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Chapter 289 RAW (2 Shocking appearances)

2 Badass appearances.

I've uploaded the RAW for you guys.


Scanlation thanks to Matonly1T


Page 1:

Title: The spy from "Akatsuki"!!

Side-text: The trained body. The matured mind. And then, the dandyism & elegance of shinobis.

Page 2:

Side-text: "I have no feelings", has declared Sai... The true intention of this?

Sakura: You don't feel anything...
Sakura: ...What do you mean, you don't feel anything...?

Sai: Exactly what the words mean.

Page 3:

Sakura: But I mean... If you also have a brother,
Sakura: You must be able to imagine how you would feel if he died...?

Sai: Hm...?
Sai: Huh, yeah... I guess...

Page 4:

Sai: Since my brother is already dead.

Sakura: ...If so, you don't need...

Sai: Would it feel better if I showed a face like that?

Page 5:

Sakura: ...What do you mean?

Sai: Well... At the time my brother died, I didn't know what kind of face to make.

Page 6:

Sakura: (This guy...)

Yamato: Let's stop talking.
Yamato: We're going to start soon, gather your things.

Sakura: Sai...
Sakura: Actually, I should have sent you flying again a while ago...

Page 7:

Sakura: I did say that if you spoke badly of Sasuke-kun again,
Sakura: I wouldn't restrain myself.

Sakura: But Naruto didn't do it, so as to rescue Sasuke-kun...
Sakura: He said he'd even team up with you who look down on Sasuke-kun.

Sakura: ...No matter what kind of guy you are... So as to rescue Sasuke,
Sakura: You shouldn't get hurt.

Page 8:

Sai: Sakura-san... You, with Naruto...
Sai: Yeah... You're so-called "kind" to him, is that it?

Sai: I don't understand why you feel that way...
Sai: But it's been like this from the start...

Naruto: Let's go quickly, everybody.
Naruto: If we're not there tomorrow during daylight, it will have been for nothing!

Page 9:

Yamato: We're close.

Page 10:

Sakura: Captain Yamato... He's doing it well...
UNKNOWN GUY: It's been a long time, Sasori-sama.
Yamato: (This guy...)

Page 11:

KABUTO!! : ...About five years.

Yamato: (...Medicine expert Kabuto...)
Yamato: Followed...?

Page 12:

Kabuto: No problem...

Sasori: How's the situation?
Kabuto: A weird feeling remains from the time I remembered who I was, unsealed by Sasori-sama's technique...
Kabuto: My head is still a bit heavy...

Naruto: That guy again...!!

Sakura: I'd never... Kabuto was the "Akatsuki" spy...

Yamato: I have a few questions.

Kabuto: We have no time, please make it quick.
Kabuto: I risk my life just by coming here away from Orochimaru's eye.

Yamato: Give me information on the emplacement of his hideout, and about Uchiha Sasuke.

Page 13:

Kabuto: Thee are many hideouts.
Kabuto: So that his whereabouts are not discovered, he's moving between various places by one week units.
Kabuto: Of course, these are also in countries away from the sound.
Kabuto: Oroschimaru's spies are given intricate directions.

Kabuto: His means of travel are various and can't be told easily either.
Kabuto: He's now hiding in a hideout in a small island of the north lake.
Kabuto: He'll move in three days.

Kabuto: Uchiha Sasuke is also there.

Naruto: The wind is too strong, we can't catch what they say.

Sakura: Idiot! On the contrary, that's why we've been able to get this close.
Sakura: Sound and smells are carried away by the wind and don't get noticed.

Page 14:

Kabuto: What... A plains rabbit?...

Page 15:

HE SAW...!!

Page 16:



Start the discussion.


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