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A Character Analysis of Mark from killing Mr. Griffin

Killing Mr. Griffin is a novel written by Lois Duncan. It is about these students who

were all failing Mr. Griffin’s class. They hated him so much that they concocted this

crazy plan. They want to kidnapped and scare him. They don’t plan to kill him, but

anything can go wrong. All of the characters in the novel are Susan, David, Mark,

Betsy, Jeff and Mr. Griffin. However, the character that stands out the most is Mark

because of his laid back attitude, sleepy expressions, and his creepiness.

Mark is Duncan’s scariest character. Mark is the type of character who would

kidnap someone and is presented in the novel as a complete psychopath. Mark has many

interesting characteristics that allow the reader to have interest in him. The first

characteristic that comes to mind when analyzing Mark is his I don’t care attitude. It

becomes clear that Mark is mental in some way when he suggest that they kidnap Mr.

Griffin to try to scare him. An example of this characteristic can be found on pages 13-

25 of the novel when “Mark suggest to Jeff that they kidnap him and scare him for their

revenge.” This is important because it tell us the plot of the story and it gives us more

detail as we go along.

A second characteristic of Mark is his I don’t care what you think about me style.

This characteristic is important to Lois’s character because it shows that he has much to

gain and nothing to lose. Textual evidence of this characteristic is when they were

talking during school and during the flashback. This is found in chapter 2 of the novel.

This shows that he didn’t change much as he grew up but had gotten worse. Which

makes the story more interesting to the reader. A third characteristic of Mark that appeals

to the reader and makes this character memorable is creepiness. This characteristic of

Mark is important to understanding his character because it shows most of his

personality. On page
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Re: homework

Ohhh kay...
And how is this related to music?
i think you are in the wrong section mate.
Try going to Chit Chat

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