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Episode 181 Discussion(Spoilers)

Pretty boring episode if you ask me.

So Akahoshi waves it off as an accident that he knocked Naruto off of the cliff too, and Neji hesitantly lets him go. Lee and Tenten rescue Sumaru and they all meet back at the training grounds and the Konoha ninja and Sumaru reveal that Akahoshi was behind all of this, other than stealing the star. We then find out that Natsuhi saved Naruto from the fall into Hell's Ravine by using the Peacock Method. She heals him and feeds him, and we find out more about what happened ten years ago in the Star Village. The Peacock Trainees and the Ninja decide upon setting out to defeat Akahoshi or something along those lines...and meanwhile, Akahoshi is searching for the star, using the Peacock Method to track Natsuhi's chakra. Akahoshi and his pawns arrive at their destination, when Naruto jumps out to try and stop them. He tries the same thing he tried on Natsuhi, but Akahoshi was expecting it. As he is about to smash Naruto, Natsuhi stops him. Then the talking begins, we see the trainees and Konoha group are going to be arriving shortly...and then Natsuhi tells Naruto that it is the Star Villages fight, and will stop them.

Boring episode...lots of talking...I don't think there is only 1 more week of fillers. I'm willing to say 2-3 more.
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