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Chapter 276 Discussion (SPOILERS)

Well let me first start by saying I guess we know the NEW sharingan is actually the Mangeyou sharingan. It seems like Kakashi also has acquired the third comma in his sharingan now, since he was able to downgrade or change the one we all were wondering about into it. I can't even explain the doujutsu but it is something else VERY Powerful so much that he left Deidra shook from such power. We also learn that they have either had fights amongst themselves to guage everyone's power or Deirdra and Itachi have worked together on a mission. Also it is good to hear that Itachi and Kakashi are now on the same level in regards to doujutsu strength, but I was s little disappointed to find out that Kakashi hadn't mastered it's use yet but what do you expect. For all those hoping to see a new move from Naruto prepare to be disappointed because his two moves we all are very familiar with. Bad move on Deirdra's part to underestimate Naruto's strength, although it does seem rightly so since he is currently using the nine tails power when he attacks her. I am going to read/look over the chapter again to find out some new things, pretty good chapter indeed would love to see this animated.

Edit: Well I am now going through the chapter again and I notice that when Kakashi is doing his new jutsu that the veins in his eye either are being strianed or they were just drawn in. The second part of that I highly doubt since they seem to be more prevalent in the following drawings, it seems that it does put a lot of strain on the eye itself. If we follow this way of thinking it almost makes you think that the sharingan came first and then the byakugen.

The new jutsu that Kakashi is using seems to trick the user into feeling like there arm was cut off or maybe ripped off, but if that is the case Deirdra was able to overcome the pain quite quickly. Regarding Naruto's attack I am assuming that he barely hit Deirdra with his Rasengan but was actually trying to get her and the bird so that it would drop Gaara. As of right now these are my findings after looking through the chapter a second time.
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