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Sannin FC

Hello everyone and welcome to the Official Sannin FC, we have banners, and I will post them all below, if anyone else wish to join, they can pm me, so any other questions, please pm me about it.



Cursed marked Kyuubi Uchiha
Fireshadow of Konoha

How to activate membership to this FC:

OK, people can join at any time, so here is how to join: You first must ask me in a pm, do not post it here or the answer will be a defenate no. Then, if I say yes back in a pm, then you must send me a separate, new pm, not a reply to the old one and entitle it Sannin FC and put the following info like this, and excatly like this:

Name: tyler2000
info: I like to play naruto games.

Do not put tyler2000 or owner or the info of mine down, that is just an example, put it about you! Anyone who is new must put member where I put owner. That is how to become a member, here are some things about the thread.

This post will be considered as a bulletin, I will update it often, so always read it before going on every day. I will post a Updates and News section later on, thet is where you will find the updates. Here are just a few rules and we will be done.


No Spamming
You know what it means so do not do it!!

No Flaming:
Please do NOT do.

No Stupid Questions
OK, now there are questions, and there are stupid ones, you know the difference, stupid people ask stupid questions.

No insulting
It hurts...*sniffle*... don't make me cry

Contest and Events
*NOTE* I will leave contest up here until the day they are due, if you do not follow all of the instructions excatly as instructed, then you will be deleted from the contest.

Character Creation Contest
Let your imagination run wild, you create your own unique character, write down his name, age, village, clan, and background, and this is optional, you can put a picture of him, it cannot be an actual character, or it will not count.

Clash of Ninja 2 has been released, so go get them, it is a really good game so go and buy it.

Season 3 is on the air, at 9:00 on cartton network.

We are getting close to the release of Ultimate Ninja 2 and Uzumaki Chronicles.

Owner of the Sannin FC
Member of the Atasuki FC
Memebr of the Ultimate Ninja FC

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