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Yu-gi-oh FC

Heya, I wanna make an FC about the amazing Anime AND TCG of Yu-gi-oh!

Anyone who wants to join, please let it know here, I wanna become official XD

No Flaming
No Spamming
Put your membership in your sig

For starters, lets answer a few questions:
- How much have you seen from Yugioh?
- Who's your favorite character?
- Which character do you like the least?
- Do you play the TCG?
- What's the theme of your deck and would you like to share your deck? (name the cards that are in it XD)

well then, please join!

- *subrosa*

- OffTheChain
- Hokge

- Shurikenmaster
- Magnum
- Willis
- Light`Neji
- ninjaelite4323
- SakurasDearest
- Smeeeeee
- Element X
- Cursesealer
- KibaXTema4eva
- Destinyhero-sasuke008
- Jutsuking123
- k97yx
- Hinata176
- Kear Bear
- sairei
- skwee
- mortalkenshi2

Total Members: 18

I also need someone who can make a banner for this FC, I currently have no Photoshop or any other ways to make a banner, so I really need someone who is willing to do it for me

Friends: Sasuke204, Toshi, Nelson, Venustan, Colini, Kitsune_ai, C-chan, Kites, Kyuubinaruto58, Matonly, Uzumaki-sama, Daitashi, OTC, Maes, Oakgyrl, Stanislaw, Akatsuki Shinobi, Akira, Copyninjasasuke, Kakashi100, DSM, Angelwings, Coribn117, Edgar's parish, Rika, -Sasuke-, GaaraOfTheDeathSand, Efa, Bloodreapress, hinata_tropical, Naruto NR, Diane_Cheeze, <DaNTe>, apostilesofthestars, 94Tsunade-sama, itachi143, sand_illusions, semi, ANBU Hanabi, I probably forgot people, so if you wanna be friends, just say so^^ I want more friends anyway^^
member of The Geijutsuka Crew

Proud owner of: Yu-gi-oh FC!

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