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VBFC Fan Fic.

This is my first, so please correct me if I'm wrong anywhere.

And hope you like it....

Chapter 1: Introduction.

20 years since the last great Shinobi Wars. The greatest and most destructive. All the 5 main village and some smaller ninja village combined to fight the Akatsuki, and they have won, with a great price. All 5 main village destroyed,along with some small village. Thousands of shinobi died. And for a moment the world is without ninjas.
Now 20 years has passed, and new hidden villages emerge, they are still young, and nothing compare to the ninja villages from 20 years ago, but they are getting more powerful on each day, increasing their power and influence. In time they will become they new power.
Off all the new villages, 6 villages has grown tremendously, their powers grows at such speed it attracts both good and bad attention.
The villages are the Hidden Moon, Hidden Mystery, Hidden Elements,Hidden Swamp,Hidden Mountain and Hidden Darkness.

The story begins at Hidden Moon village, at the Hall of Nights where the 5 kagesof the Moon, Mystery,Swamp,Elements and Flash communicates through their crystal ball.....

"Those 2M is really getting arrogant, do they think they can plunder neighbouring countries resources" roars the angry stern Swamp Kage.

Hidden Elements quiet leader suddenly spoken
"Not only that, there are reports they send savagers party to few ninja villages ruins."

"Sounds bad, but who are these 2M dudes?"

"Are you even listening FlashKage!!" jumps SwampKage. His face looks like Jerry Springer angry father in law.

"Chill out dude."

Then MoonKage interupt...

"This suppose to be a meeting, not a fight, calm yourself SwampKage.The 2M is Mountain and Mind."

The only female in this meeting, MysteryKage finally spoken.
"But I still can't believe Mind will ally with Mountain. MindKage always talks about justice."

"Sounds more like perverted justice.Heard they attack Nani Kingdom and kill all the mens. With only the women left I bet they are doing something Ero and ecchi there."said FlashKage.

"Ero..........."blood started to stream out from SwampKage nose.

"You should know better then saying Ero in front of SwampKage,FlashKage." a red face ElementKage warns.


"Ok. We will watch those two. But I have a feeling someone is pulling the strings from behind. It's not like Mind to attack others.I'm sorry, but I have to go to the academy. Today is graduation day." Moon kage says and walks away.

"Sure thing. I bet the Darkness Village is pulling the string.Right Shizuka?" FlashKage asked.

"Right sir."

"You are one sweet girl,wanna a cracker?"

Moon Kage walks to the academy,accompany by his assitance Koyuki.

"Sir I heard they are some exceptional students this year."

"Yes, I heard it too. With coming conflict, War maybe unavoidable."


"Yes. Since the destruction of the previous hidden village, people has plundered those village, and scrolls can be find in the black market. And the increasing power of some village will create conflicts as well."

"And sir,Darkness Village has call itself the main shinobi power.That man is arrogant."

"Koyuki, Darkness Village leader is an arrogant and proud man. But his proudness is cover by its village might."

And they have arrived at the academy...

"We have arrived sir."

"Yup. let see our new generation potential."

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