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5 Villages Fan Club

Welcome to the 5 Villages Fan CLub. This consists of 5 Villages;
Sand, Leaf, Sound, Mist and Rain. Members of this Fan Club will be put into one of the Villages. Your village is like a team and By doing Missoins You'll earn your village points. There is one Kage* in each Village. By doing exams you can go up in ranks. The higher rank you are the higher rank missions you get to do which means you get more points for your village. The village with the most points in a certain amount of time will be the winner and ranked as more powerful. Breaking rules will lose points for your Village. If you have Been reffered PM me their name.
*I know that it's not kage, but Hokage is only for leaf and i didn't want to write all of them so i just put Kage.


Don't Spam this please.
Post join requests in the create a fan club forum.
Be respectful to anyone in the club.

The kages are the leaders of each village. It is very easy to become one. Simply PM me and basically you are the kage. Usually the first people who join will become kage.

Village Stats:

Village- Kage- Genin- Chuunin- Jounin- Total- Points-BP

Sand: sharinganchakra5551;
Leaf: naruto77; 1
Sound: naruto_demon_fox;
Mist: Orochimaru II; 1
Rain: wontons;


Rank D missions: Genin only Reward- 5 pts
-Post 5 non-spam posts here
-Reffer 1 person to Join

Rank C missions: Chuunin only Reward- 10 pts
-Post 10 non-spam posts here
-Reffer 3 people to Join

Rank B missions: Jounin only Reward 20 pts
-Post 20 non-spam posts here
-Reffer 5 people

Rank A missions: Kage and some Jounin only Reward 50 pts
-Post 45 non-spam posts here
-Reffer 10 people
-Win war on a Village. (kages only) Reward their Jutsu and 50% of their points.

PM me to take exams. I send you the questions and you send me back the answers. You need at least 75% correct to pass exam. You can only take an exam once a week.

100 points for 3 jutsu
200 points for 5 jutsu

Battling: Battling is pretty simple. We'll set up wars between 2 villages. Each Kage is responsible for getting scrolls. The scrolls have jutsu that the Shinobi can use.You buy the scrolls using the points your village earns and sign up for the battle (PMing me or the other co-owners.). All scrolls have different jutsu but they will all contain 3-5 jutsu. The price of the scrolls range from 100-200 points. When you win the war you take some of the village's points and all of their jutsu. We'll set up tournaments when we get more people. Once you sign up we'll tell you they Village you're fighting. You can't drop out of Battles. The Kage is responsible for getting scrolls and waging war on other villages. The shinobi are responsible for fighting. Every member of the Village must fight, except the Acedemy Students. When in Battle you just type the jutsu and who you're using it on. Each village has a total of 10 points for battle (BP)when those points are gone the village loses. This is either from losing to many people or by using a jutsu your village doesn't have. If you use a jutsu you don't have your village will lose 5 points. Depending on the jutsu you use your opponents' village will lose 1-2 points. You also can't do more than 1 jutsu in a row. the Battling works in turns. However people from other villages can join in to help the villages fight. I'll explain the actual gameplay when the first battle will take place. After we get the Villages filled with 2-3 people we can schedule the first battle. When a Village wins a battle they regain all of their BP and gain1 BP. The losing Village gains 5 BP or They'd be dead.

1. wontons; Rain (owner)
2. naruto77; Leaf (co-owner)
3. sharinganchakra5551; Sand (co-owner)
4. Orochimaru II; Mist (co-owner)
5. naruto_demon_fox; Sound (co-owner

Acedemy Students:

6. Narutobaka


7. jutsuking123; Mist
8. LordJiraiya; Leaf
9. Fade
10. lilk04




We are Sponsering Hokage Power who is also Sponsering us.
owner of 5 Villages FC
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Member of hokage power
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