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Time Travel


This is an experimental thread. However, it should be taken seriously--I don't want to see spam in here. Not sure whether this should be in debates or conspiracy theories--so I settled for debates, as DA or another mod could move the thread to Conspiracy Theories if need be.

Time Travel--Is it Possible?

Before people go ranting about how they would like to go to the past, change their future, or start spouting random mess about the Back to the Future series, I would first like to point out that this is not a debate solely based on opinions--you will actually have to make an intelligent contribution to further the debate.

The very theory of Time Travel was proposed when Einstein came out with his theory of General Relativity, followed by his theory of Special Relativity. Without getting into the technicalities, the general idea of travelling through time--whether it be into the past or the future is this:

Here on Earth, we humans exist in the third dimension, usually referred to as the "spatial" dimension. The concept of time is usually associated with what is known as the fourth dimension. Here is a simple way to explain this. In the third dimension, things exist in three dimensions--obviously--length, width, and depth. This is why the third dimension is considered space. However, the fourth dimension is not like that.

You could say that the fourth dimension exists in quantum theory--as it has to do with quantum gravitation and other concepts of quantum mechanics. The simple understanding is this. An object with a signifigant amount of mass--such as the planet Earth or the sun, bends the light that is around it. This is known as the "space-time curvature".

The idea of time travelling is that a human can transgress this curvature to travel through time. The most commonly accepted theory of time travel is that of wormholes--which are, essentially, shortcuts through time and space.A wormhole is generally a structure with two mouths and one throat. The only wormholes that, in theory, are able to be used for time travel are those referred to as traversable--or in other words, a person can enter such a wormhole from one mouth, travel through the throat, and end up on the other side.

Originally Posted by Wikipedia
The name "wormhole" comes from an analogy used to explain the phenomenon. If a worm is travelling over the skin of an apple, then the worm could take a shortcut to the opposite side of the apple's skin by burrowing through its center, rather than travelling the entire distance around, just as a wormhole traveller could take a shortcut to the opposite side of the universe through a hole in higher-dimensional space.
Essentially, wormholes do exist--they are black holes and white holes fused together. In the theory projected by Kip Thorne, it suggested that non-traversable wormholes; like those that exist naturally; could become traversable by holding the "throat" of a wormhole open of a Schwarzschild wormhole ((the black and white hole fusion)) together with exotic matter, which could be assumed as what is commonly known as antimatter.

Then there is the theory that, if one were to travel at the speed of light, one could age less than a few years, but when returning to their starting point, find that everything that had not been moving at this speed to have pass through thousands of years of standard time. This is where the idea of travelling to the future came from. While travelling through a wormhole, subluminal speeds are used ((slower-than-light)). The traveller inside the throat would arrive at their destination faster than a source of light moving around the wormhole, but should the light travel through the throat, it would always beat the traveller.

The subject of the discussion is this: Do you think that this can be achieved? Do you think that one day in the future, we will be able to transverse through space and time and wind up in the past or future depending? If so, then why have we not seen time travellers before? Does this mean that in the future, they have not been created? Or is it the simple fact that we have not been able to utilize them as of yet that prevents us from seeing such time travellers?

I'd like to see intelligence in this debate, please.
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