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Re: Freedom of speech: Can it survive?

Originally Posted by Pride
so, if i own privat eland, i can grow marijuana, and when the police come and try and get me i can so "no, i ow this land and i made a rule that said i can grow pot" and there gonna say "oh, alright, thats cool, mind if we match you a blunt?"

i dont think so.
Wow, probably should avoid using analogies in the future. Not your forte, man. ^^;

Let's say I don't like attention whore douche bags who wear face paint in a pathetic attempt to go against the norm, be different, or to just try to hide the fact that they're uninteresting losers, for example. So I don't let these people come over my house. That's not against the law, right? Right. You don't have to let someone on your property if you don't want them there. What law does that break? Hmm?

Now lets say I run a school. I don't want those same kids in there for whatever reason. Dress like a normal person or find a different school, there's other options. Don't like the rules, then go complain about it to the proper authorities or find somewhere else to get an education. Is that against the law? Nope. Will breaking the rules that only apply on school grounds get you arrested? Nope. Again, no contradiction with the law. If they don't want someone on their property for whatever reason then it's within their right to tell you to GTFO. They're not breaking any law.

You growing pot at your house does break the law though, so your analogy isn't very relevant. Schools don't break the law when they issue a fricken dress code. You're being ridiculous, man.

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