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[YHBT] Naruto 200 Kakashi Gaiden Special

This is a download that is on Dattebayo. Just a warning that this is a fakesub and is not worth downloading other then to read what it says:

[YHBT] Naruto 200 Kakashi Gaiden Special ; We Would Like to Announce...

Contrary to popular belief, Episode 200 is not the last episode of filler.

Here is the upcoming Naruto Schedule:

9/13 - Episode 200
9/20 - Episode 201 (Final Filler Episode)
9/27 - 202 (Clip Show)

At this time Naruto changes time slots to THURSDAY.

10/5 - 90 min. Kakashi Gaiden Special Follow by Episode 203
10/12 - Episode 204

And just incase you were wondering, we've known this since April.
We were just screwing with you.

Love, Us.
Other stuff is just commentary and clips from previous episodes.

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Re: [YHBT] Naruto 200 Kakashi Gaiden Special

whenever it has the "yhbt" it means "you have been trolled" in other words they have a troll or fakesub put in place whenever the episode hasnt been released yet. Or may never be released

<timecop> comment: whenever you see YHBT's bleach. DO NOT download it. its ALWAYS fake. piece of junk. i bet the one who create/upload YHBT triumph is a big no life liar.
<timecop> LMAO!!! so sad. ha ha ha
<timecop> Watch Pythagoras Switch instead. You might learn something
if people watched episode 199 then its obvious that theres no kakashi gaiden.
so yeh...
always good to use brains. And thanks for the info?

Whether its true or not about the KG, no threads should be made until this gaiden is actually released and/or the fillers ACTUALLY end. And until you have reliable sources than DB's fakesub

got it?

If its fake its fake. people can figure it out for themselves.
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