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Thumbs up Bush consparacy revealed.

Yes George W. Bush consparacy was revealed. Only a certain number of people know this.

This began 2 years ago as soon as Katrina hit. Bush noticed it was hit at the famous town New orleans. The population was mostly blacks around there. When bush discovered this he thought o a good idea to own america with his precous white people.

His first step was not saving the blacks in the Katrina zone.... So when he didnt help the NBA and Football league helped out Bush noticed this and he was in rage. So he brought up Sport stars should be paid less so they have less power. Another step to domination.

Then the Jews needed to be tooken cared of he gave them better jobs (;i.e more pay) So they wouldnt worry about what was going on and didnt care because they were filthy rich now.

The indains were given jobs with the white house so they didnt get angry and their families were happy with the great pay.

Then the Latino's, Hispanics, Mexicans and Mixed groups were very happy when they saw that the border potro was gone. (Not saying they are all from mexico but were happy when they were all brought toegther and didnt have to live in bad circumstances.

Some celiberties found out about this like Kanye West and Mikeal Myers. So they countered with 'George Bush hates black people' And it was sucees. Black people all over america were about to kill him but then....Kanye west was tooken into goverment grounds. Proof? Didnt you see VMA (video music awards) Kanyes song 'Gold Digger' was a nominee for best Hip Hop Video. But that was made in 2005....... So Kanye didnt have time to make another hit song because he was in goverment fields.

Then George Bush a counter King went and made Black community charaties. Black people then didnt believe Kanye and were silenced.

Kids were tooken into toll so George Bush told Tom a goverment worker to make called myspace so kids were on it all the time and they put hooker, whores out of jail so they can rape them so Bushy can take over america (same with dateline)

Believe me or not i dont care you'll see soon enough. Discuss, Im moving to canada.
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