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Fairy Tail 368


Ex Chairman continues to hunt down Jellal so they can activate Face. Elf Man in an attempt to get Lisanna back was given one task....place a lacrima within the FT HQ. That lacrima would explode with the power of 500x Jupiters. FT would be instantly vaporized in the blast. This was the only way for Elf Man to rescue Lisanna. Meanwhile Natsu and Lisanna attempt to free themselves from the handcuffs. Both are naked and have their backs turned so they can't witness the "goods". Silver Slayer comes through and tosses a scarf to Lisanna. Oddly enough calls her his Princess...and regrets that Natsu of all people have interfered. Natsu tells Lisanna he smells just like Gray. Erza is being tortured for the location of Jellal. Elf Man returns from his depressing mission without his sister. Cana goes off on his ass as she should in regard to his position as Lisanna's big brother. Elf Man decides to blow up FT......Midknight and group continue fighting Jellal.....Jellal says he will free them..but before he gets a chance to explain Zero strikes him with a serious blast to the torso. Then attacks him while he lay planted. Ex Chairman finds the video feed just in time to smirk...(he thinks Jellal is dead....and with that face would activate...) Next chapter...I am expecting Natsu to free himself and confront Silver Slayer....

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Re: Fairy Tail 368

How many ways to say lackluster chapter?

Hiro should just stop already and start doing a hentai series... if he hasn't already.
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