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Any one like Naruto based/anime based websites

visit my website its in the websites thingy below it sucessfully balances naruto and dbz AND U DONT HAVE TO LIKE DBZ EVEN! like you can be a naruto shinobi custom character
im a sayin/ shinobi
and have like clone jutsu and kamehameha as attacks
gi[/url] make your own crew
concisting of ur favorite characters and they dont have to be a mix,
you could have in your crew:
your custom character
Vash the Stampede
there are endless possibilities
many people ask us "i didnt think you could pull off such a site" I have done so sucessfully and we could use members

Here on deathbrawls you make a custom character and train him and your crew when you make a custom characters you fill this out



Rankingwhat position you are in the crew)


Your look: (describe your character)


Auracolor it is when you power up)

Affilation: (good, evil)



(there is a dbz,naruto, and yuyu attack boards that have 100s of normal attacks to choose from_
Normal Attacks: (only 2 at beggining)
examples of normal attacks are like kamehameha and final flash or shadow clone jutsu and fire ball jutsu (yes i watch the japanese version also)

Custom Attacks: (only 1 at beggining)
my custom attack (dont steal it) Super Kamehameha Bombs: can compact a super kamehameha into a bomb which i can plant on the opponent and explode in a snap *literaly* can't be taken off and any force put on the implanted bomb the bomb will absorb (punches, ki blast, etc.) and that will add to the kamehameha's power when i implode it.

here on death brawls rise through the crews and become the best. This is a roleplaying based site. Please Check it out. There is a weekly tourniment called the grand tourniment
The Grant Tourniment is a weekly tourniment (like it says below)
in which all the competitors well... duke it
out... win or lose u still gain some pL (powerlevel)
The winner of the tourniment is +50,000pL to your whole crew and is fun to fight against your freinds on the site and get a nice increase in power

Other ways to gain an increse in powerlevel are:
Training (like sparring with people in your crew)
Fighting against your friends in our unique crew fights,there are: 1on1, 2on2, 3on3, etc. Crew vs Crew fights/battles
There is Adventure Mode- like a story mode where you make up your own scenieos and fight against them like have your own story

This is this only the tip of the iceburg

matches that u can have so be creative and make ur own crew you have
nothing to lose! And ALL to gain!
Please make this website a success! note: a lot of people dont give it a chance they see it and are out but those that did love it try it
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