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Question Create a anime character wif ur own plot 4 Naruto!1

do u wish to have a character that represent u in Naruto and give it a small plot / background about ur character .... Here is my one
Name: Mikosharuyu
My character look like anko and tayuya ...but it character like Kabuto add Kimimaru....actually more like Kimimaru ....the power it is suck ppl Charaka like vampire and it can also give it power to ppl ....the plot :taken in by Oro when she kill her own family coz the family alwaz abuse her ...after killing her family she becomes lost and angry of Oro took her under his wing ....she is not given any cruse seal ...Kabuto is quite jelous of her coz Oro kinda trust her more then him plus he is afaird that Oro will replace him wif MY character....( my character has a crush on Oro and she is also a fanatic like Kimimaru)...but in the end ...she love Kabuto and Kabuto tell Mikoshruyu that he is actually a spy from the same time Mikoshruyu found out that Oro is the one who set her up by forcing her Family to abuse she betray giving her power to Kabuto and go to Konoha to tell them about Sasuke ( she has help out in teaching Sasuke ) but unlucky ....she was killed by Kabuto in order of Oro ...still she was happy coz she was able to know that Kabuto like her and being kill by Kabuto is better than being kill by Oro....the END
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