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The future hokage!: a NarutoxHinata stroy.


Chapter 1

AHHHHHH… screamed Hinata, as she was trying her best to push the baby out. “Its ok Hinata, just keep pushing, you can do it, believe it.”
“Naruto squeeze my hand… AHHH…AHHH.” “Almost there hinata just keep it up,” says the nurse, “here he comes..Ohhh, look at him, he’s so beautiful.” Do you want to hold him Naruto? Ask the nurse.
“I..I..ohhhhh… thump.., nar..nar..” Naruto wake up screams Tusanda.
“What happened?” “You passed out you knuckle head, when you saw your son, says the nurse.”
”Oh ok, where’s Hinata?” She’s next door waiting for you, with the baby.^^^ Naruto and Tusanda walk next door and as soon as the open the door Naruto notices the bleach blond baby. As Naruto walks over to the exhausted Hinata, he cant help but stare amazingly at the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, she had the most beautiful long dark hair and a smile that would warm up the coldest hearts.^^^ Naruto are you ok, ask Hinata. Oh yeah im fine… oh can I hold him? Of course you can silly he is your son after all. So you two.. what are ya going to name him? Ask Tusanda.
Well we were thinking about naming him Hero, says Hinata who is looking at Naruto. Oh yeah, Hero is what we are going to call him, I mean what better a name for the next Hokage!, says Naruto holding up his son, just as the baby starts to pee on Naruto’s shirt.
HA HA HA, I cant believe that, shouts Tusanda, who is holding her side because of the laughter. Then Hinata starts to giggle also; its not funny states Naruto giving the baby to Hinata and starts looking for a towel.
^^^ Just then one of the Jonin bust through the door scaring Hinata and the baby. “Hokage we have news that Orochimaru, is back and is out side the gates threatening to destroy the village if Naruto doesn’t come out and face him, tells the Jonin.” This takes every one by surprise and Tusanda looks over at Naruto who is standing with his head tilted down and with a sort of evil grin on his face.^^^
“Alright finally I can take that bastered out, shouts Naruto” making Hinata squance. “Naruto?” Yes Hinata. “Listen I don’t want you to go, what if you get…… killed!!, what about the baby, and what……. About me? Screams Hinata.”
“Hinata I promised you that I would always take care of you and the baby, so I must fight him, so I can protect everything precious to me…. the village, the baby,….and most of all.. you!!” “I also must revenge sauske’s death!,shouts Naruto”
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