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Re: Creativity Works: Create your own Zanpakuto Kit

Name: Kigurai 긍지 (Korean Symbols, Japanese Word, means Pride)

Elemental powers: Electricity

Shape: A long silver blade, about 10 ft. in length but thin and light. The handle is curved and is black. From the end of the handle there is a black metal spiral that wraps around the arm of the wielder.

Shikai Call: 묶는 것 긍지 (Korean for: "Bind, Pride")

Bankai Form: The blade becomes pure white and is electrically charged and creates sparks when it comes in contact with anything, also has spikes on the back of the blade. The handle looks shredded (because of the electricity) and has white colored scratches. The metal spiral that was wrapped around the wielders arm turns the wielders arm and from the shoulder to the waist black. The black "tattoo" has spikes towards the opposite side, something like the way Sasuke's Cursed seal looks on level 2.

Other Abilities: Can create waves of reiatsu that are like lightning and can send out surges of electricty into what the sword is embedded in (i.e. ground, wall, ceiling. A perticular example would be to send a surge into the ceiling, sending sparks down like rain, sending shocks into the oponents muscles.)

Avatar form: A teenage boy with black hair like Riku (Kingdom Hearts) that cover his eyes, but his eyes have a yellow'ish glow visible through his hair. His clothes are layers of black ragged cloth.

Pros: Very agile sword with tremendous speed. When in Bankai it causes the opponent to lose speed because the electric element sends shocks to the opponents muscles making them tense.

Cons: Due to the length it is hard to maneuver and takes strategy to control. Can be overpowered if the wielder is careless. Has a bulky sheath.

Bearer's Name: Ito Hyosuke

Proud Member Of: Yondaime & Akatsuki Fc

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