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Re: Naruto 665

Hurizen taught Jman.
Jman taught Minato.
Minato taught Kakashi.
Kakashi taught Naruto.
Jman taught Naruto.

Hurizen dropped the ball,he should have been th first. To teach Naruto.
I have a feeling if Minato survived Naruto would have been another Hashirama. Far as being powerful and skillful. I mean all the above probably woukd have had a hand at teching him things.

I can see it now,star Genin Naruto "Namekaze" he would know FTG,Rasengan,Shadow clone jutsu(he still would have found a reason to and steal the scroll. Probably to impress dad by learning a technique he doesn't use.)

Sasuke wouldn't have stood a chance from day one,lol.

Just wanted to talk about something other than this.

1.Kishi messed up.
2. Yes we could figure a way he could have learned Sage mode.
3. But again,Kishi never mentioned him ever having it.
4. Far as cannon goes,it is an asspull unless he retcons it by having a flashback.
5. 666 is coming let's just prepare for it. I think it may be a doozy!

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