begin with I was curious, as one of my few peers left alive, and one with royal lineage on top, I wished to evaluate my own abilities against yours.
Manden: hmph, but you, you were just pathetic. Failing at every turn, relying on everyone to save your ass, you made me laugh and feel disgusted at the same time at how pitiful you are.

Manden spreads his arms out wide to either side and indicates the entire battlefield.

Manden: Why do you think we’re all just standing doing nothing. We’re not here just to kill you, we’re here to show how pathetic you are. How useless all your tactics and abilities are against us.

Maden expels out a huge amount of reiatsu, making the ground around him shake.

Maden: Come at me prince of the Quincy. Show me what you can do when your life is on the line. Today i get to show you how beneath me you have always been!!

Scene change to Wairudo

He stands before another released Quincy. This one is tall and seems muscularly built and looks similar to Sagat from street fighter. Wairudo is half crouched, his hand on his sheathed sword which is glowing slightly

Mashida: Well how much longer do you plan to wait? I thought that after you released your sword you would attack me immediately. Have I not explained it well enough? You are all to be given a chance at the first strike. Shouldn’t you make the best use of it?
Wairudo: …Indeed
Mashida: …after all…the longer you wait the longer we have to torture your comrade...

Mashido disappears appearing a few feet to his left, then again appearing to his right and then finally back in his original postion.

Far behind him a large mound of rubble suddenly explodes, debris flying in all directions.

Mashida: My my, isn’t that a quick attack. The Quickdraw I’ve never seen it before. It’s certainly an excellent technique, quite ideal to use against us as well. It’s speed would mean that we wouldn’t have enough time to absorb it. Unfortunately for you though, that technique still loses out to a Quincy for two reasons.
Mashida: Our speed…and our ability to detect reiatsu. Par on par it outclasses that of you shinigami. Even if I can’t absorb a technique like that, avoiding it is childs play.

Wairudo stiffens up as Mashido starts disappearing and flitting around the battlefield.

Mashida: Is that all you have? I’m afraid you’ll have to try something different… numbers will not assist you here.

Wairudo flashbacks to a little while earlier. He is standing in the 12th squads Barracks. He’s in front of some computer screens watching battles from the previous fights with the sternritters. Behind him Urahara Kisuke appears. Wairudo speaks to him without turning around.

Wairudo: So you didn’t go with them to Hueco Mundo. I’m not surprised.
Kisuke: Wairudo san. I think it’s time we put old differences to one side and speak frankly to one another. I have information you will need if you wish to survive the coming battles.

Wairudo comes out of his flashback and stands up straight once more. Mashida settles down on the ground facing him grinning widely.

Mashida: so? Thought of anything new??

Wairudo: No, entirely the opposite.

He unsheathes his sword in one big swing and holds it out out in front of him, the tip pointing down.

Wairudo: *Bankai*
Mashida: ( hah you fool)

Scene change to Urahara and Bach.

Urahara takes a few steps away from the cliff and looks over to Bach. He looks over at Bach and sighs.

Kisuke: Well...the pieces were all mixed up, but once you realise they're all there it wasn't hard to put them together.
Bach: indeed! (grins widely).
Kisuke: You attacked soul society, and that without your main force, and destroyed it. Yet you chose not to press your advantage and kill everyone.
Bach: and you found that unusual? (Still grinning widely)
Kisuke: You out of anyone has an understandable reason to want revenge. What has been done to your people, what has been done to you. Even if your primary intention was to mobilise the Zero squad and get them down here that still could have been achieved by killing everyone, and yet you chose not to do so.

Bach still grinning widely stands up and walks towards the edge of the cliff, he turns slightly so he is half facing Urahara and indicates him to carry on.

Kisuke: that seems to suggest that revenge was never on your mind. Yes, because of your history with us, you may not feel any sadness or sorrow at killing us indiscriminately, but our destruction was simply a means to an end.
Bach: Splendid Urahara Kisuke, and what would that end be?
Kisuke: You chose to attack after Aizen had been defeated, that itself is an indication. I doubt if you ever truly feared him any more than you feared Yamamoto genryusai. So why wait?
Bach: indeed.
Kisuke: it could be that you had yet to complete your full mobilisation of your forces, or maybe you couldn't fully act whilst he was there without revealing your presence to us.
Kisuke: but the most likely possibilities were that you were just biding your time. If he succeeded in finding another way of getting to Soul Kings realm then he would have completed your task for you.
Bach: so yet another confirmation for you as to my objective.
Kisuke: Yes, your objective was clear, and has now been confirmed once I saw you capture that Zero squad member.
Bach: Urahara Kisuke you certainly do not fail to disappoint. There is just one thing left for you to explain...What makes you think you can stop me?!
Kisuke:...Well your weaknesses are pretty obvious once you take the time to look at them-

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