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Cool Who's philosophy or dream do you think is true?

This is my first time so I don't know how to do a REAL poll, but my question is who's philosophy or dream do you think is true? Which do you fit into?

Naruto: I'm going to become Hokage! I'm going to be the best!

Sasuke: My family's gone. I must kill Itachi! That will satisfy me!

Sakura: Sasuke is so cuuuutte!

Kakashi: I just want to read.

Gai: I must train!

Lee: I will become a great ninja! Even if I can't use ninjutsu or genjutsu!

Past Neji: Your fate is always sealed.

Ino: Sasuke!

Shikamaru: I just want an easy life. Looking at the clouds all day.......... everything else is troublesome.

Choji: The last potato chip is one thing, but no one makes fun of my best friend!

Kiba: I'm the best!

Shino: ..........talk when neccessary.

Hinata: ........ I want to change myself..........

Past Zabuza: Ninjas are just killing tools.

Haku: To protect your special someone, you can find true strenght.

Orochimaru: I will never die! Ninja are only strong if they can master all ninja techniques!

Jiriyia: I don't need an Uchiha, a true strong ninja is one who can endure!

Past Gaara: If I kill (hurt) people, I am happy.

Gaara: No one can defeat lonliness...

These are just some examples. I want to know what you think is true and like yourself.

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