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Re: All these unexplained things, where and what are they all leading to?

Originally Posted by White Lotus View Post
There are 3 boys on the playground, 1 big one and two smaller children, Now lets say the 2 small children have a history of fighting arguing and such, now, if the bigger kid sees these two kids fighting, should he not intervene and stop these children, that is the same reason why the USA ,in some peoples eyes, should help smaller countries.
ROFLMAO the one with the history of fighting is the big fat kid representing the USA man Hey, US history began when immigrants came butchering the native indians, mind you... and if there hadn't been the introduction of human rights, black slaves would still be wiping their white masters' complacant asses.
Help smaller countries - make me laugh. Up until now, their only help was cutting down the population so there were more resources for the few who survived the "Oops, missed the target, killed civilians - again"-crap the US army keeps pulling on people. Ofcourse, if all my neighbours get killed in a US attack, I get the whole supermarket for myself, unless it's buried under the debris. Thanks for the help, dear USA

another scenerio, The police will arrest people with guns if they do not have a permet, although the police themselves have guns, so do you mean by what you are saying technically it is wrong for police to have guns? or is it appropriate for some kind of authority to have something to controll the things it is trying to protect, while protecting itself at the same time.
Although many cops are abusive bastards, please don't compare the keepers of the small man's peace to the US government who acts as the very opposite. Thanks. Despite of what the USA think, they are not the world police. Thank god. I would be so scared.

bush is an intelligent man
*dies laughing*

People just like to complain, in a few years they will be crying about the next president
US just like to complain, in a few years they will be crying about the next axis of evil THEY declared as such. There may have been reasons to go into war, but from Hiroshima over Afghanistan to Iraq, they've always kept overdoing it on the civilians and thereby, stoop down to the same lows as the terrorists they despise so much.

@Kekkei Genkai & topic
Indeed, some things about these events are creepy. Although the way it's made and brought to us is a little "un-serious" with all the music and shit, it's frighteningly well-argued and worth the time:
On one hand, it seems almost outrageous, on the other hand, if this video is a joke, the creator risks his life for publishing this if he's discovered. Kinda high risk for a joke.
ZOMG! There was an EBUL link here!!!11!
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