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Battle Royale: NarutoLounge Edition.

Talk about the story here:

Notes before i beging:

Each post per day *If I can even fit two in one day...* Will be about a certain group or person so don't feel left out, I'm using Jax and 48 'Cause I have A LOT in store for them including a fight.

I'll look at your avatar for a description of you, for example: Oakgyrl has the weird purple ninja thing in her ava so that will be her description and etc.

It's too late to change theme songs, if you chose LP- In the end and wanted it changed in the thread it's to late.

Don't bitch about how ya get killed off, since reading the BR sign-up thread I noticed it will have laot of tension between Jaxons group *LP record down the throat?* and this so called 'Team evil', Obviously members from each side will be eliminated over time by the oppsoing members of the groups or just someone out of the blue.

If I can't get your theme song I'll just leave what it is called mmkay?

There are others I must still add to the list but please note that I aint forgot about you.


The moans, mutters and cries filled the small four walled room, it was a miracle how they could fit over twenty people. Two armed guards stood in the centre of the crowd equipped with assult rifles and mace. The guards faces showed no sorrow,no pleasure in this game just as if it was a boring job in the office sorting pencils by their colour.

'Hello children! I'm Evil-Tsunade but to the fans of Battle Royal call me Conor. Class seventeen has been chosen for this years edition of Battle Royal! The seat gripping, blood spilling and parent depresion show ever to be seen on TV! But thats not the point of your stay here on Takami Island is it? No. There are over twenty of you here in this room but sadly only one can come out as the gladiator of this blood shed tournament. As you may notice you have a very tight collar around your neck, consider this a gift from me to you my children. The point of these collars are so that you don't decide to be little bitches and run away off the island and so that you WILL play my game. If you refuse in doing so however I push one of these fancy numbered on this remote representing you and BANG BABY! Your out of the game for good! Now please stand up, and when your name is called you shall be given a number, collect your bag of items and bugger off outside and play children. the following players are...

Sasuke Power, number one
Coconaught, number two
Miburo, number three
Ninja 48, number four
Jaxon, number five
Shadowclone, number six
Shinobiknight, lucky seven
Slayer91, number eight
Rhi, number nine
Kluang, number ten
Mooch, number eleven
DarkAztec, number twelve
LonelyNinja, unlucky thirteen!
Oakygyrl510, number fourteen
Swt, number fifteen
Lufia, number sixteen
Nara Shikamaru, number seventeen
Lesserblade, number eighteen
Pride, number nineteen
Niru, number twenty
Kakashi S.S.4, number twenty-one
Haku2099, number twenty-two
Shinobi of light, number twenty-three. DEAD
6_Naruto_6, number twenty-four
Brendan, number twenty-five

'You bastards!' A player shouted spitting in a guards face before storming out with his bag.

'Well this bloody lovely don't you think lads? Not even had a breakfast!' Jaxon grinned looking in his bag before walking into the long narrow tunnel keeping himself under control.

A day had passed and everybody was in their place ready for the hunt to begin

'Don't s'pose you wanna shoot me would ya?' Ninja48 grinned to Jaxon as Jaxon flashed his weapon around.

'What is it?' He asked climbing deeper into the hills cave where Jaxon bided his time.

'Donno...fires a lot of weird stuff, even ice...' Ninja48's grin went to a look of terror as Jaxon's face started to grow into a smile bordering insanity.

'So I take it me and you are...y'know?'


'Yeah...' Ninja48 smiled scratching the back of his head.

'....No-one has allies on this game, but I'll make sure we fight it out in the yes.' Jaxon replied grabbing a rock on the cave wall to help himself up.

'Yeah, ok sounds cool man...But anyone else we can trust I mean, if we let to many people in we're gonna get backstabbed ya know what I mean Jay?' Ninja48 trmbled at the thought of being shot down by some gun weilding psychopath.

'A few but that Sasuke Power seems to think he's untouchable....' The insane grin came back on Jaxon's face as he grabbed his bag and pulled his hood up.

'....Yeah.' Ninja48 sighed following with his bag over his left shoulder resting comfortably on his Padded Parka jacket.

'Well then...let the hunt begin..'

Several hours passed as Jaxon and Ninja48 passed through the woods all the wya to the lake.

'I'd keep your yes open, someone has been here before us....look at the burnt twigs...' Ninja48 said paranoid looking all around him.

'Great, who'll be the first to fuck with us?' Jaxon grinned blasting a strange aqua coloured beam into the lake.

'Maybe I can be of assistance, I camp here, now if you want your parents to actually have your corpse I suggest you move on.' A gruff middle aged man growled while shoving on spiked knuckle dusters.

'You wanna fuck wid us? Bitch get your ass back to that trailer park where you came from before I send you to St Peter with a frying pan up your ass!'

'...Mate...your weapons a frying pan?' jaxon sighed turning his back leaving Ninja48 to the stocky middle aged loud mouth.

'Why don't you let your fists do the talking little boy? Dark Aztec doesn't let anybody mess with him...'

'Fists? Oh these, I wasn't planning to use them, I was planning to do...THIS!' Ninja48 yelled sticking his head into Dark Aztec's scarred face sending blood everywhere.

'C'mon bitch! I thought you were going to send my corpse to my mum!' He laughed jumping side to side preparing for what Aztec had in mind. But within a few seconds Aztec came back with a kick to 48's stomach sending him to his knee's

'Any last words mother fucker?' He asked pulling Ninja48 up by the hair.

'DAMN YOUR SO UGLY UP CLOSE!' 48 laughed thrusting his head forward for another blow to the nose of Aztec.

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