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Re: Illegal Imigrants

Originally Posted by Ore-sama
It's not always as easy as you say. There are people who are for some reason forced to leave their country and not given the time to do the necessary preparations concerning papers and stuff.

Plus, in limited numbers, they're useful. You can exploit them and they got nowhere to turn to MWAHAHAHAHA. Just kidding, but it's a fact. Our handyman was Polish and illegal, and because of that, he was cheap: he had to do anything we paid him for or else how should an illegal person survive? Illegal Polish handymen are lovely, they work well, they work fast and they only ask one tenth of what a proffessional company would take.

Also, what if an illegal person pays taxes and lives a decent life? Illegal is often associated with criminal which is BS. I am being threatened with deportation because I don't have any real papers, too. But guess why? Because I wanted to become a normal, tax-paying, registered cityzen and let go of my diplomatic ID & immunity. I WANTED to become a citizen the correct way but once I requested citizenship, they lost my file and voil*, I'm illegal. So? I'm paying all my taxes and other bills, I'm trying to find decent work and I don't commit any crime. But they fucked up my file and lost my request. Great.
That's also how people can become illegal.

I think illegal immigrants should still be given a chance when they live up to certain expectations, such as decent conduct, looking for a decent job, speaking or learning the language of the country they enter, and a willingness to integrate and adapt.
Take the Belgian Moroccans for example. Most of them don't adapt. All they speak is Arabic and French, they treat Belgian women like muslim women and expect them to comply, they spit on the streets because in their culture, tissues are gross, they stay among themselves in ghettos and the crime rate is as high as a skyscraper in those areas. And those people are LEGAL. I'd rather see them deported than some peaceful illegal immigrants who behave the way they should. The Polish guy I mentioned above was decent, very decent. I am a punk and a bitch, but I'm still decent. We're both "illegal", but we're better people than at least a 1000 of those aforementioned Moroccans.

I see the problem of a million immigrants invading a country which only has so much space/jobs/funds. That's why I say, impose conditions. Or say "only so many immigrants a year".
But don't kick someone out just like that; many don't come to commit crimes. Many come to finally lead a life in peace. Not only fugitives. And some have lived illegally in the host country for so long they've built a life there. They found friends, maybe even a job. It'd be cruel to kick them out as long as they act according to the local rules.

You know, I could get a visit from the police any minute, telling me to leave. Leave where? How? Drop my life here and start over in Germany where real estate is unaffordable or in Israel, where more and more bombs kill more and more people? Great. What have I done to deserve that? I tell you what. Let the immigrant office lose my file. Yay.
The illegal immigrants need food correct? Well we have to make that food, and to make that food, we needoney, correct? How is the US gonna make all of this money to feed all of these people. The US is already overpopulated enough. More peole, more money. They come over and have kids, then that is just more people. We are falling apart.

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