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Zenin fc

This is the Zenin fanclub! The current members are as follows:
Owner: GaaraScythe

Jasen Benn

If you are wondering what a Zenin is, here is an introduction.

Zenin is the highest rank a ninja can become. To become a Zenin, you have to pass up the chance to become a kage (a leader of a village) and give the power to someone else. You have to make them pledge to follow all your orders, therefore, you are of the highest authority. You seal them with a mark on their shoulder that can hurt them or even kill them whenever you want. Zenin can perform almost every jutsu. They protect the villages after they learn the villages secrets. It is nearly impossible to kill a Zenin, although
one has been killed before. The only two Zenin that still exist are Mikaru, the Zenin of darkness and shadows, and Jasen Benn, the Zenin of thunder and wind. Of the two, Jasen Benn is the most powerful.


Dont ever do anything I wouldnt do.
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Re: Zenin fc


Jasen Benn.... you know that I am far more powerful than you.

I could kill you at any second, so don't say anything here that you wouldn't say to my face.

You're such a drag.
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