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Blades of the Sun Ch.1

A Short story i'm putting together

The characters in this book are copyrighted to moi.

No its not fanfiction, but i don't have anywher else to put this.

anyways enjoy.


Ch. One
White Heat, Black Blade

The acrid smell of death filled his head, it was all consuming. He found it hard to breathe, death had taken to the air, it was heavy; it shifted and swirled inside his lungs, he noticed nothing but that presence, that cold sharpness growing within his chest.

He was faintly aware of the hot dampness dripping down his face, it took him a while before he realized it was blood, although he couldn’t quite tell whether it was his or theirs, but it didn’t matter now, nothing mattered now except her. He had to reach her before they did, otherwise all would be lost, everything he had worked for, everything that they had dreamed. If he failed, there would be nothing left but death, cold and absolute like this foul air that consumed the night.

He froze.

The air suddenly became colder, if that was even possible, the faint sound of heavy boots on wood made him spin, sword in hand.

Before him a tall, dark figure stood upright, clad in black and veiled by the night.

Even in this light he could recognize him, that smell, it was worse than scent of death, fiery hatred boiled within his veins.

You!” he snarled, he was faintly aware of the surprise that bubbled under the white hot anger, surprise at how animal-like his voice had become, like a dog's growl.
He brushed the emotion aside and replaced it with the overflowing hate.

The figure smiled, a smile that never reached his eyes, cold blue eyes that stared back at him, calm, collecting. Like a wolf stalking its injured prey.

“Oh? I’m surprised you’re still alive, I thought my men had already disposed of you like the rest of those pathetic cowards you claim as your own.” the words clung to the air like ice, it seeped through the white hot rage and chilled him to the core.

His blood boiled at those words, he had called them “cowards” the people who had followed him to the end, they gave him everything. His mouth twisted into an angry scowl.

How dare he! They fought till the end, till death!

Without thinking he lashed out with his sword, a sword that gleamed white, it felt hot in his hands, as hot as the loathing he felt for that man.

White heat struck empty air as the man glided back seemingly with ease, like a vulture.

“Die! Die Shadin! Fall into the pits of hell, where you belong!” the hate in those words filled the night air; it was so intense that he barely recognized his own voice.

The man named Shadin drew his sword to meet his, it was black to the hilt, yet that black blade burned with a fiery passion that spoke of bloodlust and battle.

“You still can’t control your emotions can you Amyras? Hmm, I’d love to see where that emotion takes you after I kill her” Shadin’s voice mirrored the cold malicious grin that broke the smoothness of his face.

“You bastard!” spat Amyras, the growling sound in his throat grew louder.

He stabbed furiously at Shadin; angry sparks flew as steel met black steel.

Both men slashed and blocked, swerved and dodged in a deadly dance of blades, sparks flew where blade met blade, blood flowed where cold, hard, metal, struck soft flesh.

Amyras leaped and brought his sword down upon Shadin’s, fiery sparks met, where blades intertwined, a quick sidestep and Shadin was gone. Frantically Amyras spun around.



Cold steel plunged through his chest, Amyras looked down, dark red clung to black steel and just as quickly as it had arrived, the blade vanished, leaving the dull pain and warm dampness to consume the emptiness it had left.

Amyras was faintly aware of Shadin, behind him, sheathing his sword, but that thought grew dim as the darkness consumed his consciousness. All was loss, he had failed.

Tears flowed freely from his eyes, mixing with the blood, it tasted sweet in his mouth.

I’m sorry Elace, I’ve failed.
I’m sorry my love
I'm sorry.

Grey faded to black, and darkness swallowed light as Amyras’ embraced death and breathed his last.

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